Sound of a broken heart! - Part 10!

On the brown little table, I had succumbed to both me and Walther. I felt we needed to talk about our future plans. If nothing else, I needed to tell him what's going on around us.
Maggie never said anything about that I could not tell him, so I guess I should tell him?

I put up two of my finest red wine glass on the table and placed two white candlesticks with a respective candles in the candlesticks. I lit them up and backed away. My kitchen was pretty small, but sufficiently large to accommodate a table and three chairs.
On the table lay a white cloth, a little larger that covered the larger surface of the table, with a beige runner straight across on the long side, in the middle of the table. Opposite was the 2 plates with set a knife and fork side by side. In addition, at the kitchen window, stood on a vase with 3 white gerbera flowers.
On the edge at the left on the plates, it was a grilled and sliced up roast beef steak with roasted root vegetables. Walther's favorite dish.

I wiped my hands on a clean kitchen towel and hung off my red apron with white dots and a slight ruffle, the cabinet next to the refrigerator and turned my back against the kitchen table.
Well, it looked good. It got to be so.
A light knock on the door made me smile and I walked past the living room / bedroom and into the small hallway and to the front door. The bell on my door did not work, because I have not had time to ask my landlord to come and fix it. If people wanted something, did they have to knock on the door. It was less annoying than listening to how people are calling like crazy on the doorbell.
I looked out the peephole and saw a large man standing outside in a dark blue suit. I unlocked the front door and opened it.

Walther was a very strong built man. Broad-shouldered, and very long. Square face, with a sharp jaw line. The eyes are almond shaped, like when he smiled narrowed the almond-shaped eyes and crow's feet shaped corner. Eye color was dark brown and thick dark eyebrows.
His nose was straight and well marked.
The lower lip was slightly fuller than the upper lip. Walther had a striking likeness to Vin Diesel, who happened to be a favorite character for me.
Walther had known it during our first date and had after that, shaved his brown hair, for my sake.

He held up a bottle of wine, Clos du Mont-Olivet, with a smile. I smiled and moved me from the doorway. Walther step into the apartment and bent over me and pressed his lips tenderly against mine.
- "It smells good!" He said and gave me a hug. I smiled and embrace him. He smelled just as good as the roast in the kitchen, if not even better.
- "Hope you're hungry for roast beef!" I smiled and kissed him again. Walther began removing his jacket and shoes, while I went into the kitchen and tried to open up the cap on the bottle.
Unfortunately I had to submit more modern corkscrew, than such a corkscrew where I have to crank it down by hand and then pull it up using a pair of "arms". No, instead I had I a corkscrew from the 80s where I bolts down by hand and then get to use my upper arm muscles to pull the cork.

Last time I opened a wine bottle with a cork was many years ago, I ended up buying these when I dropped the wine bottle on the bench. The bottle cracked and caused a red wine explotion throughout the kitchen.
I bolted down the corkscrew and tried to smooth show that I could do it without his help. Walther came into the kitchen. He wore his white shirt and a red tie. He smiled when he saw me.
I smiled nervously and silly. I must look like a fool who is struggling to get up a cork. I stretched out over the bottle to him. He took it, pulled the cork screw and with a plop, the cork came up.
I was reminded of my gym membership, which lay in hidden compartments in my purse.

The dinner was nice and tender roast beef. It melted in the mouth and was incredibly juicy. Sometimes I succeed to good, with my dishes.
We had talked for a while and I had told Walther what Maggie told me early today.
He spun on the wineglass, when I talked to him. After I explained what happened, we sat in silence for a long time. We said nothing to each other, without listening to the sound of our breath and the sound outside, which was slightly hidden. But to hear the cars driving past on the E4 highway, could not avoid hearing.
Walther cleared his throat and sat up more in his chair. He pushed aside his wine glass.
- "Have they thought about finding out what they want?" He asked me. I shrugged, I did not know more than what Maggie and Ray knew.
- "I do not know!" I whispered to him. Unconsciously, I had also started to spin on the wineglass. The red wine created small waves in the glass, before the surface, where perfectly still.

He leaned back in the chair again. The candles had burned down to half way and the clock was ticking on and beat just about eight in the evening.
I sighed, a little too loudly, for Walther had looked up at me and our eyes met.
- "What did Maggie say'd about the ring?" He asked suddenly. I cleared my throat and felt that I started to smile.
- "She took it very well. She just wants my best you know!" I bit my lip and looked up at him, behind my short bangs. He was still smiling, and he started laughing suddenly. - "What are you laughing at?" Now it was my turn to ask.
- "She is a bit special ... your relative. For none of your other relatives I have encountered, have behaved as she does." I rolled my eyes. Margret's behavior has never been acceptable. But I have done everything I could, as she has tried to separate me and Walther.
- "You forget that she is not human!" I countered. Walther took the wineglass to his lips and sipped the red wine and placed the glass down on the table again.
- "I know! But her behavior is not acceptable. I do not know what to do to get her to like me more." I could understand his frustration. He has not lived with her. But he should probably understand why she did not like him.

