Bakat lite kakor!

Jätte kul att det är vinter igen och man kan få baka massa gott inför julen och dricka god dricka! 
Igår bakade jag lite dammsugare, Mazariner och små kakor, som jag inte heller är klar med och sent på kvällen drack jag en vaniljdrink, gjort på Likör 43 och mjölk, sååå gott!
Även om jag inte dricker lika ofta ibland, kan det vara gott att dricka något litet nu och då! 
Kola och ingefärkakor!
Världens godaste drink man lätt kan fixa här hemma! <3

En förändring!

Min blogg kommer inom den närmsta tiden genomgå en förändring.
Jag har funderat på att lägga ner min blogg, skapa en ny och starta om helt från början med ett nytt namn och ett nyrr koncept. När och var, det får vi se då, just nu är detta något jag prioterar.
Jag bloggar för tillfället på min spelblogg där jag för tillfälle publicerar upp saker som också gäller lite i mitt privata liv.
Och stänger jag bloggen, kommer jag genast kontakta och tala om att jag bytt blogg och kommer be dom att låta mina recept på den nya bloggen att läggas upp på
Ha det gött alla, nu ska jag fortsätta baka mazariner!

The light of mystery! - Part 7 {English}

She looked long at the little heart she held in her hand. The men had made a quick work for her and in just a few hours, they had retrieved a little girl. 
The girl with the thin, brown hair, stared with empty and lifeless eyes up in rock ceiling. Claire looked for a long while on the heart, which is still trying to pump blood, and slowly, she looked at how the pumping slowed and became completely still in her hand. 
- "You know what to do!" She told them. Two of the men in leather addresses nodded, bent down and picked up the lifeless girl and walked away with the body. - "You can invite Ron!" She shouted after them, and very soon, Ron stood behind her, a slightly surprised.

Being living in a cave, is in today's society abnormally. But he said nothing, but looked at the strange woman in a red dress. She had picked up a small bottle which she held in her hand. In the other hand she held the girl's heart and squeezed it. 
Very soon she filled the glass with blood from the heart and threw the heart into the fire. It hissed and soon came the smell of burning flesh. 
She turned to Ron, put the cap on the bottle and licked off her finger, which was bloody. Ron was disgusted to see her taste the blood. 
- "I have asked you to come for a reason," she began, and sat down at the table where the cauldron was boiling. She had just gotten started with a second batch of brew she was working on. - "For I will help you get back the memory you lost!" Ron started to laugh. 
- "I can not say I lost any memory. I remember everything that happened!" He laughed and stood in the middle of the stone floor of the cave, with his hands in his beige work pants.

Now it was Claire's turn to laugh.
- "Oh, I know you've lost your memory. What's the last thing you remember?" She asked him. She had now wipe the blood from her fingers with an old rag.
Ron thought for a moment.
- "The last thing I remember was that I was walking Mr. Kembells dogs in the woods." He said after thinking for a while. Claire smiled and stood up from the table.
She stirred into the cauldron. Three circular motion to the right and three circular movements to the left. She looked down into the cauldron, and smiled again.
- "You will remember everything when I'm done with you!" She looked up at him from the cauldron. She could see that Ron gulped, but made no ledge to run away. He was curious. - "I will give you a drink, it's going to hurt for a while and give you a splitting headache, but everything that happened a few months ago, will come back! And when you have your memory back, I have a task for you "She smiled and walked away from the cauldron and to a shelf that stood on a chair at the entrance to the third and final tunnel.

She picked up a clear bottle with a black and sticky content. She gave the bottle to Ron, who looked suspicious, and content, that looked like black slime. He grimace at it.
- "Drink!" She told him. Ron opened the cap and looked a long while back on the contents, before putting the lid back on. 
- "No, I will not drink that!" He said and gave the bottle back to her. 
- "Well, you are going to drink it!" She said without accepting bottle. Instead, she looked long at Ron, looked him in the eye. Ron, who made eye contact with her, removed the cap, brought the bottle to his mouth and drained it upside down. The black sticky substance, ran slowly out of the bottle and into his mouth. Two large lumps he got in himself, before Claire looked away from his eyes.

Ron came round from the hypnosis, she had just done to him and started swearing and spitting. He put two fingers deep throat on it, to throw it up, he just drank and swallowed. 
- "There is no point attempting with that, it will not work. It will remain and be absorbed by your body!" She smiled and sat down at her boiling cauldron. 
Ron gave up the attempt of trying to vomit up the black, slimy substance he had just swallowed. Instead, he started a cold sweat and got a tension around the temples. 
He put his hands over his head. In his mind, it was played up scenes of what happened a few months ago. He started screaming and threw himself on the uneven cave floor in stone. The pain was unendurable and there was nothing that could ease the pain. 
Claire sat at the table and watched. She made no effort to help him, she had warned him that it would hurt.
From the tunnel, into the third room, came Mr. Sand up to them, drunk. 
- "What the hell is going on? I'm trying to sleep!" He slurred and stood wobbly next to Claire.

She did not answer him.
If only she had something she could give him so he stopped drinking. She pointed instead to the floor where Ron, still lay down and tried to get away from the pain, by crawling.
- "What is he doing here?" Wondered Mr. Sands and sat down on a chair next to the cauldron. Claire ignored him.
Ron continued to scream and lay in a fetal position on the floor. In his mind, proceeded scenes to be played from the last few months. When it finally came to the end, where he lost his memory, he saw the image of a girl in red hair, brown breeches and a red ride west. The last thing he saw, was how he had stuck the knife into her stomach, and then how he had been beaten by the boy Derek before he lost conscious.
With the seizure of the body, he felt the pain from his head, disappeared and thumping against his eyes moderated. He was all wet with sweat and shaking like a leaf.

Ron closed his eyes for the moment, but the only thing he saw was the redhead girl and her terrified face. Behind her, he could see Emma with Derek, but all of his focus was on the girl with the red hair.
He sat up and put his head between his legs, the nausea came shortly after.
- "Do you remember everything?" Claire asked him. She stood beside him and looked down at him, straight in the back. Ron nodded.
- "Good, then you know maybe what happened and what your last memory is?" Ron nodded again and started to stand up. He stood bent for a while with his hands against his beige work pants, before he finally straightened up.
That Claire saw, was not the same man who before, who laughed at her and looked generally surprised. Now she saw a man, who got back twinkle in his eye. - "As was the last thing you remember?" She asked him again.
- "When I stuck the knife in the belly of a red top!" He said frustrated between the teeth. Claire smiled, her job was finished.
- "That was good, because I have an idea that will suit you great!" Ron smiled back at her. During his smile revealed a row of yellow and unbrushed teeth.

At last there would be some excitement around here!

Färdigställd tårta!

Glutenfri tårta!
Vaniljbottnar med Blåbärsmousse och vitchoklad mousse som fyllning! <3


I morgon fyller min bror år och från mig får han en tårt som jag bjuder på!
Självklart glutenfri och det gör honom inget, min familj är så van att allt är glutenfri och faktiskt föredrar dom glutenfria bakverken, vilket alltid är så tur med min familj!
Det ser ut som att allt är i kaos, men detta är organiserad kaos och jag har fullt koll på allt, haha!
Första tårtbotten klar och blev så himla snygg, men dock gjorde jag en extra botten utifall jag klantar mig!
Första fyllningen är Blåbärsmousse och jag hittade receptet här inne
Andra fyllningen är Vit chokladmousse, den hittade jag här inne!
Ett tips, låt den stå över natten och den kommer vara lite rinig, men lägg ner färskosten och kör någrra minuter med elvispen så får du en härlig och fluffig konstistens!
Och efteråt, nu ska den få stå över natten så fortsätter jag i morgon på den!

The light of mystery! - Part 6 {English}

Me and Chiara watched as the carriage drove away Valedale lake. Kirk was on his way home to Linnea's parents, without Linnea. 
We turned back towards the lake, the police had cordoned off with their white and blue plastic strap. The police were everywhere and stopped us from entering the area. Linnea's body was somewhere, but where? They did not know and we did not know much about what the officers talked about and planned.

