When will life take a new turn? - Part 10 {English}

Somewhere in my mind I heard a voice asking me to struggle and close your eyes and do not open my eyes. I was allowed to scream, but I was not allowed to wake up. I recognized the voice that spoke to me, it was Chiara's voice. The voice was far away yet so close, as if she whispered in my ear.
I smiled until a nice heat step from the head and out of my body. Chiara's voice disappeared and a pleasant light made me open my eyes. Above me, I saw two friendly faces smile at me. A female and a male face and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I blinked a few times until I got a clear vision. Elisabeth pulled me into a sitting position. I looked around. The dream was totally different than what I was used to. A flourishing green meadow where flowers and grass danced lightly in a lovely summer breeze and a large tree that stood high above us with beautiful delicate green leaves and pink flowers.
I pinched myself, it did not hurt, it was a dream then. I looked up at Elizabeth and Avalon still smiling at me.
- "Now it's time to wake Emma, but wait a while until we disappeared." Said Avalon and placed a hand on my shoulder. I nodded and them fading away for me.

After sitting on the green grass for a while, I stood up and looked around. Even if it was all a dream, I felt like I was at home on them forgotten heaths with Golden Hills Red Mountain in the east. I closed my eyes, drew in the dream lovely scent of green grass and fell down in a comfortable darkness.

I opened my eyes and tried to see where I was. My head ached and hurt, now I knew I was back to reality.
- "Here," Avalon reached a glass to my mouth and cold water went quickly through the mouth and down the throat. I lay back down and looked at them.
Chiara stood beside the bed and smiled.
- "I heard you!" I said hoarsely, and tried to smile.
- "I know, you answered me" she smiled and for the first time since she and I where best friends, I got to see her cry.
- "See, you can cry." I do not remember much after that, because I fell into a deep and sleepless world.

- "There is no danger to her, the water contained a herb that will keep her asleep for a while and give her a dreamless sleep., She will feel good tomorrow." Avalon got up and began to walk out of the room. I sat down on the chair , he sat on. - "She's gonna make it now Chiara. Come down to the kitchen. Today, I offer evening meal." He smiled. I felt that I had so much choice but to go with him down to the kitchen, where Elisabeth had set up sandwiches, jam, ham and cheese. Even a teapot of hot water that rumor from.

It was then I realized how hungry I was and sat down at the table and took me of evening meal.
- "If you want to Chiara, you can stay here tonight. Though Emma is going to sleep, we need to talk a bit about what happens." Avalon's voice where serious. He had gotten into you a cheese sandwich and drank some of the tea.
- "Yes, I would like to know what happens." I said then and swallow down a big piece of the sandwich. The hot tea warmed good and I could finally enjoy by drinking tea.
- "The Demons are remove from Emma's dreams and them will never bother her, but for safety's sake, she should get a dreamcatcher from Elisabeth and a Bible from me," he began, looking out at his backyard. - "Then is it that Derek have probably been kidnapped by Dark Core. Elisabeth and I have overseen Mr. Kembell and his men most of the time, but now it seems as if someone is blocking us." He continued, looking at me seriously.

- "Emma's life is in danger. Have they got a hold of Derek, Emma will be the next person. All we can do is to have a watchful eye on her and not let her ride off alone or go anywhere alone."
- "Emma is a very lonely person, she would smash us if we constantly keep up with her everywhere." I protested immediately. I stared down at the tea which spun around in the bottom of the cup.
- "It can not be helped, Emma needs daily protection and must not be left alone. Upon her room perhaps she can be peaceful, but as soon as she is out of the room she needs to always have someone with them." I scoffed at him. His facial expressions where serious than I've seen and I stared at him irritably.
- "You know that she will somehow evade from us if we are with her all the time. Nobody feels good to always have people with them all the time!"

Elisabeth cleared her throat a bit and we both tore our eyes away from each other and looked at her.
- "Maybe we can keep an eye on her through my crystal ball, just like we did with Mr. Kembell and his men," she smiled nervously twisted and drank of the tea. She still had a gash in the left cheek after insidenten in Emma's dream. Avalon sighed and looked at me again.
- "All right, but I still want you there with her all the time." I nodded. Emma would always seek advice and tips with me regardless.
The evening came, and outside in the dark blue sky shine millions of stars up and blinked as small lamps of Jorvik.

I drank the last of the tea and went upstairs and into the room across from where Emma slept. I did not know how sleepy I was as soon as I lay down with my head against the pillows, I fell in a pleasant sleep.

In the kitchen:
- "I hope your plan works Elisabeth, for right now, I can not believe we can do anything for her," muttered Avalon and took off his cap. Elisabeth had prepared a tub of hot water. She put down the scabbard on the table. A liquor bottle was standing next to the tub, which among other things was good for killing bacteria and numb pain.
Avalon took off the silver tunic. During tunic revealed a well trained stomach was full of scars from old battles and two large open wounds, which still flowed blood from.

Elisabeth gave him liquor bottle as , he took a big gulp out of and gave it to her. He grabbed the black leather belt while Elisabeth poured down the booze in the wounds. He clenched his fists against the table and gave a sound of pain.
She smiled behind him and washed the the wounds clean with warm water before she began to sew up the wound.
- "I hope I'm right., I can understand her frustration. They both have really found each other as best friends though they are so different. Emma is a loving person but impulsive while Chiara have strong opinions and puts her friends before her . It's amazing that even them most different can create such a strong bond with each other. "Avalon nodded and drank from the booze.

He turned around and sat with his bare chest against her. She sat down on squatting. She kept liquor bottle ready.
Avalon drew a breath, biting into the black leather belt and turned his face the other way. Elisabeth emptied it over the wounds. Avalon screamed deaf through the belt. Elizabeth could not help but laugh.
- "You have lived so many centuries and yet you complain a bit about getting alcohol on the wounds." She laughed and washed the wound clean.
- "Even if you live so long, the pain will never go away!" He gasped and threw the belt away. Elisabeth laughed while she hemmed the wounds together.

When she was finished, she swept out of the tub with the hot water with the blood red color after washing. Avalon was sitting behind her at the table and was tightly wrapped with bandages.
- "Thank you!" He murmured.
- "You'r welcome." She replied, and threw the bloody rag in the garbage and turned to Avalon who stood before her. Elisabeth pushed back against the sink and felt uncomfortable in the situation. - "Avalon, it's the booze talking now." Elisabeth's voice where serious. Avalon raised his hand and stroked her cheek.
- "There have never been the booze, although it numb the pain, I can not get drunk on it." He said calmly. His light blue eyes met her green eyes.

She pushed him away firmly. She stopped when , he grabbed her wrists and pulled her to him and their lips meet. Out of sheer frustration she tore herself away from his face and pure reflex, beat her palm across his cheek, and she stormed out of the house.
Alone stood Avalon left in the kitchen, the only sound that could be heard was the echo of a protracted battle against the cheek. He leaned against the counter and sighed Supplied Overview and hid his face with his hand.
- "Idiot!" He said aloud to himself, reached for his gray cap and went to his room which was downstairs, threw himself on his stomach on the bed and stared into a wall with green wallpaper.
He let sleep embrace him, , he would have to apologize to Elizabeth, , he still suspects that it may have been the booze anyway.

I opened my eyes slowly when the sun shone through the window and straight in my face. I sat up and felt numb, as if I had slept for years, I reached over and felt my back cracked.

I got my clothes on, and went down to the lower floor. The house was completely empty, but I recognized it from yesterday. I just remember that Avalon said I was in danger, and after that I lost consciousness until Chiara's voice caused me to wake up again, and to see them them all sit at my side, made me warm at heart.
Down in the kitchen was a man across the table and stared out at the Avalon's backyard. On the table beside him lay a sword visible. On the button, I saw the red cross, which I recognize from history books. Cross comes from the Crusades in King Richard's time. I cleared my throat, and the man, with the upper body wound, sat right up.

The man in front of me was none other than Avalon himself sitting in the kitchen with no hood and did not seem to mind that he wore it, he pressed his hands together and bowed his head.
- "Good morning, Emma," he said. I smiled.
- "You know you do not have the cover on you huh?"
Avalon blinked and looked back down at his body, indeed the thoughts came back to him and , he sat down again, without throwing the gray cover over it.
- "Sit down," he said, and invited me to the table. I sat down slowly on the table.

- "Did you sleep well?" I nodded. - "Good." He muttered and lay down on the table again.
- "Eh .. coffee? Tea?" I asked him.
- "A cup of tea and a forgetting spell thanks." I raised an eyebrow and stood at the stove and prepared tea for us all. I knew that Chiara was left in the house so I did some for her too.
- "Has something happened? You all are not usually like this, dejected?" I wondered, and set up a cup in front of him as , he pulled her and hugged.
- "Do not worry Emma, I'm good." He whispered low.
- "For once, let me help you, as a thank you for helping me!" I said then, and filled the cup with hot tea water.

He sat up quickly when the heat where too much for him and stuck a tea bag in the water.
- "Even if you could so no, this is too complicated and I'll sort that out for yourself." He smiled then. His eyes were red and swollen after a bad night's sleep. I bit my lip and tried to think of other things, but now I was curious.
- "Avalon," I began. I had caught his interest, he looked up at me. - "May I ask you a question?" He nodded. - "But, I could not help noticing your sword, the red cross button, characterizing it not for cross riders? But is it not the same rider who rode with King Richard, many years ago?"
Avalon leaned back in his chair and turned the cup a few laps.
- "Well it's true, I'm a bygone cross riders who chose to dedicate my life to save a society instead of plunder and murder., I joined Aiden patron for many a century ago and has since dedicated my life to save the good and fight evil. "He continued in a calm tone, his eyes fixed on the cup. He took away the tea bag and put it on a plate next to him.

- "How many years have you lived, how is it even possible to live so long?" He laughed at my uncertainty.
- "What many do not know is that there are still some of us Cross Riders who are still alive. King Richard had actually a sorceress with him who brewed a special brew for us to drink. It would give us eternal life. It just me and three to who drank of it. Wherever them are now I do not know, but they chose to continue to murder and plunder. "He told me. His story got me thinking about how it might have looked like back then, but the only thing that came up in my mind was the sound of the sword struck against each other, deadly arrows that hit innocent people and carnage. I shuddered at the thought of Avalon's sword has injured and killed humans. - "But it was a long time ago now, I'm a whole new person with a lot of goodness in me, even though it does not seem to see it through a gray hood., I wear it only to not be recognized." This he said, and drank the tea. I sat still deep in thought on the Crusaders and the mighty sorceress.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 9 {English}

Slowly they fell down into the darkness that seemed to be Emma's dream. Very soon they could see how they approached the ground, a green meadow appeared through the darkness. Elisabeth and Avalon landed softly on the green meadow.

They looked around to discover some of the demons, they did not know how many they were dealing with. Either one that transformed itself and multiplied itself, so it would be a couple of paragraphs of they. 
They exchanged a few glances with each other before they started across the meadow, a light breeze drifted across the meadow, which caused the grass to dance. Not so far from where they were standing so it was a single tree alone on meadow. High standing and booming. Their footsteps drew they to the tree, and the closer they came, they could see two people lying down on the tree. One was Emma, she was sleeping and the other was a dark man with black scaly wings, like a bat. From the forehead went the two pointy horns and skin of the man was black. The black hair was tousled and stood in every direction. The man sat naked and held Emma's body against his.

The demon reputation and turned his face towards Avalon and Elisabeth. The man's face was elongated with pointed chin, the nose was pointed and crooked, dark eyebrows and eye color was yellow with a lack of pupil. Elisabeth backed away from the abomination while Avalon was still in place. The demon stood up and left on the ground, Emma sat with another demon, this was red with red feather-covered wings and chains that went around the demon's body. The horns were bent straight up and the demon's face was faceless. 
The darker the demon approached Elizabeth and Avalon cautiously, he did not really know who they were or what they did there, no one had been in the dream requires more than just Emma. 
- "Spirits" whispered the creature and turned his head to one side while he walked around Aiden's Patron.

- "Not spirits," continued the whisper. Elisabeth felt her neck hair stood up from the horrible hissing voice. 
- "What should we do to Avalon?" She whispered to him. None of them moved, but remained in the same place while the demon wandering around they and still staring them out with his yellow eyes. Avalon followed the demon's movement and did not let his gaze for a second. 
- "I'm looking for weaknesses, but it is tough. It understands that we are not from this world, so it does not turn out to be weak." He said quietly and began to go against the demon who folded his wings threateningly. The opened mouth that showed razor sharp teeth, a green serpent's tongue sticking out. - "He's probably a little afraid of us" Avalon smiled and opened her hand and a ball of red fire appeared.

The demon charges against they and sighted in on Avalon which was the biggest threat. Avalon took a step to the side and the demon missed him by a whisker. Avalon threw the ball of fire that struck the demon in the back, right between the wings. The demon fell down on his knees and leaned with his hands against the green grass. He turned his head towards them and his yellow eyes had their sights set on Elisabeth. 
Elisabeth held hands together in front of him and pulled they slowly up and a glob of yellow warm light took shape between her hands. 
- "He seems to already know our weaknesses!" She smiled nervously. 
- "It's so they take over dreams. Looking at people's weaknesses and then they stay remaining in the dream." Told Avalon. The demon stood up and folded his wings which were two meters wide and took kit. With two wings, the demon had gotten hold of the shoulder of Elisabeth and tossed her away, away from Avalon.

Elisabeth hit hard in the ground a few feet from where she stood. The light of the sphere she had invoked, she did not get a chance to use it. Light sphere disappeared when the the demon caught hold of her. 
- "Are you okay?" Avalon shouted for her. She held up the thumb to him and stood up. A warming spread on her cheek. She lifted her hand to her cheek and her hand got a red color. 
A scream echoed from the tree and meadow disappeared and a black mist settled over the field. The flowers, which had just been dancing with the wind, rotted and disappeared and instead there came a sandy desert. The tree just stood in the meadow, green and flowery, had caught fire and blazed up. 
- "Avalon?" Elisabeth shouted after him. He came up beside her and held her hand. 
- "We are dealing with powerful demons." His voice was serious and not the least bit amusing. The scream came from Emma who was dangling in the air above the flaming tree. The darkness, which she described in the block, was another demon.

A demon that looked like a shadow. But Elizabeth and Avalon could clearly see that it had a face. Red eyes that were directed against they both. 
The demon The shadow stuck Emma's legs and arms, using the black fog. Now they were three. The one with the yellow eyes held Emma's neck, and toyed with the idea to strangle her. The demon with no face, sat in the burning tree and had their faceless face turned towards Aiden's Patron. 
- "Any ideas?" Elisabeth asked nervously. 
Avalon pulled his cap and his cap went off. Under the hood he wore a tunic in silver, black slim pants, black medieval riding boots. A black belt low over the silver tunic and on the side of him, the closest Elisabeth, she could see a sword in a scabbard. On the handle of the sword had a hard but thin layer wrapped in brown leather. At the top of the handle, it was a round circle with a red cross. On the arms down to the wrists, he had black leather strap that went a bit up against the arms.

Elisabeth was breathing heavily when she viewed the Avalon in front of him. She had just seen his face but never saw him during the whole of the gray cover! 
Avalon drew his sword and held it up in front of him. The sword was made of natural steel and flashed in the light of the fire. 
Elisabeth saw the demons that curiously looked at the man with the sword. 
- "Cross-Riders" hissed one of the demons and landed on the desert sand. When it took a step aside Avalon went to the opposite direction. He kept Elisabeth close to him.
- "They'll take their chance if we divide us." He told her. They came closer to the tree. - "We are dealing with a multiplier, how many more demons than he creates it's him we have to kill." 
- "What happens if you kill the demon with no face, then you have him above your head soon!"

Avalon turned his face up against the demon with no face. 
- "Do not look into they empty eyes, you fall into deep sleep., The the demon provides a bottomless dreams. Are you looking too long into the eyes, you disappear for time and space." Elisabeth straining to see any of the other the demons. Avalon tossed Elisabeth aside and raised his sword against the blow, when the black the demon attacked. The sword rang out and hit in defense against the demon bat wings. 
Avalon turned to the dark the demon who disappeared into the darkness that lay around them. Elisabeth crawled up on his legs. She looked up at Emma who still looked like sleeping heavily. Elisabeth's spell as she read over Emma, was to get her to relax and fall asleep. She anesthetized her down so she would not have troubled by the dreams, but somehow where she influenced anyway.

- "Watch out!" Avalon's voice echoed through the darkness and the demon with no face, had jumped down on Elisabeth shoulders and snapped around her neck. Elisabeth threw herself to the ground and felt the little the demon pressed against her throat! She gasped for air and made an effort, placed his hand on the demon's faceless face, closed her eyes and muttered a spell. The faceless the demon let go of Elisabeth and rolled to the ground, hissed and held his face. 

Elisabeth crawled away from the demon, which merged into a red gooey, steaming puddle. She stood up on the legs and pulled at Avalon who drew the sword. 
- "Give me the power of light and allow it to flow through the sword out to the tip and lead me to the right target." Whispered Avalon. A yellow light spread from Avalon's hands and out to the tip of the silver sword. With a bright point, pointed it toward the dark the demon, right in the chest.

The demon hissed and lunged at Avalon who took kit and jumped against the demon, with the sword in one hand, he flew toward the demon, who with his mouth open flew against Avalon to sink their teeth into him, what it believed was a crusader. 
A sound that seemed to hit something echoed. Elisabeth, who concealed her face in her hands during the attack, looked out from behind her hands. 
Avalon and the demon faced. The demon spiked bat wings had gone straight through the shoulders of Avalon and stuck out from the shoulders. Blood stained the silvery robe in a thick red color. The sword had gone right through the chest of the demon, and on the back where it had cut off the wings.

There was a long silence. Avalon sword pushed even further into the chest of the demon, who hissed and tried to bite after Avalon. Avalon twisted the sword around in the chest of the demon, who got it to pull back and fall to his knees. Elisabeth turned around when she heard a scream again, the shadow the demon, who held on to Emma, had now pressed her down on the ground. 

The face of the demon was stiffly, his eyes glow red and placed his long fingers around the neck of Emma, who raised his hands towards the demon and tried to stop him. The demon dodged her hands. The demon raised his hand that turned into claws. 
- "Tomorrow's light, I need you!" Elisabeth's voice echoed through the darkness and through her hand came up a light, as strong as the sun, shot it out of her hand and hit the shadow the demon straight in the face.

They hissed and backed away from Emma's unconscious body and tried to pull away from the light which apparently refused to leave the face. 
- "Strengthen the light and remove this abomination forever!" Elisabeth screamed to block out the demon's screams. As the light waned, Elisabeth could see how the demon disappeared in time and space by a ball of light that drew in the shadow creature and devoured it forever. 
Elisabeth hurried to Emma's body and held her. She looked toward Avalon that drew out the sword from the chest of the demon and turned the sword with a svish as the dark demon's head fell off. Shortly thereafter, melted and remaining the body where a black bubbling puddle that slowly disappeared into the desert sand. 
He pulled down his sword in its sheath. He pulled off the wings from his shoulders, tossed they on the ground and tossed a ball of fire over the wings, which burned up.

He hurried up to Elisabeth and Emma. Emma was still alive but was breathing strained. Elisabeth put her hand over Emma's eyes and murmured an incantation silent. 
The beautiful floral and green meadow came back slowly. Tree was once green and floral. Avalon pulled on the cover but let the hood hang down, so only his face visible. Elisabeth drew back her hand and they both watched as Emma moved and slowly opened her eyes.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 8 {English}

They pulled me through the dark. Our shoes echoed to something that sounded like steel floor. I did not really know where we were. The air felt damp and cold and I could hear the ocean singing and making noise. I was bound to the entire upper body and my hands were tightly snared behind my back.
Over my head, I had a black bag in the fabric, I could not see where we were.
- "In there, the boss is waiting!" It was a woman's voice I heard when she put out the order. A door opened and we entered into a warmer room. Someone pushed me down on my knees and the bag around my head was removed.

I blinked a few times until I could see where we were.
The room was oval and lit up in a pink glow. Before me stood a large, black desk, a computer shone a black armchair in the skin behind the desk. The only window that was in the office, it was standing behind the chair and through it I could clearly see a pink glow, but not where it came from. On the side of the desk stood a tall, thin man, I could not see his face so clearly as he stood with his back towards me. He turned around and the bright light lay like a darkness over the man's face.
- "Is he one of them?" His voice seemed familiar but I could not place my finger on where I heard that voice.
- "Yes!" Someone kicked me in the back so I ended up on my stomach on the floor.
- "Hm, and the girl?" He wondered, and set the glass down on the desk and stepped forward. He was wearing beige khaki trousers, the white shirt was in disarray and his tie hung loosely around his neck.

- "The girl will come at another time. Claire and Mr. Kembell would do something about it." Replied one of them. I remained on the floor and could not move or strain to put me up. The man went past me. I did see a pair of beige mocha Tauros by Turon shoes and behind me sounded like he picked a glass bottle. He came back and filled his empty whiskey glass with more whiskey. He drank it and his dark face looked down at me.
- "Okay, and what should we do with you?" There was a knock on the door and someone came in. The man who kicked me down pulled me up on my knees again and pushed my head so I could not look up. The sound of high heels step into the room.
- "We should keep him alive until we got hold of the girl." Woman's voice rang out through the oval room.

- "What is your plan?" He asked. I could feel how Claire looked down at me and the heels hit the floor when she walked up to their boss. She whispered in his ear. - "Excellent, and what do we do with the kid?" She laughed.
- "We need him alive so maybe we should throw him into one of the rooms you have decorated?" A glass tinkled to.
- "Hm, my men can take care of him until then, you start with the plan. And if it fails, you will do best to remove all obstacles that stand in your way." He put the glass down on the desk and mocha shoes stood in front of me. I did not have the ability to look up, one of the men forced me to look down at the floor. A laugh echoed through the dark oval room that was lit by a pink glow.

- "How is she?" I and Elisabeth had been called to Avalon's house immediately when Emma had lost consciousness.
- "She's gonna make it, she is very exhausted." Said Avalon who had hideth his face behind his gray hood. Elisabeth sat on the bed and put a cold towel on Emma's forehead. - "How long has it been going on with her sleeping problems?" Wondered Avalon.
- "Sleep problems?" I did not even know that Emma had sleep problems, certain she had seen and tired out, but I thought it was because she constantly was up before everyone else.

- "I did not know she had trouble sleeping!" I replied late. Avalon turned to Emma and Elisabeth.
- "We'll see when she wakes up. Indefinite I want you to ride home to the vineyard and going through her room., It is much to ask, since you are all such good friends, but she might have written down her dreams and if it can give us answers to why she is not sleeping. "he said quietly and sat down on a chair that stood beside the bed. Emma's unconscious body moved and she whined to. Her face drew together in an ugly mine and she began to twitch. Neither Elizabeth or Avalon made an exertion to interrupt her.
- "What is happening?" My voice was shrill as I've never seen Emma move so restlessly in his sleep. Emma threw up his hands in the air and tried to grab for something. Then came the scream. A scream that quickly choked and she started gargling and trying to breathe. - "But do something then! Please!" I shook Avalon, which stopped me by grabbed my wrists and prevented me from doing anything.

Emma opened her eyes who rolled back and she continued to struggle for air. Elisabeth spent her hand over Emma's eyes and her lips murmured quietly. Emma relaxed and she went to sleep quietly and her breathing where normal. Elisabeth picked off the cool, wet towel and washed on the cold water, wrung out of it and put it on Emma's forehead again.
She was all sweaty. Avalon had released my wrists and sighed.
- "Hurry home to the vineyard," he said and showed me the way out. I did not want to leave Emma alone but I took the order and hurried to Valedale stables, got up at Wild Lion and drove him off to a gallop.

I felt like I turned it upside down on Emma's room without finding anything at all that could lead to her nightmares. I was looking through her computer, but there was nothing either.
Then I had a thought and leaned back in her chair, turned around and looked at the bed and hurried to it. I lifted up the mattress, nothing there either.
- "Damn Emma, Where have you been hiding your block?" I growled and sat down on the bed in frustration. I hid my face in my hands and thought, so it creaked.
Took up the phone and called Emma's number. Avalon or Elisabeth would respond. It went up a few rings before I heard the Avalon's voice.
- "I find nothing, Emma had her black bag with her in her saddle bag, can you check it? She must have brought with them something that can help us." I said.
- "We'll look into it, you can return back." I pushed him away and left Emma's messy room.