- "It's pretty obvious why Margret does not like you." I started and stood up. I needed clearing tables. Walther stood up. - "No, sit down. I'll tell you a bit more for you, how this situation is. I is not been fully honest with you," I opened the tap and rinsed the plates and cutlery and placed the dishes in my white countertop dishwasher. I wiped my hands on a tea towel and leaned my back against the bench. - "Margret is from the very beginning, from England, late in the 1700s. She was blind when she was born and was constantly courted by her family and her three chamber maidens. It was a pretty tough time. And Margret alone, learned how she could survive without her family oversight. But she made it invisible. Usually during the night time, when her entire family was asleep. she sneaked out to get to know the ground with their feet and take lessons from the vibrations. "I smiled silly at the idea. I loved this story and it has been passed down to me from my mother. And that was transferred to my mother from my grandmother.

Now, my mom was old and I was big enough to be able to continue to take over responsibility. - "Anyway. So they came to the day that her brother had courted one of Margaret's chamber maidens. There was a mighty poor age and her brother's fiancee, was supposed to be betrothed to an older and richer man. But, on one way or another, he had managed to persuade her parents to let her marry him. "Walther was leaning forward on the table and his eyes were directed at me. I loved to watch him listen to me and with such passion.
- "The day of the wedding came and everything went as planned. It was a beautiful spring wedding, just when the apple trees drop their blooms. Not that Margret could see that, but what her chamber maidens have described it to her, so she guessed that it was very beautiful. and the party went on late into the midnight and early morning. "I knew how miserable I was. This particular part of the story, was also one of the most toughest thing to talk about, even for me. - "It was in the morning, as her family discovered that Margret disappeared and never was she rediscovered again. No traces were after her.
It was so, that Margret herself swept off the tracks with the help of Ray, who is her creator. Margret could see with her own eyes and with both joy and sadness.
Pleased to see the faces, rather than having to know with her hands. The grief was to see how her family suffered hard on her disappearance."

I took a short break, breathe and tried to maintain control of my emotions.
- "Margret was not able to look at how her family suffered and did what she could do. When her brother had their first child. A girl. And the day before her 18th birthday, appeared Margret for her. And told her history, as I now tell you. and what she wanted help in the future. Margret and Sandra became good friends and Sandra promised to be quiet and keep the secret about Margret. and she did. Sandra never revealed anything about Margret, until the day when her father, Margret's brother, became ill. Sandra's mother had passed away six months before. And it was time to do something for her brother. "I smiled and wiped away a tear. This time I could not resist, letting a tear slip past.
- "Sandra had, in one way or another, managed to get the whole family to leave the house, even her own family. Just so that her father would meet Margret, in secret. When Margret came into the room, laughed her brother first and asked if he was dead. But, he quickly realized that he had not died. Sandra stayed in the room and stood at the foot of the bed, while Margret, sat down beside him, took his hand in hers and smiled. the orange, curly hair and her smile. It got her brother to realize that he was not dead yet. "I looked at the Walther, who still listened intently. I had not told you this bit for him. I had not even mentioned it.

- "He suffered a slight shock, but also powerful enough to be able to sit up and hug his little sister. Laugh, feeling her cheeks and then see that she could see him. That night, her brother fell asleep with a smile on lips, and he left the earthly life peacefully. after the incident, has Margret's secretly gone over to every female relative after her brother. that Margret is so overprotective, because she always have guided all of her relatives' conditions. selected a candidate that can suit us . the two of us, made it without her help, until you got to meet her and she revealed to you, that you're a werewolf. Apparently, she felt right at your scent that you were not an ordinary man. "Walther smiled and leaned back in his chair.
- "I felt her scent with, but there is nothing I will let come between us." He said and raised his arms. He had before dinner, folded up their sleeves, so I could see his strong and well muscled forearms.

- "No, not you, perhaps, but she is. Werewolves and vampires have not directly been pals. In the past it was a great battle between you, it was somewhere in the mid-1800s. None fun war and after it, you have two individuals, hated each other. now you do not see much of any of the races. Margret, Ray, Elise and Kit are the only vampires here around Sundsvall and Njurunda. Until now, for one night ago. There has been new vampires and none of them have demonstrated a friendly behavior. Margret think I'm in danger of including them and you."
I found myself spinning the engagement ring, looking down at it. Everything Magret learned and taught us, has gone completely off her Regulations. I bit my lower lip.
Walther had stood up and stood in front of me.
- "That explains a lot, about her behavior." He smiled and put his hands on my hips. - "Has she no other relatives after her brother?" He asked curiously.
- "Well, Sandra had a little brother. But something happened during that time and no one has seen her brother. Not even Margret knows where he is. So, I'm the only closest relative she has, or who knows her history. My mother, but she is too old to be able to help her if something happens. "I replied after a moment reflection. I know my mom mentioned this to me a long time ago, but I did not have in mind to tell someone.