I had a police officer who interviewed me about how I found Kirk and where. I was even asked what I was doing up there at the lake, all alone, with an empty backpack. It's not the easiest thing to explain to a police officer, I was sitting up here and worked on strengthening the hearing. He accepted, with some suspicion, that I rock climbed. Not one of my best ideas, but for me it was good enough. 
Students around us stood and holding each other and cried. They complained that they have not even seen that Linnea and Kirk was gone.

How can you even do not notice that someone is missing? Chiara got hold of my arm went away with me, away from the array of weeping students. Avalon had followed, like a faithful dog. Stood up in front of us, with his face facing the lake. 
- "Are you going to lecture people because they mourn Linnea?" Muttering Chiara at me and let go of my arm, when we came away from the collection. 
- "But they should surely notice that someone is missing?" I growled. I was still annoyed. The only thing I wanted was to go home. I would need a shower and clean clothes. 
- "And we would have noticed the same thing? If it had not been Linnea who disappeared, we would not have noticed that someone has disappeared. Then, we do not live at the vineyard anymore, what happens over there, we have nothing to do with anymore! Accept it and act like a human being! "She sighed, she had a red swelling around her eyes, after the tears she cried for Linnea, but she chose quickly to keep up hope that someone would find her alive.

Linnea was a good friend to us and even though she never remembers that I owned Sasha, we found each other's friendship again. Which was a pure luck, Alicia Kembell was back on the vineyard, just as mean as usual and the first thing she chose to victims was Linnea. 
During that time, I felt not good, to put me in, but to see Alicia and hear her last name, gave me the courage to knock her down and clawing her face. Which I should not have done, but I was angry, sad, confused and tired. 
It was the same reason I chose to move from the vineyard to Valedale. I needed a fresh start and get away from the vineyard, where all the feelings and memories remained after him and everything that happened.

The Baroness had not been so happy, neither on my behavior or that I chose to move, but she was a sympathetic old woman and accepted my choice. She gave me a hug and whispered in my ear and wished me all the best. She had looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and I have been trying since then to understand what she meant. She, like everyone else, should not have to remember what had happened. Everyone's memories were erased and washed back, like an old cassette. Me and Aideens patron was the only one who remembered what had happened.
I bit my lip as I looked at Chiara. Avalon turned slowly towards us. He had hideth his face under the gray cover.
- "I'm going home!" I mumbled low and began to follow the uneven way home.
- "Emma!" Shouted Chiara after me, but I kept walking. I could not stand to see her cry, Avalon's watchful eye and then look at police work, if they found Linnea, living or dead.

She stared into the fire, blazing up in a flaming dance. It crackled and sparking opened the stone roof. In her hand, she spun a blade of pure silver. The handle of the knife was shaped like a dragon, as from the mouth, threw up up the blade. The knife blade was sharp and had a beveled shape. She let the tip of the knife eraser touching the wood of the table and spun it a few turns. From the knife tip, it was ugly scratches, in the already scratched table. 
Inside the cave, there were three hidden tunnels leading to three large rooms. She sat in the center tunnel, where there were two different tables, a campfire, as always, was in flames. At the table she was sitting at, which is terribly unstable. But the table was just something she hammered together in a few minutes. Mr. Sands, who always sat with his bottle and drank instead of trying to help.
She had not done anything in weeks, nor, it had walked past some kid either since the last. 
She tore her eyes away from the fire and looked towards a bubbling cauldron. It contained just water now. She had managed to complete the last brew, but she needed three hearts before she was fully completed them all. She sighed. 
Mr. Sands was resting in the third and final tunnel, after drinking too much, again.

The man in the black leather outfit had come up behind her and leaned against her ear.
- "Really?" She smiled and looked into the fire again. - "How much closed off is it?" She asked him. 
- "The whole Valedale lake is surrounded, no one gets in or out of there." Claire laughed, wonderful. Now it would take several weeks before they could get a new heart. 
She continued to stare into the fire. 
- "The body? Where you hid it?" She asked him. 
- "The body is burnt up and the ashes are thrown into the Hidden Dinosaur Valley. No one will be able to find it." Claire was happy. Removing a body was not difficult for these men. They knew exactly how she wanted it and fixed it.

- "We need to heart. Fix one for me, young girl with a young heart. Bring whoever you want. I'll figure out the other two." She smiled now. It was not hard for her men, to find the girl for her. 
Before he went away, Claire took hold of his leather attire. He turned toward her. 
- "You got it, the other two will have pick up another person for me. I need him!" She said with a wry smile. The man in black leather dress nodded and disappeared. She would need his help now. The idea she had, would strike fear into the kids. For two of them would be very helpful now, especially when one of them had Aideens Light within.
Claire's laughter echoed through the small space of the cave.

I step into the house, which I thought would be empty, but instead struck the aroma of carrot soup straight up in my face. It smelled good but bad at the same time. 
I came into the kitchen and it was Elisabeth who was standing in the kitchen and looked down in our gut flush stew. She lifted the lid and steam the carrots and onion scent knocked out of the kitchen. 
- "Hey Chiara!" She smiled when she saw me. She had just lifting a spoon to taste the broth.

- "Hi Elizabeth!" I smiled when I saw her. - "How did you get?" I asked her.
- "Emma let me in. I've got such a nice crop of carrots and thought to invite you to soup." She smiled. She did not have to bother to come and invite us for soup, but free food, thank you, I never refuse.
- "Do you have a carrot country?" I asked, even more surprised.
- "No, I bought a bag of carrots when I visited Jarlaheim earlier today. I was not allowed to buy, because it was horse food apparently. I had to lie up a story in order to buy them. So, fine carrots should not be spilled out on horse stomachs! "I laughed heartily at her.

- "You may call Avalon and ask him to come over? There will be quite a lot of food and it is enough for him!" I nodded and went to my room that lay beyond the living room. Our living room did not look so much to the world. Dark green and boring wallpaper, there were only three windows, one on each wall and pointed in different directions outside. A worn out brown couch in old cloth and a small black table, we bought cheap out of Baroness. The only light we had was a floor lamp that stood to the left of the brown couch. I turned off immediately to the right and went into my little room.
The room was so small that I only had room for my 90 bed and a nightstand.

I undressed off my wet clothes and they got me clean and dry sweatpants and a too big snuggle sweater. It was nice. It is uncomfortable to walk around in wet clothes. 
I picked up the phone and called the number to Avalon. He was really unlucky to have the phone near him, for I had to call a few times before he finally managed to find the phone and answer it. 
- "Hey, Elisabeth serve food at our house. Come now and no protests." I said and hung up before he could answer me. 
Avalon came to the house at ten minutes after I called, wearing more casual clothing. Dark jeans and a red tank top, revealed during his well-trained belly. I smiled when I saw him at the front door. 
He came in and bent down and pressed his lips against mine. I smiled and answered it.

In the kitchen, I could not help but disgust the smell of the carrots, but I ate anyway to be nice. The taste basically it wrong on either, but it almost tasted musty. 
Elisabeth and Emma talked as usual about Aideens light. Avalon sat quietly beside me and dipped the bread in the soup. I noticed that he looked at me and I smiled and took a spoonful of soup. 
- "What is Chiara? Are not you hungry?" Wondered Elisabeth, who looked away from Emma, who slevade up more soup in her bowl. 
- "Well, I'm really hungry, but I have no appetite. I think I'll go to bed." I smiled and stood up. I bent down and kissed Avalon's head before I went in to my room, I lay down on the bed and felt that sleep came faster than I thought.


Igår höll jag på att pynta hela eftermiddagen och ut till sent på natten, med massa pauser. Men till slut vart det hur bra som helst och jag är jätte nöjd! <3
Vardagsrummet! <3
Köket <3

Glutenfria Jordnötssmör muffins!

