Sound of a broken heart! - Part 6!

I got on my sweater over my head when Ray had placed his lips over mine. He was only wearing his pants when he kissed me, shirtless.
"But I've got my clothes on!" I giggled against his lips, he smiled and pushed his tongue through my lips and let it meet my tongue. I fell down on the dry woodland again with Ray over me.
"It's something we have to talk about, which I did not have time to mention this before!" He said through my lips. His hand had found its way under my shirt and he cupped his hand over my chest. I pushed him away from me.
"What kind of something?" I wondered curiously and the tingling sensation subsided. He pulled away his hand under my shirt. He stroked my cheek and looked unhappy at me. I pushed him away even more and sat up. "What are you going to tell?" I asked him again.

He opened his mouth to say something, when I sat straight up and looked through the pocket of my pants and got out a small old-fashioned telephone. A worn out one, with buttons. I looked at the screen and answered. 
"We have a problem!" It was Kits voice and she was worried and not the least bit happy and spirutiel as it used to be. 
"I'm going!" I answered her and hung up and looked at Ray. "We have to get into town. Something has happened!" I said and stood up. 
Rayanas looked up through the treetops. 
"Now? In the Sun?" He was not sure. He never ran out during the daytime when the sun stood high, even if the sun did not hurt us in the same way as the myths say, the sun would only slow us down. 
"If we stick to the shadows, we should pass us into town. Kit sounded worried and it was very important!" I encouraged him and took his hand in mine. He did not smile, but pulled on his white T-shirt and black leather jacket before he then spun the red scarf around his neck and took my hand.

We met up with Kit on the way into Church Street, inside at one of the deserted courtyards, where we had found the night before Elise, who was close to eating up a young man. 
Inside there, we found Kit and Elise. Kit was leaning against the stone road. Her long brown hair hung straight
down over her shoulders and she was wearing light jeans pants, with a tear in the knee. She wore a stylish burgundy top, which she ignored to snap the top button. She hid her red eyes with dark sunglasses. 
Elise sat on a small wall that was inside the courtyard. She sat there and held in her left arm, where I could see a red scar that went around the shaft. 
"What happened?" I asked when I saw the scar. 
"Welcome home, Ray!" Kit smiled and looked up behind those dark glasses. Elise smiled when she saw us. 
She was wearing a completely different dress now than the yellow dress with floral motifs. The one she wore now was blue with white dots with a hefty scoop neck and a big skirt. But the dress was torn and it held up just using the right shoulder strap. During revealed her bare skin and breasts.

I put my hand automatically over Ray's eyes, the movement got Elise laugh at me.
"Oh Maggie, you do not think he's seen this kind before?" She smiled and waved sensually with upper body. Her arm had healed back in place at her left shoulder.
"What?" I raised my voice, staring at Ray. He did not smile or removed my hand from his eyes. Elise laughed heartily.
"Maybe we can deal with it later! Did you bring the clothes?" Wondered Kit. I pulled my hand away from Ray's eyes for a second, before they were back in place. Elise wrinkled her nose in my choice of clothing.
"Trousers and an ugly t-shirt? Could not you have stolen a dress at least?" Her French accent got a twinge of sadness when she looked down at my fashion choices for her. I growled quietly inside at her. The fact that she even dared to sit there with her breasts visible in Ray's neighborhood.
"Never mind, we have a problem! Maybe Elise would be kind enough to tell me the same thing for you as she told me?" Muttering Kit and started stomping her foot impatiently.

Elise threw off her gown (thank god that I hid Ray's eyes) and revealed all his nudity for us, unabashedly. But she was the Black Widow of France, she did not care. 
"Where do I start?" She sighed and looked for a long time on the pants. 
"Get your clothes on maybe!" I growled at her. I still hid Rays eyes with my hand. Elise looked up teasingly and within seconds, she sat on the wall, fully clothed and dangling her legs. She giggled at us when I removed my hand from Ray's eyes.

"Bonjour, Ray!" Her voice was even more sensual when she used her French to Ray. He smiled when he saw her. I was boiling with anger that Ray fell for her sweetness. I hit my elbow in the side of him. 
"Elise!" Kit hissed at her. Elise sighing, and started again. 
"It happened before today, early in the morning. I would be going home to my dark and sad little corner to sleep, when five big men blocked my way. I did not recognize them on the scents because they smelled unknown," 
"Unknown man smells unknown!" I muttered to her. Elise just smiled at me and laughed. 
"Of course! But this was something completely different. These were not men, but other vampires. I had never seen them before because I did not know so many vampires around here. Besides the four of us then. But, one of them stepped forward, something smaller but very masculine. "She dreamed away a little of the man she had just seen.

"He wanted to give me something in return if I could tell something to him, apparently, spread the news faster than the wind." She went and pulled out about it, about what happened to her. "He wanted to know more about Ray and actually heard that I knew where you were. So clearly it was not true, I just wanted something to mention to Maggie. I did not want her to worry so much about you."
"What did they want from Ray?" I asked. Elise reputation on her shoulders.
"No idea, when they found out I lied, They attacked me. The man ripped my arm before I finally managed to escape. I have been sitting here since then to wait until my arm healed back in place. I called Kit and told her and she called you. "
"Do you remember what the man looked like?" Ray asked her. I was also curious. What did the men know about Ray and Why do they attacked Elise?

"He had a scar on his left cheek and his eyes were really dark red, with a twinge of blue around the black pupil. He was wearing a gray and tattered jacket, moth-eaten what it looked like. Large dark boots. I could have said that he looked like Ray, but mostly because out of your eyes. I know that Ray has the eye color and you Maggie. "
"My eyes are orange, not red!" I stopped her. 
"Yes, but you have that blue around the black pupil. I do not know if it's with the person who made you immortal, but it seems to be hereditary." She smiled. I did not smile. I looked instead at Rayanas. His eyes were unique and enchanting to me, but if a male running around in the same eye color. Could it be Ray's creator? 
"Who knows, Ray, you might know who he is? Because he was looking for you." She smiled and leaned forward toward him.

"I know of no one with those descriptors, nor eye color. I thought mine was unique, like Maggie's." He answered her and leaned against the stone wall, and began to think. He had not seen a glimpse of the nobleman, who made him immortal. He could not really tell who it was. "Did he say anything else?" Elise shook her head. 
"Unfortunately not, but his wallet may say something?" she smiled and waved a brown and tattered wallet. 
"You never said you had his wallet?" Muttering Kit and tore it from her. 
"You did not ask, you just wanted to know what he looked like you did not ask for a wallet!" She said, a little puzzled and continued to dangle with her legs. 
We exchanged glances with each other and shook our heads. Kit opened the wallet and looked a long while at the vampire's ID before she sent

Ray, had only to look a short time at the picture before his face changed drastically. The eyes, which were dark red, got a black shade. 
"Ray? What is it?" I took his hand in mine and he blinked a few times and tore away from the picture.
"Judging by the picture, I see who it is. I've seen his face before." He made an effort to not squish the wallet. 
"Where then? Where have you seen him?" Wondered Kit and moved closer to look down on the small photo.
"The face belongs to the nobleman, who disappeared about 400 years ago!" He said indignantly. I leaned over to see the photo. Although the ID document looked like that license at any time, I could see a resemblance, that Ray had with the man. 
The dark red eyes with a twist of blue around the pupils.

Sound of a broken heart! - Part 5!

I stay overnight. Walther also stay overnight and slept with Mary. They did not do anything embarrassing, like to roll around in the sheets around me. The only thing I could hear was how they swapped saliva with each other. The idea disgusted me. 
Mary could not feel the wet dog smell that I did. For her, the idea was not disgusting, but more romantic. And I had to agree with her, because of all men Maria met before Walther, Walther was the only nice and great with Mary. Too bad that I refused to accept him.

Right now, we sat all three in the kitchen and "ate" breakfast. What is meant by, it was Walther and Maria who ate breakfast and drank coffee while I sat at the corner of the table and stared madly at Walther, who so clearly ignored me.
- "So, Margareta" My real name is Margret, but here in Sweden, I was taught to use a more Swedish name when I moved here. My Swedish name is Margareta.
- "I do not know." I answered her gruffly, still staring at Walther, who continued to ignore me. He was devotee to read what was in the paper, than stare back at me.

Maria, who discovered long ago why my mood has dropped sighed Supplied over my behavior.
- "Can you try to learn to accept him?" She asked me and looked pleadingly at me. I tore my gaze away from Walther and now looked at Mary. Her eyes were glossy.
- "I can not accept to live under the same roof with a fucking dog!" I swore. Walther sighed, folded the newspaper and put it on the side. He turned to me and now we stared at each other.
- "I do not want trouble! Are you going to fight, you will take it somewhere else!" Mary warned us.
- "How can I convince you that I will not hurt her?" He asked me, untouched by situtationen. I smiled.
- "Get off my territory to begin from, stupid bastard!"
- "Margret!" Maria screamed at me. My way of responding Walther was really rude and I worried about Mary. Walther sat quietly and listened to me, without getting offended that I called him a stupid bastard.

- "You have no ownership rights in one area., It's not that you were here when the village was built." I laughed at him and stood up hastily, the chair tipped over at the floor behind me. 
- "I have lived here since the village was built., I was one of those who took care of the people who built Kvissleby!" I growled at him. Shall we start talking history? 
- "And how many of them ate you up?" He asked me and he smiled teasingly. 
I was boiling with anger and clenched my fists at them whitened. 
- "Walther, that's enough!" Maria said aloud to him. Walther raised his hands and leaned back in his chair. 
I turned around and I was not going to stay for one more second. A light knock on the door made me stiffen.

Walther had also heard the knock, but he was still sitting in the kitchen and looked unattractive in the morning paper. I waved to Mary, who passed by me and I asked her to look out the peephole. She nodded and walked slowly up to the front door, it knocked gently on the door again.
She swallowed and leaned slowly toward the peephole and tried to see who was there. She stopped looking and turned and looked at me.
- "There is a man in a red scarf standing outside?" She said between her lips. Red scarf? I knew there was only one person who was dressed in black and had a red scarf around his neck. I moved away Mary and tore the door open.

Behind the door stood a man. A man with black and half long hair. His face was masculine and serious. Almost like he has not smiled in a while. His eye color was dark red with a hint of blue around the black pupil. 
And as always, he walked around in his black leather jacket and had always wearing black jean trousers and black addidas shoes. His eyes were directed at me when I had torn up the door and he smiled. 
- "Hello Margret!" He greeted. Hello? HELLO? After all the years he been away, he has not even sent me a letter to tell how he was doing. Instead, I get a hello response after all these years. 
I should be glad to see that he is alive, but I could not control my anger and my fist disappeared into his face and Ray stacked backwards. - "What the hell?" He swore and struck his hand to his face.

Well, we vampires can turn us into destruction and we also get away with a few injuries, but they healed incredibly quickly. The only thing that was impossible for us was to break bones. However, one punched to the face or other body part, it could also hurt like hell. 
- "You are away for several years and the first thing you say is hey?" I hissed at him. I was shaking with anger. Lucky that the battle was not full force. 
Rayanas looked at me and he knew the smell, the smell of wet dog that hit directly in his face. His face was changed drastically and the eyes that were just dark red had a black color, of hatred. 
- "I think both of you should go somewhere where you can talk alone!" Mary whispered to us. I nodded. She was right, we should probably not stand here and talk, so any nosy neighbors could hear us. Then I did not want Ray would start a fight with a werewolf, in Maria's apartment.

I took Rayanas hand and we ran fast. I led him over the bridge and towards the small grove of trees that lay between Skottsund and Kvissleby. In there, as far we could get, but far from the trail, we stopped. 
The sun was shining high, but crowns of the trees hid the sun, which made it easier for us to meet here, without collapsing and rotting. 
Ray tried to say something, but I held up my hand to silence him. I had to contain my anger and not get a reason to knock him down again, or a tree. 
- "You just have to know one thing," I began, and straightened me up. My orange eyes were directed against the Rays dark red. - "I have tried to distract Mary from being with Walther, but I have learned to accept him. Makes no nonsense, to put yourself in their lives? Okay?" I warned him. I have tried all means to get Maria to stop seeing Walther, now I realize the truth, that it would never happen. Ray nodded.

- "I'm sorry I made you worry!" He voice got my whole body tremble. It was so long since I heard it. 
- "No, you're not sorry." I mumbled to him. He still could have sent a message or called and said he was okay. - "Where were you?" I asked him. 
- "A little here and there., I visited my home to see what has changed and maybe see if The nobleman has come back!" He answered me and leaned against a pine tree. The red scarf fluttered when a wind from June river, swept past us. The smell of wet dog had long since disappeared and we could relax. 
- "You have been looking for him for so many years. What makes you think that you will find him there again?" I wondered. I sat down on the moss and poked in the dry soil. 
- "You never know, some will return to its original location after many years. Others let it go a few generations before they return." He said with a shrug and looked down at me. I refused to give him so much as eye contact. 
- "True, but for both of us, there is nothing to return to., I do not understand why you insist on going back every time." I sighed. I could not help but to look up at him.

I had almost forgotten what he looked like. The body was masculine and manly shapely. Wide shoulders, narrow waist with six-pack, and then the thighs, musklösa and wide. A young Mikael Persbrandt, I could not help that I stared at him for a long time. Ray had sat down on the moss opposite me and we looked long into each other's eyes. 
- "What have you otherwise been doing?" He asked, his dark red eyes smiled. I rolled my eyes at him. 
- "You probably know already all too well what I have done!" I murmured and leaned towards him. Our lips met in a kiss gently.

I sat up on my knees and leaned over my body against him. Penetrated my tongue through his lips until it bumped into his. Ray moved his hands down over my waist and placed them over my firm butt and pushed me harder against him. I could not help but groan when our bodies pressed against each other. 
I fell down on my back with Rayanas over me and his hands had eagerly sought under my shirt and cupped his hands over my breasts and massaged them with light and smooth movements. 
While our tongues continued to play with each other, had my hands coaxed up the belt that held up Ray's trousers and unbuttoned button. With practiced hands, I had felt over the bump, Ray groaned and tore off my thick hooded sweatshirt and revealed only my upper body and my breasts, which were in size 70B. 
Ray had bent forward and his lips massaged and licked around the nipple and teased it. He stopped and moved up the lips and kissed me again.

I sat up and ended above Ray. I tore off his jacket and white t-shirt, he was wearing under, went by too. I leaned forward and kissed his chest and down his stomach. I continued kissing down until I got down to his pants and pulled them down. When I pulled down the boxers Shorten, his manhood standing straight up. I had never been so interested to suck someone because I think it gives me icky vibes. But with Ray, I felt that I could do it, but only for him. 
My little mouth, grabbed hold of his big limb and slowly went my mouth up and down his manhood. Ray groaned and beat, put his hands to his face and tried to smother his screams. 
Would be nice if a human came by and saw us having sex. Candy and sex always worked well together. Rayanas body trembled at my touch and I let go of his manhood and moved me up to his lips. In pure zeal had Rayanas stood up and pulled me up from the ground.

I had threw my legs around his waist and trying to retain. With his organ pressed against my stomach. Ray pried loose my legs from the waist, while he eagerly tore off my jeans. He lifted me again and pressed me against the tree. I felt the butt against the tribal uneven surface and between the shoulder blades. Feeling when he forced his way into me, made me moan loudly and I leaned my head back against the pine bark. The back of my head hit the hard surface of the stem, but I did not care about it. All I could think of was that the heart hammered against my ribs, and he slid out of me, only to slip back again, in a tedious slow motion.

The warm breeze caressed our bodies and brought with it the scent of pine needles and forest. Cautiously I opened my eyes and saw the sweat running from Ray's forehead and down the neck. His sexy eyes made me cling to him tighter. Put the nails in his well trained back and bite him in the shoulder. 
Ray began to sing, 
You wanna blow my wistle baby let me know, girl I'ma show you how to do it and we start real slow. 
I laughed at him. He knew what would push me going. 
I groaned again and we both felt that we were ready to burst out in a long ecstasy. 
- "Ray," I whispered against his ear while I put teeth into his neck. The blood pulsed in and out of my mouth and ran down over our sweaty bodies.

When we grace ecstasy together, pulled our bodies together, we stifled our cries, biting at each other's shoulder, before our sweaty bodies finally relaxed. Ray lay down next to me and I put myself above him. He was breathing heavily and had closed his eyes. I was breathing just as wild as him, but kept a good tone while I drew a finger over his chest. 
Ray opened his eyes and his dark red eyes looked into mine. 
- "Welcome home, dear!" I smiled before I kissed him tenderly and laid me down beside him.

Sound of a broken heart! - Part 4!

In a small street from Lake street, jumped a little girl, with thin blond hair, smooth shoot forward. She was wearing a thin yellow dress with floral motifs. Dresses with ruffles just went down to her knees, exposing her thin legs. The blond hair jumped up and down from her shoulders and her red eyes shone with excitement. Despite the autumn chill, she did not care about it, for she felt the cold still like an early summer. She laughed heartily and began to hum a tune in French.
And she bent her steps up to Main Street and the square. Where people celebrated the fall and sat at luxurious restaurants and drank wine or beer. The smells from the food interested her not at all. Instead, she had set target elsewhere. Middle of the square at Gustavus Adolphus statue, stood a group of young people and shared a cigarette and drank beer as they hidden inside their sleeves jack. The girl jumped up to them, smiled teasingly at them. The gang, with the young guys, exchanged a few glances with each other, smiled, and gave up the half-smoked cigarette to the girl, who shook her head. She pointed instead at the beer.
The guy, who looked to be a form of a leader of the gang, gave it to her. She opened up the beer and swept everything into proper four sips. The beer tasted nothing for her. Most just stale, but nothing she could get drunk on. She could drink lots of alcohol without feeling the influence of it. The young leader, who was dressed in silvery saggy pants. The black belt in skin, which would keep the pants up, hung loosely and pants hung low down over the buttocks of the guy. He threw his arms around the girl who steadfastly put her arm around his waist of pure joy that he chose her. He whispered to one of his friends, when they started to walk away from the square and up the church Street. She had clearly heard what he whispered to his friend and smiled at the thought. But she did not smile wide enough, she could not show her fangs.

He released her shoulders and placing his hand over her shapely butt and got her into an alley below the park. Here on the street, at this time of day, never walked people anymore. He opened up a black gate into the back yard that was completely deserted. He swung around the little girl in the yellow and floral dress and pushed her up against the stone wall while he eagerly kissed her, pulled up her dress while trying to rip off his own pants. The girl giggled and let him be. She really had other plans than what this young guy could expect. In pure zeal, ended his pants down on the hocks, his hands fumbled over her small breasts. Inexperienced guy was. He groaned before he even had time to do something and the body pulled up into a kind of ecstasy.

- "Are you finished already?" Said the girl with a French accent. The guy gasped while he pulled on his sticky pants. The girl looked innocent, that he had already come, but smiled anyway. The guy looked up at her. Her smile reached all the way to her ears, and among her white teeth could now see the fangs. - "My turn!" She smiled at him. The guy, who until now realize what was happening, began to scream. The girl silenced him immediately and had success jumped and landed on the young boy's shoulders and choked his screams with her cold hands. The guy tried in every way to throw her off, but the girl was strong, very strong and remained seated on his shoulders. The young and inexperienced guy went forward to his knees, and instead tried to crawl away from her. 
The girl corrected him, slid down and put her legs around his arms and held him. She stroked her finger across his neck where she could clearly see how the carotid pulse vehemently. For her it was a lovely sight. She pulled her tongue over the vein and placed over the teeth.

- "Elise, how long will you torture the poor fellow?" The voice got Elisa smiling and looking up from the young boy. She saw a tall woman in a burgundy jumpsuit and long brown hair and she was wearing black pump heels. Beside her stood a little shorter woman, in a gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jean trousers and black tennis shoes, so out of fashion. Her red hair flamade by the fall of darkness. Their eyes glowed red.
- "Kitty, Margret! So good to see you!" She said with a sweet French accent. The boy beneath her was still trying to scream through her cold mouth. Elise shushed him and stroked his cheek with his finger.
- "Do not call me Kitty!" Kit growled irritably. Both she and I had just arrived in time to clean up after Elise. We had luck on our side to get up extra early before it once again would be headlines on tomorrow's papers.
- "But I like it more than Kit, then you might as well call you Keith!" She smiled and stroked her hand over the neck of the boy.
- "Let him go. If you must eat, you can give up in other people. Boy has a life ahead of him and should not be desecrated in their young lives." I told her. I was so tired of having to clean up after her. 
- "But I like the young blood., It tastes much better than the old troll blood." She sighed Supplied and ended up in the boy's arms and looked into his terrified eyes. 
- "Elise" I growled at her. Elise shrank a little and dropped out of the boy and took her hand away from the boy's mouth. As soon as her hand disappeared from the boy's mouth, he started to scream again. I hurried forward, put my hand over his mouth and looked into the boy's eyes. 
- "You'll never remember us, we do not exist. You came here with the whore and you should now go back to the square and share your experiences with your friends. Understood?" The boy's pupils had expanded when I talked quietly with him. One advantage was that we could hypnotize our victims and have them never to remember that our kind existed. That's why no one suspected that vampires exist.

The boy went back to normal and left deserted courtyard and went back to the square. I sighed and turned to Elise. The girl was extremely small. But she was firm growth in a 16 year-old's body, and that was why she had it so easy to trick the young and inexperienced boys. Among other things, give them a treat before she killed them. She went under the familiar name of the black widow from France. 
- "I was so hungry!" Elise sighed and jumped up smoothly on an old wooden barrel and sat down. 
- "You can take a homeless I saw before., He sits and begs money at a resturant engines. He is drunk and making a quick end to his suffering and for God's sake, do it with style!" Kit said to her, without Sempati for the poor and begging man. Elise was disgusted by the thought of eating a begging man.