When I got back to Avalon's house, sat both he and Elisabeth in the kitchen. Elisabeth was looking through a block that they had found in Emma's black shoulder bag.
- "Can you find something?" I wondered, and step into the kitchen and stood beside Elizabeth to see what Emma wrote.
- "Emma's been clever and wrote down the date and time of the dreams and when she wakes up. The dreams are interesting and just as every night, it represents only a portion have differences from last night." She replied and drank tea from a cup that stood beside her.
I leaned over and read a dream that she had had a few weeks ago.

I run far, my legs fail me. When I look down my legs disappearing into the darkness. There is a darkness I can not explain, but it's as if my legs become locked by the darkness. The room gets smaller. An orange light coming closer to me. I can not see very clearly but when it comes ever closer, the light takes a form and the light emerges an angel. But the wings are black and the shape of them are bats wings. Devil Horns and an arrow tail. The angel turned into a man, a naked man with his hands stretched towards me and grab hold of my throat. I can see clearly how the angel becomes a demon, it is the same demon from all other earlier dreams. He presses and gives me no chance to breathe or take air. I try to scream but nothing comes out of me. I'm trying to pry off his hands but my hands groping in a darkness that goes through the demon. My vision goes black ... I wake up and gasping.
27/8 - 2:30PM.

- "Hm, that dream was not anything like any of the others., I wonder what this could mean?" Said Elisabeth wondered, stroking her forehead and flipped on the block.
Avalon disappeared into from the kitchen and returned with a large book that he put down on the table.
- "What is that?" I wondered and sat down next to Elisabeth, who was still engrossed in the book Dream Emma wrote.
- "Dream Logic." He said, and opened up the book and began to flip through it. - "This may help us to find out what Emma's dreams mean." He continued. He read a long time before he finally found something. Elisabeth had just finished the last page of the block.

- "What Emma dreams about is something called Night Maran, night hag is either a male or female demon with huge sex drive. Now this is not the case, but at this kind of dreams they can paralyze their victims and create havoc in the dreams. Emmas dreams mean something more too. Maran proves to be different all the time, either alone or as it hunts in packs. But I think I know how we can help Emma with nightmares. "He said, and closed the book. - "These things are easily fixed with a little help from each other." He walked over to the fireplace and put up a cup for me, filled up with hot water and put down a tea bag.
- "What shall we do then?" I wondered, and dipped the tea bag a couple of times up and down in the water.
- "We will to get involved in Emma's dreams and drive away the demons. Matter where they come from and why, we'll find out while we're there."

I could not help but scoff at him. I knew that they are both possessed two great forces of light in the Jorvik but to get into someone's dream was something I thought was ridiculous.
- "Elisabeth, do you still have the herbs from the flower and tomorrow night dew drops?"
- "Of course I have, I'll get them right away." She smiled and left the kitchen. The front door closed behind her as she began walking home to her house.
- "How will this work for Emma? What should I do?" I asked.
- "You will be sitting at Emma's side., You will get to talk reassuringly to her and be her guide to the light., We will try to get rid of the demons. Emma may not under any circumstances open the eyes when it happens.'s Why she needs you, someone that might lead her home. "He said and drank the green tea. I drank mine with, but did not feel the least bit interested in it, my thoughts went to Emma upstairs that still was sleeping.

- "Okay, I will do my best." I said.
- "A word of caution Chiara!" This he said seriously. - "She must under no circumstances wake up. If she does, there is a chance that I and Elisabeth does not come back from her dream and we will be stuck there." I nodded immediately.
- "But what should I do to get her to not wake up? If she starts screaming again, and then wake up?" Did I say a little shrill. I began to feel nervous before my mission.
- "It's up to you to find your own way. Whatever you do is up to you, she will not wake up!" He went and drank the last of the tea.

Elisabeth was quickly back and put down two small bottles with a yellow content. Avalon went into his pantry and took out two green leaves. We pulled us up to the room where Emma was. Elisabeth sat down in the foot of the bed and Avalon in the chair next to the bed. Elizabeth was about Emma's ankle and Avalon held her wrist. They crumbled leaves and lay them down in the amber brew that got a neon green color.
- "Remember Chiara, let her not wake up!" I nodded nervously. Avalon and Elisabeth drank of the brew and much soon they fell into a deep sleep. They had entered Emma's dream

When will life take a new turn? - Part 7 {English}

With a large disappointment, I commended myself to the woman on the other side of the phone and hung up. None of them could reveal the people who passed on the plane and therefore could not give out information about it. 
- "A straight no then?" Chiara had seen my disappointment and leaned against my desk and looked at the computer screen that showed the address of Jorviks airport. 
- "What do we do now?" I wondered. 
- "You should not try to call again? He might have turned off the phone!" I knew there was no point even trying. I already called ten times to him but I tried anyway. The signals did not go forward, instead voicemail where the woman said that the number could not be reached.

I sighed Supplied and felt afraid of what could happen. I braced myself and looked at Chiara. 
- "What?" She asked curiously. 
- "The only answer we can get is to ride and check on that car or to we're breaking in at the airport and find out for yourself." I said. Chiara smiled and started to laugh. 
- "The car can I come to look at, but the airport? Emma, I like to you are ahead, but to break into a computer at the airport will be impossible!" I was not smiling, I was serious and had made up my mind. - "Since none of us are so good at computers." I thought for a while and got an idea.

- "Not us, but I know one will be able to help us, but it will cost you something in return!" Chiara thought for a while and she was thinking about what I could mean. 
- "Either you mean game nerd Ms. Moorse or James." She every silent for a moment until I saw how she got sharp eyes. - "James: Are you stupid for real?" She growled!

Chiara and James are two pieces that never agreed with each other and as soon as they saw each other, they stared blindly before one of them turned aside gaze and looked the other way, Chiara always won the battle. 
- "James, the little idiot! A selfish ..." She clenched her fists in the air and tried to strangle something. 
- "I know, but he is the one who can these things., He can break into the airport computer through his own computer and find out if Derek step on the plane or not." 
Chiara was not the least bit happy with the plan and sulked, but she relaxed and then looked at me seriously. 
- "But you get to be alone with him when he works. I ride and I'll check the car!" I nodded and we shook hands on it.

Fort Pinta stables: 
- "So you want to have my help to break into the Jorviks airport page and find out if your boyfriend climbed on a plane to Germany?" James smiled as he said it. They too large glasses went down a bit on the nose. He pushed them up into place. Inside the Fort Pinta instead it was full of partying tenants who had to work in the stables while James sat on a hay ball with his iPed in hand and fiddled around on the internet. Indolent-like head, he was and did not do much to help out in the barn, but instead, sat and gave out orders. 
- "Yes, I'd appreciate it, because neither I nor Jacob has heard anything from him and he landed several hours ago and still have not called back. Unable to call him because the number does not connect!" I explained to him. He sat with his nose in the phone and fiddled around a bit.

I could understand Chiara irritation for him, for now I felt myself how my anger grew within me. He just sat with the phone and did not hear what I said. 
- "Um, what did you say anyway?" He looked up and pushed his glasses in place on the nose again then they once again slid down. I flared up and walked with big steps towards him. James winced and held the phone pressed against his chest. - "What are you doing?" he said, startled. I tore off he phone and held it above my head, and James, the smaller, tried in vain to jump and get hold of his dear property. I grabbed sweater on him and pushed him up against the wall, still with mobile phone over my head. I looked intently at him. James screamed and asked for help, but none of the tenants lifted a finger to help him. 
- "Well?" I said out loud 
- "Yes, I will help you, do not hit me please!" He sobbed. I let go of his shirt and gave he his phone, which he hastened to put down into his pocket.

I picked up my phone and texted to Chiara, who was already on the way to the car over at the Jorvik City, I got a response directly from her that she had only a few mil left. 
I went with James to his room above the hair salon. 
Inside James small room, everything was in disarray. The bed was unmade, dirty clothes lay everywhere in the room and toys lay strewn on the floor. On the desk lay an old pizza box with half an uneaten pizza and lot of empty glasses and empty Coke cans. James was placed in front of the desk and dug his black keyboard and computer mouse, clicked with it and the screen came on.

He pushed up his glasses back on his nose and with practiced hands he clicked around and pulled up complicated codes on the computer. I stood behind him and studied his diligence. For me it was all incomprehensible, lot of green text, blue text, red text and numbers in bright colors. I shook my head and tried to focus my eyes on the other things. Just looking at the screen, I got a headache. 
- "You can sit down." James pointed to a chair, barely visible under the pile of dirty clothes. I wrinkled my nose but I sat down on a visible part of the chair and waited. 
He had clicked around for 20 minutes before he finally ran backwards with hands in the air and broke them. 
- "Okay, I'm on the site now, but we must work quickly they have a good spy program!" He said and turned to me. 
- "Hurry up and find out if Derek boarded then" I said tired. His cramped and messy room made me dizzy.

He nodded in response and began once again to click around and after a few minutes, he had found something. - "According to the board no, Derek never step on board the plane, he had not even registered at the reception!" James mumbled to myself and clicked through before he finally shut down everything. 
- "But, did not you find out more?" I saw that the screen blinked a few times before it where black and red skull showed up with a white speech bubble, Do Not Enter! 
- "Oh no !!" James clicked down and turned off the computer and started it again. Again came the red skull up with the balloon.

- "What happened?" James tried again, but shut down the Internet, pulled out all cables from the computer, waited 5 minutes before he sat back down cords, started the internet and computer. Everything was back to normal but on the desktop it would have turned up a template that he had not been there before. He clicked on it and then click Delete. - "But why, you erased it?" James did not answer, but went into the control panel and uninstalled the entire template from the computer. 
- "It was the spyware I was talking about, it took over the computer to keep track of me. Now I have to buy a brand new computer!" He sighed. But I found out what I wanted. 
- "Thanks for the help," I said then. He waved it off and folded over their cluttered desks with heavy spirit.

Outside the salon, I called Chiara who answered after two rings. 
- "I found out that Derek never boarded the plane! Something must have happened!" 
- "Yes, it has that too." The afternoon was approaching and soon there would be a darkness around Jorvik. - "The car that burned up is Derek's Jeep." It felt like the breath walked out of me and I started shaking. - "He must have gotten out, the car door is open." 
- "I get there, I'll be there in a few hours!" I said and slammed the screen. I hurried to the stables and retrieve Sasha and rode off on her against Jorvik City.

It took a couple hours to ride there on horseback and several times I had to stop for food and water breaks. I did not run out of Sasha, but she has lots of energy to discard with, so a long ride at a gallop was delightfully according to her. 
Chiara stood of a grove of trees some distance from the site. She waved me to her and I came up beside her.
I looked towards the burnt the Jeep but could not really see in the dark if it was Derek's or not. 
- "I took the opportunity to examine the site before, and I found his cell phone and an old photo., It was almost completely burned down but I think it looks like Derek." She gave me the photo and I looked long at it. Although it was smoke-damaged, I could see Derek's childlike face through it. Tears ran down my cheeks and I could not stop myself.

Chiara leaned over and hugged me. I held her a long time and soaked down her red riding vest. I leaned back and we both looked at the Jeep, gray sooty after the fire and burned down. 
- "What could have happened?" I wondered and Chiara reputation shoulders. My phone rang and I picked it up from the pocket of the vest. The number was nothing I recognized and ignored it. But it kept calling so finally I answered. 
- "Emma, came to Valedale immediately!" A female voice hung up. I looked down at the screen and saw that the number was not included in the list of dialed calls. 
- "What is it? Who was that?" Wondered Chiara. 
- "I do not know, I did not respond, a woman in anyway and we would immediately come to Valedale." I said in amazement. I wiped my face with my gray sweater. We turned the horses and set off at a gallop away from Jorvik and against Valedale.

Once we arrived where we stopped at the bridge Valedale of Elizabeth and Avalon. By judging on Elisabetht facial expressions, it was not good news. 
- "Emma, follow me home, we need to talk undisturbed!" Avalon's voice was darker than I remember. I step of Sasha and came with Avalon to his house. 
Chiara received Sasha and rode with Elisabeth to her house without turning around for me.

Inside the Avalon's house where I'm so surprised at how it looked. The inside of the house reminded me a bit of Mrs. Holdsworths house and Jacob. Old wallpaper, old lamps, tables and chairs and paintings. Even an old dusty radio crackled to dance music. 
Avalon invited me into the kitchen and asked me to sit down. He disappeared into the holes before he came back. The gray hood that hid his face, lay back and I could now see his whole face. 
The face I saw was not as I had expected! 
Oblong, with high cheekbones, round chin with stubble, light blue eyes and black shoulder-length hair. On one cheekbone had an old scar was clearly visible.

His facial expression was tired but seriously when he sat down opposite me. No drinkable he offered instead. It took a long moment before he spoke. 
- "I guess you know what happened?" I shook my head. I did not even know we were thinking the same thing. - "You were away at Jorvik City and looked at the car burned up, Derek's Jeep." I continued to nod. I did not dare say anything. - "Derek never got on the plane to Germany," he kept looking at me with his blue eyes. - "Your eyes are red from crying so you're probably wondering what happened. Elisabeth and I have had an eye on Mr. Kembell and his men ruling this past month after the event, and now it seems that something has blocked us from following them. their memories are back. "I swallowed and felt the room spinning.

The tears got up to my eyes and ran down my cheeks and dripping down on my purple vest. I took a deep breath and tried to collect myself. 
- "What shall we do?" I asked henom tears. 
Avalon looked out the kitchen window, which was directed against his beautiful backyard and the cool waterfall. 
- "We do not know, because our visions are blocked, we can not see what happened to Derek. But it has with Dark Core to do and they apparently have a powerful sorceress with them. But we feel in ourselves that if Derek is in their hands , it's not long until you might be it! "He said and turned back his bright blue eyes on me. - "Emma, you are not safe here anymore, your life is in danger." 
I swallowed and tried to keep me awake. My vision was cloudy and I tried to find support with my hands by grasping the table to not fall down from exhaustion.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 6 {English}

On the way to Jorvik City, my mind went all the time to Emma. She had sadness in her eyes when I left her and my promise to her was that we would be more to each other. The car rolled on a gravelly and rough road that shook the entire inside of the the jeep. From a hidden compartment in the sun visor above my head, it fell down an old photo. I had kept it as a memory because it was the only photo I had left of the my parents. 
My parents died in a horrible car accident when I was only 10 years old and I remember it so clearly.

The rain was pouring down and we were on our way home from Firgrove. The rain beat hard against the windscreen as the wipers did not manage to scrape off the water. My dad ran blindly forward on the crooked road. When we got to Firgrove bridge he lost control of the car and we drove over the low railing. After that, I do not remember much more. I woke up two weeks later at the Jorvik Hospital and was told that my parents did not make it. How I overcame me was a miracle. No one had seen the accident until the morning after. I sat on the bridge, wet and unconscious.

I shook my head and put away the photo in the glove compartment and focused on driving up to the Jorvik City. Getting there by Firgrove was anything but straight or smooth. I looked into the rearview mirror and saw how the cars came behind me. Dust after the gravel created large clouds behind them when the cars came driving at high speed. I put the extra label to the cars and I increased the speed of the Jeep. The Jeep answered me and we had increased the speed and continued to drive on the winding and bumpy road. 
The black cars behind me increased speed, the more I grew. The allegations came and I stepped on the gas. Lucky that the jeep had encountered them perfect absorbers for this kind of terrain.

Very soon I came to a sharp curve. The curve came all too quickly that I missed that gas on and pull the handbrake. I tried in every way to not get into a collision with the trees. When I realized it was too late to do anything. The Jeep smashed into them first big spruces with a nasty blow. I was thrown around and my head hit the box on the driver's side. A scurrying pain spread around the head and a pleasant warmth sped out from my head down on my shoulder. The dust from the road flew around the jeep which was wedged between two large trees. I was above the steering wheel and tried to sit up, but every little movement hurt. With force exertion, I turned my head toward the driver's side window, which was cracked after my head hit it. I saw the black cars slowed down. My eyes were blurry but I could see the outline of the how the men into green coats, step out of the cars. Several of the them hurried to the jeep and stood around it.

They targeted black gun with a silencer on the car and was ready to shoot. From the cars continued to flow out people and soon became Mr. Kembell front of the car and laughed. He lit a cigarette, with humor into his eyes. Behind him stepped it up a slim and well trained woman into black khaki suit, she did not smile, but her eyes did it for her. 
- "You'll know what to do!" I heard her say. Behind her came three new men and all wore a black suit and black glasses. They hurried up to the jeep and opened the door. All overpowered me and pushed me to the ground. They tied my arms behind my back and lifted me up so I stood up.

Mr. Kembell had just gone up to me and he looked long into my wounded face with a scornful smile. 
- "One down, one to access!" He continued to smile. I was boiling with anger. How had they been given back the memory. According to Avalon, it was not possible. I laughed. Mr. Kembells smile disappeared when he heard me laughing. 
- "The enemy never win!" I laughed when my eyes looked into his. His face each red and cigarette embers glowed strongly and cigarette was reduced. He looked at the men in black, snapped his fingers and turned around with her back towards me.

When I received a severe blow in the back of my neck, I lost consciousness. The last thing I remembered was Mr. Kembells beige suit that faded into the darkness.

- "Hope your plan works now." Murmured Mr. Kembell and looked at how they brought in Derek's unconscious body into one of the cars. 
Claire waved forward Ron. 
- "Burn the car." She said, and pulled herself back to her Mercedes-Benz. Ron smiled and hurried up and threw the petrol over the jeep. With an old Omega starter, he threw it over the jeep which caught fire immediately.

I woke up suddenly and gasped for air. Sweat poured down my neck and my hair stuck to my forehead. The room was not hot but very cool. My nightmares seemed to never end, but they continued into the same show with a few minor changes from the previous night. 
I picked up my pad and pen and looked sloppy to a blank page and quickly wrote down the dream while I still remember it. 
Three different demons, one red into the fire signs, a dark green into the dark signs and another, the color of which I could not understand what the color was.

White? Sand colored? Tan? 
My brain was working so hard I got a headache and nausea come sneaking. My heart rushed and pumped out the blood in my veins. I was warmer, though the room was cool. I threw away the block, reached for my gray robe and left the room. 
Inside the bathroom, I dropped quickly up warm water in the bathtub and filled with soap so it foamed up properly. None of the other students in the apartment would appreciate it but I felt that my body needed to cool down. I sat on the edge of the bath and looked down at my bare feet. I felt myself shaking, of the widespread fear? No, it was such a lodge. I know how it feels to be scared. This was not such tremors.

I put my hand on my stomach, which was being turned inside out. I steeled myself not to lean over the toilet and thought otherwise. My thoughts immediately went to Derek and I felt my heart was pumping in more battles but was pleasant. It made me smile. 
I looked down at my cell phone lying on a stool next to the tub. No missed calls or missed messages. He was probably on the flight and were on their way to Germany. A tear came forward and rolled down my cheek. I wiped it away and turned the tap off, hung up my morning coat and put me down into the foam. It felt nice and much soon I stopped shaking and enjoyed instead.

I opened my eyes when I heard someone banging on the door to the bathroom. 
- "Hey, is it someone there? There are actually more people who want to use the bathroom!" An angry student banged on the door. 
- "I'm almost done." I mumbled and climbed out of the bath and dropped out of the cold water, dried myself quickly before I pulled the robe off around me and walked out of the bathroom. 
- "Do not think that you own the place, we are more than one sharing the same bathroom!" She muttered, and hurried into the bathroom. I hurried up to my room where the day's first rays shone in.

When I came out of the room, fully dressed with my black denim pants, gray long-sleeved shirt and purple vest, sat the students already in the dining room and everyone was talking excitedly to each other and I could see the wonder and horror in their eyes. I took me a rust sandwich and a small package yogurt and sat down at one of the tables that stood next to the students' tables. I opened the yogurt container when one of them started talking. 
- "The fire brigade managed to extinguish the fire quickly before it spread and now after watching the remnants of the car." 
- "But how could it happen ?? I mean, no car no matter tend to catch fire as soon as it hits a tree," asked another. 
I turned around and brunette girl into Birdie tickets shrugged. 
- "There are no more into Jorvik Magazine. They do not even know if there were people into the car because the car door was open. The person who sat into it may have taken themselves out." 
- "Was it the driver who might rang for the fire department?" 
- "No, it was a female voice that had called." She murmured. Now the more gathered at the table and everyone was talking heatedly about the fire.

- "Maybe we should ride and check for clues?" Everyone started to agree that it was a good idea. 
- "However, it will certainly be cops there so we'll maybe wait 1-2 weeks before we get the check for clues." Said another, the voice was the same as had been beaten on the door to the bathroom. 
- "A rust sandwich and yogurt, then you'll be hungry again at 10 am" I winced when I heard Chiara's voice. I was so engrossed in what the next table were talking about that I had not seen her coming. - "Heard anything from Derek?" 
I shook my head. 
- "No, nothing at all." I mumbled and started eating yogurt from the package. 
- "You need not be worried, he'll call when he landed into Germany!" She smiled and cut up a fried egg and put it on her sandwich. I felt disgusted at the thought of fried eggs. 
- "I hope so," I replied, trying to smile while I was trying to hear what the next table said.

Out in the yard, it was full speed on the students again. Horses that were out in the pastures and pens that would be cleaned out. 
Sasha and Danny still went out into a paddock opposite along with everyone else. Sasha ran into thoroughbred the pasture and Danny, had to go along with the colts and keep track of all the rowdy teens stallions. 
I just looked at them twice a day to see that they had it good with water and felt fine otherwise. Not that complain too, but they ate on the grass that was left and did not bother to greet me when I checked into them. 
Chiara every happy for my help with her horses and thanks so she used to give me free lessons.

When we just turn to give clear on the last box, I felt my pocket vibrated and I groped for the phone that was inside the vest. When I got up it looked at the small screen and saw that the number was from Jacob's phone. 
- "Hey! ... No ... No, he has not called me yet," I talked on with Jacob. His voice was worried because Derek always used to get in touch. - "But you do not think he forgot about it then? Anyone can make a fool of himself!" I smiled and felt myself how my heart start pounding hard against the chest and I began to feel uneasy. - "I may look a little on the airport's website and talk to them if you want? But I'll do it later once I'm done in the stable." 
- "Thank you Emma, what would I do without you?" I smiled and hung up. Chiara who heard everything was leaning against the pitchfork.

- "What?" 
- "It seems that Derek has not been in touch with Jacob either!" I mumbled. - "So after I'm done in the stable and I'll check with the airport about Derek came on board to Germany." 
- "If you get it, they are so secretive about what boardar an airplane!" 
- "But I have to tryJakob should not have to be worried about their own grandchildren." Chiara nodded in agreement. 
- "Okay, if we hurry to be ready in the stables, we can hurry up to your room and check it directly" 
- "You do not need to help me, you want so badly to ride out!" Did I say an embarrassment and hid a blond lock behind my ear. 
- "I'm glad to help, that's what friends for!" I smiled and was grateful for her help!

When will life take a new turn? - Part 5 {English}

He stood with one hand in his trouser pocket beige. In his mouth he had a cigarette as he recently lit. The gray, perfect hair that was combed back, blew up in a light summer breeze that drove slowly past. Before him, it was a well trained woman in black khaki suit. The black, thin hair hung down her shoulders. Her face was neutral and it was hard to read her emotions. In her hand she held a small red bottle with a brew that were bobbing around.
- "How long has it been?" Wondered Mr. Kembell when Claire told what happened.
- "It's been two months now, I needed a little time to make the potion before you could regain your memories back." She answered him stiffly.
- "Okay, maybe you can tell me what happened during this time?" Claire nodded.
- "Absolutely," she said, and Mr. Kembell invited her to the house.

Inside Mr. Kembells office, she sat down in an old rickety chair, and Mr. Kembell offered her whiskey which she accepted. Mr. Kembell sat down behind his desk in a more comfortable leather armchairs and pushed the drawings as low and messed up on the desktop.
Claire sipped the whiskey, it had the taste of orange that was hidden behind a smoky flavor.
- "What is it you want to know?" She asked him first.
- "Maybe take it from the beginning, when that light came from the patrons and then after that." He murmured and drank a big gulp from the whiskey.

- "The girl was rescued by Aiden Patron pretty quickly before you could finish her life, and after that lost you your memory because Avalon cast a spell on you., You would then never again be able to disturb the young people again. After that Emma has begun to have nightmares., She sleeps never properly anymore at night and stays awake., it is now that she is most vulnerable, but she is protected by Aiden's patron and also Derek. Everybody is on the lookout for our spies. "said Claire.
Mr. Kembell listened to her. He leaned back in his chair with glass of whiskey in his hand.
- "So, it ended up there, all she's been through haunt her right now?" Claire nodded.
- "Yes, but her dreams are totally different things. Apparently She dreams about demons but the demons are connected to you." She said with a smile, and drank some more of the good whiskey. - "And another thing, I have an assignment for Ron." Claire continued and put down the empty glass on the desk and leaned gently back into the rickety chair.
- "Why Ron?" Wondered Mr. Kembell.
- "For he is the one that will fit well for this assignment. This plan will put Emma's life at stake, including Derek's life too." Mr. Kembells mouth smiled an evil smile.

