Even a dark shadow, has its bright moments Part 1 {English}

A day like this, I had planned to stay inside and read a book in my solitude, but there where not so. Filly got me out in the snowstorm because my horses needed some exercise. 
I was still scared of horses even though I and Angel Belle come so close to each other but still there was something in them that scared me. Luckily I had 4 pieces of horses now, and everyone had a fantastic and calm temperament. I saddled Angel Belle her western saddle and put a blanket over the saddle for protection against the cold wind. Filly stood at Summerbreze and talked to her, the filly himself just stood and hung his head and trembling lower lip, I wonder if she was not so fully happy to be riding out in the blizzard. 
- "Maybe you can tell me why we're going out in the snow storm?" I asked Filly after a while when I trained said Angel. 
- "Well we're going to Harvest district, I was going to check out horse auction that they'll keep there." She replied with a broad smile as she donned the helmet. Summerbreze stood ready to be ridden out, though not exactly merry for it. 
- "Hm" was the only response she got from me. I was not the least keen on leaving my safe warm place. I turned towards the window, which quivered to the strong wind and shivering. Popcorn, thermal blanket and a warm fire! It was music to my ears.

With a spirited horse and an incredibly lazy horse so we rode out of the vineyard and the harvesting areas. Filly decided that we would ride the long road to Moorland and crossing the bridge to get to the harvesting areas. I shivered and started to freeze, because it was so cold outside and I did not even check in the barn or from inside my room and see how cold it was. I glanced towards Filly who sat up straight and looked nothing the least mind out of the weather, she seemed to enjoy instead while Summerbreze wished that she had been at home and munch on hay, the horse refused to go on without dragging hooves behind him, Angel was the opposite, trotted and was another to get access to a gallop. I resisted because I did not think we would go bust this winter so stubborn, I forced her to go the last few steps to the harvesting areas. 

- "Where is the auction?" I shouted, the wind was incredibly strong and could barely hear what we said. 
- "Goldspur family will hold the annual auction this time, and they really looked forward to it when I talked to them before. A bit too enthusiastic if you ask me, but you know that the family sees the things possitivt constantly" Laughed Filly and raised his head up on Summerbreze who dragged muzzle against the cold ground. 
- "You do not think Summerbreze hate winter?" 
- "Of course she does, she is a summer horse, she is a little more like you. One has to force her to do things she does not like. 'Cause if she mind to follow her everywhere anyway." Filly turned his head towards me and winked. I rolled my eyes!
When we arrived at the family Goldspur, it was cars and horse trailers everywhere from the road and up to the family Goldspur and far past their house. In the pastures they had prepared the horses that would go to auction. Some had already been sold to the new families. Filly pulled me to Goldspur stable where it also had a few horses that were waiting for new family members. They horses had already gone to the auction but no one was interested any of them so they ended up in the barn and they were sold for a penny cheaper than what they were called out. 

- "Emma, Emma, Emma!" Filly pulled me to one of the boxes where a white head with big eyes looked out from the door of the box and looked curiously around. Lively also was the mare who went around in the box before she looked out again and repeat the same thing over and over again. 
- "Too busy for my taste. Did not the Arab horses have a lot of energy and they are not easy to ride?" 
- "Oh, you are reading too much books. One should not be so large prejudices of Arab horses. Once you get to know the horse, you become one with the horse." 
- "You mean like you and Summerbreze?" I replied sarcastically, and went on to the next box and let Filly, standing alone at the white Arabian horse who still pacing back and forth in the box.

Further down in the stables so heard a lot of voices. The closer I got the more I could hear the two men were discussing whether to cut down on the price of a horse. The salesman who sold the horse refused to descend to as low as the man in front of him offered. 
- "The horse is for my daughter and this is what she wants, and I'll have her!" 
- "Sorry, you can not accept the price I have on her so it may be, I know that more will be interested in this mare." Responded seller with some irritation in his voice when the man nagged at him. 

I came closer and tried to see into the box, but the box was black so it was hard to see what the horse they were talking about. I walked around the man, who continued to harp on the mare, so I could see better. Still black and no horse. I stood closer so I stood with my nose against the grille, well enough, I saw something move in there, but black as the night she was, and with no white markings. Quietly, she looked at me before she, just like the white Arabian, pacing back and forth in the box and scraped with front hoof against the sawdust. She looked towards my direction then before she turned to cast outside the box and moved toward the box. Now I could see her properly from the little light that shone on her. 

She was really black, black as night and her black fur glistened against the light. She was very small, but when I saw how her whole body was constructed. This horse had been trained for something and then not pleased anyone. Her light brown eyes tried to look out of the box but nothing could she see. She stamped her foot against the door of the box and snorted and whinnied. A sort of heat went through my heart, like a spark that sets the glow of the fire in the fireplace at home but this lit a fire in me, and the blood rushed up to the brain. 
- "I'll take her," I heard I whispered, and the seller turned to me. 
- "Are you sure? She is not a beginner's horse!" 
I woke up and blinked a few times and turned to the seller. A young man, not more than 35 years, with a sleek black suit looking at me. 
- "I can ride!" I answered him. He stroked his hand behind his head and looked at the man he tried to negotiate with. It was then that I noticed who the man was who tried to buy the mare, himself, Mr. Kembell. A disgusting man who did everything to destroy the environment for expensive hotels. His face was boiling red when he turned his eyes towards me. 
- "As you can see, Emma, I was first., You may take your business elsewhere. This horse is mine and no one else!" He breathed strenuous to not lose control.

- "The horse is still mine and it is I who choose who I want to sell it to, and I believe that you, Mr. Kembell, is not a good bargain. This is not an auction, first come is that and Emma, have this horse so is it her because she offers the same price I have on her. "The young man turned to me and took my hand in a firm handshake and shook it. - "Congratulations Emma, is your mare, good to do business with you." I tried to find the spirit and responding but I could only smile nervously while Mr. Kembell, redder than a tomato, stormed out of the stable. 
- "Uh ... yes, what do she cost?" I stuttered forward. 
- "She is yours for $ 2000!" He smiled and it felt like I swallowed a penny. 
- "Eh ... take on mortgage payments perhaps? I did not want her to end up with Mr. Kembells daughter." The man pulled his hand behind his neck and looked uncomfortable that he sold the horse to one who do not understand business. He looked up at me and smiled then. 
- "You know Emma, you look to be a reliable person., We can arrange for the paper inside the family's Gold Spurs offices. Arrived there when you met Sasha and we'll fix this." He shook my hand again and left me alone with my new horse. I stood still and tried to find breath. It was then that the minute I turned towards the door of the box and on a gold plate hanging on a blue rope on a nail on the door of the box. It was then that I discovered the black engraved name plate in gold: Dark Shadow.

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