Jag behövde något salt i mig och ville inte gå på Ica för att köpa något, så istället kollade jag igenom vad jag hade hemma och det jag plockade fram, var ingridienser till Jordnötsmuffins!
Det doftar jordnötter här hemma i min lilla lägenheten och som pricken över i:et, blir det lite mörk chokladsås ringlat över muffinsarna!
3 dl Glutenfri Finax mjöl
2 msk Kakao
1 tsk Bakpulver
1/4 tsk Salt
100 gram Rumstemperat smör
2 dl Brun farinsocker
1 dl Jordnötssmör
2 Ägg
1 ½ dl mjölk
1 tsk Vaniljsocker (eller en vaniljstång)
Gör så här:
1. Blanda de torra ingridienserna i en stor bunke och ställ den på sidan.
2. Vispa smör, brun farin och jordnötssmör pösigt med en elvisp, tillsätt äggen, en i taget och mjölk.
3. Rör ner äggblandningen i det torra ingredienserna och rör ihop allt tills det är riktigt blandat.
4. Fördela smeten i muffinsformar av papper. Fyll formarna nästan till kanten. 
5. Grädda 15-20 min i mitten av ugnen i 175 grader eller en kortare stund för mindre muffins. 
Testade receptet härifrån och modifierade den lite
Glutenfria jordnötssmör muffins!

10 saker ni inte visste om mig!

1. Vid fjärde årskursen vart jag omplacerad på en specialskola eftersom jag hade svårt att hänga med i klassen
2. Fick smeknamnet Lillen i flera år, eftersom jag var kortast i klassen.
3. Jag har alltid haft dåligt med vänner enda sen jag var liten och jag satt hellre ensam på mitt rum och lekte med mig själv, läste, skrev eller ritade. 
4. Jag blev extramt sårad när jag var liten av en som jag trodde var min bästa vän. Hon undvek mig på alla viss hon kunde och till slut gav jag upp att ens försöka skaffa vänner. Är så idag med, har bara EN som jag litar på till 100% och jag vägrar skaffa fler bästa vänner, räddslan för att bli sårad är lika stark idag som då.
5. Jag gick om 8:an för att börja i en riktigt klass och få betyg för att kunna börja på mitt drömgymnasium. Jag klarade hela årskurs 8:an och 9:an med enbart bara IG i matte.
6. Började på Nordviks Naturbruksgymnasium och lärde känna många härliga människor.
7. Skaffade mig en bästa vän där, som efter 2 ½ år sårade mig och jag vart påmind om den tiden när jag var yngre och där jag också trodde jag hade en bäst vän, som övergav mig. 
8. När vi hade betyg samtal med våran lärare, fick jag veta att jag hade VG i mikrobiologi  och genetik (djurens lära och beteende), vilket ska motsvara till att jag borde ha haft VG i matte med. Jag hade IG i matte.
9. När jag och min klass tog studenten och lämnade Nordvik, försvann Nordvik andan med oss. Och är som det var då när vi gick i skolan. 
10. Jag gick ur skolan med diplomerad Djurskötare och har sen dess, jobbat på 3 olika ställen. Första var på ett pakeiteringsställe, andra var i ett travstall hos Ulf Ohlsson och sista abetsplatsen jag jobbar på nu, är inom Äldreomsorgen, 6-7 olika förskolor och ska söka jobb igen på ett annat äldreboende!

The light of mystery! - Part 5 {English}

It was really refreshing to stand in a hot shower. My wet clothes, I had hung up on a chair down in Avalon's kitchen. He still had not come home, wherever he went with Emma? I took the opportunity to go into his house and take a hot shower. 
Water's warm rays, got the cold from the rain to evaporate. The steam from the hot water gathered in the bathroom, and very soon I felt like I was in a steam bath. I turned off the water and took me a towel and wrapped it around my body. I sat on a gray and boring stool that stood in the bathroom and smeared my legs. Even Avalon nursed his body. Body lotion that smelled roses, though it was my own as I snuck in with.

Avalon had not yet seen it. I smiled, taking care to rub all over me. I picked me a nice clean towel I used to wipe my red hair. Worst of having thick and red hair was that it almost never dried. I could walk around for hours with wet hair before it was dry. I had tried with the hairdryer, but I got the longest standing in the three quarters to get it dry. For Emma, it took only a maximum of ten minutes before her brown hair was dry. 
I was still trying to digest that she has dyed her hair brown. 
I remember that we were shopping at Silver Glade village and when I turned around, after standing and talking to myself for ten minutes, she was gone. I called her on the phone and she did not answer.

I could not leave the village because we had traveled here together in her rickety car. I chose to put myself outside the baker's cafe and I sat there for an hour until a girl with brown hair with blonde highlights sat down opposite me. Took a while before I saw who it was that sat down. Emma waved her brown hair and smiled. It was the first time I saw her smile. That smile I saw before today, was the second time. 
After that, I have to look for a girl with brown hair and blonde highlights. I shook my head, got up from the gray and boring podium and opened the door from the bathroom. The steam flew out upstairs but evaporated instantly.

It was when I was coming down the stairs, I saw in the corner of my eye one of Avalon gray covers. I backed up a step and went to the door where it was hanging. This was torn and tattered. I knew it all too well. He had this coat that evening on the platform a few months ago. I ran a hand over it. 
It was the same night as Avalon kissed me twice. But it was also a day that almost cost me my life. I winced and put my arms around me. In one of rock's tears I could see an old blood stain that does not come off in the wash. I fell down on squatting and the scene played out in my mind. I shivered and felt my stomach turned inside out. 
I stood up again. I was stronger now, and I did not show myself weak for anyone. Not even for Avalon or Emma.

I turned around and walked down the stairs in wood. When I landed on the second to last step on the stairs, I turned back and thought back to the hood and smiled. I had no other change of clothes with me and I had no desire to pull on my wet clothes again. I bit my finger and cleverly turned and hurried up to the first floor again.

Avalon opened the door to his house and shut the front door slowly with a prolonged sigh. On a hook next to the door he hung up his gray and worn shoulder bag and hung up his sword and scabbard. When he got off his shoes, he finally looked up. I stood against the door frame in the living room, I'm in his gray broken cover. The hood hid my face, but he could clearly see that I smiled from underneath there. 
- "Welcome home!" My voice became suddenly sensuel and inviting. 
- "Chiara? What ... What did you find it?" Avalon did not feel comfortable at seeing me in the broken cover. It contained too many emotions for the both of us. 
I pulled off my the cover hood and looked up. My red hair was still wet and hanging down over my shoulders and soaked down the hood slightly. 
- "I had no change of clothes with me." I smiled shyly and straightened me up. Avalon shook his head and went into the kitchen, without a glance at me. I went after him and stood at the entrance of the kitchen. - "What would I do then? There was locked in the house and it's Emma who has the key., It was just your house that was unlocked." I told him.

I discovered at that moment that his nice white tank top had a shade of red and his nose was swollen. I rushed up to him and turned his face to me. 
- "What happened?" I exclaimed, horrified at how his face looked. He smiled and took my hands away from his face. He drew his hand across my cheek. 
- "A little battle with Emma as usual., She received a direct hit., It was my fault, I was not attentive enough." He said and smiled again. Happy enough to see that I can worry about him. I have not bothered when he and Emma have fought with wooden swords. It was always Emma who got beat up and always came home with bruises, while Avalon survived without any scrubbing wounds. I laughed heartily at it. 
- "How nice, I thought it was something else!" Avalon's smile disappeared and he stared at me. I still smiled and continued to laugh at him. 
- "And that means?" He asked, a little surprised, he thought it was a bit rude of me to think otherwise. 
- "I thought you'd encountered someone from Dark Core, but it was just Emma who gave you a smack, then it was nothing! Right?" I smiled and looked at the ruined tank top and sighed. - "Do you know how expensive this was?" I grumbled and got him to take it off.