- "Ron, come in!" He shouted, and a rugged man came in through the open door. - "Claire here, have a job for you., I hope you got your memory back!" Said Mr. Kembell.
The man nodded, and Claire could clearly see how he tied his hands together as they witnessed and how his teeth gritted.
- "Yes," he said hoarsely between teeth. His gaze was fixed on Mr. Kembell and eyes shot lightning and saw blood.
The man turned his face down towards the stylish woman, who stood up and gave him an envelope that was addressed to Derek.

Ron took the envelope and looked long at it.
- "Is my mission to send off a letter like a fucking postman?" He growled.
- "Post the letter directly to Derek: He may not know it's from us and come back here later. Is that understood?" Ron nodded. Woman's voice had suddenly changed and he had to realize that it was just to obey.
- "What happens after this?" He asked then.
- "After that, we all enter the picture again. After that you will see what happens." Now it was the first time that they saw the woman smile, but the smile was not amusing, but by the smile was wicked. Ron nodded and left the office and yard. Although Claire each had to leave Mr. Kembell.

- "Remember now that does not interfere with the youths, the plan shall be as we thought so we need as little contact as possible." She warned Mr. Kembell when she had sat in a black Mercedes-Benz who stood waiting for her. She did not look at him when she said it, but cranked up the car window and the car drove away from the farm.

Me and Derek sat on the Stable Bucks cafe after we bathed. From our hair dripped water down over our already wet clothes. Ahead of us was the one opposite teacup and slice of cake in a glass dish with two spoons. A cream cake with a big red strawberry. Derek took it away from the cake and we shared the piece of cake while we talked about everything.
- "So what more do you want to do today?" He asked when we put down the spoons on the empty small plate. All that remained of the cake was the big red strawberry.
- "I dont know, maybe I have to go home and take care of Danny and Sasha." I murmured and drank the hot tea.
- "You need not be worried about them, Chiara promised to take care of them so you could hang out with me." He smiled. I smiled and thought instead of what more we could do today.
- "I dont know, do you have any plans?" He shook his head.
- "Not really, I've been thinking of spending all my free time with you., I have no job to go to in addition to helping in my grandfather's farm." I smiled back and was about to pick up the strawberry when Derek also reached for it. Our hands met over the red strawberry. We laughed. Derek picked it up and brought it towards my mouth. I opened my mouth and took a bite of it. The strawberry tasted sweet and refreshing on the hot day. Derek took the rest of the strawberry.

We sat long at the café before we finally dragged ourselves back to Jacob's farm. We released out Broncho and Sony in the pasture with the sheep and went into the house. Inside sat Jacob in the kitchen and read the day's newspaper and drinking a cup of coffee.
- "Oh there you are, Derek you got a letter!" Jacob pointed to the bench where it was a letter written to Derek. I sat in the kitchen and brought me an apple and chewed on it.
Derek opened the letter and read it through. He sighed and put his hand over his face.
- "What?" I wondered. Although Jacob had put down the newspaper and looked at Derek.
- "It is from Hein in Germany, who I worked for at the stud." He mumbled and looked at me. - "He wants me to come and help him to train his colts., He does not have the staff to go around."
- "There is nothing to sour over!" Jacob wondered who returned to the newspaper and lit his pipe.

Derek did not receive him. He sat down at the table next to me and took my hand. He squeezed it hard. His gaze was still fixed on the letter. I leaned over and tried to see it a little but what I saw was nothing I could read. The letter was in German.
- "Go," I said finally. Derek gazed directly at me. - "Go and help Heim so we can hang out then when you come back!" I smiled, even though my heart began to hurt, the thought of seeing him leave Jorvik and me, made my heart bleed heavily.
- "Are you sure?" He asked.
- "Yes, that's okay! Go and help him!" I smiled and hugged his hand. Derek smiled back and released my hand. He disappeared into the living room and been away a long time before he came back with a bag full of clothes. He looked up at me and motioned for me.
I quickly got up from the chair, picked up my stuff and went with Derek out to the jeep.

Once we were home on the Vineyard again, it was full of life and movement from all the students who rode around on their horses. Derek stayed jeep on the side of the library. We sat quietly in the car and none of us said anything. Eventually Derek began the conversation.
- "Will you be okay by yourself?" He asked. I was still looking out the car window at the white library. Baroness's car was parked right outside and Godfrey stood there with his face turned towards the jeep.
- "Well I'll make it., We can correspond with each other and maybe talk on Skype?" Derek smiled, but then where he was serious.
- "The reception is bad out there and it's hard to send your letter because the place is so desolate." I looked down at my knees.
- "Then we will meet when we meet again." I felt the tears rose up to my eyes and I wiped them away angrily. Derek leaned over me and his lips bumped into mine. My blood rushed and I could hear my heart pounding. I closed my eyes and met his. He leaned his forehead against my late and wiped away a tear from my cheek.
- "I will just be gone for a few months so I'll be back before the snow falls." He smiled. I nodded and kissed him again before I stepped out of the car and went to the library without turn around and look back.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 4 {English}

The sun came up slowly behind the house of Jacob and the animals began to came to life when the day's first rays hit the green grass. Dewdrops shone brightly as small diamonds in the grass. 
I lay half across the kitchen table with an empty coffee cup beside me. 
I sat up and took with me the cup to the sink and washed the cup. I needed more coffee. Jacob had a very old coffee maker so you had to boil the water in an old coffee maker on the stove and then fill with the coffee powder.

When I put down a few scoops of coffee powder into the jug, I jumped when Derek from nowhere, put his arms around me. I breathed deep breath and put my hand over his arms. 
- "Have you been awake all night?" He asked. I put down my the coffee jar and turned around on. My eyes felt heavy, but I could only smile. Seeing his face made me smile no matter how tired I was. 
- "Yes, I dare not go to sleep," I said and turned back to the coffee pot and brought it to the table and placed it on a coaster on the coffee table. Derek laying out for breakfast.

Toast, fried eggs and bacon, cheese and butter. My stomach turned when I saw everything and I been reminded of my dinner that I flushed down the toilet. 
I took me a toasted sandwich with no toppings and forced myself to chew to get something down in the stomach. 
The sun was soon high in the clear blue sky, and the heat outside spread everywhere. 
I filled up my coffee cup for the third time, I needed a lot of caffeine so I could cope with the rest of the day. Too soon it was time for the day's chores on the farm. Derek needed all the help he could get because Jacob was too old for the heavy work, so Derek had to help him with it.

- "Today, I'll fix the roof on the barn, apparently it drops into water as soon as it rains, so I have to fix the holes there. Perhaps you can take care of the animals and give them food and water." I nodded. My gaze was facing out toward the pasture where Sony and Broncho went along with the sheep. I stopped watching when I saw in my point of view how Derek tried to make contact with me. 
- "What?" I wondered. 
- "I just wanted to see if you were still awake or asleep with your eyes open." 
- "Does not matter if I have my eyes open or closed, the nightmares will never go away." 
- "You should talk to Avalon or in any case with Elisabeth." He said, leaning back in his chair with his own cup in his hand. It was now I put extra notice what clothes he was wearing.

Derek wore a new red tank top with dark and ragged denim shorts. His hair stood on all sides and edges, but I could clearly see that he tried to comb it. I realized that I smiled when I looked him up. 
The clothes fit him. I indeed had just the usual. Black denim breeches and my purple T-shirt that I loved. The hair, I sat up in a knot behind the neck. I snatched up a little bit when I saw that Derek looked at me, though he smiled and put down her empty coffee cup on the table. I took my fourth cup and the last remaining in the jug. 
Although the sump gave me nausea, I felt I needed all the caffeine to cope with the day.

Out in the yard the sun warmed up properly. Derek hammered on the roof of the house and sat in the only in his shorts. I tore at the stables to provide food and water to the animals there. But after a while, I decided to sit down in the cool house and drank water from a bottle. Leaned back on the hay bale and enjoyed the cool breeze that blew into the stable. It was nice and cool and I closed my eyes for the moment, enjoying the lovely breeze.

When I opened my eyes again, I discovered a painting. A small board that was hand painted by who did not know. I could not see any signature by the artist. The painting depicted a flower shaped like a heart and around it went a beautiful green ivy. It struck me then that I just seen a similar picture of Elisabeth few months ago. Then I woke up in one of the rooms. I looked at the flower to try to come out if I seen it out there somewhere, but I was so tired and finally I found no energy to think.

I sat up when I heard someone come in through the stable. A small man with gray hair with blue overalls came into the stable. Jacob was back. 
- "Are you sitting here Emma?" He smiled when he saw that I was sitting on hay bales are furthest to the wall. 
- "Yes, that's so cool in here so I'll take a short break" I smiled. Jacob laughed, with its lovely old man laugh and sat down beside me. He saw what I sat and watched. 
- "Do you like that picture?" He asked curiously as he pulled up his pipe, but he was not turned on. Jacob had often never there because he just wanted to feel the taste of the tobacco. 
- "Well, I've seen an exact duplicate of Elisabeth few months ago. It is so nice, a little intriguing to watch." 
- "Well, it is an amazing flower and plant by a maximum of plenty of power." He sucked a little on the barrel when he looked at the board. - "I usually sit here and watch it, mostly to tear myself away from work and get the thoughts of others. On that flower makes happy when I watch it!"

I could not feel exactly happy when I looked at the flower, I think I was most curious about what kind of flower it was. 
- "That's my wife, Lina, who painted the flower for a very long time ago." He said later. His voice had changed when he mentioned his wife. - "I came across the plant a day in my younger days when I was out plowing a field, it was that very day that I came across it. This ivy is a bit special because it usually grows best at high altitudes where it is first to get in the day's first rays of sunshine and the first few drops of rain. So I found it on my field was highly unusual. "He sucked a little to the barrel. - "When I picked it up so even followed this beautiful flower with a beautiful flower with pink heart-shaped leaves and it was strikingly beautiful., I took it home to Lina as a proof of my love for her. Lina was already an amazing artist and she was overwhelmed that I came home with something so beautiful., she knew what it was, and was just as impressed as me that we found it on our field. "He laughed then.

- "The plant is called Valedale Ivy and the flower blooms only at mugrönan just was 20 years old, as soon as there is a full moon that looks pink, the plant started to bloom., It is not until then that Valedale ivy blooms and when it does so it grows where magnificent flower. flower has been named Heart Desire. remember how I mentioned that it was very unusual powers? "I nodded as he turned to face me. - "With a special brewed, one could obtain a drink, you drink and think of your absolute greatest wish and it will come true, but it can have their price. So when you want something, you have to think carefully out what you want and that you clarify the wish. "He turned to flower again, and every silent.

The silence was long. 
I waited intently at a continue but Jacob remained silent. 
- "Has anyone tried the drink?" I asked finally. I found myself that I'd slither down and sat next to Jacob. 
- "Well, a man!" He said shortly. - "There was a man many years ago, certainly 20-30 years ago, which got its brewed after finding the flower and take it to Elisabeth., She warned him to think of his wish really well before he drank the brew. He was too greedy with his wish and it came out later that he wanted all the world's happiness. But it has its price with that wish! "He continued low and sucked on his pipe again. - "To wish for all the world's happiness can be just about anything, luck of the lottery draws, win prizes galore or win money with ease while betting, but in addition it then there were other accidents that caused injury. Was it something he did not like or that he never wanted to know of, arranged his desires it and cleared the people who stood in his way. humans, such as animals that he loathed fell at his feet like skittles that gets beaten down by a bowling ball. and in time where it worse for the man and soon after, he took his life. "

Jacob every silent and his gaze was still fixed on the board. 
- "Took his life, how could he do that if he had wished for all the world's happiness?" 
- "He lashed a piece of string around the stomach on itself and then around a large stone which he hanging around on a trolley. Took his rowing boat and rowed far out at sea and there, drowned himself, and he became never be found again!" I sat petrified in front of the board at the amazing flower.- "Where is it to come by? Flower and ivy?" 
- "It is probably not unfortunately little you. Flower is cut off and you have not seen it in years. Some say they've seen it, but it can usually be taken for flamingo flower, the resemblance is striking, but they are both still so different. but if it should be somewhere so it grows where we can not reach it. "
- "Buried dinosaur valley maybe?" Jacob laughed. 
- "May be so, but until then we can enjoy the 2 boards we have. Lina painted 2 pieces, one for us and one for her sister Elisabeth." I was startled and leaned over and looked at Jacob who appears not to have seen that I reacted.

- "But it was a long time ago now, Lina died about 10 years ago so the only memory I have left of her is right now that picture." He smiled and put down his pipe in his pocket and put his arms crossed over the chest. 
- "But you said before that this man, went to Elisabeth 20-30 years ago? That can not be, Elisabeth is not exactly 70?" Jacob laughed even more and bumped into me as he leaned toward me. 
- "Emma, that's much you do not know if our protectors in Jorvik, but we can to another day." 

Outside the barn, I heard Derek talk to someone and soon came into the stable, semi-naked, only just in shorts. He was carrying his red tank top in his hand. 
- "Hey Grandpa: You home againI see, but Ian is here outside and wants to meet you."
- "Is that right, well, he wants to have a little more oats to the horses. Then I might take the opportunity to bid on some coffee" laughed the old man and began walking out of the barn to greet Ian.

Derek smiled when he saw me. 
- "Shall we ride and swim?" He asked. 
- "I have no swimwear with me," I smiled embarrassing. Derek laughed. 
- "Oh swim in panties and tank top that does the same, just we can take a dip. The heating is really intense today." He sat down beside me and lay back against the hay bale. I myself felt my cheeks heated up and drank the rest of the water that was left in the bottle. 

Derek sat up and leaned against me, or over me. I tried to search the support behind me, but my hands fumbled for a grip, but instead I fell on my back among the hay bale and Derek crawled up over me. I was breathing heavily and tried to smile through my red face, but my cheek reflexes held back and I could not even smile. 
He leaned over my face and kissed my forehead. I closed my eyes to feel his soft lips touched my skin. 
His lips wandered towards my cheek and kissed there and over to the other cheek. His breath was warm and smelled of strawberries. 
Finally, he let his lips touch mine and my heart surged and the blood rushed. 


When will life take a new turn? - Part 3 {English}

I fell deep into the the darkness and the case seemed like an eternity. 
I winced when the body hit against something hard and a pain rushed from the back and out of my toes. I tried to look around wherever I landed, but all I saw was only darkness. I gulped and got up on my leg.

I looked uncertain around before I started moving me around. Sooner or later I have to support a wall or at least a way out of here. Everything felt so real and recalled all the other dreams I've had, just that I fell into a dark abyss, and wandering around alone without looking where I was. 
How far I've come, I could not really say, but I stopped short when a purple light lit up a long way from me.

I started to move towards the purple light. But it seemed like I did not come closer at all. I looked down at the feet that were as black as the abyss. I swallowed again and stopped, listened and tried to hear something. Beyond the purple light, I could hear a voice shouting something I could not hear what was said. My legs were moving forward, and I had started running. The voice came closer and now I recognized it.

- "Emma..." Derek called me. 
- "I'm coming!" I was thinking out loud or answered, I could not entirely answer, all I wanted was just to arrive. More I ran, the closer I realized that I got closer to the purple light. When my hand grace light as it transformed itself to a red light and got up over me. I stopped and fumbled backwards. My elbows hit the ground hard, sending pain signals to my brain. The red light had been given a shape in front of me and it was a big, red demon. Naked and with bats wings. The demon smile revealed a series of sharp teeth, and his laughter echoed through the darkness. The red light around the demon flared up like a wild fire. The demon stretched his hands towards me and the movement turned fingers quickly into long claws.

I screamed through the night. My voice choked and I tried to call for help, but my voice was completely locked. Instead, I tried to stand up and flee the scene but the ground sinking beneath me and my legs were sucked down into a sticky and black quicksand. I screamed again. 
- "Emma..." Derek shouted at me through the darkness and I tried to answer, but I had lost my voice. The only thing that came out was clean air. The demon leaned over me and his blazing hand grabbed my arm and twisted it. I screamed again, but still my voice completely empty. The demon leaned forward and I looked into his black eyes. The demon laughed again and he raised his right hand with three sharp claws was directed at me. I felt I was about to lose consciousness, the demon targeted and put the claws in my throat. I tried to hear my screams echoing through the darkness but heard nothing, even Derek's voice had disappeared. I closed my eyes and fell into a deep sleep.

I woke up that Derek shook me. I opened my eyes and sat straight up and coughed and looked for air. 
When I felt I got the air where I suddenly heavy in the head and I fell backwards onto the sofa against the pillows. Derek sat on the side of me, and his whole face was jumpy and he did not know what to say. 
I put me on the side and pulled the blanket on me and hid me in it. Derek pulled away the blanket and turned me against him. 
- "What happened?" He asked. I shook my head from fatigue and felt again how sleepy I was. 
- "It was nothing!, You need not worry!" I replied cloudy. My voice was hoarse and I did not recognize it.

- "It was nothing, then you scream into depravity, calling my name and then gasping for air. Course I'm worried about you, what happened?" He was upset and scared. No one but me knows about my nightmares because I have not told about them to anyone. 
Then I felt my stomach turned over and I threw my hand on her mouth and rushed me to the toilet. Derek was close on the heels of me and came up to me when I filled up the toilet with dinner leftovers. 
- "Please go," I sobbed and tried to keep away the blonde hair from the toilet. Derek sat down in the already cramped little bathroom and helped me keep the hair away. I sobbed and sat down on the floor and leaned against the wall. His eyes searched the ceiling than to Derek who was still worried about me.

Derek moved and sat next to me and held me. I leaned against him and felt the warmth from him. 
- "You're hot," he felt on my forehead for a moment before he felt later on his own forehead. - "I think you have a fever." I laughed. 
- "You would also have if you had nightmares!" I mumbled and put my arms around his stomach, sleep came back again and I felt I lost the strength to hold me up. Nightmares really sucks the energy out of me. 
Derek stood up and pulled me into his arms and carried me back into the living room. He sat on the edge of the sofa and disappeared into the kitchen. A crane was flushed and he came back with a pain killer and cold water. 
I was receiving and swallowed the pain tablet and drank up all the water. Derek sat next to me.

- "Would you perhaps tell me what your dream?" He whispered. I leaned against his shoulder before I then pointed to my bag and he reached for it. From that, I picked up my notebook and pen. Although I was too tired to write so I started writing down my dream. The only difference this dream had was the abyss, a purple light that transformed itself into a blazing fire demon with sharp claws, but the act was the same as all the other nights. The demon claws cut right through my throat. 

I wrote briefly and then gave it to Derek. 
- "I always write down my dreams and every dream is about exactly the same thing and I can not explain what they mean., I hear your voice all the time crying for me but you are not there. Either you say only my first name or as you say me to run. This dream was different, you called me by a purple light but then my hand touched the small light converted it to red and in front of me a demon step up, "I took a break and tried to keep me awake. - "It was like all the demons did. Their fingers become claws, and pierce my throat usually there I wake up and try to get air."

Derek stroked my cheek and his lips kissed my forehead. I wished that he dared more, but I felt that my mouth was not so inviting right now. 
- "I think we need to talk about this to Avalon, to unless otherwise he can help you and interpret dreams." 
- "No thanks, I do not want to disrupt him with nightmares., I have already asked for soothing tea., I've just forgotten to grab a cup before." I lied and put me down against the pillows. I looked up the brown roof. Derek lay down beside me. I turned to him. 
- "Shall we sleep?" 
- "Sleep you, I stay awake a little longer." I smiled. Derek every insecure and turned around after his mobile. 
- "The time is 02:30 at night. Are you sure?" I nodded. The time of my nightmares had not changed in anyway. Derek lay near me and while we looked into each other's eyes. It was not until Derek fell asleep as I got up from the couch and got dressed and sat down in the kitchen for the rest of the night. Afraid to go back to sleep, afraid to face my dreams again.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 2 {English}

Chiara helped me with hair that night in my room. She had made a braid on each side of the head and tied them together at the center behind my head. I looked into the little hand mirror and saw my face. The girl in the mirror was pale and had dark circles under her eyes. The girl in the mirror had green eyes, pink cheeks and bright pink lips Chiara promised to hide my tired eyes with some makeup. 
I took a deep breath. 
- "How is it?" Wondered Chiara and took a short break from my hair and looked into the mirror. I looked down at my hands so she could not see what was hiding my face. 
- "No, everything's fine!" I lied and looked into the mirror with a smile, but you could clearly see that it was fake. Chiara looked suspicious. 
- "You're not nervous, I hope." She smiled and started to tie up my hair in a nice knot on the back of my head, to keep it in place. 
- "No," I answered shortly. She lifted up a small mirror and showed how it looked behind my head. It looked really good. - "Thank you" I smiled then.

The time was approaching 6.00am and we were just ready with the makeup when we heard, through the open window, a car came into the yard. I looked into Chiara's eyes, and she smiled. 
- "It will be fine, Linnea and I take care of the horses tonight. Embark and have a good time with Derek." She said encouragingly. I bit my lip nervously and started to walk down to the farm. Chiara was walking next to me and when we came out from the library Derek stood leaning against a large, green forest colored Jeep. He was wearing green trousers and a completely plain white tank top. His brown hair was standing on all sides and edges, but it was exactly the way I wanted him to have it. The hairstyle he got to see extra mischievous. His eyes smiled at me as I was walking towards him. 
- "Hello," he smiled, his voice was soft and inviting. - "You really are beautiful today!" I looked down at my outfit. I had a white skirt on me, a light pink blouse that matched the light from the sun, which had a light shade of pink and I even had pink ballet shoes on me. I usually do not ordinarily wear something with pink on me but today where it just so.

I smiled at him. He came up to me and gave me a hug. Reluctantly I hugged back and drew in the scent of him through the white tank top. Chiara was still behind me and saw the whole incident. I pulled away from him and cleared my throat a little. I was still shy to show my feelings open to all. 
- "Have fun now both, see you tomorrow." She waved and started to go down towards the village of Silver Glade. She turned and motioned for us before she disappeared behind the gates. 
- "What did she mean, tomorrow?" I said then and looked up at Derek who still held an arm around me. 
- "You might not want to spend the night with me?" He asked in surprise when he looked down at me. 
- "Yes, or no, or I do not know," I turned my face away from him when I felt my cheeks where warm. I looked down at my shoes. My bangs had Chiara braided so good that it did not ended up in front of my face.
Derek took my bag from my hand and opened the car door on the passenger side for me. I jumped in the car and he closed the door. 
He sat on the driver's side and started the Jeep that droned on. I put on my seat belt and we drove out of the vineyard and towards harvesting areas.

During the trip to Harvest district, we said not much to each other, but our eyes looked on the road. It was when we had almost arrived at the Gold Spurs farms as Derek cleared his throat. 
- "Is it okay for you that you sleep over?" He asked me when we turned up the steep hill to the farms. I nodded. 
- "Well that's okay." I said with my eyes fixed on the road. 
- "You should not have to feel forced into it!" He continued. 
- "I do not feel compelled, I would like to sleep over!" I leaned my head towards the car window. 
When we came into the yard, I saw Broncho went in the pasture along with Sony and sheep grazing. I smiled when I saw them.

Derek jeep parked next to the barn. He took my bag and opened the car door and walked out. I also stepped out of the car and stood in front of the house appeared to be empty. 
- "Where is Jacob then?" I wondered when we went into the house. Inside the house, an old radio crackled and I felt the aroma of food. 
- "Jacob is invited to the house of Angus and Idun to dinner, he will not interfere with us tonight or last night." He put my bag on a chair in the hall and went into the kitchen. I followed shortly after and on the table in the kitchen, where the table is set for two. Middle of the table, it was a single red rose in a vase and on either side of the rose, it was two candles. 
I could not help but smile. It been a long time that we were alone.

Dinner was soon over, and soon we were sitting in the kitchen and listened to the old radio playing soft music. I tried to stifle my fatigue. Sleep came in to me and the time was not more than just after nine in the evening. 
- "Are you tired?" Asked Derek. 
I shook my head. - "You can not lie to me Emma, I see you are tired!" I closed my eyes and opened them again and glanced towards Derek. I could see his concern in his eyes. 
- "A little, but it's no more than usual!" I replied to the end and my eyes pulled into the darkness outside. 
- "We can go to bed if you want!" 
- "It is not necessary., I've just had so much to do the past few days at the stables so it has sucked the energy out of me." It was only half the truth, I had not much to do in the stable. I had just never been able to sleep properly for months so all this was all about sleep deprivation, which Derek did not have to worry about.