We do not know what happened to him or where the rest of the family is and he is not included in our directory as a relative.
Walther's hands, which had just been around my hips, had automatically passed down to my butt.
- "My hips sit further up!" I smiled and put my hands on his upper arms.
- "It's a better grip down here," he smiled teasingly and bent down and pressed his lips against mine.
He put his hands in mine and we walked out to the living room and he started up the music in my CD player, which fortunately had a disc in already.
From the speakers it spread a calm tone from Westlife.

- "Never Thought That I'd be so inspired. Never thought that i would find the higher truth. I believe that love was overrated! 'He began to sing while we swung around on the floor. With my hand in his and my other on his shoulder, we listened, danced and sang to Something Right. A beautiful song and well designed by the Irish boy band Westlife. It was this song, which was played in a pub a few years ago, and it was then that I and Walther ran to each other and danced to this song. And after that, we called it our song.
- 'Til the moment I found you! "I sang with him. Although none of us hit the notes right, none of us laughed about it. Listening to the song, the dance with him and look him in the eye, was the best moment right now. And the chorus, we sang it together.
- "If you want me, I must be doing something right. I've got nothing left to prof and it's all because of you. So if you need me and baby I make you feel alive. I know I must be doing, doing somethingt right "

We laughed and pressed our lips against each other. I open my mouth a little and invited Walthers tongue to meet mine.
My left hand, which was on his shoulder, had now walked away and it was now over his neck and I pulled him closer to me. The music continued to move on to the next song, Why do I love you. Also a favorite song we had together. Although Walther was more the type who listened to Mozart or Beethoven, he accepted my taste in music.
He placed his hands down over my hips and let them wander down to my butt again. He massaged and squeezed gently.

I pulled back, got me Walther to bed and we embraced each other. My bed pillows went down on the floor, to make more room for us. We rolled around and I ended up at the top of Walther. Leaned over and kissed him and opened up his tie and unbuttoned the white shirt. Walther helped with the tie and took it off and threw it away somewhere in the apartment. I continued to kiss him, and tore up the last button on his white shirt. During revealed his perfect stomach and I pulled my hands over his stomach, before I was looking with my hands until I reached his black leather belt.
He sat up and pressed his lips to my neck and held me tight against his body. His hand had found its way up under my burgundy blouse and his hand found what it was looking for and cupped over my breast and massaged tenderly and carefully. He removed his hand and began to unbutton the ridiculously small buttons on my blouse and I just had my black lace bra. He kissed me on the lips, before his lips wandered on down and stopped just outside the bra and very tenderly, he bit lightly on my one nipple stiffen. I could not resist that moan and leaned my head back in pleasure.

He unbuttoned the bra and my breasts just appeared in front of him. Small and fast. He put his mouth over one nipple and sucked slowly and let his tongue play a little teasing with them.
I had let my hands went down in between us and I had coaxed up Walthers trouser button. Then everything happened so fast, because I was suddenly on my back in bed and was about to pull off my black precipice cane pants. Walther helped to pull off those tight pants. I now lay half-naked in front of Walther. Under I had a pair of black lace thong, which I bought specifically for Walther.
He laid down on me and we started kissing each other more intense. I raised my legs up and put them over the hips at Walther, while I meanwhile, pulled down the zipper and could seamlessly with my legs, pulling down his dark blue khaki pants down to his knees on him.
- "Here we were smooth!" He laughed against my lips. I laughed with him.

In the air, in the small apartmentrose it up a sweaty aroma of lust.
Our underwear was tossed somewhere in the apartment and Walther had just descended upon me, and he pressed his manhood into me.
A tingly feeling of pleasure, spread through my body and I could not control the shaking.
The CD disc continued to play on different songs from Westlife, and just at this moment, came the song Amazing. And this moment was more than just amazing.
I and Walther looked into each other's eyes, until he began to move, and with slow movements, went his manhood in and out of me.
The air was filled out with our heavy breaths and a smell of sweat and salt spread.

He pulled out his manhood and leaned over me and pressed his lips against mine.
- "Turn on your stomach!" He asked me. I hurried to turn me around. Not the easiest considering how much pillows and blankets I had in bed. But after much shilly-shallying, I managed to get on the stomach and I stood up on all fours. Walther leaned over me and easily penetrated his manhood into me again. His manhood was the perfect fit and he slid in and out with ease.
The feeling of ecstasy spread through my body. I fell down against the pillows with my butt still in the height for Walther, who continued to penetrate me animalistic.
- "Walther" I whispered between the supported area. - "I will come!" I continued to whisper and stifled my groans against the pillows.
My words echoed in the small apartment and the new songs were played back from CD. Walther took in more and very soon we reached an ecstasy together. I stifled my screams in the cushions while Walther raised his head towards the ceiling, and squeezed out a howl from the lips, and fell down on the bed next to me.

We breathed heavily and laughed. The CD disc had started from track one and the more rocking song, When you looking like that, come on.
- "How I'm supose to leavde you know? When you'r looking like that?" Walther sang with the song, leaned over me and kissed my lips tenderly.
- "I do not wana live my life witout you!" I said shortly after and we looked into each other's eyes again.
- "Neither do I!" He answered me and lay down next to me again and held me. I could not imagine life without him. He would become a part of my life, a part of our life, part of my and Margret's life.

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