He stood behind me, without a shirt and just in his dark green trousers. 
- "Want some tea?" He asked. I nodded and walked out of the kitchen and to the first floor and threw down the top the tank in a bucket with hot water and bleach. Luckily the tank top was white. The chlorine can do a lot for one, which remove stubborn stains on white clothes. - "Chiara, the tea is ready!" I heard Avalon shout from below the kitchen. 
When I came down the wooden stairs, I felt the scent of herbal tea up my nose. The pungent scent of pine needles and moss. I sighed inwardly as I sat down at the kitchen table and drank of the muddy tea. Now I wished that Avalon had honey at home or a lump of sugar. Sweetness would probably kill the taste, or make it worse. 
I circulated with a silver spoon around the tea water and looked at the remains of the tea, which circulated in the bottom of the cup. Around they went and gathered together in the center of the cup. 
- "How are you, Chiara?" Wondered Avalon. He had seen that I was staring into the cup. I put down my teaspoon and drank the disgusting tea. I could not help but frown at the taste.

- "It's nothing!" I said as I pushed away the tea. Avalon brought his cup to his mouth and drank the tea, without frown. - "Where's Emma anyway?" I wondered because Emma did not came with Avalon home. Had she gone home to us? 
- "I left her off at Valedale lake., She is doing an exercise that will take a while to master., She comes home when she passed by it!" I laughed scornfully. Emma sitting alone somewhere around Valedale lake and meditating. 
- "What is she going to learn?" I asked curiously. Avalon put down his empty cup. 
- "She's learning to reinforce three of her five senses. Currently she practices at the hearing." He told me. Avalon had stopped keeping things hidden to me. Although some things, just touched Aideens Patron, Avalon talked about it to me anyway. He knew I was in one way or another, would find out about it!

We sat in silence for a long time. Outside it was still light and the clock had just gone over two o'clock in the afternoon. The sun shone high and warmed up properly. Where there had been puddles after the rain, was now a thing of the blue and the flowers lifted their petals to the sun and swallowed up all the energy that the sun came up with. 
I stood up and walked over to Avalon. He had been sitting opposite me but turned against me. 
- "What should we do? My clothes are still wet and I can not get into my own house!" I smiled teasingly at him. Avalon, who was trying to look serious, could not help smiling at me.
- "What do you have in mind?" He asked and moved out of the chair and I sat down in his lap and put my arms around his neck, looked into his blue eyes. Someone with dark black hair should have had a completely different eye color. Brown or green, but despite that, I always drowned in his heavenly blue eyes. Avalon pulled his hands over my thighs and stopped at my waist. I leaned forward and carefully massaged my lips against his. He answered it and shoved his tongue in my mouth and our tongues met each other. - "Chiara" He mumbled against my lips.
- "Yes?" I replied. His hands had gone inside the gray cover and the along the my bare thighs.
- "Have you no underwear on you?" He asked when he could finally tear away his lips from mine.

I laughed and bit me in the finger teasingly. 
- "I told you that my clothes got wet after I was out riding!" I smiled and pulled him close to me again. Avalon got up from the chair. I threw my legs around him, not to end up on the floor, while he moved us into his bedroom

Jerk! Moron! Fucker! Shouted inside my head over and over again. I want to beat the shit out of him. Crack each little bone he had and then feed him to the wolves in the Golden Valley ridge.
It was downright hopeless to even attempt to turn off all the feelings I had. I wandered up and down for half an hour now, mostly to calm my nerves, which screamed of frustrations. Every little muscle in my body hurt after our fight. I would probably get new bruises on the old. I laughed, if nothing else, I got a hit in the nose at Avalon.
I laughed out loud to myself before I threw up my hands and gripped the air and imagined that I strangled Avalon.

Calm, calm now. He does this for your own good. I sat down and talked with my brain, which was my only companion now. I sat in a tailor seat, breathed deep breaths and tried to turn off all the feelings I had around my heart. I blinked at the sound of something that fluttered beside me. I opened my eyes a little and looked at what was bothering me.
A lemon butterfly fluttered past my ear and into a flower near me. I shook my head and took another breath. Clear away all fears, feelings and sounds. Let nobody interrupt you when you are trying to listen. It was difficult, very difficult. For as soon as I closed my eyes it was always Derek's face I saw. They dark brown eyes and brown hair that always looked naughty. I smiled again and imagined his face in front of me. Without knowing it, I had fallen asleep.

I woke up quickly when I heard the sound of clattering hoofs, echoed against the rock. I stood up quickly and looked at my watch. It was six o'clock in the evening already. I hurried to put on my shoes, rattled out the stones from my bag and was about to hurry away, when a brown and dirty horse stayed above me. Our eyes met. I could hear myself breathe. The horse snorted and stared at me, it made no attempt to run away, but on the contrary. It went down to me. The horse was fully equipped with saddle and bridle, but incredibly dirty. It must have wandered a long time here. I knew whose horse it was, could not be mistaken whose. 
I picked up the phone from the backpack and hit Chiara's number. The signals rang and I came to voicemail. I hung up the phone and called her again.
Now she replies.
- "I hope I'm not disturbing you in your fun!" I grumbled at her as she giggled in the background and tried to talk to me. - "Have you heard anything from Linnea Lately?" I asked her pungently, to drown her giggling.- "Huh? Linnea? No we have not heard from each other in several weeks, why do you ask?" She wondered, as I could hear her voice to change and unrest grew up in both of us.

I looked at the brown Arabian horse that hung the resting with his head, glad to meet a reliable person again. 
- "Chiara, you will never believe what I found!" I cleared my throat a little. My throat hurt and I was about to burst into tears.
- "What? Who? Who have you found Emma?" Chiara Burst out to me. 
- "I have found Kirk, dirty and fully equipped!" My voice failed me a while before I cleared my throat. - "Without Linnea!" I leaned forward against Kirk's dirty fur.

Det har hänt så mycket och Höftleds dysplasi!

Det har skett rätt så mycket sen jag skrev något ordentligt.
Som en del av er sett har jag börjat publicera upp massa noveller, fast på engelska. Jag har dom på svenska med, men dom ligger på min spel blogg. Det gör dom engelska med.
Iaf så har jag gått ner i vikt precis som jag ska. Jag har gått ner över 15 kilo på 3 månader och jag är jävligt stolt över det!
Höftproblemet har jag äntligen fått svar på och svaret är: Jag har en bensjukdom som heter Höftledsdysplasi. Det betyder att mina bäcken och höftkulan inte har vuxit ikapp med kroppen. Och eftersom jag gått så länge med detta, så har det orsakat att jag nu fått svår artros i höger höft och lätt artros i vänter. Jag har dessutom en långvarig inflamation som sitter lite längre ner på höften och som jag nu väntar på att få en kortisonspruta. 
Vad dom kan göra är att ge mig en bäckenben operation, där dom sågar till bäckenbene och flyttar dom mer på plats över höftkulorna. Med den här tekniken så kan jag få en frisk höft och ha så här i 10-15 år till innan jag får höftproteser.
Jag är inte det minsta nervös inför operationen. Jag vill bli bra igen och bli mitt glada och aktiva jag igen, vägen dit tar en längre tid, men när det väl sker, så ska jag börja röra på mig mer!

The spirit offspring - Del 2!

Curious, she looked at how her brothers splashing around in the clear stream and styled for the younger mares that grazed on the side of the creek, pretended not to see them. Moon Spirit was on the other side of the creek and watched with curiosity. Her mother had forbidden her to go near the creek. She stomped impatiently with the small hooves. Her mother grazed a little bit away from her, but had her eyes open, to keep an eye on her inquisitive daughter.
- "Why can not I be there?" She asked her mother. Shivering Leaf looked up from the grass and down on her sons, who splashed the water around them. She rolled her eyes and came up next to her daughter.