He stood up from the table and began to set the table aside. I sat there, I did not know if I would be courteous and pick up after me or sit there. I began to help and soon we stood and did the dishes. But after that the dishes was finished, it got out of hand in a water fight, just because I happened to splash water up into the face of Derek who gave back with a full glass of cold water, which he emptied inside tank top on me. 
I screamed and tried to hide the bra that where visible through tank top. I hurried out into the hall after my bag and disappeared into the bathroom and locked the door on me.
I looked in the mirror, the girl was all red in the face and the makeup was smeared. They dark circles under eyes appeared. I sat down on the toilet cover and leaned my forehead towards the sink. 

Fatigue hit it all at once so I hastened to brush my teeth and change into my pajamas. I moved around a long time in the bag and could not find it. Then it came up for me and I vowed silently. 
Chiara had packed my bag so the only thing that was in the bag that went to sleep in was a white lace tank top and panties. I folded up the screen of the cell phone, took a picture and sent it to Chiara with the question, where my pajamas were. It was not long until the phone rang and the message it was nothing other than a smiley who flirted.

Angrily, I hit the screen again and put down the cell phone deep in my bag. 
Derek knocked on the door. 
- "Is everything all right?" I cleared my throat. 
- "Yes, I'll be out soon!" I replied and continued to stare down at the bag. With a deep and quiet sigh, I switched on and washed my face with cold water before I opened the door and walked out. 
Derek stood at the door and he looked into my face. 
- "You look very tired, you get any sleep?" I felt my cheeks where hot and got a red color. He put just extra notice how tired I was, but not my night attire. - "I have embedded up on the couch for you." My heart stopped. 
The couch? The couch? I repeated in my head. I nodded and went into the living room and looked toward the couch. I stopped in the doorway. The couch was a paved up for 2.

I tried to swallow. I pulled the bag hard on me and went with slow steps and stood next to the sofa bed. Derek came in shortly after. 
- "Emma, I will not do something stupid, try to relax." He encouraged me and started taking off his clothes. I turned away from him, I did not see when he undressed. My whole body was screaming and my heart sped up to 120 and I did not know how I would handle the situation. I came back to reality when Derek took my hand. I jumped and turned around towards him and hit my nose in his chest. My cheeks were burning. 
Derek put his hand under my chin and turned my face up toward his. He just smiled and seemed to enjoy the situation. I was dying inside. 
- "Uh, uh, I," I stammered and then pushed him away from me and put me on the edge of the bed.

Derek where surprised and sat down beside me. 
- "What is it?" 
- "It's nothing!" I whispered. 
- "Are you embarrassed?" I heard him say. I hid my face in my hands and nodded. Derek picked my hands away from my face and he put my hand over his heart. - "I am equally embarrassed Emma. you need not be afraid!" I steeled myself and turned my face toward him. 
- "I am not afraid" My eyes wandered back down to my hand was above his heart, I could feel it pulsating. My eyes went on further down until I saw his well-trained belly. I stayed there and my eyes went back to his eyes. 
- "Shall we sleep then?" I nodded and we both put ourselves under the same blanket. I turned on me as I lay with my back to him. Derek lay closer to me and his arm came around me. 

I should have evicted him but instead I took his arm and held tight on it and very soon the tiredness took over and I fell into a dark, deep abyss.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 1 {English}

- "Emma, run!" Derek's voice echoed through the darkness, and I turned around and tried to run, but how hard I tried, I got nowhere. Felt like I was running on a spring band. I felt out of breath and did everything to get away from the dark shadows that fell on me. 
I knelt down and turned around and saw how the shadows came closer and they embraced and choked me. My throat every thick and I got no air. I tried to scream but my voice was stifled by darkness. My vision blurred and where the shadows were turned into dark, naked demons with bats wings and long fingers like claws that tore my clothes, leaving bloody scratches. I screamed again, I tried to call on Derek but no matter how I screamed and tried to pull me away, there was always another demon there. 
They were everywhere and ripped and tore at me. My clothes shredded apart and very soon appeared one of the demons down on me from above and the long claws cut right through my throat.

I screamed and woke up. I was breathing heavily and was completely soaked with sweat. I sat on the bed and stared down at the floor. My whole body was shaking and I could not control my fears,.

It had been three months since the incident. Autumn was coming soon, and it had already started to color the world orange and red. The green was a thing of the past and it would not show up again until about superficial half a year. 
I had stopped shaking but I was still very upset. I could never sleep properly anymore because the dream was played every night. I turned to the clock radio on the nightstand and the clock showed no more than 2:30 at night. 
I lay down in bed again and tried to think of other things, but no matter how I tried, my thoughts were drawn directly into the dream with the demons. 
Out of the box, from the night table, I picked up an old notebook where I always wrote down my dreams. 
When I looked through what I have written, I could not see that the dreams changed at all, all ended up on exactly the same thing. Derek's voice, torn clothes, running and getting nowhere, blood and finally claws running straight into my throat. I felt how I shivered and started to write down my dream again.

As the sun began to rise up, I got dressed and went down to the stables and began with morning chores. Most of my horses are on vacation on an island, not far from here, Horse Island. At home with me now, it was only two horses. Danny and Sasha. 
I let them out in separate paddock and started cleaning the stables. Almost all the students were back again at the winery and it was full speed in the yard again with riding lessons and anything else that could be done in a stable. 
I'll admit it was so nice to see everyone, many new students have come and the old ones have left the house and got a job in other places around the Jorvik.

When I had finished cleaning the boxes, I cleaned everything away and put me late on a bale of hay outside the stable area and rested for a while. I closed my eyes before I opened them again. As soon as I shut my eyes, the dream came creeping back and I could see the demons in front of me. 
I shivered and pulled my arms around me. It was not the cool autumn chill that made me froze, but the cold came up elsewhere. The vile man who has ruined my life, at the slightest thing, I winced and thinks he is always behind me. That I may be happy for is that none of them will remember the event. At the time that Avalon and Elisabeth appeared, Avalon threw a spell over them. None of them would remember that they owned and rented out the Gold Spurs farms or remember what they have done to me and Derek.

I winced when someone appeared next to me and Chiara smiled when she saw me. 
- "Wow! You're getting better at stepping up. When did you wake up this time?" She wondered. I looked down at my phone and saw that the clock was only 7:30 in the morning. 
- "I got up for just 1 hour ago," I lied to her and smiled skewed. She glanced at a moment before she smiled then. 
- "Why did not you call me?" She asked. - "I was awake and then I could come and help you!" 
- "I only have two horses at home so I think I can handle it on their own." My stomach rumbled to. Chiara laughed. 
- "Go eat some, I come as soon as I'm done." I smiled back and put a blond lock behind my ear. I hurried over the vineyard and into the library and up to my room.

Other students began to come to life and there was full of movement in the library. Capucine cooked, so the aroma of fried eggs and toast pulled into my nose. My stomach is growling just when I unlocked the door to my room. 
- "Emma! Want some breakfast?" She asked me and I turned to her. She was standing in her red and black riding clothes and was wearing a red / white spotted apron and a spatula in her hand. 
- "Thank Capucine, but I eat what I have in my room." I replied and closed the door on me. In my room was always quiet and nice and the sound of the other students were removed. 
I threw off my equestrian clothes and pulled on my gray robe and started the kettle and prepared a natural tea that would calm the nerves. It had the aroma of menthol, but the flavor was very gentle. But if it calmed my nerves? Not at all, my nerves were still jumpy and my daily life was far from normal nowadays.

When I lay in bed, I tried to rest for a while but I was too scared to close my eyes and see how the demons attacked me again. I swallowed and caged in the face in the pillow and groaned. 
I jumped when my phone rang and I folded up the screen. I smiled when I saw the message. 
- "Will you come to my house tonight?" I sat up and answered a short yes to Derek and waited. The phone rang again and I checked the message. 
- "Good, I'll pick you up 6:00 tonight!" Just after the announcement he had written kiss. I looked long at the word and knew how it heated up on my cheeks.

Derek had not kissed me since the day we sat on the hill and explained what we felt for each other. I sighed Supplied and put down my cell phone and went to the bathroom and took me a bath. If nothing else, I could try to think of something else, again.

When will life take a new turn? - {Prologue}

The round glass with whiskey and ice went around the glass when a man in a dark room made round movement with his hand. 
He had just finished a conversation with one of his own men who stayed away in Jorvik. He himself had his office at sea, far from land, and the office was not to locate themselves on a lake map. Many ships and other smaller vehicles always got lost out here. He looked straight into the small oval room.

He sat at his big, black desk in oak, which was manufactured sometime far back in the 1940s. In front of him stood two black skin armchairs opposite the desk and in the middle of the room, lay on an oval rug that covered most of the floor. The only window that was in the room, was what lay behind his own office armchairs. You could not see much from the window except a large circular platform with a large headlamp light in pink. The pink glow was sealed behind thick glass headlamp, the pink light had no way to get out. The light was alive and survived on life.

It was not so long ago, he had placed the pandora light against Jorvik and it had created huge cracks with pink glow around and feeding on plants, animals and even human energy. But the evil was not prolonged until the little girl had closed all the cracks with a redesigned cleaner and after that the cracks were closed, Jorvik came back to life. He drank the last of the whiskey and set the glass down hard against the desk. 
Now that would be the end of it!

A light knock sounded on the door. 
- "Yes, come in!" He muttered low and a tall man with a black suit came in and stood in front of his desk. 
- "Our spy from Jorvik just called and told me that all the men including Charles has got amnesia. A bright light from Aiden's patrons have erased their memories!" Began the man. 
The manager stood up quickly and beat his fists on the table. The man in the dark suit did not flinch. 
- "What the hell, what happened to the young bastards then?" He growled! 
- "They have escaped without any serious injuries. Mission failed!" The manager sat down in his black office armchairs and spun around on it and looked out the window at Pandora pink light. 
- "Call Claire" he said shortly. The man behind him bowed and left the room.

He needed to put an end to her. She just meant a lot of trouble for him and he would end her once and for all. 
But this time, he would be cunning. He laughed softly to himself and spun around to the desk again. Without knocking, Claire steps into his office. 
A robust woman in a dark office outfit, a white shirt with a black tie and black khakis came into the room. She stood in front of the desk. 
The manager took out a pen and paper and wrote down a recipe to her and gave her the note. 
- "Make sure to get this done and give it to Mr. Kembell and his men." Claire received the note and looked at it for a long while. 
- "Are you sure about this?" She wondered. He nodded. - "I can finish it tonight so I'll take me directly to the mainland." She said and left the room. 

The manager leaned back and put his arms behind his head and stared at the ceiling with a smile. He laughed. 
- "You wait, Emma, Your life will be a distant memory soon." He smiled and his laugh echoed through mortification that lay far out at sea, in the mists.

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 18 {English}

When I was walking a bit on the beach, I could see the light of two torches that lit next to each other and how late
a road up that went on up the mountain. On the way up the road so was followed by torches that stood one and a 1 meter apart from each other..

Meanwhile, I followed the torches so I thought extra that I have not seen Derek since he told me what had happened and why. After I lost consciousness and woke up again he was gone, and none of them knew where he had gone, he had completely disappeared from Jorvik.
Avalon had sought for him, but without any trace of Derek. He had left Jorvik. So many times I called or sent messages to him. Derek was gone.

I had to face the fact that he left the country without a word. Although Chiara and Loretta had tried to get hold of him but failed.
Torches continued to show me the way up the mountain and very soon I came to a small platform. On the platform stood torches around in a circle over a picnic blanket in red and white.
At the picnic blanket, there were two wine glasses, a cheese platter with various cheeses and grapes and a wine bottle in a kylhink with ice. A cool breeze blew my hair and I looked out over the view. Beyond Gylle ridge stables could see how the afternoon sky lit up in an orange and pink glow when the sun began to sink far away over the horizon.

I turned back to the picnic site which was nicely served, for two. It felt like the last breath went out of me when a man came out from the shadows. He was standing in a black suit, her brown hair was still messy and not combed backward or in a bone. In his hand he held a dark red rose. Since I drew my eyes to the man's face. The familiar face made me warm the body and a tingly feeling rose up in my stomach and into the throat. The neck began to sting and hurt since the first time I saw him when I thought my life was over.
His face was friendly and welcoming. Derek did not know what he would say, except that he brought out armarnap on hand and welcomed me into her arms.

I should be mad at him, hitting him or at least give him a good scolding for leaving me alone for several weeks without any response from him, but when I saw him, I could not feel anything but relief. My heart was beating a somersault and my legs were moving toward him and I dove into his arms and held him with my good arm. Tears ran down my cheeks. Tears of happiness.
- "Sorry!" He whispered in my ear. I smiled and pulled into the wonderful smell of him to remember it forever.
- "I'm just glad you can feel good!" I whispered back. I released his arms to see his face. My hand touched him on the cheek. I was quite red cheeks. For myself, I never thought I would be able to develop these kinds of feelings for anyone, even for a horse.

Derek's face smiled as he looked down on my face and took a lock of my hair blonde and put it behind my ear. I leaned against his hand and took it with my own. I would not let him with his eyes for a second. He took me to a picnic site and we sat down. He picked up the bottle and glanced at me.
- "This is red hemkokad juice from Eddie., She gave it to me when I rode possible to see through a fishing village before today after I took the ferry." I took the glass but could not young to smell anyway. Derek laughed heartily at me and gave me the rose.

I took it and sniffed it. It smelled really rose.
- "The dark red rose means I miss you," I looked up at him and wiped away a tear that still fell down my cheeks. - "But it also means another thing," he continued, and drank of the red juice. I waited for answer to what the more mean nothing. The flowers could have a meaning, I had no idea. I just liked how they looked and how it smelled. He bit his lip a bit and watched the sunset. The sun had completely disappeared down beyond the horizon and sky shone beautifully pink.

A cool breeze blew in from the sea and over us. The smell of salt and sunset felt the scent draft.
- "I love you!" I felt myself shiver in the spine and turned my face towards Derek. I felt my heart beating double blow.
- "What did you say?" I replied hoarsely and coughed. Derek hurried and sat next to me and rubbed over my back. I came to my senses and my face was turned towards Derek sat much closer.
- "The dark red rose betyer I miss you and I love you!" He smiled and took up a wind grape to me and to himself. I took it and sat down properly and chewed on it while we both looked towards the horizon.
I laughed.
- "What are you laughing at?" He smiled.
- "Actually it's a little ironic," I said. - "That we would even meet like this. Imagine if this had not happened. Who knows how it might have ended then you continued on with your life while I have perhaps never been found." My smile disappeared and my thoughts wandered straight to what happened a few weeks ago. I threw my hand over his face and could not stop the tears from the corner forward. Derek did not know what he would do and held me in place.
- "Try not to think about what happened." He comforted me. I shook it off.
- "I can not, I have nightmares and never sleep properly. Slightest sound makes me jump even believe he's behind me!" I sobbed and held him.

Within me, I did not let him go.
- "Why did you disappear?" I whispered then through the tears. He got quiet and I felt his body was bent before it finally relaxed. He sat down on his knees in front of me and held me with one arm's length away from me.
- "I've been at home all the time!" He admitted. - "I needed to investigate lot of things on the farm with Grandpa and Goldspur entire family. One could say that I had a curfew but they've given me a lot of hard work on the farm as punishment. Chiara, Loretta and everyone you know knew about it but they did not say anything to you so you do not rode off to me! "I looked into his face. Asiktet smiled and was honest with me. - "Believe me, Emma, if I could, I had left the farms to be with you all the time, but someone held against me in rope and whipped me in the back!" He tried to laugh it off.

I knew how I would feel. Everyone knew about it and did not say anything to me, I feel betrayed of my so-called friends.
Derek knew what I had thinking of, he shook me a bit.
- "Emma, do not get mad at them. This was my suggestion and if you should be mad at anyone, it's me! Chiara brought you here right?"
- "You forced them to lie to me., I thought you left the country for good and would never come back, how do you think you would feel if I did the same thing?"
- "I hope we will not have to come to it, I will never leave the country, especially now that I have something to look forward to as soon as I leave you!" I thought for a moment.
- "Are you going to keep me away for a while? I'm starting to get some pain in my shoulder!" I smiled then. Derek let go of my shoulder and sat down behind me and I leaned back against him.

- "Comfortable?" He whispered. I nodded and we both looked again towards the horizon. He put his arms around me and held me. I felt all warm inside. - "It's incredible that your words speak directly to my heart and I do not know how many times my heart beats extra kind to you." He whispered while we enjoyed the face. - "The smile on your face makes me realize how much you want me to stay with you, the truth can be seen in your eyes." He continued, and I enjoyed the words. Pure poetry.
- "Will you visit me every day?" I asked him.
- "Always, as long as you want me, I will never leave you." He whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and opened them again. His face was close to mine and we looked into each other's eyes. His dark brown eyes melted into mine and I could not help but smile when I saw them.
- "Want to hear a secret?" I whispered. He nodded.
- "From the first moment I saw your eyes, so I was hoping to see them again." He laughed.
- "Well I have that effect on women." I stared at him. He laughed even more. - "Don't worry, you are the first and should be the last." He caressed my cheek long.

A cold wind blew in on us, and the night was approaching. A Star Clear skies shone brightly and a half-moon shone over the evening sky. The place was lit by our March halls and despite the warm evening so the wind was from the sea cooling. I just had a skirt and a tank top on me shivered a little.
- "Are you cold?"
- "No, I only got the ones where icy shivers!" I smiled and put me up to put me more to correct the movement but I forgot that my arm was wrapped so I fell down straight over Derek. He caught me and I got a soft landing on him. I sat up and looked down at him in embarrassment. His brown hair was above the right ear. He looked into my eyes and then burst out into a laugh. - "I did not hurt you, right?" He shook his head.
- "No, How'd it go with your shoulder?" Oh, and my shoulder. I laughed in embarrassment.
- "It's okay, it does not hurt at all!" I lied and put a blond lock behind her ear.
- "Liar" he smiled and I sat up on my knees and held my hand on my shoulder. Derek followed the movement, and his face was really close to mine. His hand touched my cheek. The thumb slid over my lips.

We said nothing, but looked into each other's eyes a long time without making any sudden movements.
Instead, he leaned closer to me and his face was close to mine. My heart surged and I tried to keep control of my breathing, but how hard I tried, so did it did not take it easy, but the heart continued to rush and every tiny nerve in the body tingled to. I felt my hands shook with excitement.
I moved slowly towards him and our lips touched each other.

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 17 {English}

A new light hit my face. The light was warm and welcoming and it made me open my eyes slowly. I saw blurry shapes as I looked around the room. Despite the dark walls so the room felt relatively bright, when my eyes brightened up a bit so I added extra noticed a picture with a heart-shaped flower. I looked around the room and in front of me sat a woman in a red dress with red curly hair. She looked at me with a smile and leaned against me.
- "What a joy to see you awake Emma" Elizabeth leaned back against the rocking chair and rocked it slightly. In her hand she held in an embroidery and embroidered on something I could not see.
- "What happened?" I did not recognize my own voice. It was hoarse and it hurt to talk. I brought my hand to his neck and started coughing heavily. Elisabeth put down the embroidery and hurried forward with a cup of ice cold water. I drank the cold water that cooled down my sore throat. It did me good.

- "You and Derek was close to death, so to speak," began Elizabeth when she sat back in the rocking chair and proceeded to the embroidery. - "They were just pure luck that I and Avalon came in time. Derek escaped with only a broken rib and recovered a little faster than you., You were just seconds away from falling asleep for good but with Avalon and my magic, we succeeded create such a bright light that Mr. Kembell and his men blinded every moment. After that, Avalon put a spell over the men so their memories were erased. How far back until they will not bother us any more time, least of all you! "
I lay down in bed again. I felt on my shoulder which was heavily bandaged and the pain was almost gone.
- "How do you know they'll forget?" I wondered. - "A spell is not in the long run!" I said as I looked up at the ceiling.
- "A spell that can not break so easily Emma, it will take a lot to get them to remember." Elizabeth glanced up from the embroidery and looked at me.

The door to my room opened and Derek arrived. He stopped in the doorway when he saw that I was awake. I smiled when I saw him, but he gave me no smile in return.
- "Will she remember everything?" He asked Elisabeth.
- "Maybe you should ask her, she can answer all by yourself." Elisabeth got up from his chair and walked past Derek. I could see how they both stared at each other for a brief second. I could see that they did not like each other. When Elisabeth disappeared down the stairs as Derek came in and closed the door behind him and sat on the edge of the bed.
- "You do not want me to remember what happened!" I said hoarsely, and coughed.
- "Do not talk more than necessary Emma. Saving your voice so it can heal properly." Said Derek short. He looked down at his hands which were tied together. He turned his face towards me. The face every emaciated and tired. Dark circles under his eyes suggested poor sleep.

- "Guess I should tell you what happened and why you each embroiled in this. Did not mean it to happen. But Gold Spurs farms have always been in Mr. Kembell estate and my grandfather, Jacob, has for years tried to buy off the farms, but for the price that Mr. Kembell had given him, was so ridiculously high that we had to be content to rent farms. When I was young, I left the farm and started working all over the place to save money to buy off farms from Mr. Kembell. "Derek took a deep breath before he continued. - "That's why I moved to Germany and worked as a horse trainer in an Older burger stud and I made good money, but not enough to raise the money needed for the farms. So then I did a stupid thing when I was younger and I started working black at Mr. Kembell., I pretended to be someone older workers with beards just to get the money together. Yet it was not long and some of the men came to me and started beating me hard and it was after that the extortion were started and Mr. Kembell had already problems with you and you always put you in his business. "

He hid his face in his hands and tried to hold back tears.
- "Dark Shadow was purchased over a year ago that I would train her in a bad way and then sell her to you for a lousy low price. Mostly so you would get hurt when you rode her. Mr. Kembell created pretend altercation with me in the stable at the farm just as you came in, and he knew that you would fall for her and buy her., she would never end up with Mr. Kembell., you jumped at the bait and all in all we had a spy with you to see how everything went. Kembell Alicia. "He laughed and clenched his fists. - "She photographed and filmed all the wrong that happened between you and Sasha, until one of your friends made you start with Horsemanship and Sasha where a new horse. This was when I was ordered to take with you on a" walk "to overtake you and take you to Mr. Kembells base. where would they keep you locked up until his business was quite clear. "He took a deep breath again.

- "Sasha ran away from me, of course, when I would catch her after you become sedated. However, I could not let Mr. Kembell receive her., I called a colleague who came and picked her up, after Loretta got hold of her when she was running around in Moorland., I did so, for that Sasha would get it as good as possible and not feel regret. "He turned towards me and his eyes were glossy. - "When I came home to Jacob's farm, he must have realized what had happened, Gold Spurs Farms always have extra ears and someone had heard the conversation I had had with Mr. Kembell several months before., I realized that I was a fool that I exposed your life in danger to save my own. "

I listened. To hear how everything had happened, I did not really know how to answer. Tears welled up in my eyes and spilled over and down my cheeks.

- "And to see you, lie on the grass, I felt a piece of my heart broke and I realized then that my feelings for you had been developed., I had ruined your life and thought I saved my own." I sat up using my right, good arm and put my arms around him and Derek threw his arms around me. Tears continued to flow down my cheeks and I could not control myself and cried on his shoulder.
I knew something was wrong, but that it would be this bad, I would never have imagined. I held him a long time and the minutes ticked and without that we let go of each other.
Given these months that we spent together, our feelings for each other developed into something else. But none of us could say anything to each other, but we continued to hang out as friends.

There was a knock on the door. I let go of Derek and laid me down on the bed and began to feel dizzy. The pain in my shoulder came back slowly and I began to feel tired.
In through the door came both Chiara and Loretta. I managed to smile again, until I felt how I fell asleep. The last I heard was how someone shouted after Elisabeth and I could feel all relieved from my heavy shoulders.

A few weeks later:
I sat on a hay ball outside the stables at the winery with an umbrella over me. Godfrey had canceled their holiday and stayed at the Vineyard for taking care of me. Baroness orders.
Chiara had moved home to the vineyard again with all their horses to help me with the heavy work that Godfrey could not help me with. However, I had protested for not letting Godfrey cancel their holiday only to come and help me, but as the butler and assistant he was, he came more than happy.

