The light of mystery! - Part 5 {English}

It was really refreshing to stand in a hot shower. My wet clothes, I had hung up on a chair down in Avalon's kitchen. He still had not come home, wherever he went with Emma? I took the opportunity to go into his house and take a hot shower. 
Water's warm rays, got the cold from the rain to evaporate. The steam from the hot water gathered in the bathroom, and very soon I felt like I was in a steam bath. I turned off the water and took me a towel and wrapped it around my body. I sat on a gray and boring stool that stood in the bathroom and smeared my legs. Even Avalon nursed his body. Body lotion that smelled roses, though it was my own as I snuck in with.

Avalon had not yet seen it. I smiled, taking care to rub all over me. I picked me a nice clean towel I used to wipe my red hair. Worst of having thick and red hair was that it almost never dried. I could walk around for hours with wet hair before it was dry. I had tried with the hairdryer, but I got the longest standing in the three quarters to get it dry. For Emma, it took only a maximum of ten minutes before her brown hair was dry. 
I was still trying to digest that she has dyed her hair brown. 
I remember that we were shopping at Silver Glade village and when I turned around, after standing and talking to myself for ten minutes, she was gone. I called her on the phone and she did not answer.

I could not leave the village because we had traveled here together in her rickety car. I chose to put myself outside the baker's cafe and I sat there for an hour until a girl with brown hair with blonde highlights sat down opposite me. Took a while before I saw who it was that sat down. Emma waved her brown hair and smiled. It was the first time I saw her smile. That smile I saw before today, was the second time. 
After that, I have to look for a girl with brown hair and blonde highlights. I shook my head, got up from the gray and boring podium and opened the door from the bathroom. The steam flew out upstairs but evaporated instantly.

It was when I was coming down the stairs, I saw in the corner of my eye one of Avalon gray covers. I backed up a step and went to the door where it was hanging. This was torn and tattered. I knew it all too well. He had this coat that evening on the platform a few months ago. I ran a hand over it. 
It was the same night as Avalon kissed me twice. But it was also a day that almost cost me my life. I winced and put my arms around me. In one of rock's tears I could see an old blood stain that does not come off in the wash. I fell down on squatting and the scene played out in my mind. I shivered and felt my stomach turned inside out. 
I stood up again. I was stronger now, and I did not show myself weak for anyone. Not even for Avalon or Emma.

I turned around and walked down the stairs in wood. When I landed on the second to last step on the stairs, I turned back and thought back to the hood and smiled. I had no other change of clothes with me and I had no desire to pull on my wet clothes again. I bit my finger and cleverly turned and hurried up to the first floor again.

Avalon opened the door to his house and shut the front door slowly with a prolonged sigh. On a hook next to the door he hung up his gray and worn shoulder bag and hung up his sword and scabbard. When he got off his shoes, he finally looked up. I stood against the door frame in the living room, I'm in his gray broken cover. The hood hid my face, but he could clearly see that I smiled from underneath there. 
- "Welcome home!" My voice became suddenly sensuel and inviting. 
- "Chiara? What ... What did you find it?" Avalon did not feel comfortable at seeing me in the broken cover. It contained too many emotions for the both of us. 
I pulled off my the cover hood and looked up. My red hair was still wet and hanging down over my shoulders and soaked down the hood slightly. 
- "I had no change of clothes with me." I smiled shyly and straightened me up. Avalon shook his head and went into the kitchen, without a glance at me. I went after him and stood at the entrance of the kitchen. - "What would I do then? There was locked in the house and it's Emma who has the key., It was just your house that was unlocked." I told him.

I discovered at that moment that his nice white tank top had a shade of red and his nose was swollen. I rushed up to him and turned his face to me. 
- "What happened?" I exclaimed, horrified at how his face looked. He smiled and took my hands away from his face. He drew his hand across my cheek. 
- "A little battle with Emma as usual., She received a direct hit., It was my fault, I was not attentive enough." He said and smiled again. Happy enough to see that I can worry about him. I have not bothered when he and Emma have fought with wooden swords. It was always Emma who got beat up and always came home with bruises, while Avalon survived without any scrubbing wounds. I laughed heartily at it. 
- "How nice, I thought it was something else!" Avalon's smile disappeared and he stared at me. I still smiled and continued to laugh at him. 
- "And that means?" He asked, a little surprised, he thought it was a bit rude of me to think otherwise. 
- "I thought you'd encountered someone from Dark Core, but it was just Emma who gave you a smack, then it was nothing! Right?" I smiled and looked at the ruined tank top and sighed. - "Do you know how expensive this was?" I grumbled and got him to take it off.

He stood behind me, without a shirt and just in his dark green trousers. 
- "Want some tea?" He asked. I nodded and walked out of the kitchen and to the first floor and threw down the top the tank in a bucket with hot water and bleach. Luckily the tank top was white. The chlorine can do a lot for one, which remove stubborn stains on white clothes. - "Chiara, the tea is ready!" I heard Avalon shout from below the kitchen. 
When I came down the wooden stairs, I felt the scent of herbal tea up my nose. The pungent scent of pine needles and moss. I sighed inwardly as I sat down at the kitchen table and drank of the muddy tea. Now I wished that Avalon had honey at home or a lump of sugar. Sweetness would probably kill the taste, or make it worse. 
I circulated with a silver spoon around the tea water and looked at the remains of the tea, which circulated in the bottom of the cup. Around they went and gathered together in the center of the cup. 
- "How are you, Chiara?" Wondered Avalon. He had seen that I was staring into the cup. I put down my teaspoon and drank the disgusting tea. I could not help but frown at the taste.

