The light of mystery! - Part 2 {English}

I had left the house that me and Emma shared. She was still sitting inside the bathroom and cried. I had tried for two hours to talk to her, but she refused to open the door or talk to me. 
I went to Avalon, for he was the only one I wanted to be with right now.

I knocked on the door and very soon I heard steps inside the house and he opened the door. 
- "Chiara? Would not you sleep at home?" He asked, surprised to see me standing outside his door. 
- "Yes, but Emma just cries and I have tried to comfort her without success. House is too sad to live in. Could I get to stay another night?" He leaned against the doorframe and looked sadly at me, before he finally moved himself and invited me.

When I came into the kitchen, the table was busy with lot of gadgets. Among other things, an old cauldron simmered and small bottles were lined on the table. - "What do you do?" I asked him curiously. He walked past me into the kitchen, made room on the table for us and took out two cups and filled with hot water. 
- "I'm a little behind in my work right now. Elisabeth and I try to make new potions." He said and invited me to the table. I sat down and put down a bag of Earl Grey in the hot water. 
- "What potions, if I may ask!" 
- "Ask not, what we produce, we try to keep secret. Only Elisabeth I and Fripp who knows about this." He explained, and drank of the tea. I could not take my eyes off the little cauldron.

- "I hope you are not trying to produce something powerful, like, immortality elixir!" Avalon put the hot tea into the throat and started coughing!
- "Why do you think so?" I raised an eyebrow.
- "I'm not stupid! Folks around here know that we are together and I guess you already heard rumors about us?" Avalon looked blankly at me. Apparently not. I was the one who spent the most in the stables and heard all these rumors. - "People around here know that you are immortal, that's no secret. But what they are thinking about is the future between us."
- "Oh that!" He answered me and moved around in the cup with a spoon.
- "So you knew that?" Now it was my turn to be surprised. He has known about it but said nothing to me.
- "All too well do I know about that reputation." Said He short and looked at the small cauldron simmered. - "Yes, we are trying to portray this elixir, but how much we have tried, there has always been an ingredient that is missing and we do not know which." He said and sighed.

He and Elizabeth had been working for months with the brew and they were not even close to succeed. And what was missing they did not know either. 
- "If you knew about the rumors, why did not you say slightly?" I asked him boldly and slightly annoyed. 
- "For I do not want you to get you the nonsense and get yourself immortal!" He said to me, loudly. I laughed scornfully at him. 
- "Who has given you the idea that I want to be immortal?" I asked him, slightly condescending. I did not even know if it was worth sacrificing their entire lifestyle to live forever. He reached for my hand and held it. 
- "Believe me Chiara. If I could, I would never have drunk of the potion that Claire produced." He said to me and his voice was suddenly quiet and charming. But I responded to another thing and stared at him.

- "Claire? The woman from the platform? She's the woman you told me about that made you and three other men immortal!" I said upset. My heart was beating hard against the chest that it hurt. Avalon fell silent, before He nodded in reply. 
- "Unfortunately, yes." He said, slightly embarrassed. He thought I had figured it out long ago. I drank the hot tea, pushed the empty cup away from me and left the kitchen.
- "I go to bed!" I said quietly and went into the living room and on into Avalon's rooms. I did not want him to see that I have been depressed. But not just because out of Claire, but only her name made me nauseous and I thought back to the platform. She had, out of nowhere, appeared and scared me to destruction. Worst of all was remembering how my body froze and I could not move. 
I undressed me and put me in Avalon's bed and stared at the ceiling, a very long time, before I finally fell asleep.

I woke up suddenly. Sweat poured down my forehead and my bright red hair stuck to the neck. Avalon was still not in bed yet. He was still up and fiddled with the dangerous brew. 
I stood up, pulled on a white shirt, which hung on a chair beside the bed, and went out to the kitchen. Avalon had cleaned up the cauldron. Even the table and chairs were gone. I stayed in the opening into the kitchen. 
- "What have you done with the table and chairs?" I wondered confusedly. Avalon, who stood with his back to me, turned around and smiled when He saw me. 
- "You look good in my shirt!" He said with a smile. I could not help but smile. I had nothing else under, except my panties. 
- "I'll just have a glass of water and go to sleep again. Will you join me?" He nodded. I walked over to the cupboard and took down a glass and filled it with ice cold water.