Now, I was sitting outside the stables at the winery and watched as Chiara trained Horsemanship with Madness, that did not seem quite understand what he would do. I got lot of good laughs when I looked at their work and that she repeatedly got a good mind to give up. She had also tried to take Sasha on Horsemanship training for Madness would see and learn. It did not work, he was more interested in Sasha, but to see how he would behave.
- "Would you like some more lemonade?" Godfrey asked me.
- "No, thanks, but you can go home Godfrey, you do not have to stand here with me. Moreover, it is an exceedingly hot day. Go home and enjoy, see you next week instead."
- "Are you quite sure Miss?" I nodded.
- "Yes, I'm sure! Go home!" Godfrey thanked for my kindness and put the umbrella in hand, and started walking to the car.

Chiara came back and sat down with me after she left Madness in summer pasture. She was sweaty after working in the heat. She drank the glass of ice cold lemonade.
- "I think it becomes castration on that idiot!" She muttered, and closed his eyes.
- "As I have said all these years?" She glanced at me with an open eye and smiled.
- "Yes, I think I'll take your good advice and castrate him, if nothing else, maybe he will be calmer!"
- "Or even worse," I said.
- "Now you be nice or I so I empty the cold water on you!" I laughed at her.

She sat perfectly straight up when her phone gave a tinkling sound. She picked it up and unfolded the screen and looked at it and smiled.
- "How about a ride to golden ridge?" She asked, turning her face towards me.
- "Eh!" I said, pointing at my wrapped arm and shoulder.
- "But we can harness Lion and run!" She hurried off to one of the pastures and whistled after Lion.
It did not take long to harness Lion and then get away from the vineyard and to golden ridge. However, we had to take a big detour to get past the destroyed bridge.
I could not understand what she got the idea that we should go to Gyllen ridge valley such a hot day. Chiara started talking to about everything, it all sounded incomprehensible.

It had been several weeks since the incident with Mr. Kembell and his men, and despite it, I still had nightmares and had trouble sleeping at night. I only listened with half an ear while the carriage dared me slowly to sleep.
I was awakened by the Chiara poked at me and I opened my eyes. We were on the beach behind Gylle ridge stables and a sailor were sitting in a row boat and motioned for me. I looked at Chiara who smiled and nodded in agreement.
- "I ride to the village and helps Ferdinand with a little work you can take it easy for a while and enjoy a little bit." She helped me and walked with me to the boat.
The sailor helped me into the boat and started to row with me to the other side of the beach and helped me off.
- "I hope you can find your way up, but if not, follow the torches!" He smiled and sat down in the boat with a book in hand.

I turned around and looked around at the beach, bit my lip nervously. Follow the torches then. What have Chiara planned for me?

Vit choklad pannacotta!

Om det är en efterätt jag verkligen gillat till speciella tillfällen (ex, en fredag eller en mysig lördag) så är det pannacotta!
En efterätt som går snabbt att slänga ihop med så få ingredienser och ändå smakar det ljuvligt!
Denna sats räcker till 2-4 personer!
Detta behöver du:
2 dl grädde
2 msk mjölk
1 vaniljstång
1 ½ Gelentinblad
100 gram vit choklad!
Så här gör du:
1. Lägg gelentinbladen i kallt vatten i 5 min. 
2. Krossa den vita chokladen till små bitar och dela på vaniljstången och skrapa ut vanlijfröna.
3. Mätt upp grädde och mjölk i en tjockbottnad kastrull och lägg ner vaniljfröna och stången. Koka upp grädden men inte så det kokar, men är på god väg.
4. Ta av från plattan, ta bort vaniljstången och tillsätt den vita chokladen. Krama ur geleplattorna innan du lägger ner dom katrullen.
5. Mätt up mängden i små glas (i mitt fall, ljusstakar). Fyll inte hela vägen upp men bara lite mer än halva (beroende på hur stor pannacotta du vill ha!)
6. Ställ in i kylen i 4 timmar och servera pannacottan med vad du än tycker är gott. Jag själv älskar blåbär och hallon så det är min absolut bästa kombo!
Bon appétit!

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 16 {English}

I winced. A flick of a lock was locked up. I turned away my face away from the door because I did not want to meet the man. When nothing happened, I looked up again. Outside, I could see how he moved slowly and swore. Then moved the lock and the door slid open. 
He stormed towards me. I could not move when they had buzzed me down firmly on the back and down the legs. My mouth was sealed with an old rag that tasted disgusting. He rushed in and lifted my body with both hands.

I am reminded of where my shoulder was broken and the pain I felt I was losing my consciousness again. He had his face close to me and his foul breath hit me in the face. I closed my eyes and waited for the bang. I heard something hard hit against hard. I opened my eyes and saw the man staring at me before his eyes rolled backwards and his iron grip on me loosened. I went into the ground, but before I hit my head, took a hold of me.

I had closed my eyes as I fell to the floor, opened them slowly, looking up at a dark face that I first did not recognize. When he moved a little, I could see his face better and the tears welled up. I could not help crying. Derek loosened the ropes and removed the cloth from my mouth and threw his arms around me. I groaned and felt my consciousness disappeared again. 
- "Derek," I whispered low. He sat up and looked into my face. I did not know how I looked but through Derek's facial expressions, it was probably not so good. - "My shoulder," I gasped. - "My shoulder is broken," I managed to finally receive ahead.

He lifted me in his arms and moved towards the exit. He looked around and the coast was clear. He put me outside the shed and locked the door behind us. I leaned back against the shed and tried to support the arm, but at the slightest movement hurt. I heard lastet clicked and Derek pick me up again. He put my left arm over my stomach and ran behind the shed and in some strange way, he got me up and himself to Sony. He put me up on the horse, and when he sat up Sony, we heard how someone started to scream and roar, the dogs started barking and we could see how the guards began running up against the shed with flashlights.

Derek swung around Sony and sprarkade him tick and we galloped down the mountain. I was hard on Derek while he focused on, among other things, get out of here. 
- "I'm so glad you came!" I cried when I held on to him. Derek said nothing but answered and hugged me tighter. Then I heard his voice! 
- "By all means, I am so sorry about what happened: When this is over I'll tell you everything!" I heard his voice. 
It was then I came to think about how it all happened. Without knowing how I would feel, I kept myself harder on him. 
- "It's okay, I knew something was not right!" I whispered to him. If he heard me or not, we got to see later. He stayed in Sony, he turned around and I looked under his arm. Behind us came the cars with full lights on and loose dogs ran after us.

He ran Sony even more. Sony whinnied and ran up against Firgrove the pasture where the sheep used to go in the daytime, but now they moved to another pasture, so the pasture was empty. 
- "Wait? Will you jump over?" I shouted, and with one hand I held tight hold of his shirt. Derekt seemed not to hear me and ran Sony even more, but right on the ledge to jump came a Shafer from nowhere and jumped up against Sony that the widespread fear reared. Derek held onto us, trying to receive Sony to run the other direction, but the direction the gelding tried to turn against it was another Shafer there. Eventually, he made an ledge and jumped over the steel fence. Neither I nor Derek was ready and we flew out of Sony, who continued to run across the pasture and jumped over the back before he disappeared down beyond Firgrove road.

We rolled around on the dirty ground and ended up at a distance from each other. I cried when I had landed on the arm and tried to regain my breath. Outside the fence, I could see how the dogs barked and tried to get into the paddock. I looked towards Derek who still lay down with his back to me. 
- "Derek!" I shouted. The body twitched and laboriously turned the body against me and tried to stand up. The cars came closer and the sound of motorcycles came closer. I started crawling towards Derek. 
Before I could reach, I felt someone snatched my foot and I landed on my stomach. I turned around and Shafer had successfully entered the paddock. - "Let go of me!" I growled, and with my free foot I kicked against the angry dog, who dodged my attack and proceeded to drag me away from Derek. I continued to kick and threaten the dog who refused to give up.

The cars had reached his goal, and men began to rumble from cars and towards us. With ease they threw her legs up over the fence and they pulled up to us. Behind them, I could see Mr. Kembell come walkin in his beige suit and with a cigrarett in his mouth. He took a drag and blew out. His hand was against the ear and he was talking in mobile phone. I heard him talking before he put down the phone in the pocket of the suit. 
The men who had rushed out of the cars had all gone up to Derek and forced him to the ground. The arms were in a firm grip over his back. I had drawn me to the hay bale and were pushed back against them and stared at Mr. Kembell who had walked up to me and looked at me while he took a puff from the cigarette. 
- "What am I gonna do with you, you are an even a problem when you are tied up and forgotten!" He muttered and took a puff before he turned and waved one of the men. He came up and I knew him, he saw not the least bit happy after Derek smacked him with the logs back neck. - "It was the boss. Finish them!" Mr. Kembell gave me his back and began to move back to the car. 
- "With pleasure!" The man smiled and he rushed up to me. I started trying to escape from him, but with a broken shoulder that hurt with every step, he was soon behind me and pulled me down and forced me down on my back. 

Behind him, I heard the other men kicked and beat against Derek who was still lying on the ground and tried to protect himself. The man above me had snapped my arms between his legs and his weight choked me.

He looked nastier than usual and evil penetrated through his face. His eyes shot lightning at me when he laughed. He then placed his hands over my neck and began to squeeze. I panicked when I did not get any air. I was completely locked and could not prevent him from not strangle me. I kicked with my legs to get the strength to escape. 
- "Help," I tried to shout, but my voice every strained and felt the pressure in my chest, where crowded and the air had nowhere to go. I looked up at the man who laughed at his triumph. A white mist began to fold over my eyes. I tried to take one last breath but how hard I tried, I got no air. My legs where heavy as lead. 
- "Emma!" Did I hear someone screaming at the back of my consciousness.

But through the white mist, I could discern that someone came towards me. A woman in a red dress and had orange, curly, long hair and a man in a gray coat with hidden face. They both lit up in a bright white light that surpassed my white mist. 
The woman in red came closer to me and I could see her face. She held up her hands towards me and smiled. Her face was sweet. I smiled, closed my eyes and let the mist and white light embrace me.

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 15 {English}

My whole body was shaking. The pain was unbearable and I could not describe it in a simpler way. He broke my shoulder and just let it down to the ground. I started with my free arm to pull me forward, at all costs, I just wanted out of here. 
- "Ah, no you!" Two of the other men who came to the scene stopped my way by standing in front of me. I stretched out my hand and hoped and wished that someone would see and come and help me. Tears ran down my cheeks and I could not control it anymore. The man who broke my arm was walking behind me and turned me on my back foot. My broken shoulder went around and hit the ground.

I could hear the crunching in my shoulder and my screams echoed through the treetops. 
- "Still, we're not done here!" I could see his smile and it was pure evil. The two guards who stopped me, leaned over me and pulled me up so I stood up. 
It was with great force that I kept standing on my legs. I looked into his face. He leaned closer to me. - "You're pretty cute when you're angry!" He smiled. The smile was not sustained when the spit had hit the nail on the face. He leaned back and wiped away the spit. 

When he looked at me as I felt his evil hit me right above the stomach, and the men who stood behind me had moved a step aside. He got one lucky prime kick right into my stomach and I landed a few feet behind the men who coolly had turned against me.
I was looking for air. Gasped. My view every foggy and felt my consciousness disappeared.

- "Was it necessary?" Asked one of the men. 
- "I was ordered to do whatever I want with her, I would just make sure she did not die."
- "She died, enough of that." muttering the other. 
- "The kick was not hard enough. Lift her up and tie her properly this time!" He growled.
The men exchanged glances with each other before they lifted my unconscious body. I did hear what they said before I fell into a deep sleep.

I stayed in the Sony and listened. A scream echoed through the night. The scream was all too familiar and I drove Sony to gallop. Picked up the phone and dialed up Loretta's number. 
It did go a few rings before answering. 
- "I think I know where Emma is, I send coordination engines so you can come after." Before Loretta had time to reply, I clicked off her and rose on gallop on Sony. 
When I arrived at the abandoned building site, I turned onto a hidden trail and went straight to it. I knew I would get to a bear cave and I climbed up behind it, I would end up above Mr. Kembells house. 
It took no more than a few minutes to arrive at the bear cave so I swung Sony past the cave and up over the top. Sony had no problem with the climb as he has been helped a lot in the forest and mountains.

When we got up on the top so I could see down to Mr. Kembells red house. 
From a saddle bag, I pulled out a pair of binoculars and looked through it against the house. Each room was dark except for one of them. An office, there sat Mr. Kembell and looked through something that looked like the drawings. I could not see more than that. The other rooms were so dark you could not see into any of them. I sat down on the moss and waited. I heard some men laugh underneath me and I laid me down flat on my stomach and looked over the edge. The men came walkin from below the old shed at the top of the house. 
Could it really be that easy?

I still waited. My iPed remained completely silent and dark. I was sitting in Elizabeth's kitchen and drank something cold herbal tea that would calm the nerves. Elisabeth sat opposite me and looked out towards Valedale stables and sighed. We set us up as Avalon came down from upstairs.
I did not understand why he was wearing that cap, you could not see anything on him, never knowing what he looks like, or see when he turns up his nose against my stupid questions. 
- "She is fine now until further notice. Thanks for herbs Elisabeth" 
- "You're welcome" she murmured and went back to watching the Valedale stables. 
- "Do we just sit here and do nothing?" I growled at the end and pushed away the cold herb tea from me. - "I mean, Derek might as well be dead right this second, and we'll never find out where Emma is!" 
- "We can not do anything until Derek sends coordination engines. When he does, I will go and Elisabeth at once." 
- "But what about me?" 
- "You stay here, we need you here, so you can take care of Chiara and see that nothing gets changed in her. Herbs she has now is just healing for one hour, then she must be bandaged on, they're new herbs can help her to get well. "
- "I may be blonde, but I'm not completely stupid, it may well where Mrs. Holdsworth take care of! She is as good at healing herbs as you!"

Avalon cap moving back and forth. 
- "No, Loretta, you stay here and that's an order!" His voice was suddenly more powerful. I felt ambivalent and watched Elisabeth for support, but her eyes still wandered towards Valedale stables. 
- "You should listen to Avalon Loretta. This is what he says is true and how much you're braving you will always end up here again." I could see how her hair lifted from the shoulders, and hovered. The hair came in waves, and a yellow Auro shone through her. Even so, her eyes fastened in a different direction. My heart surged when the yellow Auron transformed itself over to me. My hands where glued to the table, and I had not the strength to move them from there. Then she turned her green eyes warm towards me.

My whole body hang down and I closed my eyes and let the yellow Auron embrace me. I felt myself lifted from the chair and how my blond hair was lifted from my shoulders, and hovered around me, as Elizabeth. 
When my hair fell back to his place, I opened my eyes again and saw that I was sitting alone in the kitchen. Elisabeth and Avalon was completely gone. Speaking of gone, my phone was also gone.

I directed the telescope to the old shed and saw one shadow moving around outside. It moved back and forth. When it finally came out into the darkness, flashed a small light to. I hid even further down in the moss and looked up again and puffed out. The man just lit a cigarette. 
I looked for shortcuts from the far away place, but to get out of there would be next to impossible. Below the house, I could see three large German Shepherd was guarding the house. Such a dog, one does not run away. I looked down and watched for an opportunity to take me down.

There was a devoted not so far away, looked safe enough out to climb down and up. When the man disappeared behind the shed again, I ordered down to the site. Pulled out a rope from the saddle bag and tied it around a tree and let it fall to the ground. 
I came down to last ledge and looked toward the shed. I could see the man more clearly now. He sat down on a chair of logs and carved on a big stick and seemed to be focused on it. I took down noiselessly and crept away to one corner. I looked around me for something to use as a weapon, but the only thing around was a couple of old tin cans. I felt quietly up on tins and felt that one was heavier than the others.

I disappeared behind the house and used me of one cone that I threw at them empty cans and it rattled to. Very soon the man came up and looked around for where the noise may have come from. 
When he turned around so his neck was turned towards me, I took my chance and threw the bottle straight at the man and hit him in the back of the head. The man fell forward and hit the ground with a big thud.

I came out from the other side and saw that the door was sealed with a good lock. Emma must be in there, but the key to the lock was not there. I swallowed and leaned forward from the side. From the man's belt glittered keys. 
Sigh, so clearly they hung the belt. I swallowed again and picked up the logs, if he would wake up to, it would be good to nock him again. I crept forward and came to the belt, the key came off easily when I pulled it up and down. 
Slowly I pulled back, held on the tree wood hard in my hand.

When I came back, I rushed to the lock and put in the key and turned it. The lock jumped at a click. The man on the side moaned and he began to wake up. I hurried around on the other side of the corner and waited. 
- "What the hell!" Murmured the man when he came around the corner with his hand behind his neck. He mumbled a few more curses, and when his eyes looked towards the open lock. - "What the hell?" He swore again and coaxed the lock and entered the shed. The log was still in my hand. I bit my lip, I had only one chance.

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 14 {English}

The smell of earth made me slowly open my eyes and look around, where was I?
How did I get here? The last I remember was how startled I where that Derek gave me a hug. Then everything happened so fast, my whole world turned black after that. I looked around the small room, wooden walls, wooden shelves filled with old tin cans that stood over the place on the shelves. From some of them dripped down the black pine on the hard, dark and earthy ground. I did attempt to sit up, but something held my arms back behind my back. I glanced over my shoulder and saw that they were snared in a tight grip. The rope was thick and tied in one tight knot.

I felt I got somewhat panicked and looked around me for something to use as a knife but the only object which existed within-throw was these cans. I gasped and threw me up and managed to put me on the butt. I tried to breathe normally but instead I let the breath and it hurt my throat. I struggled to keep from crying. Tears ran down my cheeks. I pulled my knees up against my face and tried to wipe away the tears. As much as I dried it felt like it never ended.

When I heard voices outside, it got me to sit up straight and push my back against the wall. It squeaked from the old walls when I pressed my whole weight against the joists.
- "She has not woken up yet?" The voice belonged to a man.
- "Oh yes, she woke up just now., I have heard how she grubs around in there!" Another voice answered, also belonged to a man.
- "Okay, but is she does not calm, you do what you want with her, just do not," I did not hear the last thing he said he spoke so low that it was difficult to distinguish words from each other. I gasped and tried to somehow pry loose the ropes which bound me. But as much as I twisted with wrists so I felt it started to hurt, but I did not care about the pain, I just wanted to get away and leave this place.

As I tried to yank my arms from the hard grip, I took in too hard and lost my footing and fell forwards. The dark and wet ground struck in my face and left a throbbing pain. Every little part of the body received the blast and it felt like I would lose consciousness. I braced myself and ordered me to a downward sloping site, where I could roll around and end up sitting on one knee. I felt I had worked with the rope around my wrists that one had come off a little. An ounce of hope and struggled to pull it and the more I worked, I felt his hand every free.

I held my hand after being rubbed around the rope. It had caused the red scratch marks. I reached for the wet earth and rubbed it over the wounds. It felt nice and cooling.
The tears came again. I sat down and pulled up the legs of my face. It stung and hurt. Not just around the wrists but over my heart. It thumped against the chest. I had no idea what had happened but woke up here in the cold storage room. I could be just anywhere and no one knew for sure where I was.

I looked out from behind the knees, and looked towards the door. I could see the guard was moving outside. But the only sound he uttered was something that went up and down in the ground. A svish and one thud came one after another. The movement repeated itself and realized that he brandished a knife and put it in the ground in front of the feet. I managed to pull off the last thing that was left of the string and put it on the page about me.
I looked for a way out by feeling through the walls. Somewhere in the air must go out. I squinted a little towards the door where the guard still sat there and continued to feel eagerly around on the walls. It was when I came to a corner where a few cans lying in the way of me and they rattled and brought to a horrible noise. I stopped and looked toward the door. Guard was not outside anymore, the movements I could see before was all forgotten. All I could hear was the sound of my pounding heart beat hard against his chest.

But very soon it came, I was waiting for. Guard outside unlocked a lock outside the door and the door went up. A big and burly man stood in front of me and blocked the view for me to see where I was. His frightening sight got me back into the wall. The man's outfit made me realize one thing, he was one of Mr. Kembells men. The green cap, green / brown work coat and boots could not be mistaken.
- "Oh you, you thought you would manage to escape, but you understand," with heavy steps, he rushed up to me with one cudgel in his hand and raised it toward me. I threw myself to the side just before it hit me and I took my chance.

I threw myself towards the end which was completely open for me. But footing disappeared under me and I fell forwards right at the opening and the guard caught up with me. He grabbed my leg and started dragging me into me in the shed. Panicked, I tried to grab something and hold on, but however much I tried to grab hold of something, lost grip of my hands. My last resort was to throw myself on the back and on the fly, I ended up on my back and with my free leg, I got a direct hit on the face of the guard. He put his hands to his face and Amade itself. I crawled toward the doorway and came up on my leg and felt the smell of the forest when I came out, but I did not get far.

When I got out there in the fresh air, I stumbled and fell forward and someone had thrown over me. He pushed me against the dirty ground kept a tight grip.
- "Oh no, you little wench, you stay here!"
As much as I fought so I realize that I was beaten. I tried to touch me but however much I tried every guard's grip harder. I groaned. He whistled loudly and I heard the ground thundered under me. Two men came to the scene. - "Oh one more thing," the man twisted my arm and I moaned and turned my face up toward him. Through his bloody face, I could see the anger and revenge shine through his smile, he laughed softly and with a hefty twisting motion, cracked it to my shoulder and a scream echoed through the nigh

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 13 {English}

I saw the car with the horse carriage that disappeared off the road. I turned toward the sun, and saw how it disappeared behind the mountains in the Golden Valley ridge. I shivered and put my arms around me. 
My thoughts wandered to Emma. I did not know what would happen to her or what terrible things they did to her.

I smacked on Broncho and we rode home, away from distressed Dew's farm and home to Jacob's farm. 
Once I got home, so it had become darker and by the still bright sky looked as a lone star forward. It shone over the sea and stood alone in the sky. 
I step out of Broncho and put him in the stable. Brushed by him quickly and let him out in the pasture where he went with Jacob goats. I leaned against the fence and looked again toward the sky. I could not stop thinking about Emma. Almost as I every nausea on how disgusting I behaved towards her. What I have done, among other things.

I looked toward the house and saw that Jacob was standing in the window and looked out for me. I took a deep breath and walked into the house. Jacob had sat down at the dining table. On the table in front of him stood a cup to steaming coffee. A radio was on and played old country songs. 
- "You and Emma were gone a long time!" Muttered James, and on slurped coffee. 
I went into the kitchen and took my own cup. My hand shook as I filled up the coffee for me. I felt Jacob was staring me in the neck. I quickly drank the coffee and started to leave the kitchen to go to bed. - "Derek, what have you done?" The chair Jacob had been sitting on had fallen behind him when he stood up quickly. He slapped his hands on the table.

I turned around and could see the anger in his face. Did he know? 
- "Huh?" I could not get forward more and stared into Jacob's eyes flashed. 
- "Do you really think you could hide anything from me? Whole house, the whole Gold Spurs farms have eyes and ears Derek., I know everything. What have you done with Emma?" I swallowed and felt the sweat pouring. 
- "No, you know nothing!" I said finally. - "You do not know what I been through and what's happened!" Jacob laughed. 
- "Well I know all too well. Extortion were, theft and money! Derek, I appreciate that you have done everything to save our farms. Exposing someone else's life in danger is not one of them!" Jacob pulled his hands through his hair and looked like tearing away the gray hair. - "Is Emma's life worth saving farms?, I knew we had little money to get the farm to survive. Mr. Kembell has always been our farms and we have always rented judgment of him., Let me guess, the farm is finally our • You have proof of this in a clutc? "

I stood still and held in my saddlebag and glanced down at it. Jacob arrived as a cannon and snatched the bag out of my hands. Very soon, he held a brown clutc in her hand. He looked at it and hid his face to one hand. He turned towards me and his eyes were glossy. He smiled. 
- "Congratulations Derek, you saved the farms and exposing one another's lives in danger. Congratulations" He walked towards me and hit the envelope in my stomach and walked up to the room upstairs. I kept the brown envelope against my chest and tried to breathe. The room felt suddenly empty and the air felt thinner. 
I picked up the phone and called the first number that came to mind. There were a couple of rings before the end, one woman answered the phone. 
- "Hey, meet me at the beginning of Jarlaheim bridge!" He hung up and hurried out of the stables and saddled quickly on one of the horses and rode out from Jacob's farm.

On the other side of the bridge, Loretta stood there with Linn. When I came up to them so I could see in their eyes that they knew something was wrong. I felt my heart beat an extra beat when I realized that they also knew. I took a deep breath and told everything to them.

