The light of mystery! - Part 6 {English}

Me and Chiara watched as the carriage drove away Valedale lake. Kirk was on his way home to Linnea's parents, without Linnea. 
We turned back towards the lake, the police had cordoned off with their white and blue plastic strap. The police were everywhere and stopped us from entering the area. Linnea's body was somewhere, but where? They did not know and we did not know much about what the officers talked about and planned.

I had a police officer who interviewed me about how I found Kirk and where. I was even asked what I was doing up there at the lake, all alone, with an empty backpack. It's not the easiest thing to explain to a police officer, I was sitting up here and worked on strengthening the hearing. He accepted, with some suspicion, that I rock climbed. Not one of my best ideas, but for me it was good enough. 
Students around us stood and holding each other and cried. They complained that they have not even seen that Linnea and Kirk was gone.

How can you even do not notice that someone is missing? Chiara got hold of my arm went away with me, away from the array of weeping students. Avalon had followed, like a faithful dog. Stood up in front of us, with his face facing the lake. 
- "Are you going to lecture people because they mourn Linnea?" Muttering Chiara at me and let go of my arm, when we came away from the collection. 
- "But they should surely notice that someone is missing?" I growled. I was still annoyed. The only thing I wanted was to go home. I would need a shower and clean clothes. 
- "And we would have noticed the same thing? If it had not been Linnea who disappeared, we would not have noticed that someone has disappeared. Then, we do not live at the vineyard anymore, what happens over there, we have nothing to do with anymore! Accept it and act like a human being! "She sighed, she had a red swelling around her eyes, after the tears she cried for Linnea, but she chose quickly to keep up hope that someone would find her alive.

Linnea was a good friend to us and even though she never remembers that I owned Sasha, we found each other's friendship again. Which was a pure luck, Alicia Kembell was back on the vineyard, just as mean as usual and the first thing she chose to victims was Linnea. 
During that time, I felt not good, to put me in, but to see Alicia and hear her last name, gave me the courage to knock her down and clawing her face. Which I should not have done, but I was angry, sad, confused and tired. 
It was the same reason I chose to move from the vineyard to Valedale. I needed a fresh start and get away from the vineyard, where all the feelings and memories remained after him and everything that happened.

The Baroness had not been so happy, neither on my behavior or that I chose to move, but she was a sympathetic old woman and accepted my choice. She gave me a hug and whispered in my ear and wished me all the best. She had looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and I have been trying since then to understand what she meant. She, like everyone else, should not have to remember what had happened. Everyone's memories were erased and washed back, like an old cassette. Me and Aideens patron was the only one who remembered what had happened.
I bit my lip as I looked at Chiara. Avalon turned slowly towards us. He had hideth his face under the gray cover.
- "I'm going home!" I mumbled low and began to follow the uneven way home.
- "Emma!" Shouted Chiara after me, but I kept walking. I could not stand to see her cry, Avalon's watchful eye and then look at police work, if they found Linnea, living or dead.

She stared into the fire, blazing up in a flaming dance. It crackled and sparking opened the stone roof. In her hand, she spun a blade of pure silver. The handle of the knife was shaped like a dragon, as from the mouth, threw up up the blade. The knife blade was sharp and had a beveled shape. She let the tip of the knife eraser touching the wood of the table and spun it a few turns. From the knife tip, it was ugly scratches, in the already scratched table. 
Inside the cave, there were three hidden tunnels leading to three large rooms. She sat in the center tunnel, where there were two different tables, a campfire, as always, was in flames. At the table she was sitting at, which is terribly unstable. But the table was just something she hammered together in a few minutes. Mr. Sands, who always sat with his bottle and drank instead of trying to help.
She had not done anything in weeks, nor, it had walked past some kid either since the last. 
She tore her eyes away from the fire and looked towards a bubbling cauldron. It contained just water now. She had managed to complete the last brew, but she needed three hearts before she was fully completed them all. She sighed. 
Mr. Sands was resting in the third and final tunnel, after drinking too much, again.

