Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 3 {English}

This has happened:
Emma bought a black Arabian mare named Dark Shadow from a salesman in the family Goldspur. She did not know if the purchase was wise enough or if she did a good deal or not. Chiara and her best friend who knew more about horses thought that she had been able to wait until a good horse that suited Emma better. The mare was huge tittig and curious so at the first line, it was not at all like Emma imagined and the mare broke out the stables.

It took us 30 minutes to catch the mare. Chiara was the one who managed to get hold of her. The mare trotted up to me, clumsily swung her around, and her stomach hit me in the side, I had to steel myself for not going down in the snow. Chiara was not exactly pleased by the event, but honestly it was a little Madness worse than Sasha? Not so far away, we heard Baroness laugh when she was walking towards us. Her lovely dress was flying around her legs as she came towards us. She came walking in such an elegant way that it looked like she was on top of the snow and barely left a trace. Her complexion was old but so perfect for someone who is 80 years. Wrinkles could only imagine most around the eyes and on the cheeks. Otherwise, she looked stylish print. The silvery hair was set up in an elegant knot behind the neck. Her lips were painted a nice pink color and eye shadow matched in a green color against the green charms on her neck. 

- "Hihi, it's been many years since I saw a little black arab running around the yard., She must have had fun, the little shadow!" She called Sasha and walked up to the staring and patted the mare calmed over the neck and down the front of the shoulder. The mare stopped jumping on his toes and then stood perfectly still, enjoying the movement as Baroness did. Actually, she did nothing, she patted the horse in the same way as I patted my horses. Though, her motion must be calmed because I've never seen Sasha so calm.
- "I do not know what got into me!" I hear my own voice shrill and Baroness turns his warm face from Sasha and looks at me. 
- "What?" She asked me with the same quiet voice. 
- "But, I bought her., I do not know what got into me!" The Baroness smiled. 
- "I would say that you made a wonderful discovery. Arabs are elegant horses with large steps even though they are small. Yeah they are energetic, but they need to be there to handle long rides. Many Arabs descended from a single arab many years ago. Your findings with Sasha is amazing., I can see in her eyes that she lives up to its name and wants to be faithful to her new rider, but I also see a certain eagerness for her to come out and move the small strong legs. "Me and Chiara looked dumbly at her. Her voice was directed at Sasha and not us, but we immediately took a lesson from what she said and then studied Sasha who lowered her head down in the baroness's arms and snorted.

- "You seem to know a lot about Arab horses. Have you worked with these before?" Asked Chiara. Baroness laughed out loud. 
- "If I so desired, but no. Equestrian Center here, before it where a private stall, was once one of the largest Jorviks horse stud who bet high on their English Thoroughbred." She looked around at her big beautiful vineyards which now lay under a white blanket of snow. - "Each statue you see." She began. - "Coming from a special horse that have been bred on the farm. All they have done something in their lifetime, and as thanks for their participation in the life together with their riders so we have decided to erect a statue in their honor." None of us knew about it, we thought horse statues were part of equestrian center but they stood there for a reason was nothing we put thought into. 

- "Did you ride any of them have the horses?" Chiara asked curiously. 
- "The statues at the library where they last 2 English champion horses here at the Equestrian Center., I rode them both for a coach. On the right was black as night, as Sasha here, though he has a wide blaze. A brown and one blue eye, he was a really lovely gentleman., the second left was chestnut with no signs at all. hair and tail was as bright as the body. Both competed in dressage. some gains, but also some other bows, even a trophy they got too . the ones you can check out the inside of the library. they two were the only ones who went to the host class. "She smiled at them both statues before her smile disappeared and where sadly. Wrinkles appeared more. - "The chestnut, Gordon King., He had a heart attack in the midst of a drive to Germany, where he would be exhibited., He left no offspring. A gentleman with a lot of effort and love to give. The black on the right, Bessman Big, he gave up one and another offspring, but none of them went to the major dressage elites more than the club competitions and both were two very beautiful mares with rather excitable mood. "

She laughed at the idea and got a flashback from the past. 
- "I got to ride Bessman one last time before he was sold to the United States and since then I heard submit more from him. But he got a statue in his honor for his title Equestrian Center's beautiful stallion." She smiled even more. - "Bessman and Gordon each stud last pride left at the library together. Both were the twins so none of them would leave each other's side, whatever." Baroness ended the story with the right on the back, stand up straight with her hand on Sasha's muzzle and with pride she mimed with his lips "Heroes of the Heart." Me and Chiara where stunned of the story and did not know what to say more. I shivered from the bud to the top and the hairs in my neck stood up. 
- "Wow, I get the idea that you two did not know a thing about it! Above all you Chiara who is so well-read should surely be the one who should have known it!" The voice was snide and just came from a person who always spoke ill of me above all. Me and Chiara turned around and sure enough, stood Mr. Charles Kembells daughter Alicia Kembell where a scornful smile. Her blonde hair hung far down from the shoulders. Her face was clean, absolutely spotless from pimples, which was a miracle considering how much stock she smeared makeup on every day. Her riding clothes was as stylish as everything else. Black and white winter dress. Her horse, Briankof, was a purebred English thoroughbred stallion. Very elegant to look at but really stallion to have to deal with. Brown with no white markings at all.

- "Are you going to say, you have not lifted a book throughout your life." Responded Ciara sarcastically back.- "Ha, yes some people have to read every day to get better! Others need to learn from day 1!" She laughed and smacked on Briankof and they went on. Then the brown beauty walked away Sasha looked up from the baroness arms and whinnied after Briankof who stopped and whinnied back. 
- "Move your ass, Brian!" Alicia growled and tore the whip and Briankof walked away with determined steps away from the beautiful black mare who looked after him with sadness in his eyes. 
- "Hmm, I do believe that the stallion should stay away from Sasha awhile., I saw what their conversation was about!" Baroness giggled. She patted Sasha one last time and smiled at us. - "Best you head off for a while on her., I think she may need to stretch your legs." She continued to smile and walked over to the library and into the warmth. I gulped at the thought of riding her.

- "Oh right, I'll take and rides on Lion so she will probably calm. Perhaps we should lead them first down together to the riding stable and ride in the dressage part!" Chiara smiled and were hanging with me to the stable. The only thing I could think of right now, besides the amazing story as The Baroness told, is that I will get a nightmare ride with Sasha and probably broken bones. Why am I always caught with my equestrian fears, when I least want to know of it?

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