- "The stream looks to be peaceful and provides a peaceful cool right now, but a stream has its dark days. It can last with it a darkness of sorrow at certain times of the year. This time is either secure or insecure. We can never know what the creek wants from us. "Explained her mother for her. Moon Spirit, which was still very small, had a little hard to understand her mother's way of talking to her. Shivering Leaf is a very wise mare and has had many foals after themselves and all have inherited her wisdom. Aside from the latest two sons, who jumped around in the creek and splashed the cold water on the young fillies.
- "When do I get to play in the creek?" Wondered Moon Spirit, without to tear her gaze away from her two older brothers who are now chasing young the mares down to the creek and invited them to play.
- "When your father comes back!" Laughed Shivering Leaf and nudged on her daughter, and they both began to walk away from the creek edge and into a more secure place.

Moon Spirit still could not let it go. She wants to be like her brothers. Playing and splashing around in the creek. Instead, she was hooked by her overprotective mother, who had continued to eat of the green grass.
This year, the herd had luck with the weather. After the recent rain had contributed a lot of water and green grass had just started to grow up, to the flock to dine off. Moon Spirit poked in the grass with her little hoof and sighed low of boredom.
There were no other peers foal for her to play with. Everyone was a few months older than her and they were allowed to play in the creek.
- "Mother, how is it that my fur is white and not black?" Once again got Shivering Leaf reside with the eating to answer in a further one question from her daughter. She smiled at her daughter inquisitiveness.

None of her other foals, was never like this inquisitive. But, she could understand why.
- "Moon Spirit, you were born under the spirit big blue light and you were born to do something great with your life." She smiled and took a bite out of the grass.
- "Like what?" She continued ask her mother. Shivering Leaf laughed, stopped eating and stood beside her daughter, who was lying down on the grass with her eyes fixed to the the creek clear blue water.
- "I can not answer this, my friend. What the spirits have planned for you. I can not answer this. When the spirits need your help, they'll show up." She smiled and looked at her black sons who stood at the edge of the creek and ate.
- "How do I know if I meet a spirit?" She asked again. She had let her eyes from her brothers, to watch her mother.
- "A spirit may look different. Another horse, a squirrel, a mouse, maybe an eagle! All the spirits look different and you will never know for sure who encountered!" She explained to her daughter.

Shivering Leaf leaned down and put the front legs under her and ended up in the lying position, next to her daughter.
- "But, that's why my hair is white? A spirit chose the color for me?" She asked, uncertain and moved closer to her mother.
- "That we can say. You see, in this world, we borrow only the energy from the spirits and that one day we must return it. But the energy we give back, can also give new life and bring happiness to other accidents. "She explained to her daughter.
Both mother and daughter looked at the creek that ran through the valley and at the ditch, along the the creek, there grew up handsome young birch trees, shrubs and flowers. From each flower wasps jumped and gathered nectar to their hives and butterflies that sucked up the nectar.
Moon Spirit was trying to keep up with what her mother was talking about, but she had her eyes focused on something else, which appeared. Some foals rushed by toward them. Shivering Leaf just looked up and foals changed direction immediately.

- "If I should contribute something to the world, what could it be?" Moon Spirit looked up at his mother, who smiled and rolled her eyes.
- "I can not answer, my inquisitive daughter. But I know one thing, when you add something to the earth through a spirit, you will be rewarded with a desire. The desire remains throughout life, until one returns their energy and leave your life to make room for a new one. "She explained to her inquisitive daughter, who finally lit up and started to stand up.
Above them were the older mares in the herd, moved a little on them and a strong, muscular black mustang stallion came forward. He began to trot across the stream and stood beside Shivering Leaf and his white daughter.
- "What do we say about playing a little in the creek?" He asked his daughter. Moon Spirit, who waited long for this moments, jumped big jump and galloped after her father, who had already got down to the creek.
Shivering Leaf remained up in the meadow and watched how her stallion and daughter playing together in the clear blue creek.


Sound of a broken heart! - Part 10!

On the brown little table, I had succumbed to both me and Walther. I felt we needed to talk about our future plans. If nothing else, I needed to tell him what's going on around us.
Maggie never said anything about that I could not tell him, so I guess I should tell him?

I put up two of my finest red wine glass on the table and placed two white candlesticks with a respective candles in the candlesticks. I lit them up and backed away. My kitchen was pretty small, but sufficiently large to accommodate a table and three chairs.
On the table lay a white cloth, a little larger that covered the larger surface of the table, with a beige runner straight across on the long side, in the middle of the table. Opposite was the 2 plates with set a knife and fork side by side. In addition, at the kitchen window, stood on a vase with 3 white gerbera flowers.
On the edge at the left on the plates, it was a grilled and sliced up roast beef steak with roasted root vegetables. Walther's favorite dish.

I wiped my hands on a clean kitchen towel and hung off my red apron with white dots and a slight ruffle, the cabinet next to the refrigerator and turned my back against the kitchen table.
Well, it looked good. It got to be so.
A light knock on the door made me smile and I walked past the living room / bedroom and into the small hallway and to the front door. The bell on my door did not work, because I have not had time to ask my landlord to come and fix it. If people wanted something, did they have to knock on the door. It was less annoying than listening to how people are calling like crazy on the doorbell.
I looked out the peephole and saw a large man standing outside in a dark blue suit. I unlocked the front door and opened it.

Walther was a very strong built man. Broad-shouldered, and very long. Square face, with a sharp jaw line. The eyes are almond shaped, like when he smiled narrowed the almond-shaped eyes and crow's feet shaped corner. Eye color was dark brown and thick dark eyebrows.
His nose was straight and well marked.
The lower lip was slightly fuller than the upper lip. Walther had a striking likeness to Vin Diesel, who happened to be a favorite character for me.
Walther had known it during our first date and had after that, shaved his brown hair, for my sake.

He held up a bottle of wine, Clos du Mont-Olivet, with a smile. I smiled and moved me from the doorway. Walther step into the apartment and bent over me and pressed his lips tenderly against mine.
- "It smells good!" He said and gave me a hug. I smiled and embrace him. He smelled just as good as the roast in the kitchen, if not even better.
- "Hope you're hungry for roast beef!" I smiled and kissed him again. Walther began removing his jacket and shoes, while I went into the kitchen and tried to open up the cap on the bottle.
Unfortunately I had to submit more modern corkscrew, than such a corkscrew where I have to crank it down by hand and then pull it up using a pair of "arms". No, instead I had I a corkscrew from the 80s where I bolts down by hand and then get to use my upper arm muscles to pull the cork.

Last time I opened a wine bottle with a cork was many years ago, I ended up buying these when I dropped the wine bottle on the bench. The bottle cracked and caused a red wine explotion throughout the kitchen.
I bolted down the corkscrew and tried to smooth show that I could do it without his help. Walther came into the kitchen. He wore his white shirt and a red tie. He smiled when he saw me.
I smiled nervously and silly. I must look like a fool who is struggling to get up a cork. I stretched out over the bottle to him. He took it, pulled the cork screw and with a plop, the cork came up.
I was reminded of my gym membership, which lay in hidden compartments in my purse.

The dinner was nice and tender roast beef. It melted in the mouth and was incredibly juicy. Sometimes I succeed to good, with my dishes.
We had talked for a while and I had told Walther what Maggie told me early today.
He spun on the wineglass, when I talked to him. After I explained what happened, we sat in silence for a long time. We said nothing to each other, without listening to the sound of our breath and the sound outside, which was slightly hidden. But to hear the cars driving past on the E4 highway, could not avoid hearing.
Walther cleared his throat and sat up more in his chair. He pushed aside his wine glass.
- "Have they thought about finding out what they want?" He asked me. I shrugged, I did not know more than what Maggie and Ray knew.
- "I do not know!" I whispered to him. Unconsciously, I had also started to spin on the wineglass. The red wine created small waves in the glass, before the surface, where perfectly still.