Sound of a broken heart! - Part 3!

In a small street from Lake street, jumped a little girl, with thin blond hair, smooth shoot forward. She was wearing a thin yellow dress with floral motifs. Dresses with ruffles just went down to her knees, exposing her thin legs. The blond hair jumped up and down from her shoulders and her red eyes shone with excitement. Despite the autumn chill, she did not care about it, for she felt the cold still like an early summer. She laughed heartily and began to hum a tune in French.
And she bent her steps up to Main Street and the square. Where people celebrated the fall and sat at luxurious restaurants and drank wine or beer. The smells from the food interested her not at all. Instead, she had set target elsewhere. Middle of the square at Gustavus Adolphus statue, stood a group of young people and shared a cigarette and drank beer as they hidden inside their sleeves jack. The girl jumped up to them, smiled teasingly at them. The gang, with the young guys, exchanged a few glances with each other, smiled, and gave up the half-smoked cigarette to the girl, who shook her head. She pointed instead at the beer.
The guy, who looked to be a form of a leader of the gang, gave it to her. She opened up the beer and swept everything into proper four sips. The beer tasted nothing for her. Most just stale, but nothing she could get drunk on. She could drink lots of alcohol without feeling the influence of it. The young leader, who was dressed in silvery saggy pants. The black belt in skin, which would keep the pants up, hung loosely and pants hung low down over the buttocks of the guy. He threw his arms around the girl who steadfastly put her arm around his waist of pure joy that he chose her. He whispered to one of his friends, when they started to walk away from the square and up the church Street. She had clearly heard what he whispered to his friend and smiled at the thought. But she did not smile wide enough, she could not show her fangs.

He released her shoulders and placing his hand over her shapely butt and got her into an alley below the park. Here on the street, at this time of day, never walked people anymore. He opened up a black gate into the back yard that was completely deserted. He swung around the little girl in the yellow and floral dress and pushed her up against the stone wall while he eagerly kissed her, pulled up her dress while trying to rip off his own pants. The girl giggled and let him be. She really had other plans than what this young guy could expect. In pure zeal, ended his pants down on the hocks, his hands fumbled over her small breasts. Inexperienced guy was. He groaned before he even had time to do something and the body pulled up into a kind of ecstasy.

- "Are you finished already?" Said the girl with a French accent. The guy gasped while he pulled on his sticky pants. The girl looked innocent, that he had already come, but smiled anyway. The guy looked up at her. Her smile reached all the way to her ears, and among her white teeth could now see the fangs. - "My turn!" She smiled at him. The guy, who until now realize what was happening, began to scream. The girl silenced him immediately and had success jumped and landed on the young boy's shoulders and choked his screams with her cold hands. The guy tried in every way to throw her off, but the girl was strong, very strong and remained seated on his shoulders. The young and inexperienced guy went forward to his knees, and instead tried to crawl away from her. 
The girl corrected him, slid down and put her legs around his arms and held him. She stroked her finger across his neck where she could clearly see how the carotid pulse vehemently. For her it was a lovely sight. She pulled her tongue over the vein and placed over the teeth.

- "Elise, how long will you torture the poor fellow?" The voice got Elisa smiling and looking up from the young boy. She saw a tall woman in a burgundy jumpsuit and long brown hair and she was wearing black pump heels. Beside her stood a little shorter woman, in a gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jean trousers and black tennis shoes, so out of fashion. Her red hair flamade by the fall of darkness. Their eyes glowed red.
- "Kitty, Margret! So good to see you!" She said with a sweet French accent. The boy beneath her was still trying to scream through her cold mouth. Elise shushed him and stroked his cheek with his finger.
- "Do not call me Kitty!" Kit growled irritably. Both she and I had just arrived in time to clean up after Elise. We had luck on our side to get up extra early before it once again would be headlines on tomorrow's papers.
- "But I like it more than Kit, then you might as well call you Keith!" She smiled and stroked her hand over the neck of the boy.
- "Let him go. If you must eat, you can give up in other people. Boy has a life ahead of him and should not be desecrated in their young lives." I told her. I was so tired of having to clean up after her. 
- "But I like the young blood., It tastes much better than the old troll blood." She sighed Supplied and ended up in the boy's arms and looked into his terrified eyes. 
- "Elise" I growled at her. Elise shrank a little and dropped out of the boy and took her hand away from the boy's mouth. As soon as her hand disappeared from the boy's mouth, he started to scream again. I hurried forward, put my hand over his mouth and looked into the boy's eyes. 
- "You'll never remember us, we do not exist. You came here with the whore and you should now go back to the square and share your experiences with your friends. Understood?" The boy's pupils had expanded when I talked quietly with him. One advantage was that we could hypnotize our victims and have them never to remember that our kind existed. That's why no one suspected that vampires exist.

The boy went back to normal and left deserted courtyard and went back to the square. I sighed and turned to Elise. The girl was extremely small. But she was firm growth in a 16 year-old's body, and that was why she had it so easy to trick the young and inexperienced boys. Among other things, give them a treat before she killed them. She went under the familiar name of the black widow from France. 
- "I was so hungry!" Elise sighed and jumped up smoothly on an old wooden barrel and sat down. 
- "You can take a homeless I saw before., He sits and begs money at a resturant engines. He is drunk and making a quick end to his suffering and for God's sake, do it with style!" Kit said to her, without Sempati for the poor and begging man. Elise was disgusted by the thought of eating a begging man.

The light of mystery! - Part 1 {English}

The months had flowed and it was finally summer again and so much has happened these past few months. 
I have moved to Valedale and sold most of my horses. Danny was home with my sister in Jorvik City and the rest of the horses have new owners. It was not only what was new. My hair was not blonde anymore. My hair was brown and short, but other than that, everything else was the same

I lived in one of the houses that lay beyond the Avalon's house and Valedale sales stables. I lived there with Chiara, who had also moved to Valedale. 
The vineyard and all the horses reminded too much from that terrible time a few months ago and I needed to restart my life. 
However, it was still difficult. For wherever I went, I was reminded of the time with Derek, who did not even know who I was.

Fripp had also allowed me to joined in Aideens protector, even though I said I did not want to join anything. Avalon has taken care of me these past few months and he has been training me to master the sword technique. Which I thought was ridiculous. To master the sword technique was not easy and Avalon's way of learning, was rock hard and I have during these months suffered bruises and abrasions. It was not so easy to master something, that could also, at the wrong technology, also hurt myself if I lost concentration. Which I often did and suffered stroke and chewing gravel. 
- "What have I said about moving your feet?" He said when I once went on a such blowing and sitting on the ground. My sword, which was nothing but a sword in wood, lay a few feet away from me. Blood dripped from my nose and bloodied my purple sweater.

I said nothing, but got up and went after the wooden sword. - "Your feet are your balance and you must begin to learn to use your legs. Failing to do so, you will never be able to stand against your opponent., I have told you several times!" 
- "Have I not said that I do not want to learn to master the art of the sword!" I growled and picked up the sword. I swung it around a few turns in my hand and turned me on to him. Moved my right leg backwards and held the sword ready for battle. 
Chiara lay on a sun lounger by the house in a bikini and dark sunglasses and enjoyed the serenity of the waterfall, Avalon voice and the chirping of birds. Avalon swung his sword and went to attack me.

Wooden swords hitting each other and I did everything I could to defend myself against him. Avalon was the strongest of us and he had many years mastered the art of the sword, and his battles with wooden the sword against mine, put me on one knee. I held the end of the bar and wood blade. I was holding up, not to go all the way down on my knees and once again get abrasions and damaged clothing. 
I took the power from my legs and got the force to push away Avalon's sword from me. The power I got, got Avalon stumbled backwards. 
- "Good!" Did he encouraging and smiled. I did not smile. 
I had been in a bad temper for months and I had no reason to smile anymore. I tossed the sword aside and went to Chiara, who gave me a bottle of water.

- "You seem to get into the technique now!" She said without looking up from the dark glasses. Avalon sat down on the sun bed beside her. 
- "You might want to try for yourself?" I told her, and drank from the water bottle. 
- "I have tried, but Mr overprotective will not let me try!" She said, then smiled. Avalon shook his head and drank even he of the cold water from the bottle. I so wanted to smile, but I did not. I was happy for them, they both worked so well together even though they both were so incredibly stubborn. Perhaps that was why they worked together. 
- "Will you come and sleep in the house at night or are you going to stay here another night?" I asked her sarcastically without looking down at her. She moved down the sunglasses and looked up at me. 
- "Do you miss me?" She said and then sat up in the chair.

I shrugged. 
- "Perhaps!" I answered her.
- "You can sleep at home in the house tonight., I will be busy tonight and would love to not be disturbed." Chiara laughed softly. 
- "You have not had that much to do them this past few days!" She said, and put the sunglasses back in place and lay down. 
- "What do you think it may have been the reason?" She smiled at him. I turned away my face from them while they nibbled on each other. Chiara loved to tease Avalon and usually used to end up with them every adversaries, but they always forgave each other afterwards. 
I put down my the water bottle and then started to walk away from the house. - "Where are you going? We're not done yet?" Avalon cried for me. I stopped, but started walking again. I did not answer him, either, but continued to go down the path below the Avalon's house. I followed the path until I came down the river.

I pulled off my clothes, put them on the ground, took the kit and dived into the cold water. The water was freezing but it felt good against my body, after all the blow I received these past few months. 
I swam up to the surface and took a deep breath before I started to swim out to the middle of the river. I could see that Avalon gone after me and stood in their backyard above the trail and saw me. Surely, he was being overprotective. 
He stood in the dark jeans pants and a white T-shirt that was v-neck. He held his right hand in the pocket of jeans trousers and the the left, he kept the wooden swords. 
It was unusual to see him the more civilian clothes. Not only that, he had cut off her long black hair and now had short black hair instead. He looked more manly now than when he jumped around in his tunic.

I turned around and dived under the icy water. It was pretty good deep here in the middle, and the further down I got, the more it became an uncomfortable pressure in my ears and colder. But I went down. I just wanted to avoid looking him in the eyes, or having to think about Derek and the horrific months. I turned my body and felt my legs hit the bottom of the river. I sank into the cold water, even though I screamed for air, I persisted to remain a while longer before I could not hold out more. I took the power from the legs and shot me up. With the help of my arms, I took the proper stroke, broke up the water and took a deep breath. My body had started to get used to the cold.

Avalon was not there and looked after me, which got me to swim to shore and jump up from the cold water. I went home and stood in the shower and took care of my scrapes. It has happened so many times that I have asked myself the question, if it was worth leaving Valedale and visit Derek? Would he know who I am, or all would just be embarrassing? I sighed resignedly sat on the floor in the bathroom and pulled my legs up towards my face. I could not stop the tears that poured down over my cheeks.

Avalon sat down next to me again and put the swords aside.
- "Why are you sighing?" I asked him.
- "How did you put up with her all these years?" He asked me and his eyes were directed towards the river. I smiled.
- "She does not usually behave like this, you know. You have not forgotten what she went through?" I sat up on my knees behind him and put my arms around him. He put his arm over mine.
- "No, you can not forget that either." He said softly. We sat in silence for a long time before he spoke again. - "What was she like before all this happened?" I laughed and released him.
- "Are you going to change your view of her?" I asked him teasingly. He smiled.
- "Perhaps, if nothing else, maybe I can get to know her better." He said and turned his face towards me. I leaned my forehead against his.
- "I do not think it will help. Emma is a person who likes to be alone. When Derek came into her life, she had someone to be with and yearn to be with, but who also respected her for who she was. to force her into anything, as Fripp does now, forcing her to be a member of Aideens patrons, making it difficult for her. She mentioned it the the Secret Stone ring. "I said, encouraging him and looked back to that night.

It was a night to remember as one of the worst. I put my hand over my stomach, which uncovered two visible scars. Avalon had seen my movement and took my hand.
- "Does it hurt?" He asked anxiously. I shook my head and smiled.
- "No, I got a flashback." I smiled. A horrible flashback accurately. I have, like Emma, struggled not to think back. But it was hard not to do it. The scars on my stomach showed me it all too clearly.
- "Nothing is going to happen to you again Chiara!" He caressed my cheek when he said it. I nodded.
- "I know it is not so easy to not think about it!" I answered him and began to stand up. The sun disappeared behind the mountain in Valedale, meaning that the clock was after four in the afternoon. - "See you tomorrow!" I said as I leaned down and kissed his head and started walking back to the house I shared with Emma.
Avalon sat left alone and looked after me.


Sound of a broken heart! - Part 2!

When the sun finally disappeared behind the mountain in Nolby, the evening came quite quickly and very soon, there was a darkness over the small village of Kvissle Village. I had gone over Sweatshirts's Bridge, which crossed the river June. Across the bridge, there were more houses, however it was a bit deserted. For as soon as darkness falls, closes people into their house and enjoying the warmth. I for that matter, neither felt any cold or heat.

I love the rain. I well remember during my human time, I liked to sneak out and stand in the rain during the night or early morning, before my family woke up. I really enjoyed. I could not see the rain, but to feel it drip on me, was a relief. 
I turned off the road and hurried me into a path that veered off directly from the car road and into a small forest. I knew there were people in here all the time and it was a perfect place to hunt on. However, I remove my tracks as best I could. I stopped and listened. My shoes, I had long since kicked me off somewhere along the way.

I looked better without shoes. It was only Mary who insisted that I should have shoes on me. It was less suspicious and if I had shoes. I laughed, took a deep breath and closed my eyes. I listened with my feet, my sensation has strengthened itself since I became a vampire. During my time as a human, I learned to see with my feet and hear with my hearing. With that, I became a vampire, my five senses strengthened and I was a great judge of character and hunters. The sound of traffic was that rumbled under my feet, it would be difficult to see then, but I could also see another move through the woods. I listened. The victim was listening to music and walked quickly down the trail. A woman was it, right young one. Not that great sacrifice. I looked past her and listened again. No one seemed to want to go on the trail this time of day.
I opened my eyes and turned and ran through the forest, leaping over the small ditch with mud water. Landed smoothly on the other side, and continued forward.

I'm glad that today's clothes made it easy for me. My black jeans and a gray hooded sweatshirt got my movements feel extra smooth. Not from the past when the dresses were an obstacle and I always got tangled in my legs. Though, I started early to dress up like a man to be able to run around in trousers and jacket. 
I went across the road and down to a small lake that lay between Kvissleby and Skottsund. A small lake that was a popular swimming destination during every summer. I ran past the lake and onto a path that went around the lake. 
With ease, I climbed noiselessly up the tree and listened. Below me, a man walkin. Average age, black hair, skin jacket and torn jeans. Black shoes he had on and went in streamers over the dirty trail. The rain had started to pour down from the black sky, and soaked us both down. 
I felt my mood suddenly changed and it went over into anger. The predator in me grew and I threw myself from the tree and landed above the man. The man began swearing and screaming to get rid of me.

I threw my arms around him. Although he was bigger than me, he was an easy fight. With my strength, I wrestled down the man and put teeth into the man's shoulder. My razor-sharp teeth, went through the skin on skin jacket and felt the warm blood touched my tongue. Eagerly I hurried drink of it. The man had started to scream. I changed possition and sat on him, put my cold hand over his mouth and bit him again, now over the carotid artery. The blood pulsed in my mouth. It tasted sweet, but the taste of alcohol were mixed with the sweet. The man continued to try to fight away my iron grip, but very soon he got tired and became powerless. I felt that I came to the last drop of blood and released him. Set me up with my face against the rain. The rain washed away the remnants of the blood that flowed out of my mouth. I smiled.

- "How long have you been standing there?" I wondered, and turned me on to a tall woman. The woman smiled. She was really long. Her long brown hair hung far down over her shoulders and they the red eyes, could not be mistaken, she was a vampire 
- "Long enough to enjoy the scene and the fragrance." She sighed as sweet. She walked past me and sat down on the haunches and looked at the lifeless man. - "He was my sacrifice, but I waited too long., I did not see you at all!" I laughed. 
- "Oops!" I said innocently, and wiped the blood from my mouth. - "I've been looking for you. Have you been in Essvik all the time?" 
Kit sat down. 
- "Well, I live on an island that is located in Essvik." I laughed at the thought. No wonder I could not find her. 
- "You have not seen Ray somewhere?" I wondered. I was still sitting on the man and stood up. I needed to hide him before someone saw us and him.
Kit shook her head.
- "I have not heard from him in several years., I do not know where he is. But you know him, he turns up when you least expect it!" She smiled and followed my example. I lifted up the man, who weighed nothing for me and started to walk up the mountain behind us. Kit followed me. I agreed with her. Rayanas was a mysterious man and turned out no more than necessary.

- "But," began Kit, when we climbed up the steep wall. - "I have heard according to a rumor that Ray is resident here in Sundsvall. Whatever he does I do not know!" She continued. When we reached the top of the mountain, we started moving into the forest and past a large antenna. 
- "Who said that?" I wondered. The tall woman threw with her wet, brown hair and laughed. 
- "Who do you think?" She smiled at me. Among her white perfect teeth revealed two fangs. 
- "Elisa, She is a true sneak!" Elisa is a rather new vampire. She is originally from France but settled in Sweden. Her French accent, she uses that charm to attract her victims. And she always chose to young victims, which caused headlines. I was the one who always had to clean up after her. 
- "Very right, but one can not always rely on her., I got to clean up after her, now the other day!" Kit sighed and sat down on a rock. I had begun to dig into the rock with my hands to hide my sacrifice from the world. Let hope no one misses him.
- "I'm not surprised. Elisa never learn how to behave!" Kit laughing even higher. 
- "We all have not been flawless either!" She smiled and wiped away an imaginary tear. I shook my head, jumped up from the four-meter-deep hole and threw the man down there and buried him there.

- "True!" I answered her in the end and sat down beside her. She wore a burgundy jumpsuit with a black sash around her waist. Kit was good to dress professionally and no one could have imagined that she was a monster. Aside from them red eyes. She was really beautiful to look at. Oval face shape, small nose and full red lips. The eyes were almond-shaped, long and dark eyelashes. She was a pleasure to look at and Kit used mostly his style to attract wealthy men. She tossed with brown hair again. 
- "Okay, what do we do now? Are you still hungry?" She asked and stood up, stretched himself. I looked down at her shoes, but like me, she went barefoot. I shrugged. 
- "I think I'll stay here a while." The view was stunning. I could see Kvissle village, where the village lit up by all the lights and Grum hill. 
- "Suit yourself. I'm going into town and check on the operating life there. Who knows, Rayanas might pop up." She winked her eye. I rolled my eyes, but could not help but smile. I nodded and we threw ourselves out of the mountain's edge and landed on the ground below, without leaving a trace behind us.

Sound Of A Broken Heart - Part 1!

Autumn. One of the seasons of the year that I loved the most. The leaves on the trees were colored on to a lovely orange color. From red to orange with a hint of green. The smell of autumn and its cold. The leaves are dancing around with the wind and takes them far away from their mother, who gave birth to them since last spring. If autumn still could have been left forever, but very soon it will become a white blanket of snow and autumn bright colors will be buried.
I took a deep breath as I looked out the window. The view I had was the major highway where the cars drove past every day. I live in a little village located south of the great capital Sundsvall. Which not too long time ago was voted Sweden's northern capital. I enjoyed this village. It was pleasant and always full of life and movement. Although the village does not feel so great, so had this village all. Health center, a gas station, grocery store, clothing stores, pharmacies, yes it had it all.

I turned around when a key is turned away at the front door and a click was heard. In through the door came Mary. Mary was a tall woman, around 35 years. She have brown short hair and was always dressed professionally. Khaki jacket and khaki trousers with matching black stylish heels. Maria is a relative of mine, or she is a relative of my brother, who passed away many years ago. He was 90 years before he was put to sleep peacefully at home. It was that night that I visited him before and let him see me for the first time in 87 years. Seeing him smile and then think that he was dead, made me still laugh at it. But, it was a long time ago my brother died.
He died almost 150 years ago.
I sat more to the right on the window sill when Mary came into the small apartment, with her face in the bag. When she looked up, she jumped when she saw me.
- "Maggie: You scared me!" She said, with her hand over her heart. - "And how did you get in?, I had the door locked, then you would not come back until a few weeks!" I smiled and tossed my red curly hair.
- "Change of plans. And I came in the door., You gave me a spare key, you must have forgotten!" I smiled and jumped down sitting in her skottish colored sofa. The couch was really comfortable.

She laughed and put down her brown purse on the kitchen chair.
- "Change of plans, as I said. I found neither Ray or Kit!" I said and started the TV and looked uninteresting on what they said on the news. It was always the same, war, robbery and murder. They never showed any good nowadays. - "I was going to surprise you and come a bit earlier, I think I succeeded!" I laughed and stretched me a little bit.
- "Well, probably surprised me always." She sat down next to me and leaned back in the couch.
- "Busy day?" I asked her. She nodded.
- "You could say that, I'm doing nothing more than running errands for people." Mary worked as an assistant at a law firm in Sundsvall. She had a sort of love-hate relationship to her job. Her boss was strict and always put Mary in the work and she was never a quiet moment or time to eat lunch.
- "Can I help you with something?" I asked her. She shook her head violently!
- "No, thanks, I will take care of this myself without supernatural help!" She said quickly, and opened her eyes.

I forgot to tell you. Although I looks like any innocent human being, then I'm not. I am one of the world's most dangerous predators that exist only in people's imagination, but I'm of the real thing. You should not believe everything that people write about. In all the fairy tales you read about us, we do not tolerate garlic, a stake through the heart will kill us and we burn up in the sun. Or the last-mentioned is true actually. It depends on how long we stay in the sun. We do not burn up, instead, we lose energy, and after a few hours, we can go to sleep and then slowly rotting away. 
I move fast and incredible light-footed, I make no sound from me when I move. I highly adapted sense of smell and can smell everything. I'm like a bloodhound, but much more dangerous. I am a vampire and I was born over again for 237 years ago in England, Carlisle. I was only 17 years old and was born blind. The year was 1777, the same year my brother got married and the day of a mysterious man kidnapped me away from the wedding.
He transformed me, felt sorry for me that I was born blind, and he changed it. I looked at the world through new eyes. But a certain haziness remained in my eyes after the transformation. My eyes really should have had a red color, red for the blood of the people I ate. But instead they had an orange hue that made me quite unique in comparison to all others. I'm a bloodsucker, a creature that people in other countries call my kind of, the cold, my name is Margret Papillon and I'm a vampire.

