Sound of a broken heart! - Part 6!

I got on my sweater over my head when Ray had placed his lips over mine. He was only wearing his pants when he kissed me, shirtless.
"But I've got my clothes on!" I giggled against his lips, he smiled and pushed his tongue through my lips and let it meet my tongue. I fell down on the dry woodland again with Ray over me.
"It's something we have to talk about, which I did not have time to mention this before!" He said through my lips. His hand had found its way under my shirt and he cupped his hand over my chest. I pushed him away from me.
"What kind of something?" I wondered curiously and the tingling sensation subsided. He pulled away his hand under my shirt. He stroked my cheek and looked unhappy at me. I pushed him away even more and sat up. "What are you going to tell?" I asked him again.

He opened his mouth to say something, when I sat straight up and looked through the pocket of my pants and got out a small old-fashioned telephone. A worn out one, with buttons. I looked at the screen and answered. 
"We have a problem!" It was Kits voice and she was worried and not the least bit happy and spirutiel as it used to be. 
"I'm going!" I answered her and hung up and looked at Ray. "We have to get into town. Something has happened!" I said and stood up. 
Rayanas looked up through the treetops. 
"Now? In the Sun?" He was not sure. He never ran out during the daytime when the sun stood high, even if the sun did not hurt us in the same way as the myths say, the sun would only slow us down. 
"If we stick to the shadows, we should pass us into town. Kit sounded worried and it was very important!" I encouraged him and took his hand in mine. He did not smile, but pulled on his white T-shirt and black leather jacket before he then spun the red scarf around his neck and took my hand.

We met up with Kit on the way into Church Street, inside at one of the deserted courtyards, where we had found the night before Elise, who was close to eating up a young man. 
Inside there, we found Kit and Elise. Kit was leaning against the stone road. Her long brown hair hung straight
down over her shoulders and she was wearing light jeans pants, with a tear in the knee. She wore a stylish burgundy top, which she ignored to snap the top button. She hid her red eyes with dark sunglasses. 
Elise sat on a small wall that was inside the courtyard. She sat there and held in her left arm, where I could see a red scar that went around the shaft. 
"What happened?" I asked when I saw the scar. 
"Welcome home, Ray!" Kit smiled and looked up behind those dark glasses. Elise smiled when she saw us. 
She was wearing a completely different dress now than the yellow dress with floral motifs. The one she wore now was blue with white dots with a hefty scoop neck and a big skirt. But the dress was torn and it held up just using the right shoulder strap. During revealed her bare skin and breasts.

I put my hand automatically over Ray's eyes, the movement got Elise laugh at me.
"Oh Maggie, you do not think he's seen this kind before?" She smiled and waved sensually with upper body. Her arm had healed back in place at her left shoulder.
"What?" I raised my voice, staring at Ray. He did not smile or removed my hand from his eyes. Elise laughed heartily.
"Maybe we can deal with it later! Did you bring the clothes?" Wondered Kit. I pulled my hand away from Ray's eyes for a second, before they were back in place. Elise wrinkled her nose in my choice of clothing.
"Trousers and an ugly t-shirt? Could not you have stolen a dress at least?" Her French accent got a twinge of sadness when she looked down at my fashion choices for her. I growled quietly inside at her. The fact that she even dared to sit there with her breasts visible in Ray's neighborhood.
"Never mind, we have a problem! Maybe Elise would be kind enough to tell me the same thing for you as she told me?" Muttering Kit and started stomping her foot impatiently.

Elise threw off her gown (thank god that I hid Ray's eyes) and revealed all his nudity for us, unabashedly. But she was the Black Widow of France, she did not care. 
"Where do I start?" She sighed and looked for a long time on the pants. 
"Get your clothes on maybe!" I growled at her. I still hid Rays eyes with my hand. Elise looked up teasingly and within seconds, she sat on the wall, fully clothed and dangling her legs. She giggled at us when I removed my hand from Ray's eyes.

"Bonjour, Ray!" Her voice was even more sensual when she used her French to Ray. He smiled when he saw her. I was boiling with anger that Ray fell for her sweetness. I hit my elbow in the side of him. 
"Elise!" Kit hissed at her. Elise sighing, and started again. 
"It happened before today, early in the morning. I would be going home to my dark and sad little corner to sleep, when five big men blocked my way. I did not recognize them on the scents because they smelled unknown," 
"Unknown man smells unknown!" I muttered to her. Elise just smiled at me and laughed. 
"Of course! But this was something completely different. These were not men, but other vampires. I had never seen them before because I did not know so many vampires around here. Besides the four of us then. But, one of them stepped forward, something smaller but very masculine. "She dreamed away a little of the man she had just seen.

"He wanted to give me something in return if I could tell something to him, apparently, spread the news faster than the wind." She went and pulled out about it, about what happened to her. "He wanted to know more about Ray and actually heard that I knew where you were. So clearly it was not true, I just wanted something to mention to Maggie. I did not want her to worry so much about you."
"What did they want from Ray?" I asked. Elise reputation on her shoulders.
"No idea, when they found out I lied, They attacked me. The man ripped my arm before I finally managed to escape. I have been sitting here since then to wait until my arm healed back in place. I called Kit and told her and she called you. "
"Do you remember what the man looked like?" Ray asked her. I was also curious. What did the men know about Ray and Why do they attacked Elise?

"He had a scar on his left cheek and his eyes were really dark red, with a twinge of blue around the black pupil. He was wearing a gray and tattered jacket, moth-eaten what it looked like. Large dark boots. I could have said that he looked like Ray, but mostly because out of your eyes. I know that Ray has the eye color and you Maggie. "
"My eyes are orange, not red!" I stopped her. 
"Yes, but you have that blue around the black pupil. I do not know if it's with the person who made you immortal, but it seems to be hereditary." She smiled. I did not smile. I looked instead at Rayanas. His eyes were unique and enchanting to me, but if a male running around in the same eye color. Could it be Ray's creator? 
"Who knows, Ray, you might know who he is? Because he was looking for you." She smiled and leaned forward toward him.

"I know of no one with those descriptors, nor eye color. I thought mine was unique, like Maggie's." He answered her and leaned against the stone wall, and began to think. He had not seen a glimpse of the nobleman, who made him immortal. He could not really tell who it was. "Did he say anything else?" Elise shook her head. 
"Unfortunately not, but his wallet may say something?" she smiled and waved a brown and tattered wallet. 
"You never said you had his wallet?" Muttering Kit and tore it from her. 
"You did not ask, you just wanted to know what he looked like you did not ask for a wallet!" She said, a little puzzled and continued to dangle with her legs. 
We exchanged glances with each other and shook our heads. Kit opened the wallet and looked a long while at the vampire's ID before she sent

Ray, had only to look a short time at the picture before his face changed drastically. The eyes, which were dark red, got a black shade. 
"Ray? What is it?" I took his hand in mine and he blinked a few times and tore away from the picture.
"Judging by the picture, I see who it is. I've seen his face before." He made an effort to not squish the wallet. 
"Where then? Where have you seen him?" Wondered Kit and moved closer to look down on the small photo.
"The face belongs to the nobleman, who disappeared about 400 years ago!" He said indignantly. I leaned over to see the photo. Although the ID document looked like that license at any time, I could see a resemblance, that Ray had with the man. 
The dark red eyes with a twist of blue around the pupils.

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