He leaned back in the chair again. The candles had burned down to half way and the clock was ticking on and beat just about eight in the evening.
I sighed, a little too loudly, for Walther had looked up at me and our eyes met.
- "What did Maggie say'd about the ring?" He asked suddenly. I cleared my throat and felt that I started to smile.
- "She took it very well. She just wants my best you know!" I bit my lip and looked up at him, behind my short bangs. He was still smiling, and he started laughing suddenly. - "What are you laughing at?" Now it was my turn to ask.
- "She is a bit special ... your relative. For none of your other relatives I have encountered, have behaved as she does." I rolled my eyes. Margret's behavior has never been acceptable. But I have done everything I could, as she has tried to separate me and Walther.
- "You forget that she is not human!" I countered. Walther took the wineglass to his lips and sipped the red wine and placed the glass down on the table again.
- "I know! But her behavior is not acceptable. I do not know what to do to get her to like me more." I could understand his frustration. He has not lived with her. But he should probably understand why she did not like him.

- "It's pretty obvious why Margret does not like you." I started and stood up. I needed clearing tables. Walther stood up. - "No, sit down. I'll tell you a bit more for you, how this situation is. I is not been fully honest with you," I opened the tap and rinsed the plates and cutlery and placed the dishes in my white countertop dishwasher. I wiped my hands on a tea towel and leaned my back against the bench. - "Margret is from the very beginning, from England, late in the 1700s. She was blind when she was born and was constantly courted by her family and her three chamber maidens. It was a pretty tough time. And Margret alone, learned how she could survive without her family oversight. But she made it invisible. Usually during the night time, when her entire family was asleep. she sneaked out to get to know the ground with their feet and take lessons from the vibrations. "I smiled silly at the idea. I loved this story and it has been passed down to me from my mother. And that was transferred to my mother from my grandmother.

Now, my mom was old and I was big enough to be able to continue to take over responsibility. - "Anyway. So they came to the day that her brother had courted one of Margaret's chamber maidens. There was a mighty poor age and her brother's fiancee, was supposed to be betrothed to an older and richer man. But, on one way or another, he had managed to persuade her parents to let her marry him. "Walther was leaning forward on the table and his eyes were directed at me. I loved to watch him listen to me and with such passion.
- "The day of the wedding came and everything went as planned. It was a beautiful spring wedding, just when the apple trees drop their blooms. Not that Margret could see that, but what her chamber maidens have described it to her, so she guessed that it was very beautiful. and the party went on late into the midnight and early morning. "I knew how miserable I was. This particular part of the story, was also one of the most toughest thing to talk about, even for me. - "It was in the morning, as her family discovered that Margret disappeared and never was she rediscovered again. No traces were after her.
It was so, that Margret herself swept off the tracks with the help of Ray, who is her creator. Margret could see with her own eyes and with both joy and sadness.
Pleased to see the faces, rather than having to know with her hands. The grief was to see how her family suffered hard on her disappearance."

I took a short break, breathe and tried to maintain control of my emotions.
- "Margret was not able to look at how her family suffered and did what she could do. When her brother had their first child. A girl. And the day before her 18th birthday, appeared Margret for her. And told her history, as I now tell you. and what she wanted help in the future. Margret and Sandra became good friends and Sandra promised to be quiet and keep the secret about Margret. and she did. Sandra never revealed anything about Margret, until the day when her father, Margret's brother, became ill. Sandra's mother had passed away six months before. And it was time to do something for her brother. "I smiled and wiped away a tear. This time I could not resist, letting a tear slip past.
- "Sandra had, in one way or another, managed to get the whole family to leave the house, even her own family. Just so that her father would meet Margret, in secret. When Margret came into the room, laughed her brother first and asked if he was dead. But, he quickly realized that he had not died. Sandra stayed in the room and stood at the foot of the bed, while Margret, sat down beside him, took his hand in hers and smiled. the orange, curly hair and her smile. It got her brother to realize that he was not dead yet. "I looked at the Walther, who still listened intently. I had not told you this bit for him. I had not even mentioned it.

- "He suffered a slight shock, but also powerful enough to be able to sit up and hug his little sister. Laugh, feeling her cheeks and then see that she could see him. That night, her brother fell asleep with a smile on lips, and he left the earthly life peacefully. after the incident, has Margret's secretly gone over to every female relative after her brother. that Margret is so overprotective, because she always have guided all of her relatives' conditions. selected a candidate that can suit us . the two of us, made it without her help, until you got to meet her and she revealed to you, that you're a werewolf. Apparently, she felt right at your scent that you were not an ordinary man. "Walther smiled and leaned back in his chair.
- "I felt her scent with, but there is nothing I will let come between us." He said and raised his arms. He had before dinner, folded up their sleeves, so I could see his strong and well muscled forearms.

- "No, not you, perhaps, but she is. Werewolves and vampires have not directly been pals. In the past it was a great battle between you, it was somewhere in the mid-1800s. None fun war and after it, you have two individuals, hated each other. now you do not see much of any of the races. Margret, Ray, Elise and Kit are the only vampires here around Sundsvall and Njurunda. Until now, for one night ago. There has been new vampires and none of them have demonstrated a friendly behavior. Margret think I'm in danger of including them and you."
I found myself spinning the engagement ring, looking down at it. Everything Magret learned and taught us, has gone completely off her Regulations. I bit my lower lip.
Walther had stood up and stood in front of me.
- "That explains a lot, about her behavior." He smiled and put his hands on my hips. - "Has she no other relatives after her brother?" He asked curiously.
- "Well, Sandra had a little brother. But something happened during that time and no one has seen her brother. Not even Margret knows where he is. So, I'm the only closest relative she has, or who knows her history. My mother, but she is too old to be able to help her if something happens. "I replied after a moment reflection. I know my mom mentioned this to me a long time ago, but I did not have in mind to tell someone.

We do not know what happened to him or where the rest of the family is and he is not included in our directory as a relative.
Walther's hands, which had just been around my hips, had automatically passed down to my butt.
- "My hips sit further up!" I smiled and put my hands on his upper arms.
- "It's a better grip down here," he smiled teasingly and bent down and pressed his lips against mine.
He put his hands in mine and we walked out to the living room and he started up the music in my CD player, which fortunately had a disc in already.
From the speakers it spread a calm tone from Westlife.

- "Never Thought That I'd be so inspired. Never thought that i would find the higher truth. I believe that love was overrated! 'He began to sing while we swung around on the floor. With my hand in his and my other on his shoulder, we listened, danced and sang to Something Right. A beautiful song and well designed by the Irish boy band Westlife. It was this song, which was played in a pub a few years ago, and it was then that I and Walther ran to each other and danced to this song. And after that, we called it our song.
- 'Til the moment I found you! "I sang with him. Although none of us hit the notes right, none of us laughed about it. Listening to the song, the dance with him and look him in the eye, was the best moment right now. And the chorus, we sang it together.
- "If you want me, I must be doing something right. I've got nothing left to prof and it's all because of you. So if you need me and baby I make you feel alive. I know I must be doing, doing somethingt right "

We laughed and pressed our lips against each other. I open my mouth a little and invited Walthers tongue to meet mine.
My left hand, which was on his shoulder, had now walked away and it was now over his neck and I pulled him closer to me. The music continued to move on to the next song, Why do I love you. Also a favorite song we had together. Although Walther was more the type who listened to Mozart or Beethoven, he accepted my taste in music.
He placed his hands down over my hips and let them wander down to my butt again. He massaged and squeezed gently.

I pulled back, got me Walther to bed and we embraced each other. My bed pillows went down on the floor, to make more room for us. We rolled around and I ended up at the top of Walther. Leaned over and kissed him and opened up his tie and unbuttoned the white shirt. Walther helped with the tie and took it off and threw it away somewhere in the apartment. I continued to kiss him, and tore up the last button on his white shirt. During revealed his perfect stomach and I pulled my hands over his stomach, before I was looking with my hands until I reached his black leather belt.
He sat up and pressed his lips to my neck and held me tight against his body. His hand had found its way up under my burgundy blouse and his hand found what it was looking for and cupped over my breast and massaged tenderly and carefully. He removed his hand and began to unbutton the ridiculously small buttons on my blouse and I just had my black lace bra. He kissed me on the lips, before his lips wandered on down and stopped just outside the bra and very tenderly, he bit lightly on my one nipple stiffen. I could not resist that moan and leaned my head back in pleasure.