Mary is a human relative of mine. She is the offspring of my brother. She and all the women after her, have been known about my existence. I call my self guardian and make sure that no one disturbs my family. Though, I had a person who interferes with my family and I did not like him at all. No matter how friendly he was.
- "Are you going to meet him today?" I asked her suddenly. She smiled as she looked at me.
- "Maggie, do not be jealous now!" She smiled.
- "I'm not jealous! Answer my question!" I muttered to her. Of course Mary already knew who he was. I could not resist a day to put me in their date and he told me who he really was. It surprised not Mary at all. She is well aware of our existence. Just that Walther, who she met, was not like me. He was the seventh son seventh son and was born into something quite different, which many believe is a myth and dizzy all human imagination. Walther was a werewolf.
- "Yes, he asked me out to dinner today at Tapas!" She replied to my question. - "And you have to let it go there now! Had Walther wanted to hurt me, do not you think he should have done it a long time ago?" She said and stood up. - "I'll take a shower., You may do as you please." Mary got up and went to the bathroom and closed the door behind her.

I threw myself down on the couch, buried my face in the pillow and screamed and wanted to rip the pillow in half. But I did not. I sat up instead and looked after on the bathroom door. A shower started. I turned around and looked out the window again. The sun went down behind the mountains in Nolby. I puffed out and disappeared quickly from the apartment. I needed to eat in order to calm my nerves.

The light of mystery! - Prologue {English}

It was really nice to ride alone. She usually liked to ride alone than ride with someone or in a group. Most often, it was a lot of talk and no added properly to see the surroundings, as they rode past or felt on the lovely scent of early summer. It was now that the flowers bloomed and woke up before anything else. 
Linnea and Kirk had just ridden around Valedale lake and just off the second last bridge, she found a path up the mountain above Valedale. She had never been there before. She patted Kirk on the neck and they began to ride up the mountain.

On the hill above the lake Valedale, did they see a fantastic view, and it felt like they both flew over the lake and over Valedale. Kirk continued to climb upwards without any difficulty at all. Linnea stopped him when they grace the top of the mountain. Linnea wanted to enjoy the view. 
It was fantastic. She could see as far as the sand beach at Fort Pinta and the castle in the village of Silver Glade.

Below, she could see the path down to Valedale from Valedale lake and the and the small houses. Also see how beautiful Silver Song river snaked through the village. She could also see the old mill, which was a short distance away on Valedale road. 
She looked down the trail and saw that it went downhill. She smacked off Kirk, who began to go down and continue on the path. 
When the trail continued to descend, she could see how the closer they came to Valedale waterfall. Far below the mountain, she could see the house that was nearest Valedales sales stall. She stayed Kirk, trying to see around the corner of the mountain. She did not know if she would continue on. Even if her whole body was screaming out of curiosity. Would she dare to continue forward on the path?

The mountain looked awful shaky considering all the pebbles, which had fallen down from the mountain. Linnea and Kirk continued, she was too curious to resist. As they rounded the corner, turned up a hidden hideaway. She does not remember if she had seen this before? Besides canteens, these looked like they offered on Moorland beach. She swallowed and began to back away with Kirk. She has to stop being so nosy! 
She spun around Kirk and they begin to walk away. It was then that they heard something raged behind them.
Kirk, who is otherwise a reliable horse, neighing, and stood on his hind legs. Linnea did everything to get him to calm down, but when he bowed his head and threw with his hind legs, Linnea could not maintain itself. She let go of the reins and went over the neck of Kirk, who set off at a gallop away away from the place. 
- "Kirk!" Cried Linnea jumpy after him. She had done well from not settle destruction. She escaped with only some scrapes.

She stood up and brushed the earth from her pants. She looked up and then heard again how a landslide traveled down the mountain. She hurried to see. The only thing she saw was a big cloud of dust from the mountain that tumbled down. But she could not see where the landslide ended? There was no visible evidence, in addition to the dust. 
Linnea began to back away from the site. If the rock was sensitive to movement and sound, it would be wise to get out. 
When she turned around, she had one person in front of them, who wore a costume in red skin. Linnea looked up and the only face she saw was a red mask. Linnea backed away from the person, who seemed to follow her every step she backed away from him.

She turned around and started running towards the hiding place. 
Right behind her were two other people in a similar costume. Only difference was the color. One in white and one in black. And then there was the woman who came up behind them. She wore a blood red dress, around her neck and arms of the dress had beige edges, which was embroidered with red heraldic animal. Her waist was narrow and around her waist, there was a red ribbon, with light beige tassels at the ends. Around her neck she wore a cross pendant, which had five different gemstones. At each end of the gold cross, sat the four blood red gems. The gemstone in the center of the cross, was misty white. Her blonde hair was in an elegant knot behind her head. The knot was held up by a red ribbon. 
She came and stood in front of the masked men. Her blue eyes were a shade of green and the woman's blonde hair flared up and Linnea could clearly see a green aura around her.

Linnea turned to run from the abomination. But the person in red skin behind him and took a hard grip on her arm. He swung her around back to the flaming woman and twisted her arm. Linnea opened her mouth to scream but was silenced before she could get out a word.
The woman sat down in front of her and studied the young girl.
- "Good enough is she?" The voice was masculine and came from the man in red. Claire nodded. Linneas fears, grew. She was locked to the ground and could not move at all. Claire ripped Linneas blue shirt and bared her chest for her. Claire drew a finger over Linnea's cheek and followed a line down her throat and stopped right outside her heart. Claire did not smile. All she was focused on was to look long at Linnea's chest.
She brought the index finger and middle finger over Linnea's heart, pressed them together and pierced Linnea's chest. Linnea started screaming and trying to break free from its iron grip. But her body refused to obey. She sat on her knees in front of this horrible woman and felt how she grabbed hold of her heart.

Claire pressed the his entire hand and grabbed hold of the heart of the girl, who wailed. Her heart was pumping vigorously and strained. Now first smiled Claire. She took a firm grip on the heart in Linnea. 
- "No, No, please, stop!" The tears poured down over Linnea's cheeks as she looked pleadingly at the woman, who seemed not to look her in the eyes. Claire only had eyes for one thing. 
Claire winced and looked into Linnea's eyes. The girl was in major shock and breathed deep breaths. Claire lifted the heart she held in her hand. Linnea saw how her own heart was pumping in the hand of the woman. 
- "Did you know that young hearts can give eternal life?" Woman's words went straight into the ears of Linnea, whose eyes rolled back and her body fell forwards. The body of Linnea, was lying on the ground with no sign of life. Linnea's soul had long since left mortality.

Claire stood up. 
- "Get rid of the body, leaving no trace!" She said and began to walk away without looking back at the girl she just killed. She started to walk over the metal and the rock wall, which opened for her. When she went into the mountain, the walls were closed on her.

When will life take a new turn? - Epoligue {English}

They fled quickly from the platform to avoid the fight between Aiden's Patron and the guards. For both of them, life was more important. They had been moving down over the platform and the found a motorboat, which they used to get from the mainland to the platform.

Now they could take it to the mainland and the never have to return to the platform. The men had to fend for themselves. 
The waves were big and threw the boat in all directions when they tried to get to land. But very soon, they knew how the boat went up on a sandy beach. Claire shone a flashlight into the darkness, to see where they ended up.

- "You do not need a flashlight to see that we are below the Firgrove!" Muttering Mr. Sands and step off the boat and onto land. Claire turned and pushed out the boat. - "What are you doing?" 
- "You do not believe it is suspected that one of your boats is this? They would understand that we stepped ashore.This is the best that we go away completely!" She said, and threw a glowing green fire on the boat that flared up. 
- "You got that right!" This he said sulkily. - "We will go to Mr. Kembells house." 
- "No, we will not get us there., I have another idea., We will take us to Valedale Lake., We'll stop at the secret hiding place!" She told him and started moving up towards the woods. 
- "Shall we go and what happened with your magic?" Wondered Mr. Sands irritably. 
- "If we are still guarded, should I not use as much magic right now.This's a stupid idea!" She hissed in reply. He of all people should understand that! 
- "And you usually do not block or so? Thought you were smarter than that!" Claire stopped and turned violently on against Mr. Sands. Took hold of his shoulders and the next moment they stood on the hill above Lake Valedale.

- "Do they find us now, I leave you! Understood?" She muttered to him. Mr. Sands nodded and they both moved into the mountain and closed the mountain for themselves. No magic would have the power to step in between the rock walls.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 25 {English}

We had been sitting a long time in Elizabeth's kitchen. The evening approached and we all three sat in the kitchen again. This time Elisabeth invited us to dinner. We ate in silence and did not make a sound. It was just the cutlery from plates that gave away clinking sound, or the glasses, put down on the table. 
After dinner, invited Elisabeth on hard biscuits and a different kind of tea, this time we got Earl gray tea, while she continued to drink the tea of pine. Just as we were starting to eat at the scabs, opened the front door and into the kitchen came Avalon. He was surprised to see us all and we were surprised to see him. 
Chiara turned her face away from him and looked stubbornly out of the window. 
- "What are you doing here?" He asked me, really rude of him, according to me. 
- "I have a best friend that lives here, it may be because of that?" I said, slightly sarcastically back and chewed on the hard crust. It felt as if the teeth would break.

- "Oh yes!" This he said and sat down next to me. I looked towards Chiara stubbornly stared out the window and refused to look at him. Elisabeth put forward a cup of hot water to Avalon. He thanked and put down a bag of Earl Grey. - "I've talked with Fripp and he wants to meet you Emma!" He began the conversation while he dipped one of the hard crusts in the tea.
I turned to him.
- "Why does he want to see me?" I wondered in surprise. I did not even know who he was.
- "For he will give you a reward." I laughed. Avalon turned to me, deadly serious.
- "A reward and what he has to offer me?" Avalon smiled warped and shook his head. - "Have you been drinking?" Avalon buckled and he looked at me again. - "I was not born behind the float. Way you move on., You steel yourself not to show that you are wobbly, you're tired and responds sarcastically" We looked at each other. Our eyes shot lightning. - "No, I'm not going to meet this Fripp." I stood up. - "Thanks for the food and tea Elisabeth." Thanked I and started walking towards the front door. Avalon grabbed my wrist.'

I turned around towards him. He had gone up with me into the hall.
- "Please?" He asked. His eyes were tired and praying. 
- "Why would I? I have not done anything to deserve a reward!" I pulled myself out of his grip. I opened the door and started walking down the hill to the barn. The door behind me opened and I heard someone was walking, quickly behind me. I turned around and just dodged a blow, which went over my head. I fell backwards onto the ground and elbows hit the ground. Pain signals sent to the brain. I looked up and Avalon stood above me, pissed.
- "Are you going to beat me?" I growled and stood up. 
- "I do what I must to get you to Fripp., He wants to see you and when he wants to meet someone, it is something special with them. Why can not you understand that?" 
- "Understand that? Do you even know what I've gone through? Do you even know what it is like to almost lose someone you love?" I shouted at him. Avalon every silent and lowered his fists and his eyes were directed towards Elizabeth's house where Elisabeth and Chiara stood on the steps at the front door.

- "Too well," he whispered low. - "I know all too well how it feels." 
- "Do you understand then why I do not want to meet someone fucking guru, I do not want to meet anyone., I want to repair my life Avalon!" I sighed to him, with some irritation. Avalon had once again clenched his fists, the word guru was a little shameful to say about someone who created Aiden Patron.
- "It is rarely Fripp asks to meet people from this world, as long as they are not part of Aiden's Patron." 
- "I'm not one of Aiden's Patron" I protested. 
- "Yes, you are! You were there on the platform. You are born and is a descendant by Aideen., You are one of Aiden's Patron, because you have Aiden's Light within you!" 
- "But Aiden Light is small fragments from small rocks, there is not a chance that I'm one of them rocks!" I did not believe it was true. I had tried to hide who I really was and I am no patron of Aiden. I wanted to live a normal life without having to expose my life or someone else's life in danger.
- "But you know where it is associated, when Fripp grew up the light within you. Why can not you face the truth and accept it!" I looked away from him. The tears rose to my eyes and I tried to shake them off. - "This is what you were born to, why you can not set up and protect Jorvik!" I laughed scornfully.

- "Protecting Jorvik? Were you born yesterday or what?" I heard how he pulled the sword out of its sheath and directed it towards me. 
- "Do not tempt me!" He growled. 
- "You would never have pulled the sword up then!" I continued and Avalon charges against me with sword, which was directed toward me. I avoided from being split in the middle., I had absolutely no weapons at hand to use as a defense. I avoided the sword again as he continued to attack me. - "If you had not been drinking, you would have seen better!" I teased. 
The blade of the sword came far too quickly towards me that I lost my footing and fell backward. Avalon jumped and the sword blade was directed against my body. I raised my hand against him, and a white light was thrown against Avalon that landed a few feet in front of me. 
I fell back against the muddy ground and it felt like all the energy had left my body.

Avalon stood above me with the sword directed at me. I made no ledge to knock the sword.
- "The magic you carry within you is one of the strongest forces and when you use them wrong, it can also cost you your life. With my training, I can help you master it." He put the sword back in its sheath and helped me stand up. - "Come and meet Fripp.
I rolled my eyes and looked over at Chiara and Elisabeth. They looked horrified at us after we fought against each other. I bit my lip and looked up at the Avalon.
- "On two conditions!" I muttered. He nodded. - "Stop drinking, it only hurt yourself and everyone around you! Secondly, put energy into being with Chiara, I can see that you feel bad to stay away from her and it hurts her. Continuing this she will never be able to heal and become whole, a piece of her will always be missing if you will continue to stay away! "He looked toward the house and then back at me and nodded.
He held out his hand towards me, I took it and we shook on it. - "I will go with you and meet Fripp."

The road to Fripp was not so difficult. The only thing we needed to do was to take us up the hill behind Elisabeth's house and follow a spiral path, which opened up a hidden door into a place where time and space stood still. 
Chiara was also included. She's been the one who had the idea, and even if she did not belong to Aiden's protector, she was counted as a judgment. She walked beside me. Slowly. The pain made her reminded of the incident between her and Ron. 
Even so, she struggled on and braved the pain and walked with us. Avalon kept me company and helped her. Chiara did not receive his help and pushed him away. He looked at me and looked sad, when Chiara rejected him, but he chose to walk beside us instead. Up the spiral path.

It felt very strange to travel to a place that did not seem to exist on the map. Chiara had already been here once before me, but she always got the same feeling as the first time.
When we came out in what looked like an old ruined hall, I stayed up to see where we ended up. Chiara had no choice but to stay with me. 
- "It's just old ruins!" She said to me and started walking. I went with her, but I was fascinated by the ruins. We came up to the middle of the hall and in front of us I could see a tiny creature sitting in the middle. 
- "I'll take her now Emma, you can go forward." Avalon said, and grabbed Chiara who did not protest. She leaned against Avalon, which helped her to an old staircase in ruins courtroom. I walked up to the little creature, which was strikingly similar to a squirrel, but there was something else with him. I had seen him before, but where?

Behind him stood the rest of Aideen Patron. Alex, Lisa and Linda. Linda stood beside Conrad and Leon. Leon wore a long black coat, very similar to that Avalon had. But Leon was more special. Around the collar, he had different symbols on the Sun, Moon, Lightning and a star. He smiled when he saw me, and bowed low. What the rest of Aiden's patron did.
I smiled nervously and waved to them and continued walking up to Fripp. It was hard to tell whether he was smiling or not. 
- "Welcome, Emma, to the Secret Stone Ring., We are glad to have you here!" Fripps dark voice was heard through the ruined hall. The voice was familiar, and I tried to remember where I heard it. On TV? 
- "Thanks, I think!" I smiled nervously and stopped in the middle of the ruined hall. 
- "You're invited here by Avalon from me. And I'm glad to see that you are well." I was still staring down at the blue ekkorren with strange symbols.
- "I where forced to come here!" I replied, looking towards Avalon, who hid his face behind his hand and shook his head. Chiara struck with her hand over his arm. 
- "Oh, is that so!" Said Fripp and had followed my gaze to Avalon. - "It must have been a tough battle, your clothes were clean when you came to Elisabeth." I scoffed at him.

- "Why am I here?" I asked him impatiently. Aiden patron whispered heatedly with each other. Fripp silenced them and leaped toward me. I backed away from him. He leaped past me and jumped up on a rock, as from nowhere, appeared. He sat on the rock and waved me to him. 
- "Emma, you're here because I want it." He said. - "I am happy to invite a new powerful member of Aiden's patron and thanks for your help against the Dark Core, I will fulfill a wish for you!" He said and he turned around with his paw and a small image of the world outside, arrived. It was a scene from the platform where I was disappearing into Pandora. But like before, it's a bright light in front of me. I could see Fripp show up, put his paw on my forehead, whispering a few words and the white glow any brighter than ever. - "Emma, you are a descendant of Aideen. You carry the light of Aideen within you and you are one of our selected to protect the Jorvik."
-"Emma, you are a descendant of Aideen., You are one of our selected to protect the Jorvik." 
- "That may not be possible. Aideen was one of our greatest protector and she always wore a fragment of Aideens light with him, which was like a rock. That is not a chance that I am the descendant of her!" I muttered, the scene made me uncomfortable, and I turned away from the image, which faded away

- "That many of our patrons do not know is that Aiden, crushed stone, made a brewed on it and drank it., She did so to protect the last fragment., She drank during her pregnancy and the light she swallowed, went on to her children and their children. But over time, ran the light out and the descendants Aiden disappeared without a trace. Nobody knew what they were and I have searched for many years, Emma., I would never be sure of such a thing . "Told Fripp and took a short break. - "How do I know that you wore Aiden's Light within you, because of your will to live. Early as the first day that you ended up at Mr. Kembells, you would have lost your life there. But you were on you and waited out until your help came, Derek., I've known since then and I was not wrong. "I looked down at the floor and then away against Aiden Patrons who looked hopefully at me, I'll be one of them.

I shook my head. 
- "I did not want this!" I whispered. I looked up at Fripp. - "You give me a wish, and I have chosen it!" 
- "Let's hear it!" Fripp said. He smiled enough for her voice was pleasing. 
- "I do not want to Aiden's Light." Votes were shocked around us and they started whispering excitedly to each other. Fripp where quiet. He had placed his paws on her face. 
- "Are you sure?" He asked then. - "Aiden's Light is a great ability that many would envy." 
- "It is precisely because I want to avoid it, if people really strive ability, I wish that no one gets it., I would not end up under the third wheel. Nobody should have to live with something they're not wanted." I continued.

Fripp looked toward Avalon, who stood up. He was one of those who were most upset about my decision.
- "Emma, you do not mean that!" He told me. I turned to him. My one hand was directed at him and he backed away. I lowered my hand.
- "See, you are afraid of the light. A light to signify harmony and do good in life. therefore, no need to live with something they are not required. The light is dangerous, and I have exposed my life in danger too many times and it is over now! Aiden Light should disappear from me! "I sat down on his knees in front of Fripp. - "Please!" I asked him. The tears poured down my face.
Fripp had jumped down and sat in front of me.
- "Emma, that you ask me for now, will change your life situation when you leave the Secret Stone Ring. Are you asking me to remove Aiden light, so you also delete a part of your future." I stared at him uncomprehendingly. Some of my future? - "If you ask me to remove Aideens Light from you, you will never have met Derek." It felt as if all the air went out of me. I looked towards Chiara and Avalon, who still stood up.
- "No ..." I whispered low through the tears. I had never thought that something so powerful would get me to lose Derek.
- "I'll let you Think for a moment!" Fripp put his paw on my knee, and skipped away and out of the Stone Ring.

Chiara, Avalon and Elisabeth had rushed up to me. 
- "Emma, you can not do this!" Chiara had sat down in front of me and took hold of my hands. I did not respond but looked down at the floor. Tears dripped and created small pools of salt water.
- "This is an election Emma must do yourself." Did Elisabeth convinced. - "We have no right to persuade her to do it!" 
- "Go and slurp tea or something! Should she lose the only person she loved because of dangerous magic?" Chiara growled at her.
- "Quiet Chiara! Emma you do what you think is right, although I do not think it's right!" Avalon had put his hand over my shoulder. I still have not responded. I was still thinking about it where worth it. Not having the magic I never wanted and losing beloved Derek? Or stand with magic and marry Derek. 
- "What choice do I have?" I whispered low to them. 
- "What?" Wondered Avalon. 
- "What choice do I have, stay with the force and Derek and feel bad that I have to live with something I do not want or losing Derek to avoid Aideens Light." I whispered feebly.

