Sound of a broken heart! - Part 5!

I stay overnight. Walther also stay overnight and slept with Mary. They did not do anything embarrassing, like to roll around in the sheets around me. The only thing I could hear was how they swapped saliva with each other. The idea disgusted me. 
Mary could not feel the wet dog smell that I did. For her, the idea was not disgusting, but more romantic. And I had to agree with her, because of all men Maria met before Walther, Walther was the only nice and great with Mary. Too bad that I refused to accept him.

Right now, we sat all three in the kitchen and "ate" breakfast. What is meant by, it was Walther and Maria who ate breakfast and drank coffee while I sat at the corner of the table and stared madly at Walther, who so clearly ignored me.
- "So, Margareta" My real name is Margret, but here in Sweden, I was taught to use a more Swedish name when I moved here. My Swedish name is Margareta.
- "I do not know." I answered her gruffly, still staring at Walther, who continued to ignore me. He was devotee to read what was in the paper, than stare back at me.

Maria, who discovered long ago why my mood has dropped sighed Supplied over my behavior.
- "Can you try to learn to accept him?" She asked me and looked pleadingly at me. I tore my gaze away from Walther and now looked at Mary. Her eyes were glossy.
- "I can not accept to live under the same roof with a fucking dog!" I swore. Walther sighed, folded the newspaper and put it on the side. He turned to me and now we stared at each other.
- "I do not want trouble! Are you going to fight, you will take it somewhere else!" Mary warned us.
- "How can I convince you that I will not hurt her?" He asked me, untouched by situtationen. I smiled.
- "Get off my territory to begin from, stupid bastard!"
- "Margret!" Maria screamed at me. My way of responding Walther was really rude and I worried about Mary. Walther sat quietly and listened to me, without getting offended that I called him a stupid bastard.

- "You have no ownership rights in one area., It's not that you were here when the village was built." I laughed at him and stood up hastily, the chair tipped over at the floor behind me. 
- "I have lived here since the village was built., I was one of those who took care of the people who built Kvissleby!" I growled at him. Shall we start talking history? 
- "And how many of them ate you up?" He asked me and he smiled teasingly. 
I was boiling with anger and clenched my fists at them whitened. 
- "Walther, that's enough!" Maria said aloud to him. Walther raised his hands and leaned back in his chair. 
I turned around and I was not going to stay for one more second. A light knock on the door made me stiffen.

Walther had also heard the knock, but he was still sitting in the kitchen and looked unattractive in the morning paper. I waved to Mary, who passed by me and I asked her to look out the peephole. She nodded and walked slowly up to the front door, it knocked gently on the door again.
She swallowed and leaned slowly toward the peephole and tried to see who was there. She stopped looking and turned and looked at me.
- "There is a man in a red scarf standing outside?" She said between her lips. Red scarf? I knew there was only one person who was dressed in black and had a red scarf around his neck. I moved away Mary and tore the door open.

Behind the door stood a man. A man with black and half long hair. His face was masculine and serious. Almost like he has not smiled in a while. His eye color was dark red with a hint of blue around the black pupil. 
And as always, he walked around in his black leather jacket and had always wearing black jean trousers and black addidas shoes. His eyes were directed at me when I had torn up the door and he smiled. 
- "Hello Margret!" He greeted. Hello? HELLO? After all the years he been away, he has not even sent me a letter to tell how he was doing. Instead, I get a hello response after all these years. 
I should be glad to see that he is alive, but I could not control my anger and my fist disappeared into his face and Ray stacked backwards. - "What the hell?" He swore and struck his hand to his face.

Well, we vampires can turn us into destruction and we also get away with a few injuries, but they healed incredibly quickly. The only thing that was impossible for us was to break bones. However, one punched to the face or other body part, it could also hurt like hell. 
- "You are away for several years and the first thing you say is hey?" I hissed at him. I was shaking with anger. Lucky that the battle was not full force. 
Rayanas looked at me and he knew the smell, the smell of wet dog that hit directly in his face. His face was changed drastically and the eyes that were just dark red had a black color, of hatred. 
- "I think both of you should go somewhere where you can talk alone!" Mary whispered to us. I nodded. She was right, we should probably not stand here and talk, so any nosy neighbors could hear us. Then I did not want Ray would start a fight with a werewolf, in Maria's apartment.

I took Rayanas hand and we ran fast. I led him over the bridge and towards the small grove of trees that lay between Skottsund and Kvissleby. In there, as far we could get, but far from the trail, we stopped. 
The sun was shining high, but crowns of the trees hid the sun, which made it easier for us to meet here, without collapsing and rotting. 
Ray tried to say something, but I held up my hand to silence him. I had to contain my anger and not get a reason to knock him down again, or a tree. 
- "You just have to know one thing," I began, and straightened me up. My orange eyes were directed against the Rays dark red. - "I have tried to distract Mary from being with Walther, but I have learned to accept him. Makes no nonsense, to put yourself in their lives? Okay?" I warned him. I have tried all means to get Maria to stop seeing Walther, now I realize the truth, that it would never happen. Ray nodded.