He unbuttoned the bra and my breasts just appeared in front of him. Small and fast. He put his mouth over one nipple and sucked slowly and let his tongue play a little teasing with them.
I had let my hands went down in between us and I had coaxed up Walthers trouser button. Then everything happened so fast, because I was suddenly on my back in bed and was about to pull off my black precipice cane pants. Walther helped to pull off those tight pants. I now lay half-naked in front of Walther. Under I had a pair of black lace thong, which I bought specifically for Walther.
He laid down on me and we started kissing each other more intense. I raised my legs up and put them over the hips at Walther, while I meanwhile, pulled down the zipper and could seamlessly with my legs, pulling down his dark blue khaki pants down to his knees on him.
- "Here we were smooth!" He laughed against my lips. I laughed with him.

In the air, in the small apartmentrose it up a sweaty aroma of lust.
Our underwear was tossed somewhere in the apartment and Walther had just descended upon me, and he pressed his manhood into me.
A tingly feeling of pleasure, spread through my body and I could not control the shaking.
The CD disc continued to play on different songs from Westlife, and just at this moment, came the song Amazing. And this moment was more than just amazing.
I and Walther looked into each other's eyes, until he began to move, and with slow movements, went his manhood in and out of me.
The air was filled out with our heavy breaths and a smell of sweat and salt spread.

He pulled out his manhood and leaned over me and pressed his lips against mine.
- "Turn on your stomach!" He asked me. I hurried to turn me around. Not the easiest considering how much pillows and blankets I had in bed. But after much shilly-shallying, I managed to get on the stomach and I stood up on all fours. Walther leaned over me and easily penetrated his manhood into me again. His manhood was the perfect fit and he slid in and out with ease.
The feeling of ecstasy spread through my body. I fell down against the pillows with my butt still in the height for Walther, who continued to penetrate me animalistic.
- "Walther" I whispered between the supported area. - "I will come!" I continued to whisper and stifled my groans against the pillows.
My words echoed in the small apartment and the new songs were played back from CD. Walther took in more and very soon we reached an ecstasy together. I stifled my screams in the cushions while Walther raised his head towards the ceiling, and squeezed out a howl from the lips, and fell down on the bed next to me.

We breathed heavily and laughed. The CD disc had started from track one and the more rocking song, When you looking like that, come on.
- "How I'm supose to leavde you know? When you'r looking like that?" Walther sang with the song, leaned over me and kissed my lips tenderly.
- "I do not wana live my life witout you!" I said shortly after and we looked into each other's eyes again.
- "Neither do I!" He answered me and lay down next to me again and held me. I could not imagine life without him. He would become a part of my life, a part of our life, part of my and Margret's life.

The light om Mystery - Part 4!

I Avalon and walked up the hill behind his house. I was carrying a backpack that was way too heavy. It felt like I was carrying heavy rocks. Avalon went before me and himself had a frayed gray shoulder bag. The rain poured down from heaven, and we just went up. He said something that we were going to Valedale lake, but more than that he did not say. I had no idea what we would do there. But we just continued on up the road and to Valedale lake. Along the edges of the road, the water trickled down like a waterfall and out of the woods. It had been formed as small streams.

I stayed for a while and tried to get away my brown hair that stuck to my face. 
- "We continue!" Avalon was a bit up the road and waited for me. He was wearing dark green trousers in soft cotton and a white tank top. I sighed and started to go up after him. 
- "Maybe you can tell me why we do this?" I asked him and put the backpack better place on the back. 
- "I think we need to enhance your strength, which is why we get up here." He said and continued to walk. 
- "You do not think we could have gone to a gym then?" I muttered. The rain continued to pour down on us. Avalon did not answer, but we kept going until it finally went down and we followed the path down over the small bridge before we came to Mr. Anderson.

That was not there. He had gone into the little house that stood next to horse transport. Black smoke came out from the little chimney. I stopped and began to drop down the backpack from the back.
- "We're not done yet, we're going up the mountain!" Avalon said, and continued further away to the bridge over the lake. I sighed irritably and continued after. The little path up the mountain Firgrove was anything but smooth and straight. It was steep and curvy. You could never know what one would encounter around every curve, which had hidden turns.
When we arrived at where Mrs. Moorse used to stand, he began to go down over. I had not much to say but to follow without protest. Have we come this far, we might as well continue.

He stops when we went up a hill and then down again. There we stopped in the middle of a mountain and the trees, stood a hidden place with rune stones and high growing green grass. The place I have never seen before, honestly I did not know that one existed. The rain had subsided and around the place, including the rune stones, the flowers bloomed and it was life and movement among them. Even a little wind went by before it disappeared. 
I dropped the backpack on the ground and heard the jingle from the bag. So he had pushed the heavy stones in the bag. I looked hard at Avalon, who looked long over the place. 
- "We're here!" I played the hand to my mouth in irony. 
- "No way!" I said and sat down. I was just so sick of Avalon, who planned lot of things with me. Everything had been so easily if he let me alone.

- "You do not seem so happy, I thought the rain would cheer you up!" He said, kicking off his tennis shoes. 
- "No one is happy to be in the rain, whatever, I never liked the rain!" I muttered sourly. I was wet and had no clean clothes with me. 
- "Chiara like the rain!" He pointed to me. 
- "Yes, but then you could well have gone with her!" I snapped and laid me down on the wet ground. I could not be more wet than I already was. Avalon sighed and sat down next to me. 
- "I want to teach her, but I feel that if I teach her, it will just go to her head., I do not want to see her fight for her life once it comes to that!" 
- "So, when she tries to fight for her life, which she can not because she does not know how to defend herself. How does that sound?" I wondered, looking up in the clouds. Avalon where quiet and none of us said anything for a long while. The sound of the wind that swept past the trees, the only sound we had. Not even a bird chirped.

- "Why am I here?" I wonder, and took a deep breath. The scent of the forest always smelled good after the rain.
- "I'll teach you to enhance any of your five senses. Touch, smell and hearing!" He said and stood up, stretched, and then went up to his gray worn satchel.
I sat up and looked after the him.
- "I am aware of my five senses, why do I strengthen them?" I asked, somewhat curiously.
Avalon took out his sword. I stood up quickly. I had nothing to defend myself with if he would start a fight with me.
- "You need to develop them, in order to get by in a battle, where they are attacking from different directions., I have had the benefit out of it and I think it's time that you learn how!" He said, and threw the bag down. I do not understand how he could fit with the sword in the bag. He tied the scabbard and sword around his waist and turned toward me.

- "Strengthening the senses requires a calm mind and harmony. This is why we are here, in this place you will find such harmony and the force is strong here., What we'll start with the easiest. Hearing." He walked up to the runes and stood in front of them, turned and stood with the body against me. I listened and watched to see what he did. It looked ridiculous. 
Avalon closed his eyes and stood very still. In a long time he stood completely still and I could see how his eyes twitched a little, in concentration. Then he brought his hand up above her head with such incredible skill, that I had no time to react to what he grabbed. He opened his eyes and lowered his hand and opened it. I could see that something jumped around on his palm and soon flew a butterfly away from Avalon and to a flower.
- "How?" I was speechless. I did not even see a butterfly around him or above him. 
- "Strengthening hearing requires a technology that only a few in this world are capable of. With Hearing technology, you must learn to lock out all other sounds, feelings and fears. And then find a kind of peace." He looked at the lemon butterfly, who jumped on to nearly flower and looked for nectar.

- "But there's nothing you learn in a day. Each of these senses will take their time to learn, but once you've learned them. Only then can we think of anything else." He smiled. Think about other things? 
- "And what did you mean exactly by that?" I wondered curiously and stood up. Avalon's smile disappeared and he curled iffy on it. He had made a fool of himself. I laughed and wanted to tear off my hair. 
- "I knew it was something like this., You learn all these tricks for me to learn to master Aideens light., I never think to take back the power!" I screamed, my voice echoed among the treetops and over voted in the cool wind. The sun shone on strong and warmed up the place we were standing on. I shook my head and turned around and started bringing go from there. I just wanted to get away from here. 
- "Where do you think you're going?" Avalon's voice called after the me. I did not answer him and continued walking up the hidden path.