I hid my face in my hands. I could not stop the tears still ran down my face.
- "Have you decided?" Fripps voice was right behind me.
- "Yes." I said short and turned to him. - "I do not want to Aideens Light.
- "Emma, no!" Chiara whispered behind me.
- "I have decided." Fripp laid one of his paws on my hand.
- "When I delete Aideens Light, you lose Derek., He will never know who you are and he will never have sold Sasha to you. You will be a totally stranger to him. All of us in this room will know what happened, but when you leave this room, the world outside will never know what happened to us all. Nobody will remember that you have become endangered. Mr. Kembells men and Darkcore will never remember that they hurt you. "If it would be encouraging, I felt just more sadness. Lose Derek to save my own skin. Was that selfish thinking?
Fripp jumped up on my knees and he put his little paw on my forehead.
- "What once where hidden, will again be hidden!" He said. The small ruined hall was lit in a white light and when I opened my eyes again. We stood outside Elizabeth's house, in the ice cold blizzard.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 24 {English}

Slowly I opened my eyes and found that I was at home in my room at the vineyard. My gray robe hung over my chair at the desk. Someone had drawn the curtains of my window, which lay out the vineyard barn. I sat up in bed. I had been lying on my stomach and felt my neck was a little stiff. My blonde hair hung down over my face. When I moved away, I saw that Derek was lying next to me. 
My heart did flips. I lay back down next to him and pulled my finger over his chest. I looked up at his face and I could see how he smiled. His one shoulder was bandaged after Ron shot him. He opened his eyes and I smiled to see his brown eyes made me laugh. I sat up on him and leaned forward and pressed my lips against his.

He responded to the kiss and put his arms around me and pulled me harder on him. 
- "Good morning," I said, with a smile. 
- "Good morning!" He answered me. I sat up and looked at him. It felt like a dream to see him again. We had not seen for several weeks, and now he was lying in my bed, next to me. 
- "How is your shoulder?" I wondered. He twisted a little on the shaft to see if it hurt. I could see how his face drew together. 
- "It is almost complete!" He lied. I saw a twinkle in his eye when he said it. I laughed. 
- "Liar!" I smiled. He sat up, grabbed me and swung me around so I ended up on my back under him. He leaned forward and his lips touched my carefully.

- "How are you?" He asked. I felt through my body, but I had no pain at all.
- "I feel good. I feel refreshed!" I answered him. He lay down beside me, with his face turned towards me. He looked so serious. - "Chiara's fine., She have begun to recover and the fever have gone down."
- "How did you know I was going to ask about her?" I wondered a bit surprised.
- "You two are best friends. It is normal to worry about each other." He smiled and lay on his back. I followed and were safely next to him and kept pulling my finger out of his chest. I smiled when I did it because I wanted to see if he was ticklish. The effect was equal to zero, I heard no giggling or saw the typical rhythm, which people usually get when you tickle them.
- "Good to know that she's fine. She have good healer with him!" I replied and then turned my face up toward his. He lay with his face turned towards me. - "What?" I wondered, his serious expression did not seem to go away.

- "You have not answered my question yet!" He said finally. 
- "What question?" I wondered and sat up. He sat up after me and took my hands. 
- "Think properly now., I asked a question before the other day., It was just before we where interrupted." He continued. 
I thought for a while and really tried to figure out what the question he asked me. The only thing I remember was how we were fighting for our lives. Blood came from Chiara, which I tried in vain to block from leaving her body. - "I asked a question before Chiara where badly injured!" He said again. I had been quiet many minutes. Then I remembered it. It was at that moment that he and I alone escaped from the platform and I was trying to drag us down to the ground floor.

My cheeks flare up and I put my hands on my cheeks. In an attempt to hide it. I looked then up at Derek, who put a blond lock behind my ear. 
- "Do you remember?" I nodded and lost the ability to speak. 
- "Yes, I do not know what to say?" I stuttered nervously forward. Derek took my hand in his, and with the other hand he caressed my cheek. He looked sad and tried to say something, but as soon as he opened his mouth to say something, he closed it again and looked down at the bed. 
- "I may not have so much to offer you, but," 
- "But you're wrong!" I said out loud, and my voice was confident. Derek was surprised at how powerful my voice became. 
- "You have a lot to offer me., You do not see it. You offer a life with you. You offer me real love, that you fought for, and you've got me to trust you, right from the first moment." He opened his mouth to stop me, but I silenced him. - "Derek, you offer me love and trust. No money in the world can buy that for me." I smiled and held his hands in mine. We were still sitting on my bed without even bother to get dressed.

- "My answer has long since been, Yes, I just have not had it in my mind since we were fighting for our lives on the platform!" Derek's face lit up and he threw his arms around me and pressed his lips against mine. I responded to the kiss.
- "So that's a yes?" He asked cheerfully.
- "Yes!" I smiled and laughed. Tears ran over and down my face. Derek leaned forward and his lips massaged mine. I put my arms around him and he pulled me down on the bed.

Later that week:
Chiara was sitting in the kitchen with Elisabeth and drank one of Elisabeth's herbal teas. I sat across from her and Elisabeth beside her. None of us said anything. I had just told them that Derek had proposed.
- "I knew you'd say yes!" Began Chiara. Her face was worn, but she kept the good manners not to have to lie down and rest.
- "How long?" I wondered.
- "Then I heard him ask the question on the platform. It was shortly before Ron stabbed me." She put her hand over her stomach. Elisabeth looked down on the movement and looked worried. - "I feel good!" She muttered to her. Elisabetht looked at me. Although she was worried about Chiara's health, she smiled at me.
- "I think it's wonderful! Clearly you're getting married!" She said with a smile and nervously drank from the cup of hot tea. Chiara snorted!
- "You've never liked Derek since he last betrayed Emma!"

- "But that was long ago., He has matured since then!" Elisabeth defended herself against Chiara. Chiara pushed her herb tea and stood up. 
- "Sorry if I'm a bit stubborn, but I'm going to bed. You! Do not help me!" She growled at Elizabeth, who had stood up for her. She sat down again and we looked after Chiara, who started to walk up the stairs to her room. 
- "What's with her?" I wondered. Elisabeth sighed. 
- "She is disappointed at Avalon." She finally said, looking up at me. 
- "Avalon? Why?" I wondered in surprise. - "I thought you two were together!" Elisabeth gulped down the hot tea into the throat and coughed. 
- "No, no, no no, I and Avalon are good friends and nothing more, I have never had such feelings for him or anyone!" Defended herself. I smiled. 
- "Ah, love trouble for Chiara! Avalon will never visit?" 
- "He does, but he always comes at night when Chiara sleeping. Usually after he met Fripp. He's been with him much just this past few days., I do not know what he's doing." She mumbled and took a napkin and wiped away the tea, she spilled on the table.

- "Have Avalon feelings for Chiara?" I wondered. That Fripp did not interest me one bit. If so, why avoided Avalon to visit Chiara during the day? 
Elisabeth shrugged. She had no idea herself. Avalon never told these things to her. 
- "What is he doing with Fripp?" We did not get anywhere with our conversation, I might as well ask who was Fripp. Again she shrugged her shoulders. 
- "Avalon is a very enigmatic person, but what he does with Fripp?, I do not know!" 
- "Hm, yeah!" I whispered anxiously. Could not come up with sensible answers than to shrug. 
- "When were you going to have the wedding then?" Wondered Elisabeth who ruled off topic. This time it was my turn to shrug. 
- "I do not know if I'll be honest., I have not had so many ideas about how I want the wedding. Autumn is almost here, maybe a fine autumn wedding would be nice, but even winter can be lovely. Though I do not like the cold . "I said and drank some of my herb tea. It tasted like drinking pine needles, but I drank it anyways, to show respect.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 23 {English}

- "Chiara? Chiara?" I grabbed her shoulders and shook her. No reaction. I leaned over her chest and listened to her heart and the beating irregular heartbeat. 
- "Emma!" Avalon put a hand over my shoulder. I hit it off and began CPR. - "Emma, listen to me!" He said again. 
- "1, 2, 3, 4" I counted while I pressed the palms against her chest and squeezed off center to get the fight on. Avalon grabbed my hand and stopped me from continuing with cardiac massage. - "She's going to die! Stop!" I yelled at him and tried to pull me my hands, but Avalon kept them in an iron grip.

- "You can save her!" He said calmly. I looked into his face, which was quite relaxed.
- "How? You prevent me from giving her cardiac massage."
- "Use Aiden Light to keep her heart going." I looked blankly at him and I got what he meant.
- "Is that even possible?" I asked him.
- "The only thing we can do is try., Let your hands lying over her heart, and think of all those great memories you had together and transmits happiness and light energy to her heart. With the help of it, you can keep running her heart until we come to Captain Brus boat. From there I and Elisabeth take over. "He smiled and pulled my hands over Chiara's chest. I closed my eyes and began to think of all the good and happy memories we had together since I came to the Jorvik.

I felt myself smiling and a light shone up and a lovely warmth sped through my body, out to the fingertips and down to Chiara's heart, who rushed up and began to beat even strokes.
- "It works!" Did I say in chorus along with Elisabeth. Avalon lifted Chiara's unconscious body and we started to run down to the small boat that was waiting on us. Conrad had rowed back to get us. He stood up and received Chiara and helped us all on board the small boat. Alex pushed us out and Conrad took proper hold of the oars, and we got further and further away from Dark Core platform.

On Captain Brus big boat, took them against us and were phased to see Chiara. They took her and along with Avalon, Conrad and Elisabeth, ran they down below deck with her. I stood there with Alex, Linda, Lisa and Derek. My hands were shaking. Entire me was shaking. 
I lost my footing and fell backwards. Derek caught me right before I hit my head. 
- "She is exhausted! Come, we take her to the cab down there!" Linda said and pulled Derek down to one of the cabins.

A short hallway took us to a small cabin. Linda closed the door behind her and together with Derek, I got rid of the bloody clothes.
- "I'll stay out here so you can call at me if you want help!" He said to Linda, who nodded. When Linda start going to the bathroom with me, I turned to Derek one last time before the door closed on us. After that, I do not remember much more. My vision was blurred and everything felt like a dream. The last thing I remember was how the water from the shower had dyed the water red.

I woke up when someone stroked my cheek. Slowly I opened my eyes and blinked. 
I looked up at the person who had caressed my cheek and I saw Derek's brown eyes smile at myself. 
- "Good morning!" He smiled. I sat stiffly up and looked around the small cabin. 
- "Where am I?" I asked and stretched myself. Derek lay in bed with myself. His face was clean, but traces of the old scar was visible. 
- "Captain Brus boat, in one of the cabins., We are soon to land at Fort Pinta. Someone will come and pick us up there." He said and pulled myself down into the arms of his. I lay over him. 
- "How long have I been asleep?" 
- "We've been at sea for 48 hours. So for two days, you have been sleeping." I was surprised that we been away so long.

- "How is Chiara?" I felt Derek's body was fastened to. I sat up again to see his face. 
- "She's fine, but her life is still in the balance!" He told me a bit depressed. - "The Elisabeth had with her, was not enough to help Chiara., She needs more special herbs that Elisabeth has at home in her house." He continued. 
- "I want to see her!" I began to crawl out of bed and reached for my clothes, which apparently was not in the cab. 
- "I was afraid you would say so, but no, Emma, you can not see her." I turned to Derek who had sat up on the edge of the bed. 
- "Why not? She is my best friend!" I growled and started looking for my clothes. Derek said nothing but sat there on the bed and looked down at the floor. I turned towards him. - "Have you seen my clothes?" Derek did not react. I went up to him and sat down in front of him and put my hands in his.

His hands grabbed hold of my wrists and he held a convulsively grip on them.
- "Ouch! Derek, you're hurting me!" I said and tried to pull myself away from him. When he is not released, he looked up and in front of me, it was not Derek, it was Ron. His face was smashed and his face lit up in a wicked grinning. He stood up and pulled me up into the air. My legs hung above the floor. I started screaming and kicking at him. He would not let go. Instead, he opened his mouth and was about to speak, but instead out through your mouth, keep pipe from a revolver. He laughed and fired a shot and fired it straight into me.

- "Emma! Wake up, you have a nightmare!" Derek's voice made me open my eyes. I could feel the sweat running and my body shook with widespread fear. I looked around and we were in a cab. The only light that there was an oil lamp which stood beside the bed. 
I was breathing heavily. Derek let go of me and sat down next to me. - "Are you okay?" He asked. I shook my head and threw me into his arms and cried. 
- "Please! Promise to never leave me!" The tears welled up. Derek held me tight. 
- "I promise, I will never leave you!" He said softly. He lay down on the bed with me again and held me until I fell asleep again.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 22 {English}

On the Platform:
- "Are you okay?" Avalon had taken hold of my shoulders and looked through my neck to see after wounds from the knife. I smiled.
- "Yes, I'm okay!" I answered him. He smiled back, something unusual since he had sulked with me since we left Fripp. Maybe it was the kiss before, which brought up something about him. - "Watch out!" I screamed when a guard from nowhere came up behind Avalon. Avalon threw himself forward, over me, and we avoided from being cast down by what I saw, a baseball bat. Avalon struck out his hand to the man, flew backwards and landed a short distance away from us.
- "I need my sword!" Avalon mumbled while he was still above me. He looked back down at me. I smiled nervously.
- "Could you get off me?" I said then and pushed him away. He rose quickly up and pulled me up, but I went down to the platform again, when another man had come to us. I hit in the back and breathed out heavily by the blast.

Avalon struck out his hand to the man, even as he flew and landed behind me. Avalon pulled me up on his feet again.
- "Maybe you should find a place to hide?" I nodded in agreement and started running away from the platform. Elisabeth fought together with Alex, against a gang that was trying to overtake them. She threw a ball of fire on the men, who flew backwards and landed on the other side of the platform. Alex used her legs and kicked down a man. Another came and put her arms around her. The man was much bigger than Alex, but Alex was growing up with four brothers, she know all their tricks. She pulled away by taking in force with her legs of the platform and throw herself backwards. It made the man lose his footing as he fell backwards and got Alex over himself. The man gasped for breath and let go of Alex, who came up on the her legs again.

Linda and Lisa stood with their backs to each other and used their forces to paralyze the men. One by one they fell backwards and lay unconscious on the platform. 
I hid behind a pair of drums that stood at the stairs. I checked after Emma, who had vanished without trace, like Derek's body. A sword rang and Avalon had regained his sword and used it as protection. Many of the men used the baseball bat made of steel or other weapons they found. I backed away when one of the men fled down the stairs and away from the battle. When I backed off as I heard metal hit against metal and I turned around. There lay the iron bars, I picked up one of them and went into battle. I gave myself at the men by popping up behind them and hit their heads.

The guards fell forward after the iron pipe had hit him in the head. I could not help but smile when I saw how he fell forward. I got a little overconfident and rushed me to the next guard. Just that, this guard was ready. When I would give a blow to the back of the head, he turned around and caught the iron pipe with his hand. His face had an evil grinning, and with the other free hand, he grabbed my throat. I dropped the iron pipe and brought my hands to the neck.
- "Brat!" He growled and squeezed. I panicked and began clawing around his hand. He squeezed even harder instead.
- "Avalon" I whispered hoarsely. The man looked moderately amused. When his hand softened slightly, he turned me around, let go and I was thrown across the platform. Struck first in the shoulder and rolled around until I ended up on my back.
- "Chiara" Avalon screamed and tried to get through to me. Elisabeth, who lost control for a moment, looked after me and got two men over her, which forced her down on the platform with her face down.

Alex hurried to Elisabeth's help and kicked both of them men who rolled away from Elisabeth. 
- "Are you okay?" She asked her and helped her to her feet. She nodded. 
- "I'm okay, I lost it for a while." She pointed at me lying on the platform and tried to stand. Alex started running up to me, but stumbled when a man tripped her down. 
- "Chiara" She shouted, trying to break free from the man. I heard the sword struck against iron. 
I managed to get up sitting when I went down to the platform again. The man had come up to me and he had knocked me down and stood with the boot against my chest. 
- "This will go fast, you will not feel anything!" He smile was evil and I started to panic and tried to move off the boot, but however much I tried, it was pointless. His strength was affordable. He raised his iron pipe over his head and swung a punch. I closed my eyes.

A jingle was heard, and I opened my eyes slowly. Avalon had arrived just in time and stopped the blow with his sword. He beat away the iron pipe and struck down the bigger man. His boot disappeared from the chest and I could finally sit up. 
- "Could you not keep you hidden?" Growled Avalon who helped me up. I stumbled and ended up on my knees in front of him. I struggled to breathe normally. It's not every day you have a boot in the chest. 
- "You know me too well, I'm not going to sit and watch when you got the fun!" I said and stood up. Avalon stood before me. The man came back with a new attack, and now he turned himself in to Avalon. Avalon rescued battle with sword and held it. He beat off the man, who stumbled backwards. 
- "Can not you hurry up after Emma and see where she's gone?" He continued anxious.

- "But what about you?" I was just as worried as he was.
- "We're fine, we'll be done shortly. Please join for Emma!" He turned towards me and pulled me in to him, and he pressed his lips against mine, for the second time today. I answered it, released him, and hurried to the stairs and started running downhill, away from the platform.
I stayed below the stairs and held my shoulder. It hurt and it must have been taken the worst blow when I hit the platform. I braced myself and started running down the stairs.
If nothing else, Emma must have made their way down the stairs to get out of here. I continued down through all the corridors. No other guards in sight, even though they had run down the stairs and disappeared from the platform. The hallways continued and felt long and they never seemed to have no end.

I stayed when I heard voices. I snuck my way through the hall and listened. Derek's voice? So he was alive!
I ran back and rounded the corner into the hallway and saw them both. They stood and held each other, their foreheads low against one another. None of them said anything. Until Derek opened his mouth.
- "Emma, Will you marry me?" My heart was beating flips and I felt like breath went out. Emma looked equally surprised and she lost the power of speech. I came to my senses and started to feel furious! How can he even think to ask such a thing when our lives are still at stake?

I opened my mouth to call out at them, but when step came behind me, it made me turn around. 
It was a stupid idea! I stood face to face with the man who shot Derek. The air went out of me when I felt a pain that came from the stomach. I gasped for air and looked down. He had come to me very quickly that I had no time to avoid him. My shirts were ferried on to a darker color and there was messy. I watched terrified into the man's face, who smiled.
- "I will take what I can find!" He told me. I continued to gasp for air while he pressed the knife deeper into me and I screamed. The scream went through the whole platform.
- "Chiara" Derek and Emma screamed my name at the same time. I fell to the floor and Ron came down after me. He pulled out the knife and thrust it into me again. This time higher up. Ron was ripped away from me and Derek got a hit in his face and kneed Ron over his stomach, before he then struck a blow to the man's face. Ron went into the wall and slid slowly to the floor, unconscious.

Emma had sat down next to me. She placed her hands on my stomach where the knife had hit me first. She cried and told me to stay awake. I continued to gasp for air. 
- "Avalon" She screamed, and I could see through the mist, how Avalon sat down beside me. A pain pierced through and the knife still lodged in me, were removed. I coughed and felt how I spitting up blood. Emma moved around and I began to see the silhouettes of people gathered around me.- "Hold on Chiara! Stay awake!" I heard the voice of Avalon talk calming to me. - "Elisabeth! Do something!" He cried afterward. 
- "I do everything I can!" A noise that sounded like glass struck the glass, got me trying to keep me awake. I looked towards Avalon. I could not see anything, my light began to transform into a darkness. 
- "I'm sorry ... I ... I ..." I tried to talk but instead coughed and the taste of blood forced their way up the neck. Avalon hyschade me and his hand stroked my forehead. Blood again stuck in my throat and I coughed up more blood. 
- "Do not talk, keep you awake!" He continued to talk quietly with me. 
- "We have to get to the captain's boat, I can not help her here" Elisabeth's voice became numb in the dark and I began to close my eyes.

- "Chiara keep you awake! Please do not fall asleep!" Emma's voice was so dominant and she shook me. I felt my mouth corners pulled up into a smile and I nodded unconsciously and let the darkness embrace me.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 21 {English}

Secret Stone Ring:
This mystical place is not to locate itself on a map. You come to the Secret Stone Rings by following the road up behind Elizabeth's house, and up the hill until you go past the stone runer. When you come to a path that goes like a spiral, you begin to follow it up with the track and turn not from it. As you approach the center, you will enter a room where space and time flows in a completely different way than the rest of the world. 
Among the ruins, grows the tree roots above and below the ruins. One could say that it looked like an old castle hall. In the past when invited rich people to bale.

The hall was dark and foggy, but it was still relatively light that you could see where you went. On the floor there was a light in purple. The shape looked like a hand mirror, a handle that then coiled up against the "mirror" and further around it. In the middle of the round circle, the form had the four horses reared up, the two in the upper circle against each other and the two lower rears apart. 
The place was magnificent and concealed many secret things that no one in the human world knew about. 
The Secret Stone Ring floated time and space in a completely different way than other countries. It was here that Fripp had settled.

He, a small creature that came from a completely different solar systems, sat in the middle of the room and looked over Jorvik, to see what happened. He saw the happy faces of both boys and girls enjoyed on the horse backs, or sat at caférna and had coffee. But elsewhere, he tried to see what Darkcore planned. They had escaped away his visions. Emma and Derek managed to disappear before he could step in and do something.
Luckily, he got into a little spies that helped him keep an eye on them, but there was an uncanny silence from them. He sighed Supplied and scratched his eye with his little paws.
- "What a mess we have put ourselves into!" He muttered, looking out from behind his paws on the screens in front of him. In one of them he could only see fog and sea. What was hidden behind it, he could not decide, it was beyond his limits. He only knew that his patron Aiden had gone out there with the help of Captain Brus.

He laughed as he thought of how Chiara had a really stubborn will and got his way through blustering and contradict him. Although she did not know who he was, she had said against him anyway. Fripp laughed. If only it had been that she was the chosen one among Aiden's Patron. He moved her ears back when someone was walking behind him. 
- "Not a day too late!" The man behind him laughed softly and stood next to Fripp. 
The man wore a black cap and had the hood down so you could see his face. Just that his face was scarred and bruises had begun to show. 
- "I thought I could have taken a short vacation!" Leon joked and smiled at Fripp. Fripp did not smile back, but still looked on the the screens in front of him. 
- "Nice to see you again." He said later. 
- "Have you heard anything?" Fripp shook his head.

