Sound of a broken heart! - Part 4!

In a small street from Lake street, jumped a little girl, with thin blond hair, smooth shoot forward. She was wearing a thin yellow dress with floral motifs. Dresses with ruffles just went down to her knees, exposing her thin legs. The blond hair jumped up and down from her shoulders and her red eyes shone with excitement. Despite the autumn chill, she did not care about it, for she felt the cold still like an early summer. She laughed heartily and began to hum a tune in French.
And she bent her steps up to Main Street and the square. Where people celebrated the fall and sat at luxurious restaurants and drank wine or beer. The smells from the food interested her not at all. Instead, she had set target elsewhere. Middle of the square at Gustavus Adolphus statue, stood a group of young people and shared a cigarette and drank beer as they hidden inside their sleeves jack. The girl jumped up to them, smiled teasingly at them. The gang, with the young guys, exchanged a few glances with each other, smiled, and gave up the half-smoked cigarette to the girl, who shook her head. She pointed instead at the beer.
The guy, who looked to be a form of a leader of the gang, gave it to her. She opened up the beer and swept everything into proper four sips. The beer tasted nothing for her. Most just stale, but nothing she could get drunk on. She could drink lots of alcohol without feeling the influence of it. The young leader, who was dressed in silvery saggy pants. The black belt in skin, which would keep the pants up, hung loosely and pants hung low down over the buttocks of the guy. He threw his arms around the girl who steadfastly put her arm around his waist of pure joy that he chose her. He whispered to one of his friends, when they started to walk away from the square and up the church Street. She had clearly heard what he whispered to his friend and smiled at the thought. But she did not smile wide enough, she could not show her fangs.

He released her shoulders and placing his hand over her shapely butt and got her into an alley below the park. Here on the street, at this time of day, never walked people anymore. He opened up a black gate into the back yard that was completely deserted. He swung around the little girl in the yellow and floral dress and pushed her up against the stone wall while he eagerly kissed her, pulled up her dress while trying to rip off his own pants. The girl giggled and let him be. She really had other plans than what this young guy could expect. In pure zeal, ended his pants down on the hocks, his hands fumbled over her small breasts. Inexperienced guy was. He groaned before he even had time to do something and the body pulled up into a kind of ecstasy.

- "Are you finished already?" Said the girl with a French accent. The guy gasped while he pulled on his sticky pants. The girl looked innocent, that he had already come, but smiled anyway. The guy looked up at her. Her smile reached all the way to her ears, and among her white teeth could now see the fangs. - "My turn!" She smiled at him. The guy, who until now realize what was happening, began to scream. The girl silenced him immediately and had success jumped and landed on the young boy's shoulders and choked his screams with her cold hands. The guy tried in every way to throw her off, but the girl was strong, very strong and remained seated on his shoulders. The young and inexperienced guy went forward to his knees, and instead tried to crawl away from her. 
The girl corrected him, slid down and put her legs around his arms and held him. She stroked her finger across his neck where she could clearly see how the carotid pulse vehemently. For her it was a lovely sight. She pulled her tongue over the vein and placed over the teeth.

- "Elise, how long will you torture the poor fellow?" The voice got Elisa smiling and looking up from the young boy. She saw a tall woman in a burgundy jumpsuit and long brown hair and she was wearing black pump heels. Beside her stood a little shorter woman, in a gray hooded sweatshirt and blue jean trousers and black tennis shoes, so out of fashion. Her red hair flamade by the fall of darkness. Their eyes glowed red.
- "Kitty, Margret! So good to see you!" She said with a sweet French accent. The boy beneath her was still trying to scream through her cold mouth. Elise shushed him and stroked his cheek with his finger.
- "Do not call me Kitty!" Kit growled irritably. Both she and I had just arrived in time to clean up after Elise. We had luck on our side to get up extra early before it once again would be headlines on tomorrow's papers.
- "But I like it more than Kit, then you might as well call you Keith!" She smiled and stroked her hand over the neck of the boy.
- "Let him go. If you must eat, you can give up in other people. Boy has a life ahead of him and should not be desecrated in their young lives." I told her. I was so tired of having to clean up after her. 
- "But I like the young blood., It tastes much better than the old troll blood." She sighed Supplied and ended up in the boy's arms and looked into his terrified eyes. 
- "Elise" I growled at her. Elise shrank a little and dropped out of the boy and took her hand away from the boy's mouth. As soon as her hand disappeared from the boy's mouth, he started to scream again. I hurried forward, put my hand over his mouth and looked into the boy's eyes. 
- "You'll never remember us, we do not exist. You came here with the whore and you should now go back to the square and share your experiences with your friends. Understood?" The boy's pupils had expanded when I talked quietly with him. One advantage was that we could hypnotize our victims and have them never to remember that our kind existed. That's why no one suspected that vampires exist.

The boy went back to normal and left deserted courtyard and went back to the square. I sighed and turned to Elise. The girl was extremely small. But she was firm growth in a 16 year-old's body, and that was why she had it so easy to trick the young and inexperienced boys. Among other things, give them a treat before she killed them. She went under the familiar name of the black widow from France. 
- "I was so hungry!" Elise sighed and jumped up smoothly on an old wooden barrel and sat down. 
- "You can take a homeless I saw before., He sits and begs money at a resturant engines. He is drunk and making a quick end to his suffering and for God's sake, do it with style!" Kit said to her, without Sempati for the poor and begging man. Elise was disgusted by the thought of eating a begging man.

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