A branch snapped behind me. I turned hastily, but Avalon did not come after me. He was not even behind me. I looked around for him, but he had vanished without trace. I gulped and started to run away.
I saw how the land came quickly against my face and I saved me from smashing into the mountain, just before I hit my face on the rock. Someone had kicked me in the back so I went ahead. The anger grew and I stood up and hit after air.
Avalon, appeared invisibly behind me and twisted my right arm behind my back. The pain was horrible. I did what I could with my free left arm, I hit around me. Avalon was fully prepared for my movement and took hold of my arm, holding it tightly and twisted it behind my back also. He held me in an iron grip.
That's when I found out how Alex had done on the platform. I took the power from the legs and tried to rip me off by throwing me backwards. Avalon must have predicted it and was holding up.

I felt how I got angry and threw back my head. Direct hit. Avalon released me and piled back and held his hand to his nose. I ended up on my knees and stood up again and looked back at him. 
I laughed, gloating that I managed to hurt him. Avalon took his hand away from his nose, the blood dripping down on his white tank top. He smiled and he pulled the sword from its sheath. I sighed resignedly. I had nothing to defend myself with, and it was unfair that he was fighting with his sword. I had not had time to get that far yet. He took a step toward me. I backed away automatically. 
I chose instead to continue to run up on the hidden path. The feet disappeared from under me, and once again I hit the rock. I spun around and ended up on my back and saw that Avalon had jumped towards me, with the sword in the highest high. I closed my eyes and heard the sound of the sword struck the rock beside me. Slowly I opened my eyes and looked at the sword that shook after its blade passed right through the stone. I looked up late at Avalon's face.

He sighed and then sat down beside me. The blood continued to drip from his nose and on the mountain top tank he had, were already destroyed by the red blood. A tank top, as Chiara picked out for him a few weeks ago.
- "Well done!" He said, and lay down. I sat up and looked down at him. Well done? - "And yes, even if you refuse Aideens Light again, we accept it. But I want to teach you enhance your senses to give you something you might find useful., You heard before that I disappeared but you could not see me. I was behind you all the time and yet, you could not hear me, nor could you feel with your feet or on the smell. "He said and struck his arm over his face and tried to breathe normally. - "I want to help you defend yourself!"

We sat quietly on the rock and listened. I bit myself in the lip and hid a brown cap behind my ear. He was right, although I refused Aideens Light, it could not hurt to learn how I can defend myself. 
- "What should I do then?" I mumbled and pulled my legs up to me and looked down at him. 
- "You'll sit there among the runes and listen and learn to block out all other sounds." Avalon pointed back at the site among the runes. 
- "How long?" I wondered. 
- "Until you manage to master the sense of hearing!" I gritted teeth. 
- "It takes forever!" I growled and stood up. Avalon grabbed my wrist and pulled me down on the ground again.
- "It will take some time! Just as well you start now so you will be ready!"
- "I will get sick, I'm not going to stay here all night!" Avalon laughed at me.
- "It's summer. Night is warm., You will not get sick!" He smiled and looked out from behind the arm. I stuck out my tongue at him and sat sulkily beside him. That it would cost so much of my young life having to subject myself to this torture. Avalon stood up and extended his hand towards me. I took it and got up. - "Go down, take your shoes off and sit in the middle. That's all you need to do and try to turn off all sounds, feelings and fears. Fears are things that scare us, such as your past incidents. Emotions are something that always govern us, you must forget to remember and listen. Each sound you'll keep out those who are closest to you. wind and the hum from the treetops. Could you do it? "He asked. I dropped his hand, nodded and went down to the location of the rune stones. Avalon came after me and picked up his worn shoulder bag and shoes.

I sat down and threw the shoes aside. Avalon began to walk away.
- "Where are you going? Whu are you leave me here alone?" I shouted after him. He turned around.
- "Close your eyes and thought about what I said!" He waved his hand, turned and left me alone. Once I mastered the art of the sword and defeated Avalon, I'll throw his sword in Silver Song River after this. Jerk!

The Spirit offspring! - Part 1!

What I will tell you now, can not be read from a book. And how do I know this story? Very simple. I heard this story when I was out riding with two of my friends.
It was a chilly night in the city of Edmonton and I and two of my friends decided to make a night ride across the prairie.
This particular night we had a big full moon that lit up the open landscape for us.
It was also this evening, as we in the middle of the open landscape, including desert and mountains, we ran into an indigenous people.

Her name was the White Falcon. She had set a fire under one large stone, which actually looked like a large cave, in the middle of the prairie. The White Falcon was a blind woman, with long white hair, with a silverglanss. But even though she was blind, she told me that. she had heard us nowhere and had meanwhile warmed up coffee for us. White Falcon used her feet to see and could move freely across the prairie without feeling vulnerable.
We sat down with her. She drummed on an old Indian drum, which she made herself and she started told a story.
- "I was born during the lunar time. A time when a large moon would bring new souls into our world. These souls would seek out a spirit, and the spirit would bring them to their new life. In the great light of the moon, had a another lively soul being born into the world. "She said to the beat of the drum type.

With the moon light and the rhythmic drumming, the evening was magical and the fire blazed up in a harmonious dance along with the sound of the drum.
- "This happened about 60 years ago. Just like this night, my tribe sang about how the spirit embraced the souls and helped them to their new host. When I was born, you could hear the crane song, wolves howling and the power from the creek near us sang a song for the spirit and thanked him for having given us new life and new hope. "White Falcon began humming an old tune. We listened with strained ears and drank the warm and good coffee that she brewed for us over the fire.

- "This night, was born a roan mustang. A spirit offspring." She smiled and tossed with silvery, old hair and continued to drum on the drum.
- "Ghost offspring would bring happiness and peace to our tribes who were at war with each other. The only time we had peace, was under the big moon's transmigration. This spirit offspring, was born into a flock of black mustangs. A group of wild horses that were impossible to tame, but who was also a holy tribe. No one could successfully capture or tame these horses and their strength together, protected them every individual. also, the spirit offspring, born roan with silver loops in the man. This spirit offspring, would help those souls, to find a path to serenity and peace. This is the story of Moon Spirit. "

In the old tales, from the inhabitants, one usually hear stories of a flock of black mustangs, who ruled over the prairie, and that the flock was loyal and fought for survival.
No one has ever told a story from a horse perspective, since no one has bothered to do it. The white falcon told us, was the story of how two of spirit souls found each other and created peace between the natives. The fire crackled and snapped and danced to the song as the White Falcon sang about the story.

Moon Spirit was born on the night when the moon is at its highest in the night sky. White and large and put a blue light over the Edmonton prairies.
At her side was her father, who was the leader of the pack and guarding his mare from predators. In the distance stood his two sons and took the rest of the flock with watchful eyes. Moon Spirits mother, Shivering Leaf, fought the contractions and very soon, it was over and she could finally sit up and look at her beautiful creation.
Moon Spirits father, Black Bullet, looked down at his daughter. What they both had expected, was a black foal with a broad white blaze. But instead they looked down on a roan mare with silver loops, which also tried to get up quickly on rickety and unsteady legs.

- "Roan?" Said Black Bullet somewhat surprised, no one would have thought that it would be born a roan mare among them.
- "The great moon must have big plans for her." Her mother smiled and licked the foal clean.
Black Bullet looked up at the starry black sky. Every little star blinked and dropped tears for the newborn foal. Moon, who smiled at his creation, sent an even brighter light on the earth, against the black mustang herd and with the help of moon light, got her daughter's silver loops, glittering to a bright light.
- "She will be a danger to the world and she will need a lot of protection." Said her father to her mother. She just nodded and looked down at her beautiful daughter, as yet, does not know what she would accomplish in the world.

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