- "It's nothing!" I said as I pushed away the tea. Avalon brought his cup to his mouth and drank the tea, without frown. - "Where's Emma anyway?" I wondered because Emma did not came with Avalon home. Had she gone home to us? 
- "I left her off at Valedale lake., She is doing an exercise that will take a while to master., She comes home when she passed by it!" I laughed scornfully. Emma sitting alone somewhere around Valedale lake and meditating. 
- "What is she going to learn?" I asked curiously. Avalon put down his empty cup. 
- "She's learning to reinforce three of her five senses. Currently she practices at the hearing." He told me. Avalon had stopped keeping things hidden to me. Although some things, just touched Aideens Patron, Avalon talked about it to me anyway. He knew I was in one way or another, would find out about it!

We sat in silence for a long time. Outside it was still light and the clock had just gone over two o'clock in the afternoon. The sun shone high and warmed up properly. Where there had been puddles after the rain, was now a thing of the blue and the flowers lifted their petals to the sun and swallowed up all the energy that the sun came up with. 
I stood up and walked over to Avalon. He had been sitting opposite me but turned against me. 
- "What should we do? My clothes are still wet and I can not get into my own house!" I smiled teasingly at him. Avalon, who was trying to look serious, could not help smiling at me.
- "What do you have in mind?" He asked and moved out of the chair and I sat down in his lap and put my arms around his neck, looked into his blue eyes. Someone with dark black hair should have had a completely different eye color. Brown or green, but despite that, I always drowned in his heavenly blue eyes. Avalon pulled his hands over my thighs and stopped at my waist. I leaned forward and carefully massaged my lips against his. He answered it and shoved his tongue in my mouth and our tongues met each other. - "Chiara" He mumbled against my lips.
- "Yes?" I replied. His hands had gone inside the gray cover and the along the my bare thighs.
- "Have you no underwear on you?" He asked when he could finally tear away his lips from mine.

I laughed and bit me in the finger teasingly. 
- "I told you that my clothes got wet after I was out riding!" I smiled and pulled him close to me again. Avalon got up from the chair. I threw my legs around him, not to end up on the floor, while he moved us into his bedroom

Jerk! Moron! Fucker! Shouted inside my head over and over again. I want to beat the shit out of him. Crack each little bone he had and then feed him to the wolves in the Golden Valley ridge.
It was downright hopeless to even attempt to turn off all the feelings I had. I wandered up and down for half an hour now, mostly to calm my nerves, which screamed of frustrations. Every little muscle in my body hurt after our fight. I would probably get new bruises on the old. I laughed, if nothing else, I got a hit in the nose at Avalon.
I laughed out loud to myself before I threw up my hands and gripped the air and imagined that I strangled Avalon.

Calm, calm now. He does this for your own good. I sat down and talked with my brain, which was my only companion now. I sat in a tailor seat, breathed deep breaths and tried to turn off all the feelings I had around my heart. I blinked at the sound of something that fluttered beside me. I opened my eyes a little and looked at what was bothering me.
A lemon butterfly fluttered past my ear and into a flower near me. I shook my head and took another breath. Clear away all fears, feelings and sounds. Let nobody interrupt you when you are trying to listen. It was difficult, very difficult. For as soon as I closed my eyes it was always Derek's face I saw. They dark brown eyes and brown hair that always looked naughty. I smiled again and imagined his face in front of me. Without knowing it, I had fallen asleep.

I woke up quickly when I heard the sound of clattering hoofs, echoed against the rock. I stood up quickly and looked at my watch. It was six o'clock in the evening already. I hurried to put on my shoes, rattled out the stones from my bag and was about to hurry away, when a brown and dirty horse stayed above me. Our eyes met. I could hear myself breathe. The horse snorted and stared at me, it made no attempt to run away, but on the contrary. It went down to me. The horse was fully equipped with saddle and bridle, but incredibly dirty. It must have wandered a long time here. I knew whose horse it was, could not be mistaken whose. 
I picked up the phone from the backpack and hit Chiara's number. The signals rang and I came to voicemail. I hung up the phone and called her again.
Now she replies.
- "I hope I'm not disturbing you in your fun!" I grumbled at her as she giggled in the background and tried to talk to me. - "Have you heard anything from Linnea Lately?" I asked her pungently, to drown her giggling.- "Huh? Linnea? No we have not heard from each other in several weeks, why do you ask?" She wondered, as I could hear her voice to change and unrest grew up in both of us.

I looked at the brown Arabian horse that hung the resting with his head, glad to meet a reliable person again. 
- "Chiara, you will never believe what I found!" I cleared my throat a little. My throat hurt and I was about to burst into tears.
- "What? Who? Who have you found Emma?" Chiara Burst out to me. 
- "I have found Kirk, dirty and fully equipped!" My voice failed me a while before I cleared my throat. - "Without Linnea!" I leaned forward against Kirk's dirty fur.

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