The light of mystery! - Part 7 {English}

She looked long at the little heart she held in her hand. The men had made a quick work for her and in just a few hours, they had retrieved a little girl. 
The girl with the thin, brown hair, stared with empty and lifeless eyes up in rock ceiling. Claire looked for a long while on the heart, which is still trying to pump blood, and slowly, she looked at how the pumping slowed and became completely still in her hand. 
- "You know what to do!" She told them. Two of the men in leather addresses nodded, bent down and picked up the lifeless girl and walked away with the body. - "You can invite Ron!" She shouted after them, and very soon, Ron stood behind her, a slightly surprised.

Being living in a cave, is in today's society abnormally. But he said nothing, but looked at the strange woman in a red dress. She had picked up a small bottle which she held in her hand. In the other hand she held the girl's heart and squeezed it. 
Very soon she filled the glass with blood from the heart and threw the heart into the fire. It hissed and soon came the smell of burning flesh. 
She turned to Ron, put the cap on the bottle and licked off her finger, which was bloody. Ron was disgusted to see her taste the blood. 
- "I have asked you to come for a reason," she began, and sat down at the table where the cauldron was boiling. She had just gotten started with a second batch of brew she was working on. - "For I will help you get back the memory you lost!" Ron started to laugh. 
- "I can not say I lost any memory. I remember everything that happened!" He laughed and stood in the middle of the stone floor of the cave, with his hands in his beige work pants.

Now it was Claire's turn to laugh.
- "Oh, I know you've lost your memory. What's the last thing you remember?" She asked him. She had now wipe the blood from her fingers with an old rag.
Ron thought for a moment.
- "The last thing I remember was that I was walking Mr. Kembells dogs in the woods." He said after thinking for a while. Claire smiled and stood up from the table.
She stirred into the cauldron. Three circular motion to the right and three circular movements to the left. She looked down into the cauldron, and smiled again.
- "You will remember everything when I'm done with you!" She looked up at him from the cauldron. She could see that Ron gulped, but made no ledge to run away. He was curious. - "I will give you a drink, it's going to hurt for a while and give you a splitting headache, but everything that happened a few months ago, will come back! And when you have your memory back, I have a task for you "She smiled and walked away from the cauldron and to a shelf that stood on a chair at the entrance to the third and final tunnel.

She picked up a clear bottle with a black and sticky content. She gave the bottle to Ron, who looked suspicious, and content, that looked like black slime. He grimace at it.
- "Drink!" She told him. Ron opened the cap and looked a long while back on the contents, before putting the lid back on. 
- "No, I will not drink that!" He said and gave the bottle back to her. 
- "Well, you are going to drink it!" She said without accepting bottle. Instead, she looked long at Ron, looked him in the eye. Ron, who made eye contact with her, removed the cap, brought the bottle to his mouth and drained it upside down. The black sticky substance, ran slowly out of the bottle and into his mouth. Two large lumps he got in himself, before Claire looked away from his eyes.

Ron came round from the hypnosis, she had just done to him and started swearing and spitting. He put two fingers deep throat on it, to throw it up, he just drank and swallowed. 
- "There is no point attempting with that, it will not work. It will remain and be absorbed by your body!" She smiled and sat down at her boiling cauldron. 
Ron gave up the attempt of trying to vomit up the black, slimy substance he had just swallowed. Instead, he started a cold sweat and got a tension around the temples. 
He put his hands over his head. In his mind, it was played up scenes of what happened a few months ago. He started screaming and threw himself on the uneven cave floor in stone. The pain was unendurable and there was nothing that could ease the pain. 
Claire sat at the table and watched. She made no effort to help him, she had warned him that it would hurt.
From the tunnel, into the third room, came Mr. Sand up to them, drunk. 
- "What the hell is going on? I'm trying to sleep!" He slurred and stood wobbly next to Claire.

She did not answer him.
If only she had something she could give him so he stopped drinking. She pointed instead to the floor where Ron, still lay down and tried to get away from the pain, by crawling.
- "What is he doing here?" Wondered Mr. Sands and sat down on a chair next to the cauldron. Claire ignored him.
Ron continued to scream and lay in a fetal position on the floor. In his mind, proceeded scenes to be played from the last few months. When it finally came to the end, where he lost his memory, he saw the image of a girl in red hair, brown breeches and a red ride west. The last thing he saw, was how he had stuck the knife into her stomach, and then how he had been beaten by the boy Derek before he lost conscious.
With the seizure of the body, he felt the pain from his head, disappeared and thumping against his eyes moderated. He was all wet with sweat and shaking like a leaf.

Ron closed his eyes for the moment, but the only thing he saw was the redhead girl and her terrified face. Behind her, he could see Emma with Derek, but all of his focus was on the girl with the red hair.
He sat up and put his head between his legs, the nausea came shortly after.
- "Do you remember everything?" Claire asked him. She stood beside him and looked down at him, straight in the back. Ron nodded.
- "Good, then you know maybe what happened and what your last memory is?" Ron nodded again and started to stand up. He stood bent for a while with his hands against his beige work pants, before he finally straightened up.
That Claire saw, was not the same man who before, who laughed at her and looked generally surprised. Now she saw a man, who got back twinkle in his eye. - "As was the last thing you remember?" She asked him again.
- "When I stuck the knife in the belly of a red top!" He said frustrated between the teeth. Claire smiled, her job was finished.
- "That was good, because I have an idea that will suit you great!" Ron smiled back at her. During his smile revealed a row of yellow and unbrushed teeth.

At last there would be some excitement around here!

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