- "I'm sorry I made you worry!" He voice got my whole body tremble. It was so long since I heard it. 
- "No, you're not sorry." I mumbled to him. He still could have sent a message or called and said he was okay. - "Where were you?" I asked him. 
- "A little here and there., I visited my home to see what has changed and maybe see if The nobleman has come back!" He answered me and leaned against a pine tree. The red scarf fluttered when a wind from June river, swept past us. The smell of wet dog had long since disappeared and we could relax. 
- "You have been looking for him for so many years. What makes you think that you will find him there again?" I wondered. I sat down on the moss and poked in the dry soil. 
- "You never know, some will return to its original location after many years. Others let it go a few generations before they return." He said with a shrug and looked down at me. I refused to give him so much as eye contact. 
- "True, but for both of us, there is nothing to return to., I do not understand why you insist on going back every time." I sighed. I could not help but to look up at him.

I had almost forgotten what he looked like. The body was masculine and manly shapely. Wide shoulders, narrow waist with six-pack, and then the thighs, musklösa and wide. A young Mikael Persbrandt, I could not help that I stared at him for a long time. Ray had sat down on the moss opposite me and we looked long into each other's eyes. 
- "What have you otherwise been doing?" He asked, his dark red eyes smiled. I rolled my eyes at him. 
- "You probably know already all too well what I have done!" I murmured and leaned towards him. Our lips met in a kiss gently.

I sat up on my knees and leaned over my body against him. Penetrated my tongue through his lips until it bumped into his. Ray moved his hands down over my waist and placed them over my firm butt and pushed me harder against him. I could not help but groan when our bodies pressed against each other. 
I fell down on my back with Rayanas over me and his hands had eagerly sought under my shirt and cupped his hands over my breasts and massaged them with light and smooth movements. 
While our tongues continued to play with each other, had my hands coaxed up the belt that held up Ray's trousers and unbuttoned button. With practiced hands, I had felt over the bump, Ray groaned and tore off my thick hooded sweatshirt and revealed only my upper body and my breasts, which were in size 70B. 
Ray had bent forward and his lips massaged and licked around the nipple and teased it. He stopped and moved up the lips and kissed me again.

I sat up and ended above Ray. I tore off his jacket and white t-shirt, he was wearing under, went by too. I leaned forward and kissed his chest and down his stomach. I continued kissing down until I got down to his pants and pulled them down. When I pulled down the boxers Shorten, his manhood standing straight up. I had never been so interested to suck someone because I think it gives me icky vibes. But with Ray, I felt that I could do it, but only for him. 
My little mouth, grabbed hold of his big limb and slowly went my mouth up and down his manhood. Ray groaned and beat, put his hands to his face and tried to smother his screams. 
Would be nice if a human came by and saw us having sex. Candy and sex always worked well together. Rayanas body trembled at my touch and I let go of his manhood and moved me up to his lips. In pure zeal had Rayanas stood up and pulled me up from the ground.

I had threw my legs around his waist and trying to retain. With his organ pressed against my stomach. Ray pried loose my legs from the waist, while he eagerly tore off my jeans. He lifted me again and pressed me against the tree. I felt the butt against the tribal uneven surface and between the shoulder blades. Feeling when he forced his way into me, made me moan loudly and I leaned my head back against the pine bark. The back of my head hit the hard surface of the stem, but I did not care about it. All I could think of was that the heart hammered against my ribs, and he slid out of me, only to slip back again, in a tedious slow motion.

The warm breeze caressed our bodies and brought with it the scent of pine needles and forest. Cautiously I opened my eyes and saw the sweat running from Ray's forehead and down the neck. His sexy eyes made me cling to him tighter. Put the nails in his well trained back and bite him in the shoulder. 
Ray began to sing, 
You wanna blow my wistle baby let me know, girl I'ma show you how to do it and we start real slow. 
I laughed at him. He knew what would push me going. 
I groaned again and we both felt that we were ready to burst out in a long ecstasy. 
- "Ray," I whispered against his ear while I put teeth into his neck. The blood pulsed in and out of my mouth and ran down over our sweaty bodies.

When we grace ecstasy together, pulled our bodies together, we stifled our cries, biting at each other's shoulder, before our sweaty bodies finally relaxed. Ray lay down next to me and I put myself above him. He was breathing heavily and had closed his eyes. I was breathing just as wild as him, but kept a good tone while I drew a finger over his chest. 
Ray opened his eyes and his dark red eyes looked into mine. 
- "Welcome home, dear!" I smiled before I kissed him tenderly and laid me down beside him.

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