- "It's empty, it's just that Linda sent signals to me, but from the others so it seems like they're still trying to get through." 
- "The place is very big, I'm not surprised if they have not found to the helicopter pad yet." Leon mumbled and looked towards some of the screens at all the other people around Jorvik, who did not suspect anything. It was the only winery that looked to be on guard. Fripp took a deep breath. 
Leon looked down at their leader who had closed his eyes. 
- "What's happening?" Wondered Leon. Fripp held up his paw to silence him. He opened his eyes again and looked towards Leon.
- "Linda has found something of Pandora, it seems that the devil exclusion is in play." He said. - "But neither Chiara or Avalon answer their communication so Linda is on the way up to the platform to see what has happened." He closed his black eyes and turned around. He looked over to the Secret Stone Rings that stood empty of people from Aiden's Patron. He took a deep breath and let out the air.

- "What are we waiting for?" Leon asked him. 
- "We are waiting for information from Linda, she will give me details about where they are. Directly after that I will go. If I am right, Emma should be one of the chosen ones." Leon cleared his throat a little and coughed. 
- "Are you quite sure?" Fripp nodded. 
- "There's something about her., She has survived the worst and where through a lot in such a short time. Just these last few times, as Mr. Kembells men had attacked her, she should have died long ago. Her will to live is there. She just needs to be brought back. "Leon thought for a moment. 
- "So, is she one of Aideen posterity?" He asked again. Fripp laughed subdued. 
- "We can never know for sure. Few of us knew about Aideen had children. Aideen it did then it will shock most of you. Emma does not know much about her and can therefore itself not know if she is related with her. But yes it can be that she is related to her! "Fripp was still looking out over the ruins of the hall and waited for Linda would inquire of him.

- "How will we find out if Emma is the right one?" Asked Leon again. 
- "We'll see., I will go by myself as soon as Linda contacted me. Then I guess I'll see then!" Fripp said, closing his eyes again and there was a long silence between them. Not a sound was heard throughout the room. 
- "Now!" Fripp opened his eyes and his mind disappeared into a light that took him directly to Emma. 
Emma appeared before him and he could see the Pandora pink lights suck all the energy out of her. Fripp ended up very close to Emma. Her face was white and worn. Even so, she was still at consciousness. 
Fripp put his blue paw over her forehead. 
- "It's time, unleash and came up to us and let us be glad of your hidden light!" He smiled as he said it, and smiled when he again saw Aiden lights appear. The glow from the light given place to light up in a white bright light, which got the men on the platform, to turn away their eyes from the bright light.

Fripp opened his eyes and he was once again on location in Secret stone room. He blinked a few times before his vision saw clearly. 
- "It was like I had hoped!" He said softly. A small clue of a hidden wind pulled past the Secret Stone room and left a lasting sigh behind.

I felt my legs slowly landed on the helicopter platform. Whatever happened, I felt my body got back the spark of life and my body had an energy I had never felt before. I sat down on my knees, to rest for a while and have enough strength to stand on my legs.
- "What the hell was that?" The voice made me jump and turn around towards Ron. I do not know what he saw when he looked at me, but he flinched away from me. I stood up slowly on wobbly legs and turned around toward him.
- "Emma?" I turned back to Chiara. They sat still on her knees with her arms tightly bound behind their backs. I started going up to them and sat down on my knees in front of her and hugged her. Then I released her and stood up again.

I did not know what I felt, but it was as if something was alive in me.
- "Yes, but this was nice." Claire's voice was not the least bit impressed and she looked towards the ruined magnifying glass, which had sealed Pandora. - "Because the Pandora power is gone, you may use your imagination!" Claire's voice echoed through the platform and the voice was not the least bit amusing. - "Ron!" She shouted.
Ron stepped forward and aimed the gun at me and fired one shot. I had no time to react myself what happened, but it felt like everything happened in slow motion, I saw the shot coming and I folded automatically excluded from the shot, which whizzed past my ear.
- "What the hell?" He fired shots at shot at me as I avoided with such a skillful flexibility that I did not think it was even possible.
I had drawn me towards Ron and now stood open in front of him. His smile had long since disappeared, and now I could see widespread fear in his eyes. For the first time in a long time I did not feel afraid anymore.

I held up my hand against him, and a light, from palm of my hand, caused him to fall backwards and flee the scene with his tail between his legs. I turned toward Avalon, who had spat out the cloth from her mouth.
- "Emma, pulling the ropes from us!" I looked at him uncomprehendingly. Until I looked down at my middle finger and index finger, holding them together and made a gesture with the fingers together. The ropes behind their backs on Aiden's patrons came off. The movement happened completely automatically, as if I had done this before.
- "Wow!" I said, surprised. Then I got a feeling in the chest and my heart began to pound hard. I took my hand to the chest and sat down on squatting. The tears welled up and ran down over the cheeks. My thoughts had wandered to Derek. I got up quickly and hurried away from the battle and towards the stairs.
Aiden's patron had started battle with Mr. Sands men, I left the battle to them, I wanted to Derek. A sound from the magic and sword clinking could be heard behind me.

When my hand went over Derek's chest, I felt it went up and down. 
- "Derek?" I shook him and saw how his eyelids went up. I laughed so hard tears came and hugged him. He put his arms around me and held me for long. - "I thought you were dead!" I cried against his arms. 
- "I thought so too!" He replied hoarsely. He winced and dropped me a while. I saw the dark spot on his shoulder. Ron had misjudged the shot and hit him in the shoulder. 
- "What happened, how are you?" He asked anxiously. 
- "I feel good. But come, we must hurry out of here!" I said and pulled him up on his feet and we began to run down the stairs and away from the helicopter pad. 
- "Do you know where we're going?" He asked as we ran through the corridors. 
- "Down!" I answered him shortly while we searched our way through the maze of hallways to find a way down. - "I have a feeling that we're going to get as far down as we can!" I answered him.

He stopped and held my hand. 
- "Derek, please, we must hurry!" He looked long at my hand and his thumb stroked my fingers. I did not know what he was thinking. His short brown hair hid his face. 
- "It's something I've wanted to ask you!" He said very low. Despite the roar of the sea and the wind strong sigh, I could clearly hear what he said. 
- "You think we can take it later? We are in the middle of a battle between good and evil!" I smiled and felt how warped I stomped and just wanted to run away. 
- "No, none of us knows if we get out of here alive., We never know if this is the end or happiness to something good!" He pulled me closer to him. His face had endured lot of kinds. Tears filled my eyes and I took both my hands and held them over his cheeks. 
- "Derek, please!" I begged. He wiped away a tear that escaped from my eyes, which rolled down my cheek. He leaned forward and pressed his lips against mine. I answered it and took tight hold of his brown hair.

He let go of my lips and leans his forehead against mine. I pulled into the wonderful smell of him and did not want this moment to disappear. 
- "Emma," he murmured low. - "Will you marry me?"

When will life take a new turn? - Part 20 {English}

The men around the platform backed away a few steps from the creature that rose into the light from the shadows. 
- "Whom have I the honor to present?" Ron smiled. His gun was still pointed at Derek. The man in the cap said nothing. He stood still in the middle, between Derek and me. He lifted his hands and pulled down the hood hood and the true face of Avalon was unveiled.

Ron looked up at Mr. Sands and Claire, who apparently was not there anymore.
- "My name is Avalon and I have come to reclaim what is mine." Ron started to laugh and so did the rest of the men. Avalon did not smile.
- "So you're the famous Avalon., We have met before., If you remember!" Ron smiled. - "As I remember it, or when Claire told me., We lost our memories for a few months ago. A white light was the last thing I remembered when I almost had killed the girl. Ah, those memories." He smiled and got a brief recap from the scene several months ago, when he snapped my arms and choked me.
- "All too well I remember!" Responded Avalon him. From his gray hood he pulled cross riders sword and held it in his right hand. Men laughing even higher. A sword against a gun has never in this century worked together.

- "So, it's your weapon?, I have to me that Claire mentioned sometime on Cross riders who rode with King Richard for many a century ago. And apparently it was you and three, who chose to become immortal. But you seemed to choose a different route than the other three men did. You chose freedom and justice way. pity, pity., you'd fit great with us. "
- "Thanks but no thanks, I think I'll stay on this side." Now Avalon smiled, a smile that Ron did not like. He aimed the gun toward Avalon also shot. 
With a lightning stroke, Avalon had rejected the ball with the sword and the ball bounced away from the site. 
- "Impressive. With your sword skill you'd fit in with us, you are absolutely sure that you do not want to join us?" He smiled and again he directed the revolver against Derek. Derek looked toward Avalon, who held his sword ready for battle. Avalon did not answer him but stood ready with both hands around the grip on the sword.

- "Enough!" A woman's voice was drowned and there was a creepy silence around the platform. Everyone turned towards Derek, obliquely beside him, Claire stood together with Mr. Sands and beside them stood a guard and held Chiara against himself. Her arms were tightly tied behind his back. The guard kept a tight hold of her red hair and a large hunting knife that lay against her throat.
- "Ch ... Chiara?" My voice echoed when I said Chiara's name on the platform.
- "Drop the sword Avalon, you do not want her to be harmed!" Claire said loudly and the guard took a firmer grip on Chiara, who was moaning in pain. She turned her blue eyes to Elisabeth, who had helped me to sit up. - "You there, drop what you have, now!" She growled. Elisabeth looked towards Avalon and seeking help.
He stood still and stared at the woman in green dress and flaming blonde hair. Elizabeth stood up and put down her bag on the floor. Alex and Lisa followed her example and put down their backpacks on the floor next to Elizabeth.

Avalon heard how the bags were thrown down on the floor behind him.
- "Avalon, it might as well give up., We are so many more than you and you do not want to cause more harm!" She stood beside Chiara and pulled her long finger of Chiara's cheek. Avalon threw his sword aside and a man from the ring rushed forward and picked it up. - "Wise choice! Take them!" The ring with the men, overwhelmed Aiden Patron and very soon, they sat on their knees in a row, in the middle of the platform.
Claire pulled in to the middle and went in between them, still with a smile on her lips. She stopped in front of Avalon. - "It's really a shame, you could have been very good if you stayed with me." She smiled and her voice had a different tone, more sensuel.

- "I have never regretted the day I left you!" He growled. She sat down on the haunches and looked into his blue eyes before she then stroked the black, long and wavy hair. 
- "Very sad!" She murmured, and she turned her face to me. I could see a twinkle she had and it looked anything but good. Her smile disappeared and she stood up. - "Ron finish this now so we can go!" She muttered and waved more men and they began to pull away Aiden patrons away from the platform, leaving me alone behind. 
- "With pleasure!" Ron smiled and bowed before Claire. He drew the revolver against Derek and fired one shot. Derek's body collapsed. 
- "NO!" My screams echoed through the platform and out of the mists before finally removed. - "No. .. no," I leaned forward and the tears welled up and ran down my cheeks. - "Derek, no!"

- "Make sure to get the body away from my sight, and be sure to get this done!" Claire's voice was drowned, and the men began to move around the platform. I felt someone lifted me up and put me down more into the center of the platform.
- "Emma!" Chiara's voice echoed somewhere in my mind, but I had not the strength to answer her. I stared down at the floor and looked at how my tears dripped down.
- "We are ready! Open!" I heard the woman call out again.
- "Emma! Wake up and see ..." Avalon's voice ended and he began to mumble instead. It felt as if all joy had left me and I found no power to bother me anymore. A wind from the sea blew up and lifted my blonde hair for a dance. I looked up and tried to see if the stars blinked, but the only thing I could see was a pitch-black darkness. No star was to be seen.
A semblance in pink made me look up and see a large magnifying glass, which was directed toward me. From inside the magnifying glass I could see the pink light was trying to get out, by pressing against the glass. I closed my eyes.
- "Emma!" Elisabeth, Lisa and Alex shouted my name in the choir. I heard nothing. I opened my eyes and each focused on was the pink glow.

I had never run as fast as I did now. I should certainly think about starting gyms, because it felt like I have lost all my fitness. I had tried for the last 30 minutes to contact them through the walkie talkie, but when no one answered, so I knew something must have happened.

I stayed just below a staircase where a semblance flashed. I stopped suddenly and turned around. Behind me was that a couple of barrels and beside them lay Chiara bag. The bag was Walkie talkies and the beautiful shrine that Fripp has given us. 
- "Oh, my heaven's sake!" I picked up the box and opened it. In the box was the last that was left of Aiden's Light. A small gossamer that looked to be of silvery glass. I held it tightly around me and closed my eyes and opened them again. 
Aiden Light did not have any effect in me. 
- "NO!" Emma's screams echoed down to me and Aiden Light flared up in my hand. 
- "Oh, my gosh!" I mumbled again and hurried up the stairs. Before me stood a lot of men with their backs to me, but through the small space so I could see how they looked toward the platform, where everyone from Aiden's patron, sat on the platform, tied. Besides Emma sat with her hands bound in front of her.

I took a deep breath and tried to take me a little closer. All that just sat on the platform where deducted and Emma was alone on the platform in the middle. What she had in front of me, I could not see, but judging by the pink light, I knew immediately that it had with Pandora pink light to do. 
- "Emma! Wake up and see ..." Avalon's voice was subdued by a one guard shoved a rag in his mouth. 
- "Open!" A woman in a green and fabulous dress. Dress looked like it was worn up of a bunch of green leaves. I let her go and started to penetrate me through the mass of men, who responded immediately and threw themselves over me. 
- "Emma! Catch!" I threw Aiden Light against her. Just when she looked up and saw how Aiden's Light coming toward her, she held out her hands and was about to catch it when a shot was heard and Aiden Light shattered to a million pieces and turned into silvery sand. 
- "No ..." I whispered.

I saw how the silvery dust fell down in front of me. Whatever it was Linda threw at me I could never see what it was. A silvery spire of glass? It glistened so beautifully and now it was not there. All that remained of it, was a pile of silvery gravel. 
- "Put her on the others.,., I think she will enjoy the show just like us!" Claire's voice was moderately amused and I looked to Linda who was carried away by the men. There they stood, I could then see a body lying. Tears well up to my eyes and ran down over my cheeks. 
I turned away from Derek's body and then looked into the pink light that just started pulling out of the glass.

Their rays found their way to the first person who was closest to it, and the rays that resembled octopus tentacles, was drawn to my energy. I knew how they curled around me and pushing into each tiny vein in my body. The energy I have just had, relieved and left my body and I began to feel exhausted. I fell backwards, but was captured by the Pandora pink lights before my head hit the platform. Light every hovering and they lifted my body above the platform and started to pull me into Pandora. 
- "Emma!" I heard some shouting behind me, I turned my face towards them and I could see their frightened faces. I closed my eyes and let the light to draw me into Pandora.

Just before I disappeared behind the magnifying glass, there was a glow on the site. A white bright light. the Pandora pink energy tentacles let go of me and I where hanging in the air, a creature appeared in my field of vision. A creature that was strikingly similar to a squirrel, but not really. Its blue coat with a mysterious pink marks hovered in front of me. The creature came close to my face and with great deep voice spoke to me. 
- "It's time, unleash and came up to us and let us be glad of your hidden light!" The creature placed his little blue paw across my forehead. I felt some relief, and the energy just left me came back with such force that I made out a sharp breath and pulled in more air, which stretched from sea fogs.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 19 {English}

It felt like we snuck around for ages and never got anywhere. When I looked down over the side, I could barely see the bottom of the platform because of all the fog. 
- "Avalon Why we sneak around? There are no guards here?" I whispered to him, with some irritation. 
- "That's why we'll sneak., We do not know where they are and they can then appear just anywhere!" He whispered back and waved at us to keep moving forward. 
As we walked along the dark hallways of the Court, it seemed as if it was dead-on guards. Wherever we were moving, it seemed as if no one at all showed up. 
- "That's far-fetched, why we do not move like normal people?" I mumbled to him. He stopped and turned to me. 
- "I do not need to explain myself more times. The more gently we move, the more certainly we do not have lot of drama!" He replied irritably.

- "Drama? By sneaking? Are you stupid for real?" I growled. A shot was heard and a scream that came directly after. - "Emma!" I whispered. We all stood still and tried to listen to where the scream could have come from. 
- "They must be out there somewhere on the platform?" Alex said quietly. Avalon nodded. 
- "They must be on the helicopter platform, the one that lies at the top!" 
- "Where are we? We can not see so much in this fog. How do we know we are not going around in circles?" I murmured low.
- "Wait!" Elisabeth began rummaging in her satchel, and soon picked up a small black round compass and gave it to Alex. 
- "So, which way can the platform be? North or northwest? Northeast maybe?" She dodged with that little compass that it felt like we where standing in the same spot for several hours. 
- "Give me that!" I said and took the compass from her and got the red dart pointing to the north. - "If we follow the North, we should be able to come directly to the platform." I said, pointing towards the same direction we were heading towards. Avalon pushed me forward and stood behind me. 
- "Then you lead the way!" He smiled. I raised an eyebrow and turned around to the north and began to walk, quickly!

We crossed through some hallways before we finally came to a staircase that took us further up. I stopped abruptly when we came to a dark corridor, which had no working lights. 
- "What is it?" Avalon whispered in my ear. 
- "Shyssh" I whispered and listened. Something clinked against the metal, and it seemed to get closer. Avalon also heard what I was listening for, and began to drag us backwards. He put his arm around the waist of me and found an open door where he closed the door on us. He left a small gap open so he could look out. 
Past the door, two men were content. He could see on their faces that they had suffered stroke and when they limped past us, looked Avalon out the door again. He watched as they disappeared down the stairs and into the thick fog. 
- "We must be close to Mr. Sands office." He murmured low, and waved us all out of the room. 
- "How can you know that?" I whispered curiously. I did not see as much of the men who passed by. 
- "I saw it on the wounds. Only Leon could provide such powerful blows." 
- "Psst," I said a little too loud for everyone shushed me. I sighed at them and we continued along the corridor.

When we got to a new staircase, I stopped. 
- "This is probably the last stairs., I can feel that the air is cooler here." I whispered. Avalon put a hand on my shoulder and pushed me away from the others. 
- "Good, because now you stay here!" He said softly so only I could hear. 
- "What?" I growled. 
- "You stay here, I do not want to expose you to danger., You have done well that took us all the way here, but now we take care of the rest!" He whispered very low so the words were aimed directly at me. 
- "I'm going with you! Without me, you would not have come here. Who knows what could happen to you when I'm not with you!" I was irritated, downright pissed off that Avalon continued to make a fuss about getting me to stay out of sight! 
- "We are grateful for it., But now you have to stay here: You have absolutely no magical skills or carry weapons with you., You are easy prey in other words!" 
- "Avalon, I hear someone laughing up there." Elisabeth whispered after him and soon after we heard how someone fired shot after shot. I was breathing heavily, trying to sneak past Avalon put his arm in the way for me. He took a hard grip on my shoulders and sat down behind a barrel. 
- "You're staying here!" He growled again and held up a palm to me.

- "If you are going to throw a bewitchment at me so you can forget about it!" I hit his hand away and looked at him sullenly. - "I will stay here, but you are not back in the space of 10 minutes so I will!" 
- "45 minutes!" Sa Avalon against me. 
- "30 minutes!" I continued! 
- "35 minutes!" Persisted in Avalon!
- "Can not you take it where it another day?" Lisa stood between us and looked equally annoyed at Avalon as I did. 
- "20 minutes!" I said. - "That's my final answer, and no more!" Avalon nodded. 
- "Okay, we're not back in 20 minutes you come and save us. How you do is up to you, but does not make you visible!" I nodded and held out my hand against him. He stuck his hand in mine and we was shaking on it! 
- "Oh my God, you are so childish!" Murmured Elizabeth began slowly moving up the stairs with the rest of the gang behind.

I saw how they disappeared up the stairs and into the white mist. Avalon stopped part way up the stairs and turned around and looked at me. His expression on his face changed suddenly. I had never seen it before with him. He turned and walked down the stairs and walked up to me. 
Everything happened so fast, for suddenly he pressed his lips against mine and held me tightly. I had no time to react to what was happening, for as fast as he kissed me, just as quickly, I saw his gray hood disappear up the stairs. 
Alone, I sat up on the barrel and began tearing off my hair. Why did he do so? I bit my lip and hid her face in my hands and tried to make an effort to not run after them.

On the top, I could hear how someone took the blow, could not miss out on when fists hit something. People screamed and laughed and whistled at something. I looked down at my watch and saw that it had only been a few minutes, it felt like hours. I bit my lip again. I had unclear thoughts for Avalon's behavior and started looking through the bag for something to pass the time and think about other things. What I found was just a rope, one walkie and shrine that Linda gave me. Itching fingers to get open the box, but I chose not to.
The people from the helicopter pad laughed more than ever, but pretty soon, were drowned out the laughter to a lot of humming. I stood up and began to move towards the stairs.
I did not bother to wait 20 minutes and began to hurry up the stairs.

Halfway up the stairs, I collided with something. There I bumped into what I saw, a piece of green cloth. I looked up and looked into a female face. The face was rigid and loose expressions. Her lips pulled up into a smile, which made me back away from her, down the stairs and she took a step at a time after me. When I got down flat on the time I pulled back even more from her. Behind her I could see that a man was following her. The man was thin and looked tired and haggard, but in his eyes, I could see what he was thinking. 
- "What are you waiting for Claire?" He asked the woman who continued to stare at me. I looked back at the woman. She wore such a green and elegant dress so it looked like it was worn by green leaves. Her blonde hair was in a knot behind the neck with the help of a lovely green ivy. 
Claire lifted one palm and directed it towards me. I turned around and tried to run away from her, but I could feel my whole body froze and did not listen to me.