I sat up on the bed and tried to pull on my shoes. In pure zeal so pained it in the chest so I had to calm me down a little. When I finally got on my shoes so I threw the jacket on me. 
I opened the bedroom door quietly and slowly and looked around. No one in sight, I could see and began sneaking out of the room and down the stairs. The stairs creaked and I stayed up. Listened but the house remained silent. I exhaled and went down the stairs. 
When I got further down, I could hear voices. Elisabeth spoke. I stayed on the bottom stair and tried to hear what she was talking about and who she talked to.

She talked to Avalon. Well I had heard Elisabeth before shouting on him so I found out what his name was, but not how he looked. The gray hood concealed the his face really well. 
- "I do not know what to do. If it is true the Chiara told me so maybe it will be hard to know where Emma had gone. Only thing we can do is to get hold of Derek himself." The exact break in the conversation until Avalon opened his mouth. 
- "Maybe we should talk to Fripp on this? If nothing else, he has all the answers. Emma could be anywhere now in Jorvik." 
- "Fripp? Think he'd be bothered by this now? He has enough to do anyway." Murmured Elizabeth and a cup were down on something hard.

I pulled me closer. How I would take me past the kitchen unnoticed would be difficult so I knew I only had a chance. 
I myself will take hold of Derek and shake the life out of him. I felt I began to gnash their teeth in anger. I kept along the wall to make me smaller and blend. 
- "Fripp is right now the best to ask. When one of our disappearing so we must act immediately. Nobody should have to go away because of one blackmail!" Extortion? 

I stopped and listened to eagerness. 
- "How can you know that it is a blackmail?" Wondered Elisabeth. 
- "It would not surprise me, because if I do not know right then owned the Gold Spurs farm of Mr. Kembell itself, it can clearly be one blackmail to get the farms buy free against something that has made life difficult for Kembells oil business!" Avalon voice felt powerful and there was silence in the kitchen. A cup clinked again. 
- "Okay, we get up to Fripp immediately and talk to him." Did I hear Elizabeth say. I began to back away from the kitchen and hid behind a dresser. Both went out from the kitchen and out the front door. The door closed on them and I could hear their footsteps disappeared away from the house and up the mountain behind Elisabeth.

I hurried out of the house and ran down to Lion who was standing in one of the boxes. With one hand, I managed to get him on bridle. Took me up on him to the help of a stool. I sat up and ran him off at a gallop away on Hollow Wood forest. Not knowing that the two of them have seen me ride away.

- "You did what?" Loretta's voice echoed through the darkness as she threw curses on me. - "You save your own skin and the risk of someone else, how stupid can you be?" 
- "I know what I have done is wrong and I regret it already. But you must help me!" 
- 'Help you and what can we do? None of us knows where we're going to look even at all. Emma could be just anywhere! "Loretta was boiling with anger and did not know what she would do or say. I knew her, she would have clubbed me down a long time ago. 
- "We need to start by taking us to the place where it all happened and look for clues there. I think the tracks from the car has to be at the apple grove." Explained Linn who could control his anger somewhat easier than Loretta. 
- "Would be difficult, most of the tracks are already gone." Even so, we began to gallop towards the site. We rode quickly through Morr Country and further up over. When we got almost to Doyls Church we turned quickly to the left and held the course on the road to Firgrove bridge. When we got on the bridge we stopped in when someone came up behind us.

When we turned around, we could not see so much of who came against us. But the person was not inclined to stay, we moved on the side so we could let the person pass.
We thought! It took no more than a few seconds, before I knew what I had to endure a nasty pain upper jaw and slid off the horse. Someone fell on me, and although she screamed in pain. We tumbled around on the hard bridge before any of us came to his senses that put us up. I moved away from the woman who sat clumsily up. 
- "You fucking bitch!" Growled the woman and sat up and gasped and held his shoulder. 
- "Chiara?" I gasped. It was Chiara who had ridden fast against them and the move had her fist hit me right across the jaw. - "Where did you come from? '. 
- "You should take a shit in!" She stood up and threw herself over me again. We continued to roll down the bridge and her knot fists hit me a bit all over the face and chest. I had enough and I managed to save a stroke and threw her on her back and put me over her. She stared angrily at me while she yelled a lot of abuse at me and kicked out with the legs to get free.

Loretta and Linn step of their horses and hurried forward to part us. It required both Loretta and Linn to hold Chiara. I stood up and looked at her. A darker stain on the shirt turned out and she lost her footing and fell backwards. She lost consciousness. Linn caught her up and got Chiara's body over her. 
- "Chiara?" She shook her. She lifted her hand and saw that it was dark-colored and sticky. - "She's bleeding ... She's bleeding," Linn kept himself losing consciousness. Loretta hurried to her. 
- "Look the other way!" She yelled and Linn let go of Chiara and turned around. Raised the legs in a bow and put her head between her legs. 
- "I have to take Chiara to Elisabeth." Did Loretta and whistled after her horse rushed into judgment. - "But do not just stand there, help me to lift her up." Loretta growled at me. I hurried up and lifted Chiara and put her in the saddle. Loretta hurried up on the saddle of the white Arab. 

- "I leave you now., You must take care of this yourself. Call me if you get up a trace!" She ran on her Arab to gallop and she rode against Valedale and Lion hurried after them. I sat down to Linn still tried to stay awake and not faint. 
- "Will you be okay?" She nodded and held up the bloody thumb. I tore off a piece of tank top and gave it to her. - "Wipe yourself so we can continue on." She gratefully accepted it and wiped away the blood.

When we finally got out, I rode before her so I could see where it all happened. When we arrived at the shop and the boats, I felt nauseous. The whole scene was played for me over and over again. Linn dismounted and I followed her example. And she began to look around for clues. Summer had just started, the little light we had out there, made it easy for us to look for clues. We followed the tracks up to the road where they disappeared into one black Mercedes-Benz. On the way, you could see traces of bromine tires. But after that, the tracks disappeared. But we both guessed that they drove along the road, so we chose to ride upon it.

When we came away from apple grove so slowed Linn in and stared down at the horse hair. I stopped and turned around. Her head was bent so I could not see her face but I could see she was crying. 
- "Is everything all right?" I asked her. She nodded, but then laid my hands over his face and wept higher. 
- "I do not want to be part of this, you will certainly just trick me to." She cried. Her words felt like a needle come straight to my heart and I began to feel sick. That she even thought I would do the same with her as Emma, this did not feel good. 
- "No, Linn, it will not happen." I promised her. But my words seemed to have no effect at all on her for she pulled the reins and turned and set off at a gallop away from me. I stood helpless and watched her dark shadow nearly disappear.

What would I do now? Continue myself or call Loretta?

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 12 {English}

This has happened: Derekt had invited Emma on a voyage of discovery towards Firgrove and visit an old place that Derek failed to found out on the map where it was. The map he had was from 1989, so finding a place that barely existed on the map then it was perhaps because he never found the place. But already on the way past the apple grove, Emma sees that he is nervous but says nothing. Not far from there so approached Chiara, but never really developed, but ends up in a thorn-bushes and look down on the place where Emma and Derek sitting and enjoying. But to enjoy the sun and the cool breeze half does not last long when Chiara, with their own eyes, seeing how Derek secures Emma in a tight grip and sedate her. Chiara ride quickly away, leaving Emma behind and a gunshot. Is it bad luck to Sasha caught up with Emma? Or is this something else entirely?

I could not understand what I have done. My hands were trembling and legs felt like jelly. I turned around and looked at Emma's unconscious body that seemed to sleep. My heart broke a little. Given these months I had time to get to know her personally, had my innermost feelings to grow and every time I saw her smile, my heart beat double blow. It hurt to look at her. I swallowed a few times and looked down at the phone. I looked at the number that was already spread for me. I swallowed again and pressed the handset. 
There were two rings before a man answered.
- "Well ??" I tried to hold back the tears in her voice and tried to think of other things. As to get back my real life. One life to live for. 
- "Yes, I have her here," Did I hear how I responded. 
- "Well, we come right up!" A click came from the other end and the phone began to honk. I turned slowly up the phone and put down in the pocket. I turned around one last time against Emma. I hid her face in her hands and hurried me later instead and picked up all the things. Hurried up to the Broncho and got him on the saddle and bridle. When I walked up to Sasha so recoiled mare and backed away from me. 
I went to meet her again, but the sooner I got to meet her as she continued to back away from me.

Frustrated as I was so I started coming toward her with menacing step, it ended instead with the mare tossed about, bucked and set off at full gallop from there. I stood helpless and watched how the black mare disappeared over the apple grove. Just minutes after the mare disappeared, came a black Mercedes-Benz driving by car and parked just above the apple grove and stopped there. 
Two large men in either black suit came to me. I stood there and waited for them. The men wore black sunglasses on so I could not see what color eyes they had. 
- "Where is she?" Wondered the larger of them. I pointed behind me and one of them rushed to the scene. I dared not turn around without stood and waited. It took no more than a few minutes for the others to come back. Emma lay in his arms and still looked to sleep. 
- "Here!" The smaller of the black-clad men gave me a big brown suppress. - "Just as we promised., You own the land. And we do not want to see you again! Take this and get out!" The man's voice was threatening, so I took it and nodded. 
- "Then try not to do something silly. This is proof enough that you helped us and you break it," the man held up his hand and index finger and pulled it across the neck of oneself, from one side and to the other . I gulped and nodded and turned around. I closed my eyes again. 
What have I done?

Pain. what was it that was so painful? 
More pain. I was so far below my consciousness that it felt like I was floating in nothingness. It was dark, I could not even see my own hands. I could not at all feel anything, except pain. 
Am I dead? If this was death, so did it really hurt. The pain spreads throughout the body and I could not say specefikt where it hurt. I closed my eyes a little and tried to imagine that the pain was only in my imagination.
I opened my eyes when I heard voices far away over darkness. The voices were not familiar. I could not distinguish the words that were said by the darkness. I closed my eyes again. 
But from nowhere flashed it to the darkness and I could see the shadows of demons who stood bent over me.

It flashed again and the pain any worse. I heard someone scream in panic. I realized it was me. Something was terribly hurt that I could not help but scream. The demons were standing near me and their hands were all over me and forced me down even more in the dark. I tried to wriggle free myself but the way I did, so where I'm reminded of pain. I kept shouting for help, but how much I screamed so it seemed like no one heard me. Through my screams, I could hear the voices again, they shouted them too and I could hear what they said. 
- "Oh my God! Slept her down when we need to quickly get the ball away before it's too late!" The voice seemed so familiar. I kept trying to take me away, but how much I tried, so every grip tightening. I dropped the dryer when a white mist was over my field of vision. The demons disappeared in the fog and the hands that held me disappeared. I felt my body eased and I cases into a deep and comfortable deep sleep.

The sun was still high in the sky and shined brightly. Alone I rode home, back to Jarlaheim. The farm was my back and now I would not need more disturbed. I could finally go back to living a normal life.

When I rode through Moorland so stayed Broncho automatically and whinnied. I looked around to see who he saw. The only thing I saw was the students who ran around around Moorland. I smacked on Broncho and he continued to move forward. But only after a few yards he stopped again and braying. This time he got response from elsewhere. I heard the sound of clattering hooves against the ground and I turned around. Behind me came Sasha furrowed straight past us and behind her, came some of Moorlands students and ran after her. Broncho moved aside and started dancing on the road. Sasha continued to run ahead and past Loretta that just came out of Moorland Stables. She stayed in her white Arab who looked after Sasha.

She turned towards me. 
- "Was that who I think it is?" She asked me when I rode up with Broncho. I shrugged and pretended like nothing. - "But that was Sasha right?" We both looked after her as she ran around inside the paddock. Students tried to flock around her and capture the fugitive, but what they did, so chose Sasha alternatives. She took a turn around padocken before she then set off towards Padock fence and took kit. She flew smoothly over and ended up safely on the other side. Stacked on a piece of tail in a magnificent black banner, stopped and turned around to see. Just as Emma used to do with all his horses. I felt my heart was about to burst and put my hand over my heart.

Loretta looked at me before she set off with her Arab against Sasha who hurried to set off at a gallop. Loretta caught up a rope at Josh and began to tie a lasso of rope. Turned it over her head and as she came closer to Sasha, she threw it on her throat and stopped. Sasha slowed down and stood nicely next to Loretta. 
- "Trick mare, come with me now!" She pulled a bit of rope and Sasha followed obediently. Many of the new students were so impressed that they then rushed forward to be admired by Loretta style. She continued walking pace up to me and threw the rope to me. She did not in the least happy. - "Take her home to Emma, she misses her enough." I nodded and took her home and started walking pace against Jarlaheim.
When we were almost at the bridge, I heard behind me the riders came closer to me. I turned on automatically to see what it was. 

Loretta came towards me along with Linn, Jusin and Thomas. I felt that something was not right and had to steel myself for not putting in the gallop of here. 
- "Would not you ride home with Sasha to Emma?" Asked Loretta. 
- "Yeah, but I called her and she was in Jarlaheim and looking for her." I replied quickly.
- "But why did she ask you to come there and not home directly to the vineyard?" Wondered Lin. They all had stood in my way across the bridge so I could not pass. 
- "You know Emma, she's always doing this!" 
Thomas and Justin exchanged glances with each other before they finally rode up to me and stood on either side.

- "Where have you Sasha's saddle?" Wondered Thomas. 
I got chills at the entire back and looked down at Sasha's back. Sweat stains after a saddle was on her back. 
- "But how will I know? Emma buckled not fixed the saddle properly." 
- "Why do you have an overcrowded saddle bag with you?" I started laughing impatient and felt irritated. 
- "What I'm doing with my saddle bag is my business, not yours." I muttered, and rode on to the bridge along with Sasha. I felt the rope disappeared from my hand and I turned angrily on. - "What are you doing?" 
- "I do not believe you. Sasha can come with me to the vineyard. If Emma misses her, she would stay at home and do not ride to Jarlaheim., I've known Emma for longer than you." Loretta held the rope tightly and began to trot away from me.

I got fed up and kicked the heels in Broncho who set off at a gallop after her. I stopped him in front of her. 
- "Do you think I'm lying or something?" I was angry, I cooked the whole of anger. Thomas, Justin and Linn arrived shortly after us and stayed behind Loretta. - "I would never lie about such a thing when it comes to Emma., She rang me just just before you came and I would take her to Jarlaheim!" Loretta looked at Thomas, who nodded. 
- "I do not think you could be wrong Loretta but what we are doing now is blackmailing Derek. If he says is true, we must believe in him." Loretta turned to me again. Her eyes were suspicious, but she gave me the rope and I could continued on over the bridge towards Jarlaheim. 

Once I get over the bridge, I puffed out, pulled up my phone and called. 
Two signals are passed and a man answered. 
- "I have the mare now. Came to distressed Dew's farm, so you get her with you." I replied and hung up.

I opened my eyes slowly. Blinked a few times until I could finally see where I was. A strong light shone into the room. One room I did not recognize. Wooden beams to walls. In the room there was not much to look at. An old blackboard with a flowering plant I've never seen before. A beautiful pink flower shaped like a heart. Around the flower went green winding ivy. 
I looked around and saw a figure sitting in a chair and slept. If it was a man or a woman, I could not see. The figure sat in a gray hood and the sound of dainty breath came. The figure was asleep. 
I tried to sit up but the pain from the chest made me moan and I laid back down against the pillows. I moved aside the thin blanket and saw that I was bandaged around the entire shaft and The breast. A bandage that was really white with splashes of dried blood. 
- "I would not move if I were you!" The voice was dark. I jumped and he that sat on the chair in the hood had revived. - "You were lucky survived. Bullet in your chest was close to your heart so we managed to get it out in time."

I lay down on the feather cape and stared at the ceiling and tried to remember who might have shot me. 
- "How did I get here?" I asked. 
- "Your horse came walking slowly from Firgrove bridge with you hanging over the neck. Though you were unconscious, so you held a strong grip on the man at Wild Lion. Some students from Valedale stables found you and helped you to Elisabeth. Fact, we are in her house now. We fought with you all afternoon to remove the bullet. And you have been sedated since. "I went on staring up on the wooden beams in the ceiling before I turned my head towards the man in the hood that hid his face. 
- "Who are you?, I have never seen you before." The man laughed muffled behind the hood. 
- "I am a good friend of Elisabeth's enough to say." He laughed some more before it ended abruptly. - "Maybe you can tell us what happened to you?"

I turned my gaze back to the ceiling before it wandered to the board with the beautiful flower. And I told him what happened

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 11 {English}

Later that day:
I took a deep breath when I and Wild Lion rode out from Firgrove and down the forest. It felt so damn good to be home again after living in the vineyard throughout the year. Home sweet home is always best. My parents were not home, nor my brother. He lived in Jarlaheim with his partner and their two dogs. I laughed when I got a flashback from when we were little. I have always been interested in horses and was so happy to start riding at a riding school, my brother got the same thing when he filled the year, but after 1 year at the riding school so did my parents realize that he is not at all liked horses, but instead he liked to play football or tinkering with cars.

The forest's lovely scents of pine needles pulled over in a lovely calm wind that fanned lovely face. Today was a very hot day. Not a cloud in sight and the sun beat on hard. Lion went on calmly while my legs hung dangling over his stomach. Today we rode bareback because out of the heat. In addition, I get a good balance exercise. It was such a lovely weather so today by stall shot tions, I thought it was a good idea to ride and swim. Now if Lions want to swim, he's somewhat cowardly for water so it would be interesting to see which one of us would get a bath first. 

Before, in the stable today, so I got off and running two summer workers who believed that life in a stall was to release the rest of the morning. But no, to work in the stables requires hard work for the horses wellbeing. They would never turn to give before or pulled on a halter before. I know how many times I helped Emma to blood and tears. For the last few months when we fought together with Linnea to get Sasha to listen to Horsemanship aids and to then see that it paid off. It was a lovely sight to see Emma riding around on Sasha. And to even see that Sasha where an amazing horse. After all it was worth while to see the results that worked, and now these new summer employees get to experience how it feels to wear day in and day out in a stall.

Me and Lion began to approach us Firgrove bridge and veered off a little earlier because we would swim from apple grove. 
I had so many thoughts in my head that I did not hear voices that came from beyond the apple grove. I smacked the Lion a little extra so we arrived in a calm and collected trot and trotted up to the old graveyard and stood behind the bushes there. In front of me, I could see Derek and Emma. He held her tightly around him. I crouched low and tried to hear what they said, but I could not really hear what they said. Derek's face was hidden behind the brown mid-length hair as he held Emma in a hug. The place they were at was something already on the map. Old fishing island one could easily get out with the horses and sit at the island and enjoy a picnic. I tried to hide my fiery breath and steeled myself to not interrupt them. I promised Emma that and that I would do. 
- "Forgive me Emma" Did I hear him say, and then turns on Emma to me. His right arm locks her arms while he then pressed a cloth against her mouth.

I placed my hands over my mouth. I see firsthand how Emma tries to struggle away. But how hard she fights, she gets more tired and more tired. She where to end completely flaccid and the body fell down in the arms of Derek. He let down the disgusting rag and added slowly down Emma's unconscious body on the ground. He remained on his knees and looked at her. He stroked away a lock of her forehead and put it behind your ear. An acquaintance movement that Emma always did when she was embarrassed or unsure. I gulped and started to get Lion to back out from the bushes. The moment we pulled out as a branch cracked behind us and Derek stood up abruptly from Emma. He pulled something small and black from his back pocket and pointed it at us. I turned on Lion directly and kicked off him and we pulled away from the scene. A loud sound of a gunshot was heard and a searing pain made me drive on Lion even more. We disappeared over apple grove and further towards Valedale. I felt I was losing consciousness, but kept me up by crawling stuck me in the man at the Lion as he continued along the road. Someone must know what I've seen. I do not know what happened the last time, the last thing I remembered was the sound of galloping hooves and the sound of the shot, then where my world black.

Earlier the same day:
Me and Sasha pulled away from the vineyard to meet Derek. Sasha was happy to get out and move and went on our toes as we rode out of the vineyard. At the last minute I had to pack what I needed in a backpack. Water, sandwiches, a map of the entire Jorvik and some apples and carrots to Sasha.
After we got past the Marleys Ghost Walk Farm, I drove on Sasha a little extra and she answered me right away and started bringing piling on. I got to hold her back a little because she wanted to come forward a little faster than I wanted. So desperate were we not, right? 

When we trotted past Barneys Silo, we stopped by to walk and rode up to the carved tree. Very quite as Derek stood there and he was sitting on a completely different horse than he otherwise ridden when we encountered each other. He waved when he saw us and I waved back. When I got closer I could see that he had a red tank top and black jean shorts. His hair was even more tangled than it used to be, and his face looked tired. I ask him not since the last time I asked him, so I did not have to do with it. So I did not.

- "You're late," I been a little surprised and checked my watch. Well we were delayed, but only 10 minutes. 
- "Did you not know I was coming?" I smiled and stood up beside him, leaned forward and patted Bronko. - "He is so beautiful, what is he for breed?" 
Derek smiled. 
- "He is an Oldenburg. Appel cast., I got him by a good friend of mine when I worked extra in a stable in Germany. Owner thought that I and Bronko got along so well that it would be a shame to separate us." I smiled and patted the gelding. 
- "So where are you going? Have a map of the exact location?" Derek held up a finger and dug in the saddle bag and got out an old folder. He held it out and unfolded it over the head of Bronko who remained without moving. The sounds and rustling disturbed neither him or Sasha who stood and ate grass. 
- "The place should be somewhere here!" He pointed to a place on the map that I knew nothing about. 
- "Uh, how old is the map?" I asked him. He looked up at me and then at the map and unfolded it back together again. 
- "It is from 1989," I laughed. 
- "Here," I took down my bag from the back and took out a new map that was from 2009 - "We look at your map and compare with mine!" Derek laughed softly and unfurled again up their map and immediately could see the changes from 89 to 09.

- "Can you point back to your map and see the location you are looking for!" Derek pointed again. 
- "It will be an old boathouse. My great-grandfather owned it when they lived in Firgrove and I have only heard about the place but never had time to look for it., I would like to see where it is located and what it looks like is now. "I looked where his finger pointed. It pointed out at a place that looked to be on his map. I pulled my finger over the place on my map and stopped at exactly the same point. 
- "You should be, and I know exactly where it is." I smiled and folded up my map and put it in a backpack again. 
- "Oh, is it far?" 
- "No, but we will cross the bridge and turn aside immediately., We can take a shortcut and ride over the apple grove." I smiled and took up the reins at Sasha and smacked off her and we started walking pace against Firgrove bridge.

- "So you thought I would not come today?" I asked. His face looked much better now and more happier. I wondered what he was nervous? 
- "No, because you were so uncertain yesterday when I asked so I did not think you'd show up at all." I was silent for a moment. 
- "You could have called me," I said finally. 
- "I did, 2 times. But you did not answer." How embarrassing! I hid my red face. 
- "What? There's nothing to be ashamed of!" Derek laughed. 
- "Yeah a little bit, my phone is home in my room., I forgot about it and came up with it when I rode past Steve's farm." I murmured low. - "Sorry" I said even lower. 
Derek laughed heartily about it. 
- "Do not worry: You can borrow mine if you need to call someone."

We continued walking pace on Firgrove over the bridge and then we rode the apple grove and down towards the beach. Meanwhile, we talked a bit about how it came about that I moved to Jorvik and where I lived before. It was nice to talk to someone who understands how hard it is to move to a new location. Derek told me a little about the move between different purchases and brand stables around the world before he finally ended up at the home of family Goldspur again. We had a really nice time until we finally arrived where he wanted. We stood and looked at the view from the beach. The small fishing shed stood there motionless. Fort Pinta could you imagine just behind the corner of the small shop, a boat stood and bounced into the water and another boat was on land and was completely destroyed after mass rain and too much sun. 
- "Is this the place?" I asked Derek and looked away from the site and looked at him. He just nodded and we rode up a bit and stopped the horses and got off. I took off the saddle and bridle Sasha and let her walking pace around and graze the green grass. Derek did the same thing and removed the saddle bag. We found a good spot to lay out a blanket and sit on it and enjoy the sea view. A cool breeze blew in from the sea that made the hair dancing with the wind.