It did me good. I dried myself around the mouth with my hand. Avalon had come up behind me and put his arms around me. Bent down and kissed my neck. I closed my eyes and turned around towards him. He grabbed under my arms and lifted me on the bench. I played my legs around him and pulled him in to me. He pressed his lips against mine and his tongue pushing into my mouth. I responded to the kiss and pulled him harder against me.
He ran his hand outside my shirt and pulled it downwards and under the shirt. His finger stopped at my scars and He rubbed his finger slowly across them. I could not help but giggle. Then the scars healed, I was extra sensitive right there and the easy movement He did made me giggle. He laughed with me and continued to kiss me.
He then pressed his finger, a little harder against my stomach. The scars pained.
- "Oh, do not push so hard!" I asked him. He was not listening, but pressed his finger harder against the scar. I felt the whole situation where uncomfortable and I tried instead get him to quit. - "Avalon! Stop it, it hurts!" I raised my voice at him and felt how scared I been! Why does he do this?

He pushed for tougher and finger pushed in through the scar. I could hear how I screamed and started beating him. When I looked up, it was not Avalon that was in front of me. It was Ron who stood and smiled an evil grin. I looked down and saw how the white shirt had a reddish color, and He pulled out a knife from my stomach. I tried to breathe normally, but it was as if the air went out of me completely. 
He laughed and stuck the knife into me again and again and again. I started screaming and trying to turn him away from me. But my stroke was powerless and I felt my whole body went numb. 
- "Chiara... Chiara ...." he whispered over and over again while the knife went in and out of me. 
- "Avalon! Help me!" I whispered and looked at how my vision went black at the edges before it was totally pitch black.

I threw myself out of bed. The hair was stuck to my forehead and back of neck. The sweat was running down my body. Avalon had sat above me and was in shock. 
- "Chiara, it's okay, it was a dream!" I was breathing still strained. The dream was so real. I held my hand over my stomach and felt through. Nothing was changed. I looked into Avalon's face. He was still in shock. - "Chiara, what did you dream about?" He had also seen that I held my hand over my stomach. - "Oh Chiara!" He sat down and held me. I put my arms around him and held a firm grip on him. I felt that I was still breathing strained, but began to breathe normally. A dream, all a dream. A horrible dream. 
I could not stop myself and let the tears flow down my cheeks. I have never cried in Avalon's presence. It was so hard for me to show my feelings for someone. 
He held me long before He released me. - "What did you dream about? Was it Ron?" I nodded. My voice was as dry as it felt like sandpaper. I coughed. 
- "I need water." I said hoarsely. Avalon hurried into the kitchen and came back with ice cold water. I eagerly drank until the glass was empty.
- "So," he said and put the glass down. - "What were you dreaming about?" He asked.

He held my hand and rubbed his thumb over my hand. I took a deep breath. 
- "I dreamed about him, yes," I began nervously, how can I describe the scene without pulling up what happened before that? As for that matter, was really great feeling, before it turned into something terrible. - "but it was the usual., it is his face that scares me because it was the last thing I remember of him. His mocking smile and revenge, I saw in his eyes." I shivered at the thought of Ron's face. 
- "You need not be worried., He will never touch you again!" Avalon's words were encouraging and I smiled a little tired. 
- "I know, but the nightmares about him seems to never want to go away." I said, my voice was shaking and I started chattering teeth. Avalon moved and we lay down in bed again. I lay close to him. He held me and shared his warmth to me. 
- "I will never let anything happen to you again, especially what happened on the platform." He whispered as he held me. I nodded, the heat from him made me relax and very soon I fell asleep again.

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