Something pulled me back. Back to Claire and when I stood across from her, I could see the man behind her smiled, as she did. 
- "I think I've waited long enough!" She smiled. Her palm was still pointed at me and she put it over my chest. I tried to pull myself away from her, but what I tried did not my body obey me. She stopped smiling and looked into my eyes. Her eyes, which had just had a blue tint, had a greenish hue, and the pressure on my chest rose and my heart was beating irregular kind. 
- "Stop it, please!" I whispered, my voice failed me. My legs gave way and I fell down on my knees in front of her. She glowed in a green light. With her other hand, she put a finger across my forehead. . 
- "I just started!" she said, my memory faded and my world lit up in white light with splashes of green, before I then fell into an eternal darkness.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 18 {English}

I felt no pain and felt that I was still breathing. I slowly opened my eyes and the echo of laughter making noise around us. Beside me, I could see how the gunshot hit the metal that then bounced off elsewhere. I was breathing heavily. 
Another man rushed forward with a bucket of water and threw the water over Derek, who flinched and woke up. 
- "It is thought that this will go fast so our manager can take over the ritual, but I just want to enjoy this moment a little longer." Again directed Ron the revolver, but this time towards Derek. 
- "No, please stop, I beg you!" I screamed shrilly, trying to stop him. The chains holding me back and I got nowhere. Ron had turned towards me.

He smiled at me before he again directed the revolver towards Derek, who looked up. His wet dark hair hung down over his eyes. I could see the old scars after stroke. The tears rose to my eyes when I again tried to pull me forward.
Derek stood, struggling, up the legs. He grabbed the chain that hung above his hands and pulled it up. I felt my chains tightened and how I was pulled up above the ground. The pain could not describe, every little muscle in the body pulled together and it felt like my arms would go off on me. I screamed again.
Derek let go of the chains immediately and remained on his knees, and I fell back against the metal. I was breathing strained.

- "Oh, I forgot to mention it, this is the fun part. Chains are linked to each other, so when the other gets up, lifted the other up., I have heard that it will pain for properly." Ron smiled with the revolver still screened against Derek. 
- "You monster!" Derek growled and tried to look in my direction. 
- "No, I'd call it genius, a monster is something else entirely. As a nightmare, for example." He smiled at him. Ron turned around and pointed at me. - "In these months, a good friend of ours planted in a multi-demon in the girl's dreams to make her weak and easily accessible," His smile disappeared. - "But, of course, where our patron Aiden had to put in and much soon she could start living a normal life, it was just a matter of time. But the moment," he smiled again when he said it. - "So, we came across one of their spies, Leon, and imprisoned him here to keep him away from the mainland. He had no way to talk about our plans." He laughed and the men around us fell in laughter.

I looked around and at one of the big lights, I could see Mr. Sands and the woman, since before, stand and watch us. None of them smiled. They stood there like statues looking down on us. 
- "But he is as good as dead." The name made me think. Leon? It was he who sat in the same room as me. Was he dead ?. - "And here we are, not for the last time, I hope. Nor the last times these two but we all others will probably continue to live on." He continued to smile. He fired a shot against Derek, who just missed him at the head. - "I'll miss where this game!" Ron sighed and started walking up to me. I moved back from him. - "Steady, my real plan was to have more fun, but the idea put a stop to the boss, so I'll have to settle for a different thing." His face was close to mine and I could feel the smell of sweat and alcohol from him. When he smiled his teeth looked anything but disgusting, as if he never brushed them earlier.

His free hand he grabbed hard on the chin at me and held me still. I braced myself for what was to come next.
- "You piece of shit!" I heard Derek sizzle and chains rattled.
- "She's so cute when she's angry!" He smiled again. I tried to break free from the grip, but he squeezed just fixed it harder. Still, he had his face close to mine.
- "Do it!" I heard how the men around us shout and cheer, someone whistled too.
- "No ..." I whispered and pulled me away from him.
- "Yeah!" He smiled. Indeed, his lips pressed against mine and my whole body trembled, and an unpleasant sensation spread through my body. I where disgusted, but at the same time I felt the anger grew within me. I grabbed the first one I got a hold of, which is to say, his lip.

Ron screamed and tried to tear himself away from me, but I refused to let go of the lip. I got a hard slap in the temple and a gunshot was ejected. Amidst the chaos, Ron had made use of his revolver and aimed a punch at my head to get me to let go, but also where he had his finger on the trigger. When the shot was unloaded, met the bullet on the one chain that kept me going. I was hanging unconscious in the air with one hand in shackles, like Derek, he had an arm free.

Ron held his lip that was bleeding heavily after the bite. Derek behind him laughed. Ron turned to the younger man who just laughed at him. 
- "So you think this is funny?" Ron asked and directed the revolver at him. 
- "Very," replied Derek him. Ron's eyes shot lightning at the young boy and went against him. Derek did not back away from himbut remained in place. When Ron's face was close to his, he could feel the smell of sweat and anger. Ron was boiling with anger, would this boy get to make fun of him in front of his friends and boss, it was unacceptable. He took a step back and without blinking, he pointed the revolver back at the boy, took aim and fired a shot.

With effort, Derek had pulled down the chain, and the shot hit the chain snapped in half. Emma fell behind Ron against the metal. Ron gasped and backed away a few steps before he then directed the revolver against Derek again and fired shot after shot. But Derek was young and he dodged the bullets by throwing in different directions. When the last shot was fired, he stood up and a smile appeared on his face.
- "Seems like you've run out of ammunitaion," he said. - "Let's see how tough you are without them!" He held up his fists against him and moved the left leg back so he could get a better balance. 
- "So you think you can beat me?" Ron smiled and said that the challenge was ridiculous. 
- "Until proven otherwise." Said Derek. His face where seriously. Ron stood in position and attacked directly. Ron's stroke was much much harder than what Derek had anticipated and for each beat Ron got in, was always a hit. Derek dropped to his knees when Ron hit in his last battle and Derek fell backward and hit his head on the metal.

The men around them laughed and hung up on each other's shoulders and the back was thoroughly amused by the scenario. 
- "Finish him Ron!" Shouted a woman. 
A revolver was thrown to Ron, who caught it easily. He pulled the trigger back and sighted in on Derek's head. 
- "Until proven otherwise, you said right?" He smiled again. From the lip it still ran down the blood and bits years after Emma's teeth occurred. 
Without saying anything, Derek looked into Ron's eyes and waited for the shot. 
But instead appeared the mass humming from the men around them, which made Ron turned around. Just where Emma lay, stood another man, a man whose face he could not see, a man who was hidden by a cover in gray.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 17 {English}

I felt the tears came.
- "Dead?" I whispered low and turned around toward Elisabeth and Avalon. - "What shall we do?"
- "Here!" Leon gave a pile of paper to Lindathat he copied. Linda looked at the papers and then at Leon. - "From here you're on your own., We have done our part. Now we pull into Captain Brus, he is still awaiting us?" Avalon nodded and moved aside so both Conrad and Leon could get in the boat. They two men sat on opposite ends of the boat.
Conrad, Jorviks best blacksmith sat at the oars. The gray, shoulder-length hair blew light up when a sea breeze came drifting. Leon sat down in front of him and turned around. Whoever he was, I did not then I've never seen him before, but apparently he was a good friend of Aiden's Patron.
The man was young, very young and heavily built and tall. He had blond hair and deep brown eyes and dark eyebrows. His face was oval, a beautiful shaped nose and smooth lips. His face where serious when he turned to us and grabbed the coat at Avalon.

Avalon looked down at him. 
- "Take care of you. May the light of Aiden protect you!" Avalon bowed to Leon who bowed back. 
- "Take care of you. Aiden May the light protect you!" Avalon bowed to Leon who bowed back. He let go of Avalon's rock and pushed out from the oil platform. And we alone, looked at how the little skiff disappeared in the mists. 
- "You should have gone with them" Did I hear Avalon say directly to me. I gritted my teeth and gave him a sullen glance before we started walking up the stairs. 
Linda stayed behind. 
- "I will stay here I think!" She whispered, still looking through the papers Leon had given her. - "I can not read this in the dark and then read and the fight will not be so good!" 
- "Here!" I said and stretched her a walkie talkie, which I had found in Avalon's house and snuck into the bag. -"I'll take the other, you can call us directly if you have found something important things that we should know about!" She nodded and took it. 
- "I hold myself down at the port so I can not be seen from above." She smiled and picked up the box that Fripp given her. - "Take care of this, whatever you do do not lose it!" I nodded and put down the box carefully in the bag and Linda rushed back quickly.

Avalon looked back down at me again. 
- "I will not go back!" 
- "Stay close to me then!" He whispered. I could not help but smile and stood behind him and we began to move upward.

My head was pounding. It felt as if my eyes would pop out of their sockets. I had no direct track of how long I've been in this room, or when I last ate and drank. One of the men was nice and kind that gave me water but how long ago was that? 
I tried to sit up, but the body was aching after all the bangs, so I went to lie down in an uncomfortable position. My arms and legs were still tightly lashed on me and every little movement hurt. I closed my eyes for a while but I been reminded of the headache so I continued to keep my eyes open. I missed Leon who took care of me. He never said anything, but held me and shared their warmth to me.

I was still a little disappointed that he could not lash the ropes a bit. Even though I asked him to do it, he could not. For I ran away, it was he who would take the blows, because he let me loose. 
I winced as a key twisted in the lock and the door slid open. I saw a woman in a green dress came in through the door behind her, two men approached. I backed away from her. She just smiled at me. 
- "Take her!" She said, turned and went out the door. One of the men stepped forward toward me and lifted me up and put me over his shoulder. I saw on the metal floor, which gave away tinkling sound when their steps were moving on the floor. We swung by at a corridor that led us up toward a staircase.

I moaned quietly when every step they took seemed like a nightmare, I went up and down the shaft and got support in the stomach. How big feet had he really? 
I tried to put me right on his shoulder, but as I moved he threw on me so I ended up under the arm on him instead. A terrible situation because I did not know where the other man was. Was he in front or behind us? I looked up, but with a stiff neck, it felt pointless. I was hoping that he went ahead.

When the scent of sea water reached us, I finally got to experience how to be out in the fresh air and I enjoyed every breath, closed my eyes and smiled. I dreamed myself into that moment that I and Derek met for the first time in over a month since the incident at Mr. Kembell. That moment with picnic, sunset in the horizon that colored the sky a beautiful orange and pink glow and then the cool sea breeze coming from the sea. This was where we had our first kiss and the whole evening after it was magical. 
I woke up when the man moved me from under his arm and sat down on the platform. The ropes that lashed my body was removed and instead they put shackles around my wrists and then felt the chains, who sat in shackles, was stretched and I was lifted up so I stood on my legs.

It was then that I looked around. From the platform round corners stood the huge pillars that had an opposite bright light that shone into the center of the platform and each bulb was controlled by four of the men who worked for Mr. Sands. 
Right in front of me, I could see something else. A man sat down. He sat in something that looked like a guillotine, just that it lacked the sharp blade, instead he sat down on his knees with his arms above his head, also with shackles and chains that went way beyond guillotine parable. I followed the chains and saw how they were connected to mine. 
- "Derek!" I whispered low. The man did not move. - "Derek!" I shouted. Derek's name echoed through the mist and were drowned out by laughter from Mr. Sands men standing on the edges around the circle and laughed at us.

- "Welcome!" The voice was familiar, and my neck hairs stood up. A man came up through the pack of men, and stood in between me and Derek. Ron's voice had a sharp tone of humor. - "I have had the honor of Mr. Sands to lay my vengeance and this is my idea!" He demonstrated with his hands on the awful creation, which was a barrier between me and Derek. - "This is something I've been waiting to get done, and I hope you will enjoy as much as I do, this is my revenge." He pulled a black revolver at me and when the sound of a shot being fired, I could hear my voice echoed through the mist!

When will life take a new turn? - Part 16 {English}

I was leaning against the railing and pulled in the lovely scent of the afternoon sun and seawater. The ship moved slowly on the sea and the boat did not drive faster than 11 bud. Avalon joined up beside me and leaned on the railing and we both looked out at the ocean and watched the sun started to go down far away in the horizon and the sky colored in a beautiful shade of pink. I sighed. 
- "Do you regret it?" He asked without tearing his eyes from the horizon. I shook my head. 
- "Not at all., I am where I am needed and it is here along with all of you." I answered him. 
- "It was the best if you stayed at home, than come with us." He mumbled on and notched still that I stubbornly had followed. 
- "Oh my God, you're still being uncooperative about that?" I turned around with my back against the railing. - "I've been through worse things, you might remember a few months ago that you and Elisabeth struggled to get me alive!" I pulled down the shirt that revealed a scar from a gunshot. Avalon just looked quickly at it before his eyes continued to look at the horizon.

- "True, but this will not be so nice., We do not know what the resistance we will face." He murmured low.
- "Probably the same as the last. Gunshot, only it's not Derek shooting this time!"
- "Right, now it's not Derek shooting. These men are out to kill, their shots will hit what they are aiming for!" Avalon's voice where irritated and he stood up and his eyes looked into mine. And now I understood what this was about, and I smiled.
- "What are you smiling at?" He wondered, when I went from annoyance to look at him with an amused smile.
- "Do you care about me?" I smiled a bit too wide to him. Avalon looked like he had swallowed the sword and cleared his throat.
- "Of course I do, I care about you all, I wish that nothing bad will happen to you!" He cleared his throat and I started laughing.
- "That would explain a lot of why you are so overprotective!" He stared at me. I put my arms folded across chest, looking down at the hull.

- "Do not get you lot of nonsense now!" Avalon's tone of voice changed, and he became serious. I did not look up, but continued to stare into the bright hull.
- "What should I believe that?" I asked then. - "Actually, I have seen that you only have your eyes for Elisabeth, but as I see, so she avoids you." I bit my lip, closed my eyes and waited for the impact. Nothing came so I went and stood up and turned around so Avalon just looked back at me. I smiled inwardly and felt warm, but what kind of sense it was, I could not understand myself, it was only just that it was pleasant.
- "It's not what you think!" He said, his voice where stress of this whole situation. I stopped and listened. - "Elisabeth and I have always been good friends and we have always worked well together, but there is no such thing among us." The voice sounded different to him. I turned around.

- "In what way, it's not what I heard. Rumours are circulating that there is something between you two., I am a little shocked that you two did not know about it!" I smiled. Avalon did not smile and he could not understand how I could smile about the whole situation.
- ", It is nothing between us and we both talked to each other about it. There are no such feelings between us." He said quickly, Supplied and seemed to abide by its final desired response.
Someone cleared his throat behind us and Elisabeth stood there.
- "The captain Brus invite us to dinner before we get off!" She said nervously, and I could see the sadness in her face.
- "We will be down soon."
- "We come at once!" I turned toward the Avalon again, smiled, and went with Elisabeth down to the galley.

Avalon stood on the deck and looked at how we disappeared in sight. He turned one last time toward the horizon and watched the sun disappeared down beyond the sea, and a glow of orange and pink glow up. Soon it would be dark, and it was their signal.

Dark Core:
She stood a long time and was fascinated by the beautiful pink light from Pandora. A little now and then she could see how their energy trying to push out of its prison, but how it tried, it was pointless.
- "What do you think miss, it will be fine?" Claire turned to settlement. She studied it for a moment and nodded.
- "It is good enough, do not forget the snares." She said and went back to check on Pandora pink light.

Soon it would happen and it would be done soon too. A suffering less. She smiled and began to move inward toward Mr. Sands office.
She steps into the office without knocking, and already it was fully up and running in the office. Two of the men beat a man who was already down. She did not care so much about it, a fraudster has to take his punishment.
Mr. Sands sat behind his desk and looked at how his men beat and kicked at the prone man.
- "We are getting closer to being ready." She whispered to him. He nodded and stood up.
- "End it here and get rid of the body!" He said and left the office with Claire.

The men laughed while they continued to kick at lying man. When the man appeared to be unconscious, put them down for a while, drank a little of Mr. Sands fine Whiskey and celebrated. The lying man got enough power to get up and he turned his face towards the men. Their punches and kicks did not seem to have had an effect on the man. Although his face was full of bruises after old scars, replaced by new, he was alert enough to tackle them.

He stood in defense possition, holding out his hands to them and waved them in, with a smile.
The men did not hesitate. They went to attack together. The man struck them down with two punches before he then hurried to the computer and started looking through it.
He found a file with pictures of Emma and Derek, when they where together for the last month. In another file, he found information about Pandora's light and what it was all about. He pressed the print and got everything printed on paper.

The door opened and the man came into the room.
- "Hell you scared me!" Leon growled and puffed out.
- "You look like shit!" The man smiled and looked down on the men, who were completely eliminated.
- "I've seen better!" Leon smiled and shut down the computer. - "Come, we must get down to the lower platform. Avalon and they should be here soon!" He said, and they both rushed out of the office.

- "What about Emma?" Wondered Conrad when they hurried through the hallways to get down to the bottom.
- "Exhausted and decrepit., I'm almost afraid that she resigned, her willpower is gone." Leon replied him when they hurried down the stairs.
- "You gave her no hope?" Wondered Conrad. Leon shook his head.
- "She did fall asleep before I could say or do anything., I possess no powers that Avalon and Elisabeth, or as our other in Aiden's patron., I'm just a spy, just like you." Conrad laughed.
- "I'm a little more than a spy."
They continued down the hallway and soon came to the very end. Conrad lit a torch and shone over the sea and the mists. Very soon, he could see a light through the fog that blinked in response. Conrad continued to flash the flashlight until the small skiff approached.
- "What does Conrad here?" Chiara's voice was heard over the waves, and they both sighed when they heard her.

The little boat struck the oil platform and Aiden patrons jumped aboard the oil platform.
- "And what is she doing here?" Conrad was not the least bit happy to see someone without power or strength to be in place.
- "Shut up you, I am here for the same reason as you!" I growled at him.
- "Do not nag at her., I have tried to keep her away, but I could not." Muttering Avalon and looked around. - "What do you know?" He asked them before he then looked into Leon's face. - "You look awful!" He smiled and Leon smiled back.
- "I've seen worse."
- "Well, he looks like shit, what's going on?" Elisabeth had gone in between them.
- "They have planned a ritual for Pandora's light and then a ritual for Derek., I found out they're going to traumatize the girl to help break her down before she sent in to Pandora where she will disappear forever." Said Conrad.
- "What is the ritual?" Alex wondered anxiously.
- "A ritual to kill Derek." Muttered Conrad depressed.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 15 {English}

Dark Core:
I winced when the door was unlocked. But I was too tired to care about what came through the door.
A man came into the room and the steps came closer to me and soon I felt the man lifted me into a sitting position and brought something to my mouth. I tried to avoid drinking whatever it was and pulled me away from the bottle.
- "Drink, you will need it!" Whispered the man to me, and brought the bottle to my mouth again. I opened my mouth and felt the cold water went down into the mouth, eagerly, I began to drink and realized how thirsty I was. - "Take it easy!" Murmured the man, and pulled away the bottle from my mouth. He screwed the cap back and stood up and walked over to another person who sat in the same room. It was difficult to see who it was, whoever it was, he also got to drink water. He drank as eagerly as me.

He said the same thing to him as to me before he then screwed the cap on the bottle, walked out of the room and locked the door behind him. 
I still felt worn out but I steeled myself to stay up for a while before I went back to sleep. I turned to the person in the room. Whoever it was, the person sat up. 
- "Who's there?" I whispered low. 
- "Leon" whispered a man back. I could see how he smiled, even though the room was so dark. 
- "Who are you?" I wondered, my voice was hoarse and I had myself hard to decipher what I said. Chains rattled and the man had stood up and moved closer to me. I drew back and fell into the wall next to me. My head got a hard bang and it rang and roared in my ears. 
- "You need not be afraid of me, I do not work for Mr. Sands. Or I did it." He said and sat down next to me.

- "Can I trust you?" He laughed. Though the laughter was amusing and not that awful and nasty. 
- "You can!" He said quietly, leaning closer to me. I had no escape route and I pursed my eyes and turned away my face. Leon grabbed me and put me up against the wall he was sitting against. - "You should not be afraid of me., I mean you no harm." 
- "How do I know you're not lying to me?" I muttered, my throat was dry again. He laughed again and patted me on the head, as if I were a dog. He pulled his legs up against himself as the chains rattled. 
- "To lie would not be honest to you, you can trust me." He said softly, I thought I could hear a sigh. - "I've been in this room for an eternity feels like. I remember when I came here to work for Mr. Sands and find out what his plans for the Jorvik was, but in one way or another, I must have been exposed for all of a sudden, I just remember how something flared up in green, then all of a sudden I woke up here, chained. "

I was listening half of what he had to say. I was so tired that I started to fall over from fatigue. Leon must have seen how tired I was, as he put his arms around me and allowed me to lean against him. 
- "Have you been spying?" I asked tired. 
- "Yes, you could say it that way!" He laughed softly and the entire chest vibrated at him. 
- "Emma" I whispered low. - "My name is Emma." I closed my eyes for the moment, waiting for an answer, but in my mind, I fell into the depths, and heard its responses from Leon at all. 
- "I know," replied Leon to himself in the darkness.
Leon stroked Emma's forehead and put a blond lock behind her ear. He took a deep breath before he then leaned his head back against the wall and looked up in the pitch black darkness. - "Damn!" Swore he low.

Mr. Sands office:
Mr. Sands turned the glass in his hand while he looked at Ron as just explained his plan. 
- "So that's all." Ron mumbled and felt uncomfortable when none of them said anything. 
Mr. Sands looked at Claire, who shrugged at him. 
- "You want to have my permission to kill the boy? And that was your plan?" He said then, and rubbed his eyes. 
- "Yes!" Ron replied him. Mr. Sands looked at again as Claire cleared her throat. 
- "Should it be done on the platform with or without Pandora?" She asked him. 
- "Without, should we bring Pandora's light in the plan, it will not go as it should. If they disappear into the Pandora, I will lose the opportunity to kill the boy." Mr. Sands laughed softly, but he did realize that the plan was much better than what they had been hoping for.
- "I ask my men to fix it there under your Command, but be sure to get it done properly so we take care of the other later." He murmured and drank whiskey. 
- "I can take care of him too!" Ron smiled. 
- "Take care of this first to begin with., I need to be alone. Go and execute your plan!" He said and waved them out both from his room.