The man in the black leather outfit had come up behind her and leaned against her ear.
- "Really?" She smiled and looked into the fire again. - "How much closed off is it?" She asked him. 
- "The whole Valedale lake is surrounded, no one gets in or out of there." Claire laughed, wonderful. Now it would take several weeks before they could get a new heart. 
She continued to stare into the fire. 
- "The body? Where you hid it?" She asked him. 
- "The body is burnt up and the ashes are thrown into the Hidden Dinosaur Valley. No one will be able to find it." Claire was happy. Removing a body was not difficult for these men. They knew exactly how she wanted it and fixed it.

- "We need to heart. Fix one for me, young girl with a young heart. Bring whoever you want. I'll figure out the other two." She smiled now. It was not hard for her men, to find the girl for her. 
Before he went away, Claire took hold of his leather attire. He turned toward her. 
- "You got it, the other two will have pick up another person for me. I need him!" She said with a wry smile. The man in black leather dress nodded and disappeared. She would need his help now. The idea she had, would strike fear into the kids. For two of them would be very helpful now, especially when one of them had Aideens Light within.
Claire's laughter echoed through the small space of the cave.

I step into the house, which I thought would be empty, but instead struck the aroma of carrot soup straight up in my face. It smelled good but bad at the same time. 
I came into the kitchen and it was Elisabeth who was standing in the kitchen and looked down in our gut flush stew. She lifted the lid and steam the carrots and onion scent knocked out of the kitchen. 
- "Hey Chiara!" She smiled when she saw me. She had just lifting a spoon to taste the broth.

- "Hi Elizabeth!" I smiled when I saw her. - "How did you get?" I asked her.
- "Emma let me in. I've got such a nice crop of carrots and thought to invite you to soup." She smiled. She did not have to bother to come and invite us for soup, but free food, thank you, I never refuse.
- "Do you have a carrot country?" I asked, even more surprised.
- "No, I bought a bag of carrots when I visited Jarlaheim earlier today. I was not allowed to buy, because it was horse food apparently. I had to lie up a story in order to buy them. So, fine carrots should not be spilled out on horse stomachs! "I laughed heartily at her.

- "You may call Avalon and ask him to come over? There will be quite a lot of food and it is enough for him!" I nodded and went to my room that lay beyond the living room. Our living room did not look so much to the world. Dark green and boring wallpaper, there were only three windows, one on each wall and pointed in different directions outside. A worn out brown couch in old cloth and a small black table, we bought cheap out of Baroness. The only light we had was a floor lamp that stood to the left of the brown couch. I turned off immediately to the right and went into my little room.
The room was so small that I only had room for my 90 bed and a nightstand.

I undressed off my wet clothes and they got me clean and dry sweatpants and a too big snuggle sweater. It was nice. It is uncomfortable to walk around in wet clothes. 
I picked up the phone and called the number to Avalon. He was really unlucky to have the phone near him, for I had to call a few times before he finally managed to find the phone and answer it. 
- "Hey, Elisabeth serve food at our house. Come now and no protests." I said and hung up before he could answer me. 
Avalon came to the house at ten minutes after I called, wearing more casual clothing. Dark jeans and a red tank top, revealed during his well-trained belly. I smiled when I saw him at the front door. 
He came in and bent down and pressed his lips against mine. I smiled and answered it.

In the kitchen, I could not help but disgust the smell of the carrots, but I ate anyway to be nice. The taste basically it wrong on either, but it almost tasted musty. 
Elisabeth and Emma talked as usual about Aideens light. Avalon sat quietly beside me and dipped the bread in the soup. I noticed that he looked at me and I smiled and took a spoonful of soup. 
- "What is Chiara? Are not you hungry?" Wondered Elisabeth, who looked away from Emma, who slevade up more soup in her bowl. 
- "Well, I'm really hungry, but I have no appetite. I think I'll go to bed." I smiled and stood up. I bent down and kissed Avalon's head before I went in to my room, I lay down on the bed and felt that sleep came faster than I thought.

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