Sound of a broken heart! - Part 7!

- "What are you thinking about?" Ray asked me. We sat in a basement. Elise had given us permission to accompany her home and sleep over here until the sun went down. We sat in a dirty basement floor. I could not stop thinking about this man or what Elise said before.
- "It's nothing!" I answered him, when I was silent for a long time. I leaned my head against his shoulder and looked out of the basement.
It did not look so much to the world. Gray walls in concrete and in one corner were a lot of old broken bikes. I could hear one rat ran quickly up the floor, out the wall's edge. I closed my eyes for a moment and tried to sleep. I was not tired, but I needed to rest my eyes. I was so happy that Ray was back that I only wanted to enjoy his presence.
- "Or maybe it's one thing?" I admitted low to him. Rayanas, who put his arm around me, holding me close to him.
- "What?" He asked curiously. I could sense a smile. I smiled too, although this was important and not something to smile about.
- "I can not stop thinking about that Elise said before? The thing that you have seen breasts before?" I asked him. I felt that he froze before he finally relented.

- "Have you hooked up on it?" His voice was soft, but I could hear his voice had been a change. I nodded. - "Of course what she said was right, but that was before I met you. I've seen some, but nothing can beat the ones I have seen now!" He continued, stroking his finger over my arm. 
I froze and clenched my teeth so they squeaked. 
- "What is meant by, it's your I'm thinking of!" He laughed heartily at my jealousy. 
- "Oh!" Was all I could reply, I could not let my jealousy play a big role. For Ray, I meant everything to him. We've been a couple for over 200 years and loved each other dearly. I straightened myself up and sat me on his lap instead. I wanted to look into his dark red eyes. 
Ray laid automatically his hands on my hips.
- "No, this is not such a thing!" I said firmly and leaned toward him. Our foreheads met in each other tenderly, closed our eyes and sat in silence for a long moment. The only sound was our breathing and the sound of the rat who did not know where it would run. I turned my head to the side and let my lips tenderly kiss Ray's lips. He relaxed even more. 
- "I do not think this should be changed between us!" I whispered low to him. My body tingled up into a lovely, lovely feeling when I kissed him. 
- "It will never do!" He whispered back and pulled me closer to him. 
- "Good!" I smiled and kissed him again, but more intense.

The sun had just gone down behind the Southern rock. The only thing that appeared in heaven was a shimmer of pink and orange hues and very soon, came a darkness settled over the city of Sundsvall. As soon as darkness came, it immediately became the hustle and bustle of the night people, who continued to visit restaurants or pubs. 
Ray and I walked hand in hand through the square and watched the people. 
We had been thinking about eating, but a bit more aloof. 
I stayed Ray when another couple came towards us. Mary's voice could not be mistaken and she walked beside Walther, with their arms hooked together. 
Both had just stopped working.

She stopped when she saw us. Walther looked up and saw me and Ray. We stood a long time, staring at each other. Maria and I was worried that both of our men would start fights with each other, in the middle of the square and reveal themselves. 
- "Walther, maybe we should take this road!" Mary said nervously and started to go in a completely different direction. Walther stood there without moving. I stood in front Rayanas and blocked the road for Walther. 
And suddenly, he broke into a hearty laugh and nervous situation we have just had, was blown away. Ray's body was still tense and ready for the attack. Walther walked up to us. 
I hissed at him and backed away with Ray. 
- "So you are Ray, Mary has told me about you!" He held out his hand against Ray. 
Ray refused to take his hand.

Walther took back his hand and looked towards Mary, who sighed.
- "My name is Caleb Walther and I think certainly, that Maggie told you about me?" Ray nodded. He had stopped breathing for not having to feel the strong smell of wet dog.
We stood completely still, not a muscle moved. Neither we said something. It was only Walthers voice that echoed in our ears. What the fuck was he doing?
- "Walther, I think we should go to the courtyard before we go home. I do not like that here. You can see that they do not want to see us right now !!" Ray flexed his body even more and cleared his throat.
- "No, I do not mind meeting you Mary." He told her. - "I'm not so interested in shaking hands or being in the same intercourse with a fucking dog!" He muttered.
- "Walther, go now!" I growled at him. I stared at him without blinking. - "Get out of here, your fucking dog!" Walther sighed, pulled his brown hair back and turned around and went with Mary to the courtyard.

We stood a long time and looked after them. Mary had turned against me. I could see the sadness in her face and she mouthed 'sorry' before they disappeared into the courtyard. I, was still a convulsive grip on Ray's arms, before I softened my grip and let go of them.
Ray took a deep breath and took my hand in his.
- "Come on, we need to hunt!" He said softly, and we ran silently out of the city and home to little Kvissle village. 

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