Ron left the room immediately while Claire still standing.
- "You too." He told her.
- "You should really cut down on drinking, it does not look good for your men!" She muttered, and took away the empty glass and took instead a glass of water.
- "You should take a shit in, I do what I want." He growled and struck the glass of water out of her hands.
- "I do not, unfortunately, for you should be able to stand up straight and bring the ritual with Pandora's light, so you need to speak properly and not slur!" Mr. Sands pulled up his face at her and got up to fetch another glass of whiskey, but Claire stopped him. - "I do not need to do this, but you leave me no choice." She placed her hand on his shoulder and the other on his face. Mr. Sands tried to beat her hands away, but his impact was powerless. Claire murmured a short chant and soon ended up as Mr. Sands on his knees beside her.
- "Command me my Ladie!" He bowed low before her and Claire smiled.
- "Stop drinking and start acting like the boss you once were. And let me get rid of this ridiculous disguise." Mr. Sands stood up.
-"You have my word on it!"

- "Thank goodness!" Her face smiled eased and with a simple movement of the hand, stood Claire in the dress which suited her fine. A green dress that looked to be supported by green leaves, strong neck, the blonde hair was set up in an elegant knot in the back of the head with the help of an ivy and blonde curls from the bangs hanging down over her ears. 
Now she was that she wanted to be, herself.

Gylle Ridge Valley:
- "Are you sure about this? He will not run away with me?" Elisabeth sat so hunchbacked, she could and was just waiting for that horse would explode and throw her over the cliff. 
- "Not as long as you sit nervously and drives him to it!" I joked with her and she started yelling behind us. Avalon sighed and turned to her. 
- "Rid properly Elisabeth we will never arrive if you will keep on screaming in the back!" 
- "Shut up! Not everyone is born to ride!" She growled, holding the reins high above his head. Linda slowed down down and walked beside her. 
- "Here." She took hold of the reins of Lion and shortened them down for her. - "Keep your hands low when you ride, you'll have more control when on the horse than that you hold them over your head." She smiled at her. Elisabeth relaxed and smiled nervously back.

Lion shook his head and snorted. Elisabeth jumped into the saddle. 
- "Oh lord, my God, Fripp is a squirrel, what do I do now?" 
- "Do not worry, it's normal for horses to snort, see it as they take a deep sigh and the horse feel good!" Linda encouraged her. 
I shook my head and focused on reaching a fishing village. We approached the bridge that was broken. I grabbed the reins of Madness and kicked my heels into the sides and Madness set off at full gallop towards the bridge. When he took the kit, I stood up in the saddle and we flew for a few seconds before we landed safely on the other side. I slowed down and turned around and saw how they all came one by one and all landed safely and securely on the other side. All except Elisabeth who stood on the other side of the bridge with Lion. 
- "You can not make me jump over here!" She put her arms crossed over the chest. I rolled my eyes.
- "Hold on to the saddle, then instead!" I shouted. Avalon looked at me and Elisabeth braced herself for what was to come. She held firmly in the saddle. I took my thumb and index finger to my mouth and blew out a loud noise. Lion pricked up his ears and quickly came up at a gallop and took kit. Elisabeth screamed for all she was able of widespread fear and Lion landed safely on the other side and trotted up to us, as calm as ever.

- "Impressive!" Avalon smiled.
- "Pure luck, will I say, we've only practiced it there a few times, lucky that he is smart!" I mumbled and we rode on towards the fishing town. Elisabeth sat straight in the saddle with a look ahead. She said not a sound on the rest of the way down to the village.
- "Chiara, I think Elisabeth has been a shock!" Murmured Linda, who had ridden up after me. I turned around and looked at Elizabeth. Her orange hair was out of balance and she sat in the saddle as in a trance.
- "Well, she seemed to need it." I winked at Linda who held her hands over her mouth to hide a laugh.

When we arrived we stood Captain Brus on the bridge and was about to unload his ships. 
- "Are you going out on the ocean?" I wondered. The captain jumped and turned to all of us who stood behind him. 
- "Yes, I'll deliver the goods beyond the mists." Replied the captain and took a puff from his pipe. 
- "Sounds like a good idea, you do not have room for more?" I smiled at him. The captain raised an eyebrow as he continued pulled a new puff from his pipe and blew out a gray smoke. 
- "Let's hear it!" He said and sat down on a barrel. 
And we explained what had happened. 
- "Yeah, but I know where Darkcore platform lies., I drive past there every time when I will leave the delivery." He said later. 
- "But all the other boats that disappeared?" Wondered Alex. Captain Brus burst into a laugh.
- "I know these waters, those little boats that have disappeared, have been found a few miles from there., It's about knowing where to go and how water moves. If you go wrong, well then, it's over, even for a experienced captain like me. "He winked at me and I rolled my eyes. - "But yes, I can give you your shot, you can borrow the dinghy and row to the platform!" We thanked us and rode on towards the Golden ridge stables to leave the horses there, for now, we would go to a place where no horse could not move properly on.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 14 {English}

Avalon looked carefully at the blue powder.
- "I think I have not seen anything like this before. And this was on the shore?" He wondered as he looked at me. I nodded.
I sat in Avalon's kitchen with a steaming cup of tea in hand, I had not touched it at all. I looked down at the most bottom of the cup and looked at how the remains of the tea went around.
Avalon got up and went into the living room and came back with a daisy. He put it in a new vase with water, lifted up the blue powder with a Tweezer and blew powder over priest collar. The flower that has just stood up in the vase became imminent and the petals turned inwards towards its yellow core. - "Hm... " Elisabeth and I waited anxiously to hear him say something.
- "Perhaps you can tell us what it is?" Wondered Elisabeth, who stood beside him when he carried out the act.

- "The powder is in some form of chloroform." He said softly. 
- "Is not it usually green In my store I have chloroform, but I use most of my plants." Said Elisabeth. 
- "Well, that's it, but this is something stronger than that., I do not know how to have made it and got it to turn blue. But there must be a mutation of some way. Was it much blue powder on the beach ? "
- "No, this is the little I got together when I was there." I said as I put down my teacup and even I poked a bit of the flower which still appeared to sleep. 
Elisabeth snapped her fingers. 
- "General anesthesia?" She looked questioningly at Avalon. - "You have anesthesia in powder form, but it is white." She smiled. Avalon thought for a moment before he came too late on it.

He and Elisabeth went to the living room and I followed them. He opened a white door cabinet that stood next to the window, which was directed against the stone bridge. He was looking through the lot of bottles that stood everywhere. He moved on little bottles until he got out a small tube containing what I could see, white sand. 
He took with him to a daisy from a vase and we all went into the kitchen again, and he put down the flower in a new vase. He opened the cork gently and held it in front of a priest collar and blew lightly. The white sand met the magnificent priest collar, which had just stood up, sinking down and pulled in its petals towards its golden core, just like the first. 
- "Okay ...?" I said, who did not follow what was happening. 
- "The powder is the same, just that whoever has blown the blue powder on Emma must have mutated and colored it so it's got a blue color just to make it look pretty." This he said, and put the cap back on the tube. 
- "That does not tell me much. Emma is Kiddnappad , I know that and what should we do about it?"

Avalon and Elisabeth exchanged a glance before they looked at me. 
- "The hell you are going to keep me out, I am with on this as much as you!" I raised my voice directly, I would not disappoint Emma. 
- "This is not your fight!" Avalon said quietly and pulled on his gray hood. 
- "That is certain, I have fought since all this started and I will not disappoint Emma just for you to play heroes., I've been involved since her dreams." I refused to move me as they moved toward the front door. - "I'm coming with you!" Elisabeth looked at Avalon who pulled the gray hood over his head so it hid his face. 
He turned to me again. None of them said anything for a long while and the sound in the house was hushed by a clock was ticking. 
- "I'm coming with you!" I repeated back to him. - "You need me as much as I need you., I've been dragged into this all the time. Now I need to do my part!" Avalon sighed again. He pulled off his cap went against me with great strides. I braced myself and still refused to move me. 
- "You're staying here!" 
- "Hell no!" I growled and we stared into each other's eyes and none of us refused to give us.

- "Oh my God you behave like five year olds, let her come along!" Muttering Elisabeth who had lost patience. Without letting me with his eyes, nodded Avalon and I nodded in reply back. 
We left Avalon house and I had to first go with them when they visited the legendary Fripp. 
The way into Aiden's holy place was anything but easy. To follow the wise path that went around to a spiral. Either they went, or ran it, only one remained on the path. When you come to the end of the spiral, a light, bright as the sun, open the gate and you should take your step into the light and end up in a place not even registered on the map.
I gulped a bit when I came with Avalon and Elisabeth in their secret meeting place. The place seemed dark but when the eyes had become accustomed to the darkness, it came up a semblance of purple and the newly dark place, had suddenly received a pleasant light. 
The place we were on looked like an old ruined city after a castle. Middle of the floor sat a blue squirrel and waited for us. 
- "A squirrel?" I whisper to Elizabeth, but the little squirrel appeared to have good hearing, because of the small mouth, it was revealed that this little squirrel had a lax and ripe dark voice. 
- "I'm not a squirrel!" Squirrel voice was dark and irritable. Fripp jumped up a rock and looked down at me with his dark eyes. The body was strikingly similar to a squirrel, the only thing was that the body had a light blue color and mysterious pink signs. This made him look like something else, as if he was not from our planet.

- "You bring with you a civilian here without my knowledge?" His voice was directed at Avalon who pulled off his cap and showed his true self. 
- "She was stubborn but is unfortunately embroiled in this. Emma is .." 
- "Disappeared, I know." Completed Fripp him. - "I know all too well., She was taken away for just a few hours ago." He said and turned around and with a unique hand movement showed up a window. We could see out over the Jorvik. - "She is in a place that our map can not see. Concealed among the mists and the smell of the sea." He said and turned to us. 
- "She's somewhere out at sea? Then probably there with Derek!" Elisabeth voice echoed through the ruined city. 
- "That is true, but both of their lives are in danger. Something is blocking us from watching. Not even our scout master may send signals about what is happening." We all four looked into the repeated film before it disappeared.
- "Do we have a plan?" I asked. 
- "We have no plan and I do not know how to go about it. To look for something in the mists can be misleading. Numerous boats and men have disappeared when their path was crossed by this fog.That is like looking for a needle in a haystack. "Fripps voice where patronize and weak. He placed his paws on his face. - "The only thing we can do is wait and see if our scout master successfully transmits signals!"

- "When will you have received feedback from him?" I wondered sullenly and felt myself where irritable, yet we do nothing, except wait. Fripp looked up from his paws. 
- "For many months ago." 
- "What do you have to believe that we will hear something now, you should have heard from him a long time ago?" I muttered and stepped forward towards the little squirrel. The squirrel did not move even though I came menacingly close to him. 
- "Chiara" Avalon growled and reached his hand behind me and pulled me back! 
- "Let go of me!" I snatched my hand back. Avalon where furious at me. 
- "Do not talk to him, it's rude of you!" 
- "But should not we do something? We must be doing something! Bring us your with someone who knows the sea inside and out!" 
- "I'm listening!" Said Fripp who raised a hand against Avalon, who thought protest against me. 
- "The only thing we have that I know who are familiar with these sea is Captain Brus. His boat has gone in and out through the mists before, he can probably find for us!"

It got suddenly quiet in the huge ruined city.
- "Hmm, maybe it was a good idea that you brought her here." Fripp jumped off the rock and onto the center of the ruined city and his little paw caressed the ground and a purple glow and something that looked an a round circle with a bunch of odd marks appeared. In the middle of the circle took the rest of Aiden's patron forward. Alex, Linda and Lisa. The only thing that was missing was Anne, who still has not been found.
Fripp bowed to them, and all three nodded in agreement and turned to us.
- "We will go with you, you will need the help of us!" Linda smiled.
- "Count me in, let's sweep the paths with Garnok!" Said Alex encouraging and punched a fist into her hand.
- "Me to We may need all the forces we can to find Emma and Derek!" Lisa put down his hands in her trouser pockets.
- "You will need this!" Fripp had come back to them with an old small chest in brown oak. He gave it to Linda who gratefully accepted it. - "It will only be opened only when you most need it. Keep it close to you wherever you go you let Aiden light watch over you and till the next!" Fripp bowed to us all and ceased to appear before us and soon we were all, after a sharp flash of light outside the vineyard.

How we got here, I had no idea. Even Lion was back beside me, just as calm as ever, and seemed not to be bothered that we had moved with magic. 
- "Here we say to stop you Chiara: You can not keep up with us anymore!" Said Avalon. He placed his hand on my shoulder to stop me. 
- "Yes, I will certainly, that was my idea with Captain Brus and it would have taken you several years to get to that idea!" I growled tore away his hand from my shoulder. 
- "But can you two stop quibbling, I get a headache!" Muttering Elisabeth and started moving down behind the winery. 
- "And where do you think you'll go?" I asked her. 
- "I will not listen to you so I'll go to golden ridge Hills." 
- "It goes faster if we ride. I are happy to lend horses to you!" Elisabeth stopped and turned around and I could see how nervous she was. 
- "Ride? No thanks, I'd rather walk." She smiled warped and hurried down from the vineyard. 
I looked up at Avalon who shrugged. I pulled him into the stables so I could keep an eye on him while I got three horses prepared for us. Avalon got ride on Wild Spirit, I rode on Madness and Elisabeth got to ride Lion, which I knew was the nicest of them all.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 13 {English}

Later that day: 
Zack was kind enough to drive me and Linnea home from Fort Pinta beach. He and Daisy were talking about the day at the beach, even Emma's outburst came up. I felt sick just thinking about it. 
Linnea and I sat perfectly quiet in the back of the car and looked out the window and was looking at how landscapes drove past. Neither of us had said as much to each other after the incident. Linnea still felt ashamed that she opened her mouth in Emma's presence. But it was not her fault, the fault was mine, I pointed rode me to Linnea who had promised not to say anything. Everyone can make mistakes, but this was a real slip.

I hid my face in my hand. 
- "Is everything all right?" Zack had looked into the rearview mirror and saw me. 
- "Yes, everything's fine!" I answered him briefly and continued to look out the window. Zack looked at Daisy, who smiled warped to him in response. 
- "Thank you for driving us home, even though there will be a detour for you!" Thanking Linnea him. 
- "You're welcome, you have otherwise been allowed to go home." He laughed and swung the car and we drove past Barneys Shiloh. 
Linnea smiled and then continued looking out the window, without even looking at me. I sighed inwardly. I need to talk to Emma about this, now it got to be an end to these secrets!

We thanked Zack and Daisy for the ride home and waved them when they drove out of the vineyard. I actually lived down in Silver Glade village but I went with Linnea to her room to change into more comfortable clothes. 
- "I'm so sorry," I heard Linnea whisper when we changed into riding clothes. 
- "It's okay, everyone can make mistakes sometimes." I answered her and pulled on a sweater. 
- "This is where no small mistake." She murmured and pulled on her ridboots. 
That she was right, it was a real misstep. I sighed and sat down next to her. 
- "It would somehow have come out anyway. Though we kept it a secret for several weeks or 1 year, it would have chipped away at Emma anyway." I encouraged her and smiled. She smiled back and leaned her head against my shoulder. 
- "I'm glad I have you as my best friends." She smiled. - "Come, now let's go find Emma so we can sort this out!" She jumped up from the bed and pulled me out the door.

Out in the yard, everything looked so peaceful, students who played the bowler or sat on hay bales and enjoyed the sun. 
All the students enjoyed the day's final heat, and with good grace. 
- "Watch out!" Shouted one student and students who played bowler had been thrown to the side when a black arab ran into the yard at full gallop with a halter hanging loosely founded in halter. 
- "Sasha?" I said and Linnea in the same moment. Sasha threw down the yard at full gallop, and avoided all who tried to grab her. 
- "Linnea, fetch Kirk at once!" I shouted after Linnea who rushed down to the Arab pasture. It felt like ages before Linnea came back with Kirk, but very soon she came riding up the hill, bareback, and rode after Sasha who tried to avoid them. 
Linnea reached for the dangling halter and after a lot of fuss, she finally got a hold of it. She stayed Kirk slowed automatically. Sasha slowed down and then bounced on his toes beside Linnea and Kirk until they came into the yard. The students were flocking around the black beauty that had widespread fear in her eyes. 
- "What has gotten into her?" Wondered Linnea and slid off the back of Kirk.

- "I do not know, Sasha has not been this jittery since she came." I replied, patting the black mare across the neck. She was all sweaty and wet. - "Is there anyone who has seen Emma?" I wondered and watched the students who flocked around the frantic black mare. All shook their heads. 
I looked over the back of Sasha, I could see that Emma has been sitting on her. I grabbed the halter from Linnea. I went into the stable with Sasha and put her in an empty box. - "You!" I picked on me a student who I knew rode fine. - "Take care of Sasha for me, I need to ride and look for Emma." She nodded and hurried in to Sasha with a sweat blanket. 
I did as Linnea and pulled at the Lion solely his halter and lead rope. We rode in opposite directions. Linnea got to ride to the Old Silver Merry road and down to the beach while I rode in the opposite direction, down to the riding hall.

I looked carefully for traces of Sasha to see where they had gone. 
The tracks led me to the beach behind the riding hall, and then over to the other side. I smacked Wild Lion and we galloped after the tracks along the beach. The phone vibrated in my pocket and I picked it up carelessly. 
- "They have not ridden here!" It was Linnea voice which I heard. She had already got down to the beach beyond the Old Silver Merry Way. 
- "Go back and came behind the riding stable over wadding instead., I have found the tracks here on the beach." I hung up and stayed Lion when I saw the traces of battle on the sandy beach. I left him and hurried up to the tracks and looked around for clues. But nothing seemed to get through. Each traces started? For Sasha hoof tracks were not included. Only tracks from Emma's shoes and ... 
I leaned forward and took a picture of one of the tracks. One of footsteps seemed to come from a shoe heel? And then footsteps after bigger shoes. With shaky hands, I took pictures of the sandy beach from the mobile. When I turned around to photograph the tracks of a battle, I discovered something blue behind me. I sat down on the haunches and looked at it without touching it.

I rummaged through my pockets for something to drop it in, but the only one I finally found was a pen. I broke it in half and threw away the parts from the inside and tried to get down the blue sand in the pen and held back with the thumb. That is not much to go on, but I knew exactly who could help me. I got up at Wild Lion again and set off at a gallop to meet up with Linnea. 
She had just come over to them forgotten moors and met me. 
- "Come on, we have to be up at the winery again! Emma has been kidnapped!" 
- "What?" She exclaimed, and turned around on Kirk and rode by me and back at the vineyard.

Once up there were all students become anxious and they had started with saddle and bridle their horses to go out to look out for Emma. 
- "You all can stay here, it will be futile for you to look out for Emma!" I shouted out to the entire vineyard. All ended with the saddle and bridle their horses and turned to me. - "I'll ride to Valedale and talk with Elizabeth and Avalon., I've found a track that they should look at!" 
- "What should I do then?" Wondered Linnea. I looked down at her and bit my lip. 
- "Take care of all, to have everything under control, be sure to return to the normal everyday there when I need someone to call: For God's sake, do not overdo it! Please!" I asked her.

I could see how I made her sad, but she nodded and began to move into the stable. I kicked my heels in Wild Lion and we set off at a gallop to Valedale.

It felt like it took ages before we came to Valedale. Lion ran as fast as he could and probably would never have run as fast as he did now. I rode quickly past Valedale stables without so much check if there were students in the yard. I just had sight of one thing and that was to get to Elizabeth and Avalon. It was dark in the house of Elizabeth I ruled the Lion directly against Avalon's house. 
I kicked my heels against the Lions who ran even faster and when the hooves clattered against the bridge, I could see movement from Avalon's house. I headed for the house and got in a sharp brake and went back from Wild Lion. I ended up on my knees in front of Avalon and Elisabeth! 
- "Emma is gone!" I could not stop myself, and tears ran down my cheeks.

Dark Core:
She threw a bucket of cold water over Ron, who jumped up from the wet floor.
- "You idiot!" She roared and threw the bucket over the floor. Ron wiped the water from his face looked up at Claire. She held her hands over her face and sighed resignedly. She was outright angry but tried to keep good form. - "The last thing we need is you will kill the young bastard before we even got started with the ritual!" She muttered, and sat down on a chair.
- "You promised me revenge!"
- "Yes, I promised you that and you should have, but to take out the revenge already, seems pointless. My question is to you, what would you do with her?" She looked up and placed her hands crossed over the chest and moved the left leg over the right leg.

Ron thought for a moment. Then his face lit up. 
- "I want the state to kill the boy!" Clarie raised an eyebrow. 
- "Really?" She wondered. 
- "If I kill him get the girl traumatized for life., He means everything to her, right?" Claire nodded. She thought for a moment. The hand that has been crossed, she was transferred to the cheek. 
- "I'll talk to Mr. Sand. But you need to make a plan first on how it should proceed. Shall it go fast? Slow or be painful?" 
- "I'll think of something., I'm good at coming up with ideas because some of them happened before was mine." He smiled. 
- "Yes, and you see how good it was!" She responded bitchy. Ron's smile disappeared into a wicked grin. 
- "Did not Aiden Patron has settled in, we had succeeded." 
- "But they stopped you in the past and they will do it again. As they now know that Emma and Derek are gone, they'll probably hit harder than ever. Who knows what forces they bring to help out." She mumbled and stood up. - "Put on clean clothes and blow you dry, then came to Mr. Sands office when you have a plan., You have 1 hour on you!" She said and left the room without looking back.