I closed my eyes for the moment, enjoying the salty sea air. Derek did the same thing and picked up some good from the saddlebag. Among other things, a bottle of wine, cheese and grapes. 
- "It was not a date, we said" I had opened my eyes and looked down on the things he picked up. 
- "It is not, it is an ordinary picnic between two friends to enjoy the summer." 
- "Wine, cheese and grapes. Sounds like a Paris picnic" I mumbled. I put my backpack on the side of me and picked up a cheese sandwich and the water was all I brought with me. He laughed. 
- "You can drink your water so I can drink my wine" 
- "I do not like wine." I replied. and drank of my cold water I let lain in the freezer overnight but now wrecked so I could drink it. I emptied out a bit in my hand and cooled me down with the cold water behind the neck.

Derek just laughed at me and took out two wine glasses and put them forward. One for me and one for him. 
- "I do not drink wine, I said" 
- "It's juice Emma, I do not bring me wine on picnics." I raised an eyebrow and grabbed the bottle. Derek jumped after me when I took the bottle and coaxed up the cork and could feel the sweet smell of red wine. 
- "Liar" I said and laughed. I lay down on my back with my legs in high altitude against Derek's chest. Derek's brown eyes looked into my blue eyes. Our eyes meet and I could feel it tingling throughout my body. Derek hang down a bit and sat back. I sat up and gave him the bottle. Embarrassed, I put a blonde lock behind my ear and took me a grape. It was sweet and sour. - "I'm sorry" I whispered and looked shyly up at Derek and filled up half a glass of wine for himself. 
- "It's okay, I would have done the same thing," he smiled then. He looked at me and his eyes smiled at me. The same tingling sensation came back. This was the same feeling I had yesterday when his face was a few inches away from me.

Derek took a grape and he lay down beside me. We looked out over the sea which was quite calm. Like where we sat. The little wind there was was the one that moved slowly through the treetops, and through the low grass. No noticeable wind, a silent wind. I closed my eyes for the moment and opened them again. That tingling feeling did not go away. We sat in silence without saying anything but ate the grapes together, drank water and wine. The whole thing was a lovely picnic after all. I looked down at Derek who looked out over the sea. 
But I could see that something disturbed him, for despite the relaxed style that was his whole body tensed and he chewed impatiently on a grape. 
- "How is it?" I asked. He paused and looked at me. 
- "It's nothing. Why do you ask?" 
- "You look so nervous, as if you would explode" I replied and sat up on his knees next to him so I could see him better. 
- "No, but everything is good," he smiled. But behind the facade, I could see that nothing was good. 
- "Are you quite sure, I do not think you should have to feel uncomfortable with me!" He stopped chewing and looked at me and sat up. I braced myself a little for what was to come. 
- "I'm just a little tired, it's been a hectic night as I still worry about!" He murmured, and then tore his gaze from me and looked at the saddlebag. 
- "So?" 
- "And yes, I was a little nervous that you would not come, I think I have not gone off the worst yet. Fact that you came here then. Fact that you even came when I was perhaps too cheeky yesterday." I smiled. 
- "Not then, my mistake was to forget the cell phone home and then in no way able to respond and say I was going., You can relax., I'm here now right?" He nodded and stood up, stretched a bit so knocked back a little bit. He walked up to the saddle bag and picked up something that I did not see what it was. I stood up and walked over to him. His eyes were wet and shiny. He turned towards me and hugged me tightly.

I stood petrified and did not understand what happened. His hug was so unexpected that I did not know how I would react. My arms were locked into his hug and I could not squeeze back to answer. I felt his heavy breathing against my neck. 
- "Forgive me, Emma!" He whispered in my ear late and swung me around. He snapped my arms with his right arm and he put one hand over my mouth. I panicked and tried to free myself from his iron grip. The scent from the cloth that was pressed against my face smelled musty and gross. I tried to scream. Derek tried to hush me, but no matter how he tried, I did not listen. I felt the resistance began to subside and I felt heavier and heavier. My vision blurred and where the legs beneath me gave way. My world where black and my last memory was slightly red from the bushes in front of me.

I could not breathe. The air went out of me when I was holding up Emma's struggling until I felt her relaxed and whole body every heavy. I threw away the cloth and laid her down on the grass. I sat next to her unconscious body and looked down at her. A blonde cap low on her face and I moved it gently behind her ear. I closed my eyes for a moment and was about to pick up the cell phone from the pocket when I heard a creaking above the forest. I stood up quickly and pulled a revolver from my back pocket and pointed it at the forest, took aim and fired. I heard hooves thundered to the ground and disappeared behind the huge stone and removed quickly. All I could hear was my own breathing and my heart was pounding. I dropped the gun that fell slowly to the ground. My eyes are attracted to Emma, who still lay unconscious on the ground. 

What have I done?

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 10 {English}

This has happened: There has been a few months now and with Linnea's assistance, Sasha started to calm down. Linnea has taught Emma lot of new tricks to get the horse to trust their owners through horsemanship. Emma now rides a horse who trust her 100%. Not only that, she has promised to go with Derek and explore a little around Firgrove. Emma chose the course to follow, and are now waiting excitedly for that day to come.

- "Is it really that wise?" Asked Chiara when I helped her load up her horses in the coach horse trailer. - "I mean, you barely know him and he invites already you out on a date!" 
- "It's not a date, just a social interaction. Additionally he wanted to check up one place in Firgrove that is not marked on the map." 
Chiara every suspicious of it. 
- "Let me come with you?, I have not far to Firgrove bridge so I can meet you up there!" I laughed. 
- "I'm not 15 years anymore, I'll be all by myself. Besides, I trust him and Sasha!" 
- "Emma, it's not about trust, it's about being careful and think two times before doing something, I do not like him. How nice and kind he is, I think it sounds like a lot of trouble! "She muttered and loaded on Lion. I had just fastened her own Arab Wildheart, who already stood and chewed on the hay. I felt a little lost. I thought my best friend would support me, but instead she started to say quite the opposite to me. - "I'm not saying this to make you sad, I'm just worried about you: For neither you nor I know him. Just because he appeared on lots of different places just where you are feels .." She stopped in sentence and fell silent. I looked at her and waited for her to finish her sentence, but she remained silent.

- "Do what you want but I will come." 
- "No!" I raised my voice at her and she stopped and look up at me and into my eyes. I was boiling with anger and I felt that no one would have to decide what I was doing with my life. - "Chiara, no. You may not come, Derek and I'll just check a place in Firgrove. Stay home with your parents and help to Firgrove stables and let me do my own life., I trust him and do not need a babysitter with me! "She tricks again, opened her mouth to say something but closed his mouth again. 
- "Okay, if you trust him, I may well believe it, although I do not do it!" She picked last horse and loaded on Madness. She closed the door after she fastened Madness and looked up one last time at me before she went to the horse trailer and jumped into the driver's side. She opened the window on the passenger side but no sound came from her. The engine started running and the trailer began to back at the vineyard. When she was getting ready to run out so she shouted. I opened the door to the passenger side. 
- "Chiara I did not mean to .." 
- "No, you did not mean it, I did." She looked up at me with shining eyes. - "It is not intended that we should be separated as enemies but I say it anyway because I care about you." She drew a breath and came to my senses. - "Take care now., Do not do anything stupid that I would not do!" I felt that the engine growled up. Chiara's gaze was fixed to the road in front of her and she was waiting for me to close the door. I closed it reluctantly and saw then after her when the last person left the vineyard and I stood alone, completely alone, with no companion at all.

The evening felt slow. The sun was shining and was still going down well over Golden ridge. I sat on the balcony in the vineyard library and watched the sunset. I tried to read a bit about horsemanship but everything seemed so vague so I let it just lie on the floor under the sun lounger. It felt lonely being all by myself at the winery and get mind to attend to all the chores myself and no one is there who can help me. I drank the last thing that was left of the tea, picked up the book and a block with pen and went back inside. If nothing else, I could go to bed and sleep. When I came into the room so there came a signal from the computer.

Skype was written mass communications so I clicked me into the person who wrote to me.
- "Hey, have you met him yet?" Chiara had come home to Firgrove and already managed to unpack everything so she could take the time to write. 
- "No, I'm meeting him tomorrow in the afternoon," I wrote back and filled up with cold water in my cup and drank up everything. I got no response from her, so I left the computer and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I came back, Chiara wrote again. 
- "Okay, I must have forgotten it during the journey home., I'm sorry I made you mad!" I smiled when I saw her message. I know she only meant well but I was mad at her. I sent a heart to her. 
I knew then how tired I where all of a sudden, so I sent a good night to her before I shut down the computer, put me on the bed and watched for a while in the ceiling. After that I do not remember more and fell asleep.

A rooster crows outside the vineyard. Agnehta and Berts annoyed rooster crows always early in the morning. I played slowly raised my eyes and looked around the room. First the sun's morning rays hit my room and into my face. I stayed in bed and pushed the blanket tighter around me and tried to sleep. But as much as I twisted and turned me so I realize that I would not go back to sleep. I threw off my blanket, pulled on my robe and started my kettle. I disappeared to the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I looked like a wreck. Waking up early was not not my forte and wake up early two days after another took its toll on me. I started the faucet to the tub and dropped the hot water for me. I brushed my teeth, got my teacup that I filled with hot water advancing and put down a tea bag. 
I lay down in the hot water and enjoyed the heat. The whole bathroom was filled with hot steam that had nowhere to go, and soon the room was filled by a hot steam. I drank the tea and looked up at the white ceiling. I enjoyed and did not discover that I fell asleep.

I woke up and shivered a little. The water had almost become cold so I tapade the water at once, and pulled my robe on me. The time had already become 10 o'clock in the morning, so I ran into the room and picked up clean riding clothes. 
My black denim pants were clean since I last washed them, so I put on them directly and a nice purple sweater. 
I hurried out of the stall. No horses were inside now when it was so hot out so now the horses could go out all day and eat happy on the green grass. 
I came into that lonely house and stopped in the middle of the aisle. Not a sound was heard. Everything was so quiet. All that I knew was not there anymore, but everyone had gone home and I was left alone. I shivered a little, not to cold for it was an exceedingly hot day to freeze, but because it felt so empty. 

What I would do instead now I did not know myself. Lubricate the bridles and saddles? No, I did yesterday after I weathered at Sasha. Suede? No it is not needed. All boxes are as clean as they can be that a clean suede box wins nobody on. I sighed and walked out of the house and down to the largest of all the pasture. There went all my mares together. Danny went into a smaller paddock away from them along with my pony Silver Rain.

In the mare pasture, ate all my fine mares of the green grass, when I went in to them. Anyone who stood in front of them all was my Andalusian mares Jewel Mystery and Silver Spirit. Both fillies lifted up their heads when they saw me come in to them, but continued to eat on the green grass. I came up and patted Jewel Mystery of the neck before I went on to Silje who chewed just as satisfied on the green grass. Her stomach had begun to grow on her now and it was only a few months left on her before it was time for giving birth. I felt happy to know that I would have a foal out of all my horses. A snorting was heard behind me and I turned around. Sasha had gone back and buffed at me and stuck her head in my arms. I patted her and hugged her then. The Baroness was right about Arabian horses. Once they turned to a man, it was just the person who applied for them. She lifted her head from my lap and went to eating on the green grass. I smiled and lay down on the grass beside them all three and watched the clouds above me. In just a few hours we decided to go and meet Derek. I could hear that I was breathing cooler and when I closed my eyes so I could see the scenes from yesterday when he and I were sitting on the dock in the Golden Ridge Stables. I opened my eyes again and tried to keep me alert and think about other things, but no matter how I did so came the thoughts back. I could not help but smile and closed his eyes once more. 
Some good memories, I need to have for myself!

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 9 {English}

In another part of the city:
He only managed to get in through the front door when his phone rang from his trouser pocket. He picked up the phone and looked at the display, the number was all too familiar. He hesitated a moment before he finally chose to respond.
A deep voice said from the other end of the phone, agitated.
- "Well, have you done what I asked you for?" The voice was angry, upset and slurred. The man on the other side of the phone was drunk.
- "No, it's too early yet., I need more time," he replied to the man in the handset. It got quiet. It felt as empty hours before one of them finally said something.
- "You do not get this done now so I have to take matters into my own hands!" Muttering the drunk man. The man turned himself in his lonely and dark place, he breathed slowly, trying to keep control. He did not know himself if the plan would work or not. He did not even complete the plan, but after some time when the extortion were started, he had no choice. It all started during the auction and even then their plan would be implemented. But it was hard not to do something when the little girl refused to sit on the horse.

He breathed again.
- "Give me time to spring, it is almost here and it will be less risky then than now, when the snow is still on. Now when the snow melts, it becomes dangerous for both parties to comply with the plan." He coughed a little and hoped that it would blend in a bit. Still there was silence in the handset. - "Risky mean by that when the snow melts and freezes at night, it becomes rather slippery and it may cost us all life if we set off now on the pitch." The man in the phone answered him short.
- "You get your time to May 1 You have 3 months to you, not one more day!" A click was heard and the phone started beeping. The man stood still in her dark room without having lighted the lamps. The phone continued to beep in his hear. But the only thing he could hear was himself breathe and cold sweat. Why should he be subjected to extortion. It was only once that all happened and that it would cost him this, he would have failed it. Now he stood there, in her dark room, looked out the window the only thing he had and watched the moon was big and full and smirked at him.

This has happened: It was spring cleaning at the winery and everyone helped to muck out the old and in with the new and painted on. Sasha had once cut through and caused more disaster in the barn where Emma was told the decision to lick Sasha or sell her to a more knowledgeable person. Judy was a just human and did as everyone's well being. How will Emma do with Sasha? Should she stay or should she sell her?

Even though the sun is still not gone up yet behind the mountains, I felt immensely spirited. I was standing in my room with the lights on and in my dressing gown as usual. It had been a few months now, and the snow was almost gone. The birds chirped and built nests, horses began to pull to the summer pastures and people began to go home to their home, now it was soon summer.
Me and Sasha had developed together in an unprecedented manner that no one thought would be possible. With a little help from Linnea, we had slowly begun with horsemanship lessons, and Sasha had proved to be a smart horse and learned quickly. Not long after that I could ride on her and we were able to get through a full riding lesson. I felt myself that life was anything but great.

I sat down by the window and drank from my cup of tea that was piping hot, but the heat did me good, and at first sip of the hot tea so I could feel the heat sped all the way down to the toes.
I quickly drank the tea and hurried me to get my clothes and slipped out and down to the stables. The horses in the stables was still asleep, all except one of them. Sasha stuck out her head and whinnied after me.

I hurried in to her, brushed her black coat and pulled on her a brand new saddle that I bought for her a few months ago. The saddle that I bought is a Barrydale, a saddle which is really good for endurance, but Sasha took it excellent. No matter the distance or not, the saddle does wonders for both of us.
I pulled on her bridle as she accepted without ester dean. I buckled to the saddle and rode with her in the yard. I step up to her and smacked her out of the vineyard and down to the riding hall.

The sun was coming up and the light blue sky flowed together so nicely with the orange light from the sun and it gave such a warming effect straight to the heart. Sasha snorted and was glad to get out this early morning. We rode on long reins and let the sun's warmth shine on us when we moved down to the riding stable and rode past.
I thought she and I would ride and explore a little while the day was still young. The last ride through the Golden Hills autumn colors felt like a dream. Sasha lumbered as usual. 3 months ago, she would have exploded and ran away with me, today I ride a full reversal horse who would never consider doing so. I pulled in today's young aromas. It smelled dew and grass. When we came to Goldens Hills black gates, I smacked her further and Sasha arrived in a quiet trot.

It sat glued to the saddle when Sasha was moving forward in her trot and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sasha enjoyed most probably threw a little with the head and trying to stay on track. I laughed at her. Had this been me 3 months ago I would have been scared, but not anymore. I trusted Sasha and she trusted me.
When we arrived at the bridge which was still not fixed, I smacked on Sasha further, leaned forward in the canter and let her take in all that she had. She grabbed the hind legs and we took off from the bridge, flew, and landed safely on the other side. I leaned back and stopped her and we both turned around towards the broken bridge. Sasha's ears were pricked up towards the bridge and the nostrils were large. She snorted and rumbled a bit from her neck. I leaned forward and patted her on the neck. She relaxed immediately and we rode on to the fishing village.

When we arrived and rode past Hax ridge so I heard it was someone behind me. I stayed Sasha and we turned around. Indeed there came no galloping towards us. I could see the closer the person came, I could see that it was Derek. I waved and he waved back and stopped in his brown steed who immediately came down to trot, walk and then stopped.
- "I thought you were a tired morning person?" He laughed. I could only smile back.
- "Yes, but I woke up before the sun came up"
- "That's why you do not drink tea in the evenings, sleep is not good and you wake up early." I laughed.
- "Are you starting to worry about my eating habits now? I drink only green or red tea in the evenings., It is in the morning as you drink black tea for energy"
- "What you were full knowledge of teas." We rode together down to the fishing village. Over the past few months, I had Derek and become really good friends and we could talk about everything as soon as we ran into each other out there.

The morning where everything hotter the longer we were out. We rode on to golden ridge horse stable and sat on the bridge that lay west of the stables. While we sat there stood the horses behind us on the beach and talked with each other.
- "Have you thought of going home for the summer?" He asked as we looked out over the calm sea. Just a cool sea breeze blowing slowly towards the beach and the smell of sea salt reached us.
- "No," my response was low and short. My eyes tried to reach the final stop beyond the sea, but all I could see was just the sea and continued more sea. No normal eyes could see what was beyond the horizon. - "I will remain here at home, my sister will continue to study further in Jorvik City and my parents are out sailing., I'll stay here with Baroness."
- "Will not it be a little lonely?"
- "No, I will have my horses with me and I need company I ride to Mrs. Holdsworth!" I dropped his gaze from the sea and looked at Derek. His hair blew right by the sea wind and the hair ended up uncontrollably. It stood on all sides and edges. His eyes were fixed on the horizon. He turned his face towards me and I could now see his beautiful brown eyes. They sparkled a little.
- "How lonely it can not be. Someone must surely be left?" I shook my head.
- "No, everyone I know will go home."

He giggled.
- "Everyone, are you quite sure?" I started counting in my head how many we were at the vineyard and figured before I finished so I concluded that everyone would go home! Chiara would only be in Firgrove so I would have a chance to always bump into her if our paths should cross.
- "Yes, everyone goes home," I said finally. Derek laughed loudly and lay down on his back on the bridge and closed his eyes.
- "Think carefully, it's another one who will stay behind." I started getting a headache.
- "I get a headache soon, who will stay?" He opened one eye and aimed it at me.
- "I will not disappear somewhere" he smiled, and it dawned on me. I laughed in embarrassment.
- "You do not think you could have said it directly?" I smiled at him and took off my boots and dipped my bare feet in the cold water. The coolness comfortable against the hot sun.
- "You're smart., I thought you would understand that I would be left!"
- "So I'm not smart, you're confusing me with others."
- "But if you stay here in the summer, you want to do something together with me?, I have not had time to explore the whole island yet, but maybe you can show me Firgroves forests tomorrow?, I know a place that I want check up but I can not locate it on the map! "He sat up straight and almost lurched at me when he blurted out the words.

- "Uh, I do not know., You're nice to hang out with and so but I know ..."
- "Oh, but Emma, this is not a date, see it as a nice company of two friends on the adventure! Bring Sasha and I'll Broncho" I giggled. During these months we encountered each other, I had never asked what his horse is called or that he said no name.
- "Broncho?" I giggled.
- "Broncho is my horse, the horse standing next to Sasha's my uncle's old horse." I thought.
- "You always have ridden him and not Broncho?" He laughed.
- "Do not speak out now, what say you? Tomorrow afternoon? There are cooler now and more pleasant to be out and explore on."
- "But there's always gets dark?"
- "We have summer now so there will always be light so we will see where we ride." I turned away and looked out to sea again. The sun was high and it warmed us both where we sat on the dock. I smiled and turned back to Derek who had his face close to mine. His warm breath hit me.
- "Okay, we'll meet tomorrow at 3:30 am"
- "Come 4:00 AM and we meet at the labeled tree." I nodded and tried to keep me from doing something stupid. Derek stood up and held out a hand to me. I took it and he pulled me up. A little too fast and I stumbled and fell on him. He held up so we did not fall over the bridge and I looked up in embarrassment in his face.
- "Uh, thank you," I smiled and hid a blond lock behind my ear. Took a step away from him and both of us, with a smile, went to the horses and began to move back home.

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 8 {English}

This has happened: Emma had chosen to ride out alone with Danny and Sasha. But mostly to get some manners on Sasha and see if she could calm down a bit with the help of the company of another horse. Out on the boardwalk, she got to see what Sasha could go to and how her jumping technique. Will Emma one day to get to ride the energetic filly or is it just a matter of time before something else happens to them both?

New day, new week, the sun was shining and the day was the warmest so far. Although it was only at the end of February so everyone started in the stables get spring feelings. Icicles on the roof began to melt slowly and soon there was the small puddles as the snow melted. 
Not only that, when the snow melts, it means only one thing. Spring cleaning, now would it all scrubbed, all the old chips should be discarded and added brand new, it should be dusted and painted. Equestrian Center at The vineyard has made himself deserving of the name. The stables will be cozy and cleaned for everyone's comfort. Everyone should help each other so it'll go faster. 
It was this day that I took the opportunity to hide myself inside the room to avoid having to be with. I know they're still taking care of my horses while I pretend to sleep out.

I surreptitiously looked out the window and saw how everyone was working on getting order in the stables while I was inside the room, still in her bathrobe and drinking tea. As soon as I saw someone looked up to my room so I hid behind the curtain. Cleaning has never been my forte. What Mrs. Holdsworth came to notice in her little house. 
I looked at them a long time before I went and sat down at my computer, I clicked onto Spotify and opened up my music list and started some music and started to get dressed. 
Meanwhile, I was struggling on my black jeans, it came a ping sound from the computer and I looked up from the floor. It was from skype sound came from, and I immediately recognized who wrote to me. 
- "Come out of the room and help out here, right now! Your lazybones!" The text was from Chiara. I could see in her style that she was annoyed. While they were working out in the barn, I was sitting inside the room and avoided them. I let it be, ignored her and clicked down Skype. Just seconds after that came the same voice again and I could not help but look what she wrote. This time she sent a picture of me standing behind the curtain, in full view with my tea cup in hand and messy morning hair. - "It would be fun to put up on this message board", she continued to write.

I hurried and got my clothes on and answered back with large letters, I yelled at her. 
- "You would not dare!!
- "Try me," she wrote back. I bit my lower lip. I sat still in my jean pants and bra. I reached for my purple T-shirt and wrapped it over me. Drank up the last of the tea and pulled on my purple winter coat and hurried down to the stables, where Chiara stood with the phone towards me and talking to himself. It turned out later that she was filming. I bent down over the snow, hugged it and threw a snowball right over her face.
- "Idiot!" I mumbled and smiled at her. Chiara looked out from behind the snow that covered most of her face and turned the mobile camera towards themselves. 
- "This is for trying to be nice" 
- "You think it would be nice of you to put up a picture of a morning monster in robe on the bulletin board?" I continued. 
- "Hehe, sneaky!" She smiled and wiped the snow off his face and laughed. - "Admit that you came second thoughts?" She smiled and stopped the video. 
- "Hmpf" I replied and followed her into the stable where the cleaning was in full swing. I looked for something I could do, and quickly discovered that no one had gone out with my horses. They stood there nicely in boxes and waiting to come out. 
- "You did not think you'd get rid of it? Everyone must take their share of the work and you have to start taking responsibility and not live off others. Your horses, you take care of yourself, clean out the boxes, wash and scrub them and repaint them if necessary. "I sighed resignedly. - "There is nothing to sigh over, got started and you're done then. I'm done so I can help you with mucking out all the boxes!" She smiled and helped me anyway.

Very soon it was night and I still had some things left to be before I was hot ready, but without Chiara's help, I would probably never become clear, my horses had been standing in the dirt. I thanked her very much and apologized for the snowball. 
Lucky Chiara is kind she is and just waved it off with a fishy smile. 
- "But do not think you will get away with it, I'll give back one day!" 
- "You do not, you tried to publish a picture of me, the snowball was enough!" I replied as we left the stable and picked up the last two horses. Chiara was dumb enough to wait and take the last Madness, like me, waiting to bring home Sasha last. Madness floundered as always when we started walking towards the stables and several times he tried to tear himself from Chiara's grip, which he finally succeeded and galloped towards the stables in luck.