On the way to Mr. Sands office, she met Conrad. 
- "Well?" She wondered when their eyes met. 
- "She was locked up in the room along with the traitor." He replied, and bowed to her. 
- "Good, now go and patrol. At the slightest suspicion of anything, if there is anyone here who should not be here, tell me about it right away." She said, and continued on. Conrad bowed again and went away with the corridor.

Inside Mr. Sands office, he sat at the computer and clicked around when Clarie, without knocking, entered the room. 
- "What is it Claire?" He asked her without tearing his eyes from the screen. 
- "That's so Ron will come in here soon and ask you a question, about the kids." Mr. Sands looked up, clicked down the screen and stood up from the armchair. He walked past her and towards liquor cabinet and filled with a little whiskey in an empty glass. 
- "Let's hear it!" He said and drank whiskey. 
- "He wants to kill the boy, in front of the girl." Mr. Sands was putting whiskey in his throat and laughed. He leaned against the liquor cabinet. 
- "Oh, that's what he wants?" 
- "You promised him revenge and this is what he wants., He will come on 30 minutes with a plan and we both promised him revenge." She went and put her arms behind his back. 
Mr. Sands clenched his fists and gritted. 
- "Sure, if he has a working plan, I allows him to kill the boy." Then he sighed and filled with more whiskey.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 12 {English}

- "Maybe it was not such a good idea to spy on her!" Did Elisabeth worried when she spun the teacup. Her movements were shaky and nervous. 
- "Do not say that you begin to change your mind? It was your idea from scratch!" Avalon sat opposite her. He had just turned his face from the backyard to look at her. 
Last they had seen was that night that he, drunk, had kissed her.

Elisabeth could not stop thinking about it. The scene was played over and over, as if it were stuck on repeat. She tried to keep a good face while they sat together in the kitchen, quiet and drank tea together. It was Avalon who invited her. 
- "Well I know! However, there is something that tells me that this was really not a good idea!" She said and turned uncomfortable on the chair she was sitting on. Avalon brought her own cup to his mouth and drank the hot tea. 
- "Is it something we should take up with Fripp?" He asked. 
Elizabeth shook her head. 
- "No, it's probably nothing!" She smiled at him and pushed away his empty teacup. 
- "I think it can be anything, as soon as you get this kind of vibe it has always ultimately proved to be correct and we have been learned since then to trust your gut feeling., You remember what Fripp said?" He continued and pushed her empty teacup towards her empty.

Elisabeth nodded.
- "Well, when you say it." She murmured without looking up and give him eye contact. She stared blindly at her hands, which still trembled.
- "What's your gut feeling? Your idea was not a good idea?" She nodded.
- "The very first day I suggested it to you, I got the feeling that it was not a good idea." Avalon beat hands down on the table so Elisabeth jumped to and viewed Avalon who stood up from the table. He stared into her green eyes.
- "What? And you say it now?" He growled at her. Elizabeth smiled, seeing Avalon angry was not exactly uncommon.
- "I have to cut you off in any way. You and Chiara was incredibly stubborn at each other and neither one of you wanted to give you., I suggested that the proposal only to be silent on both of you." Her smile disappeared and she moved her eyes to the backyard where the wild flowers had finished blooming for the day. The grass field was dry and had not had so much water. It was a long time ago it rained.

Avalon sat down and rubbed his temples and sighed resignedly.
- "What's your gut feeling?" He asked her. Elizabeth thought for a while until she let her gaze once again fall on the scenery outside the window.
- "The fact that something is wrong, terribly wrong!" She sighed. Avalon reached for noticed her hand. When she reputation aside, he got hold of it again. His thumb caressed the back of her hand. Then he looked into her face and their eyes met.
They where interrupt when the sound of clattering hooves hit the ground. They got up from the kitchen table and hurried out the front door and was greeted by Chiara, who came riding in insane incitement gallop!
She threw herself of Wild Lions back and ended up on her knees in front of them.
- "Emma is gone!" She screamed and fell into tears. Elisabeth's hand flew to her mouth and stared at Avalon, who clenched his fists in anger.

Dark Core:
I do not know what happened or how I even got here. My memory was shaky and I tried to focus my eyes on anything, but no matter how I tried, I could not see anything. Full I bobbed up and down and my vision was completely black. Someone carried me but where? 
The sound of the sea struck against something and the feet were moving towards the metal was the only sound that reached my ears. I could not move when the whole I was tied. The arms were tightly bound behind my back and legs were together. I was unable to even move. 
- "This way!" I heard a woman's voice loud and clear.

I felt we turned around and continued to walk a bit further. I tried to move a little, but at the slightest movement, a reputation to me. I felt I panicked and felt heavy breathing. I started kicking. Although my legs were tied, I felt my legs hit the man, who moaned and fell forward, down on his knees and I went forward and hit the page. The black fabric lying across my face came off and I could finally see where we were.
The building looked like an oil rig. The building consisted only of steel and just stood somewhere in the middle of the ocean. Most often used platforms is to dig down deep tunnels under the sea and pump up oil far below sea level.

- "Young bastard" Another man walked towards me and past the man who lay moaning. He took hold of the shirt on me and lifted me up against his face. I tried to scream but how hard I tried, nothing happened, the voice had betrayed me.
- "Ron: Not here!" Growled the woman put her hand on his arm. - "Let the boss see her first!"
Ron looked revengeful into my eyes before he smiled. The smile was more than amusing. He put me over his shoulder and we were moving again.
- "Hope you're right, I have some ideas I want to do!" His voice startled me. I tried to free myself again, but Ron's hold on me was harder than the man before and I gave up. I knew all too well how strong he was.

A door opened and we entered a dark room, the only light that reached into the room was a pink glow from outside. I was thrown down on the hard floor. My arms got the hit. I clenched my lips to keep from crying, did not matter if I tried. The tears welled up and ran down my cheeks. 
I spun around and ended up so that I could kneel. Before me, it was a black desktop. Behind the desk sat a man. I could not see the man's face because was completely dark and hidden by the darkness of the room. I swallowed.
- "Hmm, is that her?" The man's voice was dark and nasty. I could not put my finger on whether I have seen or heard him before. 
- "Yes!" The woman answered again. The man stood up and walked around the desk. He wore a suit brighter than the other men and women. The tie was careless about his neck, and the white shirt was wrinkled. He sat in front of me on the black desk and put his hands crossed over the chest. 
- "So this is Emma." He smiled when he said it. - "I guess you might understand that you have created lot of problems for my business, if nothing else, it has to create substantial problems for Mr. Kembell." He went and moved his arm against his cheek and leaned against it while he talked. - "Perhaps you know why you're here?" I shook my head.

He laughed again, and the others behind me fell into it. 
- "I thought it was very crystal clear: But you, and your boyfriend is here that I have chosen to destroy you both. But not in the old way. This will crush your total and make you vanish into thin air!" He stood up and came forward into the light. Still, he was unknown to me. He was tall, his face was elongated at him, square chin and well-chiselled cheekbones. His eyes were small and had dark circles under the eyes. He squatted down in front of me. I flinched away from him. 
He studied my face long before he then stood up and walked behind me. I was shaking and the whole situation seemed dangerous. - "But on the other hand, had the pleasure to put a bullet here," I felt something cold touched me by the neck and clicks came. I started crying, tears running down my cheeks. He started laughing.

I went up to my stomach when I got a kick in the back. My face took the worst of the blast and the pain was abominable. Every blood vessel in the body pumped blood and sent pain signals to the brain. 
- "Ron, you can take care of her, the rest of you take care of the little brat!" He said. - "I'll get prepared victim game until later, with the light from Pandora." He smiled again. 
Ron's step came towards me and lifted me back over his shoulder. I saw on the floor how it was stained red by the blood that came from me. I heard the door closed behind us and realized later that it was only he, alone, who went away with me.
We ended up in another corridor, which was completely empty of people. Only the sound of Ron's shoes that echoed against the metal. We had come midway through the hallway, I knew how he lifted me up a bit over the shoulder and threw me away. I screamed loudly and waited for the pain that came when I hit the back of the metal. 
I sobbed and tried to see clearly what was happening. I saw Ron was standing above me with an evil grin on his face. I could see how revengeful he was, and to be alone with me was something he longed for. He sat down on one knee and lifted me with one left hand. He raised his right arm and directed into a blow to the face, I trick my eyes and waited for the bang.

I heard something hard hit something hard. I slowly opened my eyes and felt myself slowly sinking down against the metal floor and Ron fell down over me and then ended up on his back next to me, unconscious. I looked up and saw a woman with blond hair and blazing eyes that glow in green. Her dress looked like it was sewn by summer's green leaves. She shook her head and green eyes that they just called where to a normal blue color. 
She turned her face towards me, with a slight movement of the hand as Claire stood there in costume, unlike the woman before. 
Behind her came the two other men. 
- "Take him to your room, I need to talk alone with him, and she can throw in you know where!" She growled and looked with disgust at me. Another, at least as strong as Ron, picked me up in his arms and took off further down the hall, while the other man struggled to get out Ron, the completely opposite direction.

I where tired and out. As we walked back along the mass complicated corridors that had absence of hallway lights, I started slowly lulled to sleep. The man who held me was shaking me, I would not fall asleep. I kept myself awake while he found his way to a private room. 
He stopped just outside the room. He opened the door and sat me down on the floor in the room. I could not see his face but I could sense he was not like the other men. Careful and loving. He threw something on me, which felt like a rough sack textile, left me alone and then locked the door behind her. I leaned my head back against the wall before I felt myself slowly slid down the side to the floor. The pain from both the face and the back made me drift off, the last thing I saw was a dark figure in the same room, but who or what it was I did not think about before my eyes where black and I fell into a deep abyss.

When will life take a new turn? - Part 11 {English}

Dark Core:
Mr. Sands wandered back and forward in his dark room. The only light he had was the pink glow of Pandora which was locked in the Dark Core platform. Mr. Sands could not believe it went so slowly to capturing the little girl. If she still has nightmares, she should be particularly vulnerable now.
He hurried over to the desk and picked up the Walkie Talkie.
- "Send in Claire, immediately!" He roared and put his walkie on the desktop. They have to get started soon and fast.

Not so far from Mr. Sands office was a remotely room. It was darker than Mr. Sands offices. In that room as a robust woman that sat on the floor with burning candles around them. She sat with her legs crossed over a soft and large pillow and meditated.
Claire hated to go in civilian clothes as these black suits that all the other is wearing. In her loneliness, she could finally change into more suitable clothing.

 She wore a dress in moss green color and looked like she was wearing leaves instead of fabric. The dress had a sharp cleavage. The fabric of the dress was hanging heavily down and concealed her legs. Over the arms she had gloves of brown leather. The blonde, curly hairshe had set up in a knot behind the neck and around she had spin around the knot with an ivy. Her pile hung down over her ears. When Claire opened her eyes they was a green light shining, she blinked and that eyes  was once brown again. She rubbed her at the temporal. It cost a lot of pain trying to break the magic of Avalon and Elisabeth possessed of Emma and Derek.

Claire stood up and walked over to the only object she had in the room, besides the pillow and candles. There was a large mirror, rounded in shape that hung on the black wall. The light from the candles reflects when Claire looked into it. The woman in the mirror was beautiful, fine and smooth skin, large brown eyes, full red lips and high cheekbones. The nose was small but perfect for the shape of the face and the blonde hair was pleasing to look at. She had inherited the mirror from her best friend that died many years ago. Claire had liked the mirror since the first time she saw it and knew it would be hers. 
A gilded and bronzed mirror decorated with ivy, on the top like a crown was a bird, candle holders of brass. What she especially liked about it, was that the famous but extinct, ivy’s beautiful heart-shaped flower that the bird had in its mouth.

There was a knock on the door. With a light sweep with her arm, she returned to Claire in black suit. - "Come in," she said aloud. 
Through the door came one of Mr. Sand’s guards. 
- "The boss wish to talk more to you, it's urgent." Claire could not help to smile and go with the guard back to Mr. Sand’s room. 
In the room did Mr. Sand’s sat into his lounge chair behind the desk and rubbed his temples. 
- "Maybe you can tell me when it's the right time?, I stand here ready without being able to do anything. The boy scamp is the only one we hold prisoner while the young basted runs around and play with the horses!" did he muttering irritably as he looked up at her.

Claire could not stop smiling. She would otherwise be a very strong woman and never show her feelings, but with Mr. Sands, she could relax. 
- "It's the right time soon. I'll get some stuff from my room and go along with Ron and some of your guards. It's almost the time!" Mr. Sands sat up in the lounge chair.
- "Why now?" He asked. 
- "It’s easier now, I've done everything I can do now and has made it easier for us. Now is the time." She continued in a normal tone. Mr. Sand’s nod and waved her out of the room. 
- "Bring her here immediately to me!" He mumbled and turned around on the lounge chair against Pandora pink light. As the door closed behind him, he laughed, life as evil was delightful and stimulating.

At the Fort Pinta beach:
Despite all the summerday's we have, this was one of the warmest day and all the students had been given time off after they had finish the stables. All students took the opportunity to go to the Fort Pinta beach and enjoy the heat.

It was just that there were so many more around the Jorvik who had thought exactly the same thought, the Fort Pinta beach was packed with students, they had among other things, set up volleyball net and made a game plan. A lot of young guys, also James, played half-naked across the plan and invited others to play.

I and Chiara law a bit away and watched. It had been a few days since my nightmares stopped and then my dreams was dreamless again. But once I did dream I was always back on the forgotten moors with the huge tree in the middle. 
Chiara cheered on guys when they bounced the white ball between each other and tried to get it to stay in the air and not hit the sand on either side of the net. I sat quietly next to her with dark sunglasses that covered most of my face. 
Honestly, I was pissed but kept a good face and did not say much.

Here we are on a beach and sunbathing and watching well trained guys run around and throw a ball against his opponents, while Derek was still missing and no one seemed to put energy into trying to find him. 
I had tried for a couple days of searching clues but everything has been vainly and I always had to get back home with Chiara. So many times I cried myself to sleep and wonder where he is and if he still was alive.
- "Stop grumbling now and have a little fun!" Chiara tried to cheer me up. She putted the elbow in the side of me. I muttered something she could not hear and continued to lay stiffly staring at the guys. 
In a moment did Linnea join us after she bought each soda for us. She sat down on her towel next to Chiara and she began cheering on the guys who desperately tried to keep the ball away from the sand.

- "We could have done more than this." Did I loudly say and drank my coca cola from a straw. 
- "Like what? Look more clues that lead nowhere than look at hot guys with hot abs." I heard Chiara answer back sarcastically. I grimaced to her and sat me deeper into the chair. 
- "Rather than look at this!" I put down my glass of coca cola. 
- "Get you to gather Emma! Have some fun now instead, we will try to come up with a plan to save Derek, but right now we need to get some free time.” She smiled then encouraging and put her hand on my shoulder and cheered to when one of the guys hit the white ball in the sand. I sighed.

After a while it was a break from the games and the people start going out into the chilly water to cool off. I sat in the chair until Chiara and Linnea tore me up and started to drag me into the cold water. 
I screamed and struggle but before it was finished I was soaked from head and down to the feet. I was cold and shivering. Autumn weather had really taken off, and the heat that existed before in the water was gone. 
But after a while, we swam all three around the beach and the water felt cooler. 

- "Have you talked any more with Avalon how long this will go on?" Did I hear Linnea whisper to Chiara. I stayed up in the water. 
- "What?" I shouted! Chiara and Linnea stopped and turned to me. - "Are you hiding something for me now? Do you know something I don’t?" Chiara stared irritably at Linnea because she had opened her mouth around me. She was embarrassed, her face every red. 
- "No, I don’t know more than what we all know, together." She said and then swam up to me. I pulled me automatically from her. The tears stepped to my eyes and I bit myself in the lip. 
- "What do you know? Where is Derek? What did Linnea mean?" I blurted out to me so many questions that I couldn’t control the tears ran down over my cheeks. 
- "Emma, please. We know nothing about Derek. If we knew anything, you would be the first to known!" Did Chiara continued, now someone depressed after I backed away from her. She bit her own lip and looked towards Linnea. 
- "But what is it about then?" My voice echoed through the Fort Pinta beach and several around us had stopped to swim and their eyes were directed towards us.

Chiara and Linnea exchanged looks before they looked at me again. Chiara opened her mouth to say something, but closed it again. Opened her mouth again, but shut it quickly, she did not know what she would say. 
- "We promised, or Chiara promised, to say nothing to you. It was Avalon's orders." Linnea stammered the words. The water felt cold once again. Although I froze and wanted to swim further, I could not help but to stay where I was. 
- "Say what? You've been with me everywhere and I have not get to been known anything." I shivered through the tears that I had been able to master. 
- "We promised ..." said Chiara low. 
- "What?!" I raised my voice and now I swam close to Chiara, who backed away for me. 
- "Avalon and Elisabeth has always watching what we done and on you. We promised to not tell you. This was only because you would not be exposed to danger. This is why we always have been nearby you." Chiara voice strengthened as she talked to me and the truth came out.

I backed off a step. Looking down at the water and up on my best friends, or so I thought. Looked then away towards the beach and began to swim fast towards the land. 
- "Emma!" Chiara and Linnea shouted in chorus after me, but I gave no response just focused on taking me to the beach. Once on land, I hurried after my stuff and ran to the car that was on top at the bridge. Behind me I heard my so called best friends, screamed and shouted after me. I turned a deaf ear to me and I focused on just take me to the car and drive away, far away.

I drove as fast as I could back to the vineyard. Once there, I parked the car carelessly at the entrance to the library and hurried me in. Threw off my bikini and got dressed other comfortable clothing. Out again and into the stable. 
I took me a lead and hurried to the pasture where the Arab Sasha ran with all other Arabs. She quickly ran up to me when she heard me whistling. I just wanted to get away from here. I didn’t want someone who had an eye on me all the time, I wanted to be left alone. I jump up on the back of Sasha and sat there for a while. 
- "Leave my head!" I shouted and then kicked the sides of Sasha and we set off at a gallop away from the vineyard and to the riding arena.

Sasha black quick legs took us quickly up on the way down behind the riding arena, where it was a place you could wade across without getting wet, and once we got to the forgotten moors she got to run like she feel like. I did not know how to feel, but tears ran down my cheeks and I could not control myself anymore. 
Instead of doing something to save Derek they kept their eyes on me instead. Sasha continued to run forward with all the energy she had left and it seemed to never end.

But somewhere did it stop, Sasha added a suddenly stop and I had no time to react, I went forward over her neck and landed with my back to the ground and rolled over. When I finally stopped rolling, I felt every single muscle in my body hurt. I sat stiffly and looked toward Sasha who jumped around on her toes and snorted. Her behavior towards me is something she would never do unless something was wrong. I stood up and started walking toward her. The black mare backed away from me with her head high up, the halter was dangling. 
- "Sasha, what is it?" My voice seemed wheezing and hoarse when I talked. I knelt down and tried to hold my head high. I did not want to lose consciousness now. I stood up again with a great effort. Sasha threw herself around and galloped away from the place, away from me. I stood there and watched in surprise at how my black Arabian thoroughbreds galloped away over the forgotten moors and left me alone.

I could not understand what got into her. Sasha has not thrown me since that first day I rode her. Since then she has always been faithful to me through wet and dry. I ended up on my knees again. The fall after Sasha grinding halt was the worst fall I ever have had and each and every little muscle hurt. 
My healed shoulder reminded me of my kidnaping where I got the shoulder broken. I stood up again and began to go back to the stables. If I went now I could be home to the evening. 
But in the midst of my steps I heard a branch cracked behind me. It felt as if the breath went out of me. Should I turn on or run? I swallowed and felt how whole me started shaking. A bear? No, they were only in golden hills forest, here on the meadow grazed only deer and rabbits.

I turned around. I changed my mind already. The branch that snapped behind me was not from any bear, but it was striking simile when I saw what was coming toward me. Not just one but several. It felt like I was frozen to the ground, but I managed to get loose and started running as fast as I could. Although every muscle in my body screamed in pain, I ignored it and went ahead as fast as I could. 
Steps from several persons behind me were getting closer. I tried to increase rate on the steps but it felt pointless and very soon I could hear how the steps were right behind me. I threw myself to the side and down to the water. However, it did stop, something got in the way of my legs and I fell forward and hit hard to the water.

Someone grabbed my legs and pulled me up on the beach. I started screaming and I was overpowered by several men who pushed me towards the beach. The arms ended up behind my back and the rope spun around them. I came up on my feet and looked into the face of someone who was quite familiar. 
A man, big and strong built, the nose was crooked at him, dark eyes. The clothing was not hard to recognize, they were from Mr. Kembell’s and the man had broken my shoulder. I started screaming, but in the middle of the scream, I received a blow to the stomach and I lost my breath. The other two who held me let go of me so I went down on my knees in the sand and tried to regain breath. 
- "Calm down, Ron!" I heard a woman say. I was not in a position to be able to look up and see how she looked. 
- "I just lulled her screams" I heard him answer. I was about to vomit from the pain and to even see him at all

- “Get her up! "I heard the woman command. The two men lifted me up on my legs and made me look up at a woman. It was a robust woman in black khaki suit with blonde hair that hung down over her shoulders straight. She had well-marked jawbone, full lips in a tone of pink, she had a gray tone of mascara round her eyes. She didn’t smile. 
I watched as she picked up something from her pocket and walked over to me. I tried to back away from her, but the two men kept a tight grip on my arms so I couldn’t move me one meter. 

She lifted up a small charm in silver without any signs. She opened it and a blue powder appeared. She held it in front of me and blew. 
The blue powder hit me right in the face, I coughed and tried to shake off the blue dust but no matter how I hard I tried, it must however have reached me, I felt how heavy my head had been and my vision blurred, shortly afterwards I felt how I fell into a dark abyss, and my world where black.

- "So, now should it stays until we come back, but to be sure can you of course add a muzzle. We cannot rely on things like this." said Claire and merged the charm and put it in her pocket, turned around and went to the boat that was waiting for them.