I looked to much of Chiara and Madness to discover that Sasha went quietly next to me without even invented some nonsense. I looked then at Sasha who was standing next to me and just because I gave her some attention, she blew up and went away after Madness and into the stable. I did not react more than Sasha already disappeared into the stable and took a hell of a life. 
I hurried shortly after and when I came into the house, everything was in a mess and Sasha had found in to her box where she chewed in the oats. I did nothing. Nor Chiara who knows a lot about horses. But I got me a proper grief from both the other students and Judy. I stood bewildered in front of them all because I did not have any counter arguments about the incident. One moment so she just trotted beside me and the next second she had exploded and tore before I had time to think about what happened. 
- "Emma, maybe you should think about how you are going to do with her, because apparently she's just too strong and too hot for you, she is not as calm as they horses you already have." Judy pointed out to them the horses which I already had and everyone had that calm temperament that I could handle. I could not give Judy a response as I struggled not to cry and show myself weak before all that stood behind Judy. 
In the end I nodded and then began to slowly pull me back out of the house and went to the library and into my room. I closed the door behind me and slid down on the floor and the tears welled up. I could not stop myself.

There was a knock on the door behind me, but I put no energy to open or respond. 
- "Emma, you've got a package!" I heard a voice, it was Linnea's voice. She knocked again. I held back tears and tried to be quiet. The knocked again. - "Okay, but I put it out here so you can take it from there!" I heard a thud when the package was on the floor and how Linnea went further down the hall. A door was unlocked, opened and closed before I unlocked my door and looked out. Checked so that the coast was clear before I picked up the small package and put it on my desk. It was a small brown square package that was addressed to me. But who the sender was, I did not. I did not recognize the handwriting.

I started the kettle and swung Prepare a cup of tea and took off my clothes and put on my pajamas. I sat down with a cup of tea at the computer and checked the package, which was still unopened. 
I put down my cup and reached for the package and began to loosen the tape. Inside the brown wrapper, there was a brown cardboard box. I shook her gently on the package, and something rolled around. I reached for a pair of scissors in the drawer and cut the tape over the opening. 
When the cap went up, I felt a pungent aroma of garlic and oil. I slowly opened the lid and the box was a little jar of Amelia's flight agents. In the jar was a little note. I picked up the note and unfolded it and there stood a word in cursive. 
- "I'm sorry" that was all, but the text was clear and I knew who it was from. I could not help but smile and keep on the can and look at the ceiling. This time I cried of happiness.

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 7 {English}

This has happened Emma had harmed the shaft properly when Sasha threw her into the boards when Emma got to ride her for the first time. It could have gone bad, if it was not for Mrs. Holdsworth healing herbs which helped her to recover soon. Not only that, she got to know Derek, who told her about Sasha and now with the help of Linnea Sasha would get to try Horsemanship Linnea who promised to help Emma and Chiara with. Can Emma lick on Sasha or is there something else that interferes with the mare?

The weekend came sooner than I could have imagined. With a lot of lessons and outdoor rides I looked forward to the weekend for once. The weekends were my only free time and during those moments, I took care of my horses, let them out in the pastures so they got to enjoy a lovely time off. The snow whirled about their hooves when they set off at a gallop. The only one of them who was allowed to stay in the stable was Danny and Sasha. On this particular day, I would ride with Danny and Sasha would get the hang of the release so she could learn of Danny and how to behave. For although he was a stallion, mares not meant so much to him. 
- "Oh, you ride out with both?" Chiara came into the house with an empty wheelbarrow and put it on the side of Danny who lowered his head and sniffed it. 
- "Well, I had read a little on the internet that you can take with a safe horse and ride on it and let it hang on the energetic side. Apparently it worked so I'll try" I smiled and saddled on Danny. 
- "Hm, yes, you can try, but it might not work for all horses," said Chiara uncertain and scratched behind the neck. 
- "Could be worth a shot?" 
- "Yeah absolutely! Would you like me to come?" Wondered Chiara and patted Danny over the cloudy. 
- "No it's not necessary., I thought we'd ride over to golden ridge walking pace and quiet for a moment only. Then take the ferry to Combine district before we ride back here. Linnea would then assist with Sasha in the riding hall."
- "Okay, but you may call me if something goes wrong, so I hurry at once!" I smiled at her and felt very grateful that I had such a good friend like Chiara. 
- "I promise" I promised her.

The walk went surprisingly well. Despite Sasha's legs was shorter than Danny, she managed to keep up with him. She was just walking pace to begin with, but she was so curious about the surroundings, so to maintain a leisurely pace was not easy. Danny indeed trotted on at a slow pace, despite his size to Sasha, he managed to calm down on the walk something. Not much but it was good enough for them both. 
When we came into the Gylle ridge valley so I smacked on them so we came trotting past Jaspers yard and up to the broken bridge. There, I stopped them both. Nostrils on Sasha was large and head stood straight up with her face toward the bridge. She could see that it was broken. The ears pointed forward and she was ready. Danny had jumped over the bridge several times before Sasha so he felt not the slightest bit nervous to jump over the bridge.

I have always been afraid to jump over the bridge but with Danny's safety, I had matured a little and dared to set with him. I smacked on them so we arrived at the trot and in the middle of the bridge I smacked on them even more and we arrived in rapid gallop. I leaned forward, grabbed the man and smacked more superficial. I glanced down at Sasha and she began to push off to jump. I knew then how Danny grabbed the hind legs and pushed off the ledge. Sasha beside him flew just a bit higher than himself, and we all three landed safely on the other side. We galloped up the hill and stopped by the content when we came up.
The nostrils on both Danny and Sasha were big, his ears were forward and they snorted. I looked toward the bridge that we skipped over and glanced at Sasha. She was truly an amazing jumper. Sleek and smooth as she flew over would not be a barrier too high for her. She would take the obstacle by storm and take us over. I patted Danny on the neck and Sasha and praised them both. We then continued walking pace on down to the fishing village where we took the ferry over to Harvest district.

The sun beat on properly and the flies annoyed us all three when we rode up from the harbor and up the road back to Moorland and I had no flug agent with me to get rid of them. When we got up to cross the road to the Jarlaheim and the road to the Gold Spurs so I decided to ride back into Jarlaheim and see if they had anything I could use the horses to remove the flies. Although it was winter, it was warm enough for the flies to come up and annoy. 
Inside the Jarlaheim town, I rode directly to Amelia to see if she had any. Inside the store, I asked her if she had any funds to grease the horses. I just wanted to get rid of all the flies. 
- "Well, I have an agent that I made all by myself and now selling. This is my own recipe that actually works," she disappeared down behind the counter and picked up a small jar and put it up for me. - "It contains olive oil, tea tree oil and garlic. However you use it just to rub it in the places where the horses can not get to the flies., It actually works and it will be a big seller as soon as I know what to call it!" 
- "What have you tested this on?" I wondered when I studied the little jar. 
- "Felicity's horses, among other things and it has worked, she says. No flies are attracted to them anymore." I thought for a bit. 
- "How much do you want for it? It is not so great!" I asked. I have many horses that would benefit from it. 
- "True, it contains only 50 ml but it has an effect directly! Just be sure to not lubricate the eyes as it contains garlic." I thought for a moment when I looked at the little jar. 
- "How much?" 
- "250 shillings Jorvik" she smiled. I put the tongue in the throat and picked up my purse, and stretched until 250 jorvik shillings and gave them to her. - "And it does not work?" 
- "Of course you get your money back, but if they have worked at Felicity's horses so it should work on your course." She smiled.

I left the store 250 bucks poorer. Outside I met Derek, who stood and cuddled with Sasha. She snorted and spoke to him as if she had not seen him in years. 
- "Hey Emma!" Derek smiled when he heard that I came out from the store. 
- "Uh, hello!" I answered him and walked up to him and he dropped his gaze from Sasha for a while and patted Danny on the neck. - "So, are you all right?" I asked because I could not think of another question. His reaction was to laugh heartily at me, so presumably he must have understood that I did not know what to say. I myself do not remember much from the evening with Mrs. Holdsworth because I had so much pain that I fainted. 
- "That's fine with me, I'm off to a meeting with a businessman, but I had little time left when I saw Sasha and stopped for a moment to cuddle with her!" he answered me and looked at me with her brown eyes fine. Besides that, he was wearing a nice dark suit, ready for a meeting. He could smell the horse at the meeting. I melted a little inside when his eyes enchanted me a bit. It is rare to come across looking guys in Jorvik. Besides Zed but he already had a girlfriend. 

- "Nice, may one ask what it is about?" 
- "Unfortunately not, business is business and concerns no one but me and the business man," he smiled and winked at me. I wished he could stop their flirting tricks soon I was about to lose control of the legs. 
- "Sorry I asked," I said to him short. He continued to smile and moved on automatically so I could make my way to the horses and to anoint them with costly ointment. 
- "It's all right: You were curious and asked!" 
- "Hm, yeah!" I mumbled and smeared into the stomach of Sasha who stood still and enjoyed that I poked at her.

Derek laughed at me before he then leaned forward and whispered in my ear. 
- "You are too curious," the voice was suddenly enchanting so I fell to the ground and hit in the stomach at Sasha who jumped and pushed Danny who moved two measly step aside so Sasha could fit. I, for that matter, went over the ground and the glass jar, with the expensive ointment, flew out of my hand and into the paving and burst. 
- "No, no!" I picked up the broken glass jar and watched the funds flowed out of the ground. I stared angrily up at Derek, who had taken a step away from me. I myself was boiling with anger when he surprised me in that way. I threw the abundance, what was left of the jar, in soups, step up on Danny and set off at a gallop away from Jarlaheim before Derek had a chance to apologize.

Out of pure anger we rode out from Jarlaheim, towards the green valley, and then over the bridge at the World Hall, before we finally slowed down. The horses were excited after hell ride and I still boiling with anger. My last penny went into that little jar and now I had neither, or money left. 
In pure zeal, I had thrown out my anger on to let the horses gallop from Jarlaheim, but I did realize that I could never get away from my anger over a small jar so I chose to walking pace home in peace and quiet so I could calm down me.

Without knowing that someone was watching over me and every little step I took.

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 6 {English}

That has happened Emma had slept over at Mrs. Holdsworth because she had passed out the night before because of the pain in the shoulder as she had when she rode Sasha for the first time. Sasha had thrown aside as she rode her at the show which ended in Emma hit badly towards the boards. With a little help from Mrs. Holdsworth healing help so her shoulder was soon completely restored and Emma was soon able to ride normally. It was just what she would do next on Sasha by Chiara!

I stood in front of Linn who talked about the day's riding lesson and what we all should practice today. Everyone in the class who I rode with were all experienced riders, some rode up to the elite class but hung in with them a little bit easier classes. I just felt that they went with in this class to style and prove that they were better than us. Chiara rode in the elite class but she rode happily with us to help out if it was too much for Linn. Linn was our second riding instructor here at the winery, and she did not ride anymore due to a back injury she received several years ago when she rode her horse in the last terrain. So when she any better in the back, she chose to put the riding on the shelf and chose instead to teach. Linn is a really good teacher and will do anything to help us. 

- "So great that so many could come today. Today I have an exciting lesson for everyone here is so experienced riders so now let's try something harder so within them here next 2 hours so you will have a tough time ahead of you." She smiled and walked in front of us in the middle of the dressage portion in the riding hall. - "That we'll train on today's Piaffe and because we are so many, we will first ride on square groove and warm up the horses., You can get up and I'll explain a little what Piaffe is and how to get the horse to perform the ride. "
I got up on Angel Belle that I have chosen to ride on. Angel and I have known each other for years since I first got her and she was the one I felt the safest on. 

- "Piaffe is a classic movement in dressage," Linn began when we all went around the square groove on the long reins. - "characterizing that you, the rider, the horse to perform straight solid in very high overall trot." Her voice was heard throughout the riding stable so even though she was standing on the center and talked about the Piaffe. - "Piaffe is one of the hardest moments in dressage, so then do you not piaffe today then you will learn in the future on their own until the next lesson. A correct piaffe makes a vision of magical ballet., You will sit completely still in the saddle , back straight and shoulders back as you do the movement with the legs. "I loved riding lessons, although I did not really understand all the times how I could do so it was a little relaxing. It got me thinking about other things around it and just focused solely on Angel Belle.
- "When you learn piaffe so it's good that horse riding is fit and strong for the horse to cope with the movement." I giggled and looked down at Angel. She was a little fat on the stomach so she probably was not the best example of a well-trained horse. Danny would have fit fine, but he should not go riding lessons right now because we apparently had mares brown loaded with us. - "So, you can shorten up the reins on the horses and drive them a bit so they wake up a bit. We continue walking pace on the left turns and when the horses are starting to wake up to life, listen to your legs, then, we can arrive at a trot and we ride easy. "I smacked at Angel apparently half asleep but listened and grew on the walk a little.

After a while we all came forward in aggregate trot. I knew that Angel was not quite a hundred today and she was hanging around their feet in the stack. 
- "Emma, Get Started Angel Belle a little bit, show her that now we are going to work and not be lazy!" I heard Linn shout at me and I smacked her automatically. A little faster each stack but only for the moment before she then ended up back at the slow trot and trailers are hooves in the ground. Today she did not work. So while I tasted on her all the time in the stack so rode several of the other students about me or rode across the field to an empty slot. - "Okay, then we can slow down to walk, and so we turn laps., Do this with a volt back!" I took in Angel on a volt and we went into the left turn. - "And when you now enter the left turn so you begin to trot the horses again and this time we stand up in the saddle on the long sides and rides easily on the short sides." I continued to smack the Angel who finally began to come to life and began piling on a little faster, but not fast enough because students were still riding extra flips, ride on me or ride across the path to a new open door.
- "Good! Then you slow down to walk again and let the horses take a breather for a while on a long rein., We will not gallop something today, but today we will focus on the stack when we will practice piaffe." Angel snorted and shook his head slightly and turned her head towards the middle where Linn stood. I turned back henneas head forward so we could focus on the lesson. - "Okay, because we are so many today, I will ask you to test the piaffe one by one. And do not be offended if you do not put it directly. Piaffe is hard and no one will do it today." Encouraged Linn us all and went on in the middle and looked after where we were standing. - "Okay, we will chose half board as if everyone but Alicia comes in here and stand where I stand so you can stand here and wait for your turn." Students went around the square track until we came one by one and put us where Linn stood and stood and waited for our turn.

Alicia beamed up when she would be the first to show off his Piaffe on Briankof. 
- "Okay Alicia, now I want you to ride on the smaller square groove, came first in walk until you get to B, where you begin to ride in collective trot and sit down, then when you get to the M to fold straight over to H, and in between, I want to see a Piaffe. "Alicia nodded and began to trot toward B and sat down nicely in the saddle on Briankof that went nicely on the bridle trotting. When they came down to M she turned towards H and of course they did a perfect Piaffe. What to say, you are rich and can afford it all, you get a good dressage horse that is already perfected. I heard all the other students was how impressive the way Alicia finely arrived in Piaffe with Briankof. I was about to puke. Chiara already knew what I thought of Alicia, but she could not resist to be impressed at how nice they both went. At H so they went over to the regular trot and then slowed to walk by and then content. - "That's very beautiful Alicia! Next!" Shouting Linn and the lesson went on.

When riding lesson was over, it was just Alicia, Linnea and Chiara who managed piaffe but Linn praised us all for good tried and wanted to see us continue over the piaffe until it sat. I sighed as I and Chiara went out from the riding hall and up the vineyard. The stomach growling for food and we were both completely stop after class. The thing with Piaffe was not my thing. 
- "Well, what a dream Briankof must be to ride" sighed Chiara and dreamed away a while before she came back to reality. I looked sullenly at her. - "Emma, stop sulking., You have not ridden as long as me, Alicia and Linnea. Your time will come when you can with these things. It takes time to learn. I learned not Piaffe at once either." 
- "That's not it." I mumbled. 
- "What is it then? That I daydreamed about Briankof?" Well I could say that I was the one with the grumpy but I shook my head. 
- "I do not understand that Linn permits such as Alicia join our course., She would be in the second class as Reed Keesler has instead." 
- "You have not heard anything about it or what?" Wondered Chiara and I looked up at her. - "I guess you do not know, but Alicia and Reed do not work together. Reed has banned Alicia to join her class. Reed is very strict teacher but she knows exactly what she wants to get out of their students." 
- "But you are riding course for her, three times a week and 1 time at Linn!" 
- "Haha I know! However, I manage to keep a straight face every time Reed scolds me and doing the best I can. Alicia became so angry once that she was about to ride over Reed." I raised an eyebrow in surprise. It did not surprise me in the slightest that Alicia was forbidden to appear in the same hall as Reed.

It was pitch black outside when we started taking the horses from the pastures. Before they were allowed to go into the box where we had to scrape off the ice that had ended under the hooves of the horses. 
- "You!" I jumped and turned around when I just finished my pony Silver Rain. Alicia came toward me, red as a tomato (like her dad) and full of snow! - "You black devil horseback, you gather yourself!" 
- "Okay, but why are you so full of snow?" I heard laughter behind me for Chiara came in with her equally snowy along with Madness. I giggled. - "It was nothing!" Alicia kicking foot to the floor and stormed away with menacing steps and pushed aside all that stood in the way of her. Chiara came up beside me. She laughed. 
- "She bragged so much that she could manage Madness when I was talking to Haley about him., She stepped on a sore toe as he dragged her across the yard!" I laughed. This cheered me up late riding lesson and now I was able to sleep well tonight, it's not just me who can not handle horses with a lot of energy. I heard behind me how Linnea arrived. 

- "Emma, I picked up Sasha for you., She came up to me with no problems!" Me and Chiara turned around and there stood Linnea with Sasha and her brown arab. 
- "But, your horse was not out in the pasture?" 
- "Nope, but I took him to the pasture and picked up Sasha along with him. They seem happy together so I'll ask Judy if they can not get to stand next to each other? Because they get along so well together and I have seen them along the entire day today in the pasture. "Linnea smiled and patted the black mare on the neck which bowed his head in her arms on her. Linnea scratched her behind the ears and Sasha enjoyed the attention.

I just stood there and admired by that Sasha was so calm with Linnea. 
- "I knows how difficult you have it with Sasha, I remembered when I got Kirk and all the problems began when we picked him up and until 2 months ago." 
- "Wait, two months ago?" Wondered Chiara. - "What is your secret?" Linnea laughed. 
- "I practiced a little Horsemanship and got help from a friend's home in Moorland who too was doing it. Kirk and I are best friends so regardless of our differences so we fit together., I think you and Sasha would too fit together." 
- "You may not be able to teach me a little?" I asked her. 
- "Of course, but for the weekend. I'm double-booked the rest of the week with lessons with Kirk, but you are welcome to look at where we train!" She smiled and took Sasha and Kirk, and put them on the stall time. I canceled my pony Silver Rain in her box so she could munch on hay that awaited. I then continued with helping Chiara with madness before we all then finished putting out the stables and went home for the day. 
In the morning it was time for a new day and new opportunities.

Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 5 {English}

This has happened: Emma struggled hard to try to ride Sasha, the unruly Arabian mare. It ended badly as Emma was thrown into the side of the riding ring and hurt her shoulder. She doesn’t know if she dares to trust Sasha again. Emma knows she’s far to wild for her. Then she met Derek, the man who sold her the black mare and she got to know more about Sashas past. She is now working on a plan on how to reach through Sashas wild side and get her to calm down.

It was a new day. I woke up, feeling very dizzy and tried to locate were I was. It was the old room in which I had stayed when I lived with Mrs. Holdsworth after I moved to Jorvik. I had no idea of how I ended up in the bed, but I noticed my shoulder felt almost back to normal again. I sat up in bed and took a look at it; it was bandaged and smelt like mint and grass. I rubbed it for a bit before I got my clothes and started to get dressed.

When I got down to the kitchen, I saw Mrs. Holdsworth sitting with Derek, laughing. The kitchen was fragrant with freshly baked bread and newly brewed coffee. I couldn’t resist from inhaling deeply. I slowly walked in and tried to make my hair behave by brushing my fingers through it.
-"Good morning Emma, did you sleep well?" Derek wondered with a smile. I smiled back at him.
-"I think so, yes. The last thing I remember is us laughing and having a good time. After that, everything went black." I said and sat down at the table and grabbed a scone and some marmalade. I massaged my shoulder again.
-"Oh, it was a nice evening until you suddenly said you didn’t feel well and that you were going to pass out." Mrs. Holdsworth said sternly as she went to get the coffeepot of the old wood burning stove.

Mrs. Holdsworth had a very old-fashioned house. There were almost no modern appliances. She had no TV, only an old radio from the fifties, playing classical music. The music was soothing and always made you feel better, no matter your earlier mood. The kitchen was old and small, but it was enough to fit in a table and four chairs. There is an old wood-burning stove directly to the left as you’re entering the kitchen and it is also the heath-source in the cottage. To the right, you find a larder, a small workbench and a sink. Next to the sink is a door down to the cool cellar; which was being used as a storage area and fridge. 

The walls were green with white flowers on and the only new thing in the kitchen was the drapes. They were white and helped create a calm and harmonic atmosphere. Mrs. Holdsworth filled my cup with coffee and the she placed it back on the stove before sitting back down. 
-"You should have gone to the doctor with this injury. Did you know it was dislocated and we had to pull it back in place?” I took a zip of coffee and peered at Mrs. Holdsworth from over the side of the mug.
-"I’ll be fine; I’ve dealt with worse things than an injured shoulder." I mumbled and took another bite of the scone.
-"It doesn’t matter if you’ve been through worse. This is the only life you’ll get. You better start taking care of it!" I knew Mrs. Holdsworth meant well and was worried about me. I only nodded my head and continued eating in silence while she and Derek talked about how he’d been. I hardly listened and my thoughts strayed back to Sasha.

Just as I and Derek prepared to ride back home, my cell phone rang. I picked it up and looked at the caller ID. It was Chiara.  
-"Yeah, hello? Okay! I’ll be right there; I’m leaving Mrs. Holdsworth now, so I’ll see you soon at the vineyard." I hung up and looked at Mrs. Holdsworth and Derek who looked at me, curios of who had called.  -"What?" I asked them.
-"Who was that? A boyfriend maybe?" smiled Derek. My mood soured a bit at the prying question and I turned Danny around and galloped off. I could feel their eyes in my back as I headed past Moorland stables and towards the vineyard. 

Chiara met me at the vineyard with a dancing Madness by her side. I smiled as I saw her.
-"Is Madness the only one being put in the paddock?"
-"Yep, after that we can go to the library. All the morning-chores are done so we can have lunch before it’s time for Linns riding-lesson. But we can look up some traning methods for Sasha first."
-"Well, I know a bit more about her now because I met the guy who sold her to me." Chiara Raised an eyebrow and smiled at me.
-"Oh so you spent the night at his house then?" She winked at me and started goofing around, talking about love and birds and bees and what not.
-"It’s nothing like that! It was just a coincidence; he was also invited over to dinner at Mrs. Holdsworth." I grumbled and dismounted Danny. -"I’ll put him in the stall and I’ll be at the library soon. We can have lunch at my room." Chiara waved to me and skipped of down to the paddock with Madness dancing after her as usual. 
I felt very lucky Danny showed common sense and behaved nicely.

My room were temptingly fragrant with spaghetti Bolognese and newly brewed strawberry tea as Chiara and I talked about anything and everything while searching the internet to find new tips and tricks to use on Sasha. I also planned on asking Linnea how she’d gotten her Arabian to calm down and if she had anything that might work for us to.
-"But from what I can see, we should start working her from the ground. Get to know her from there before riding her. Because if she has had as many different homes as you say, and none of them knew how to work with her properly, maybe that is why she’s misbehaving." Chiara said as she slurped some tea and watched the screen as I clicked around on things. 

-"Hm, you don’t think we should check her tack and se if the problem lies there? Maybe she has a sensitive mouth and back and her tack just don’t fit? Chiara wondered.
-"We should do that first. So we’ll check that, talked to Linnea and start working Sasha dismounted? I think we should lunge her and also try lunging her with double reins so you’ll learn how to handle her energy." I giggled. -"What?"
-"You mean like the thing you and Madness does that doesn’t really seem to work?" Chiara sighed and rolled her eyes.
-"Don’t you drag Madness into this! He is the way he is and he’s not even an Arabian!"
-"No, but he has got the exact same energy as Sasha does and besides, he’s a stallion. You’ve been having problems with him since you got him and you still haven’t fixed him up."
-"As I said, don’t drag him into this. This is about you and Sasha. Not me and Madness. Focus on your own problems instead of mine!" She muttered and slurped a little more of her tea.
-"Do you have to slurp?" it always annoyed me when she did that and wouldn’t drink like a normal person.
-"It tastes better" she said like every other time I asked her not to slurp tea. I rolled my eyes and kept working the internet. I didn’t think we would find anything more useful so I drank my tea, like you should drink it, locking eyes with Chiara
-"This is how you drink tea!" I exclaimed and we both started to laugh as we waited for the lesson to begin.